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  1. I recently entered the raffles for the Jordan 11 Jubilee. I was lucky enough to win the raffle for both the adults and the GS at the willowbrook mall in Wayne NJ. When I went to pick up on Dec 12 I asked the employee at the door if I needed to check in and was told to wait on the line. At 12:45 As I was waiting on line to redeem for my adults size 9.5, I noticed another customer trying on and purchasing the AJ11 in GS and was asking an employee to get a bigger size because it was too small. The employee went to the back and got another 5.5 for the customer to try on. I was confused by this because my pick window for my GS size 7 was 3-5pm. When I got to the counter i asked to pick up both my pairs now since they were selling the GS pairs FCFS before people were supposed to pick up. I was told by the employee that I was disqualified and would not be able to buy anything. I told him if I’m disqualified for the raffles I want to buy FCFS just like those other customers who were buying the GS pairs . He said talk to the manager . The manager told me my name was on a list of disqualified entries. He said sorry but that it was a corporate decision. I said “if I was disqualified why I wasn’t notified earlier. I drove all the way from NY.” He said nothing he can do and I will receive an email notification for my disqualified raffle soon. I said isn’t that too late?? I’m here to pick up!! The store and the employees were not following the guidelines for pickup times and windows. the manager told me that all the men’s were sold out already and people are buying FCFS on the GS pairs and I might be able to purchase a pair. He asked me what size. I told him my raffle size GS 7 . He told the worker in back to bring out a GS 7. When I got to the register I noticed the pair he brought out had my name and information on a sticker for the raffle win showing pick up between 3-5pm . They were going to sell me MY raffle win pair even though I was supposedly disqualified. So at 1:07 pm I made the purchase for the GS size 7 but the worker refused to scan my $20 Status rewards and my status card. As I was leaving I noticed more people buying the Adults pairs but not sure if they were raffle winners. I said to them I know u have my 9.5 in the back with all my info on the box for the raffle win and the adults is NOT sold out and pointed at a size 10.5 on the ground behind the register. I left disappointed and supposedly disqualified.

    Albert Chou

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  2. I should have gone online to read reviews. finish line has the WORST customer service through their customer care line. i was in charge to buy 13 of those nike hoop elite bags on sale for $59.99, i should have known better than to buy it through them instead of NIKE themselves. bags for a basketball team, delay after delay. my order got canceled because of a wrong phone number associated with the card i used to purchase them. because they couldnt contact me by phone they cancelled my order which i placed last week and need this week! an email should have been sent stating that order will be canceled if i did not contact them! i was so frustrated the call center has the rudest people working there. not friendly at all, i was Inconvenienced again having to order again. waited 20 minutes then got disconnected. called back again complained that someone hung up on me waited again. finally got someone that spoke english better. got someone not friendly at all! before i placed the order i thought i would call the order in, but the guy i talked to didnt even want to bother placing my order, he asked why i'm calling him to place an order and that i can just do it online instead. rude, rude, rude. once our team gets these bag, traveling all over the place for tournaments and if anyone asks where i got them i will definitely not tell them to get it at Finish Line because of all the hassel of ordering them and talking to rude customer service people. i will tell them to order through nike instead or go to other sports store! my son works and writes for a men's magazine and i will definitely let him know about this disappointing experience. spent $900 and didnt even get compensated at least free shipping!

  3. I ordered a pair of shoes on 3/4/16. I received order confirmation and a tracking #. The shoes arrived at the local post office on 3/9/16.. Today is 3/16/16 and I still have yet to receive the shoes. I went to my local post office they do not have the package. I contacted UPS they referred me back to Finish line. I call to Finish line talk to 4 different reps. 3 refuse to allow me to speak with a supervisor. One promised to reorder the shoes, but the shoes are out of stock. She just wanted to get me off of the line. No one can tell me where my shoes are and when I will receive them. The reps keep telling me what I'm see through tracking the package that it is at the local post office, but they don't know which one. I was told by another rep the only thing they could do was refund my money I was simply out of luck on the shoe. The last rep informed me that they could refund my money, but I may receive the package and I will be charged.. She can't confirm when I will receive it though. It could be a week, a month, a year for all they know. I am very upset and disappointed this was a gift for my daughter and it really was a huge let down!!!!

  4. Tried on shoes that were marked 124.99 in Panama city Mall store .. was told by the clerk he would take 20 percent off as the pair of shoes he gave me to try on before were filthy and had been put back in stock. I say I will take the pair of shoes and then I am told the shoe is 149.99. when I pointed out the price on the SHOE the clerk tore off the sticker and said the shoe was priced wrong. Not impressive … then I called the store to speak with the store manager and was told i was not able to be told when she would be in. not impressive

  5. I was at he Roseville, Ca. Galleria store on Monday, July 20, 2015. In the back area of the store there were at 8 young guys hanging out which included store staff (2) who all seemed to know each other. There was one young lady at the register who was trying to wait on everyone else. Several other customers were in store looking around, a few walked out. I will never return to the store again, with the exception of the young lady clerk who was very helpful, the store was represented very poorly.

  6. randy: first was lied to about the rewards program when i joined and have been talking to / trying to talk to 3 differnt agents playing ophione tag oon getting shoes
    Please wait for the next available agent.
    Your position in queue is 1.
    Ariantne: Interaction alerting Ariantne.
    Ariantne has joined the conversation.
    randy: kasy jackson
    Ariantne: Ok, I can help you with that.
    Ariantne: May I have you winners circle number?
    randy: devonte rogers ext 4245
    randy: rodney ext 5122
    randy: was told by rodney that i would not have to use rewards coupon he would take care of shoes
    randy: devonte teklss me know the shoes are out of stock in my sixe
    randy: so tells me t pick anotther shoe so i did that last thurdsday found tjhen in stock at hulen mall in ft worth texas and have yet to confrim if i can it them
    randy: and now that is been almost 2 monthds and i cant get the shoes i org wanted and now these s if and how much its going to cost me when i said rodney told me he was going to take care of the othere ones
    randy: i have left a number of messages for kasey jackson and devonte inthe morning and yet aI get cals form him late afternoon or evening
    randy: and have not got any calls back from mrs jackson or who ever rodnet at ext 5122 is
    Ariantne: Ok, one moment please.
    randy: if i would have been told the truth about the rewards program and was able to get my $20 coupon back in dec I would not have to be going thur all this mess now
    randy: and i woyuld have the shoes i weanted to begin with but as i dsaid devonte told nto find another shoe online so i did fgave him the name and stykle and even founf thenm in stock in a store
    randy: i really tried of playing phone tag and nothing coming out of this
    randy: even went by the store today to look at the shoe and wasnt EVEN HELPED IN THE STORE!!!!!!
    randy: so for 2 months almost of playing phone tag and NO one can email at finish line i guess miost people would drop it move on and go to a differnt store to buy shoes
    randy: but im 2 months in to this so im seeing what happens
    randy: pretty sad over $100 pair of shoes
    Ariantne: Thank you! I have talked with Delvontay .. He said to call him he will be here until 11 pm
    randy: Hello???
    Ariantne: I have talked with Delvontay .. He said to call him he will be here until 11 pm
    randy: i have a booster club meeting for my sons baseball team and a dinner tonight
    randy: why can he jsut teklll me whats up or yes or no
    randy: tell me
    randy: he know the shoes i want and siize
    randy: its simple yes or no??
    Ariantne: I apologize, but in this case you will need to get in contact with him
    randy: im leaving in 20 mintues will not be back until after 9
    randy: why
    Ariantne: Do you have any other questions I can help you with?
    randy: ye s i need a supvisor name
    Ariantne: kasy jackson
    randy: lol she WILL NOT RETURN MY CALLS
    Ariantne: I apologize, there is nothing I can do you need to contact Delvontay
    Ariantne: Thank you for choosing Finish Line, Have a Great Day.
    Ariantne: Agent has left the conversation

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