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  1. Extremely angry!
    currently on call 5 20 – disconnected, 20 mins – hung up on, 52 minutes no supervisor available hung up on again, next call same thing – my oder was supposed to be $139 and I was charged $215! Still waiting on a super to fix the issue – they don't want to fix it.

  2. Complaint Type: Service Issues
    Description of Complaint: About two to three months ago, I received a letter from Fingerhut, offering me a substantial credit increase if I chose to make a purchase by the end of July (I believe). I chose not to accept their offer because I did not need anything more to purchase, at present from their company. I was never told that there would be any type of repercussion, penalty, etc., from them if I chose not to purchase any items in order to receive the credit increase. Fast forward to today, 8/26/20; from time to time I check my credit report. When I checked it I noticed that my credit score had decreased 17 points. I knew I had not done anything adverse or derogative in order for this to happen. I checked to see who reported it to the credit agencies and it was Fingerhut. It stated "credit limit decrease" of $300. Fingerhut obviously initiated and reported me because I did not accept their offer to
    purchase more items in order to receive a $300 credit increase. I did nothing wrong. I called Fingerhut to show my displeasure and they stated they could
    do nothing. I know that this is not standard or even legitimate practice in business. It appears, or I feel that I was penalized or punished for not accepting
    their offer. I spoke first to a Lloyd who escalated the call to a supervisor, and then I spoke to Megan, who I suspect was not a supervisor; both these
    persons said they could do nothing, and, I feel I shouldn't be the ones to contact the credit bureaus…I did nothing wrong! I feel that this is a "strong arm"
    tactic to I force people into deeper credit in order to have them for an even more extensive amount of time. I could be wrong but I think what they did is
    illegal; I will check with an Attorney, but please look into this for me. Thank you.
    Desired Settlement: Correction to my credit report. I would like for Fingerhut to immediately contact all 3 credit reporting agencies and correct my credit report and report that they reported this action in error. In addition, because of the time and effort I am expending administratively, I would like for them to give me the $300 credit.

  3. This is the most messed up company I have ever dealt with . They hire cheap labor from other countries and screw up everything . I had to call with my shipping address and waste 45 minutes because they won't let you put it in on your first order . They still used my Po box which the ups won't deliver to . Why do they hire such uneducated people from other counties that speak very little English . I takes 15 minutes just to get through and when you do they are clueless .Like a deer in the headlights . Maybe they should hire Americans who actually speak English . I will never order anything from this messed up company . They have no customer service just people who you can't understand what the yare saying .Stay far away from this rip off company and the clueless employees . If my order ever does get here it will at in the snow until they pick it up I will not spend my time and money sending it back because they choose to hire cheap labor who have no clue ass to what they are doing . Don't be ripped off by finger hut because they refuse to hire Americans .

  4. My mother has had a Fingerhut account for many years in which she has a great standing with them and had never had a late payment. Recently we just went through hurricane Harvey where my parent’s flooded ad lost 80% of everything they had. When my mother called and spoke with Fingerhut she was told that her payment for September would not due and she would just pick up payments in October. She later received a letter of PAST DUE from Fingerhut. When she called and spoke with them again they told her that if she did not make the past due payment and the current month’s payment that they would turn her over the credit bureau. I had her call back and we requested to talk with a supervisor is see why they would lie to her. The supervisor JASON – E9D employee ID so he said was of no help and he agreed with the terms and the credit bureau filing. I requested the number t the corp. office and the CEO office at which he gives the number listed above which noting but a cop number so they can avoid doing the right thing. I will be filing against them with the BBB in hopes that something to can be done to company that is a fake as this one. If Fingerhut really care about their customer they would uphold there agreements as their customer do. So at this point I will give you Fingerhut my personal cell phone number in which I can conference my in at anytime for you all to do what is right. 409.383.8628 (John) so now we will see if you care to correct the issue or just ignore it the choice is yours.

  5. If anyone can found out about a class action I would really like to get in on it. Fingerhut ships out products that are damaged and it is like pulling teeth to get it replaced. They charge full price for the replacement piece until they get the returned item. Fingerhut does not know what the word CUSTOMER SERVICE means. It is all about the money. When you call Fingerhut I get agents that I can't understand and they give me the run around. I will not order from Fingerhut again. You never get the item you order that looks like in their catalog. Would love to get into a class acting against Fingerhut.

  6. Does anyone know of any Class Action law suites against these crooks? Any Attorney would jump on it if they were smart. It's easy money. These people can't tell the truth if their lives depended on it. I have talked to 7 or 8 representatives over the past three days and have received a different story or phony "policy" from each and every one of them. One of the "supervisors" even gave me an incorrect fax number to show them proof that they were wrong! They have literally made me and my young daughter homeless as of December 1st and not a damn one of them even considered helping me out. I have been an excellent customer, paying ALL my payments on time and even double of what was due as well. They mistakenly put a "30 day late" on my credit report from over a year ago, but then claimed that they only report 60 delinquencies. I told the girl that I was talking to at the time that I was looking right at my credit report and there was a 30 day late starring me in the face. She basically said that it wasn't possible because they only report 60 day or greater. I faxed her (so I thought) my credit report, showing her the 30 day late and asked her to call me as soon as she received it. several minutes went by so I decided to call back. Well now this woman wasn't available anymore (no shocker) so I spoke with a new "supervisor". He tells me that they don't have a fax and that only corporate receives faxes! So I asked, well then who in the heck received my fax? With absolutely NO HELP from this man either, I had to hang up the phone before my heart literally exploded. Someone screwed up and reported something that they shouldn't and instead of fixing their mistake, they continue to push you off on someone else and keep shoving lies up your rear. Unbelievably unprofessional!

  7. I am a new customer with you guys and I am trying to establish credit. My first payment was due on Nov 7 I paid my acct on Nov 6 online using my visa Debit card I even put recurring payment on 5th so I wldnt forget to make payments.. I even have a confirmation # now I’ve been getting a call that my acct is past due and I tried calling your Customer Service Department which was the WORSE EXPERIENCE.. He could not help me and when I asked to speak to a supervisor he kept saying why did I want to talk to a supervisor they would tell me the same thing etc… And I said because maybe supervisor can key in confirmation code and find out what happened he said I have all them codes too etc etc I said let me speak to your supervisor as he rudely huffed and puffed on phone he said I guess hold on… Then she gets on phone said just make another payment without making any attempt what so ever to figure out as to why I had a payment confirmation code.. I explained to her that my credit is on the line she said well just make another payment so I hung up. I’ve been trying to contact someone above that department to see if anyone can HELP ME BECAUSE my dad use to be a customer with you guys for years and he never said bad things about you guys but WOW THIS WAS HORRIBLE…. If it’s going to be like this with every single payment I might as well just pay off acct an close this acct and give my business to someone else. PLEASE CONTACT ME ASAP griseldagarcia85@yahoo.com …. I CAN FAX THE PAYMENT CONFIRMATION # PAGE I HAVE BECAUSE UNTIL SOMEONE FIGURES THAT OUT FOR ME I WILL NOT MAKE ANOTHER PAYMENT… THANK U

    1. I wouldn't even waste your breath on these people! They are the biggest crooks and NONE of them know their jobs. They speak from a script. I have been threw the ringer with them over the past three days and my head is completely spinning with all in inconsistent lies and back peddling. They will never admit their faults nor will they help you. Close your account and find a real credit company to help build your credit, Because they will completely ruin it.

  8. Ridiculous! I have enjoyed my purchases with Fingerhut (well some of them) but I have to complain about the outragous shipping charges they charge. I pay more for shipping that I do for the product. My last order was $42.00 but the shipping was $89.00…..I don't get it. Going forward I will have limit my purchases. That's diffently not a fair practice.

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