Fios Corporate Office Headquarters

Fios Corporate Office Headquarters
Verizon Communications Inc.
140 West Street
New York, NY 10007 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-212-395-1000
Corporate Fax Number: 1-212-571-1897
Fios Customer Service Number: 1-888-553-1555

  • I am a very unsatisfied customer.
    About two months ago I received a set top box message notifying me of the removal of several channels (625, 688, 789 663, 622) scheduled for April 25, 2022. I called Verizon and spoke to two different representatives who assured me that I would be grandfathered into keeping those channels in my Extreme HD channel package.
    On April 28, 2022 those channels were all removed in spite of that promise. I received no satisfaction after speaking with one representative and online chatting with another. The latter, knowing I was angry still tried to up sell me a higher priced package.
    How can you justify removing that many channels with no compensation for their removal? Those channels are now available in a HIGHER priced package! This is a price increase in disguise. It is dishonest and unethical. I left Comcast to go to Verizon in 2014 in order to avoid these sleazy tactics only to learn that you are all the same.
    The right thing to do is to restore those channels for long term HD extreme customers.

  • Your sites are just unbelievable ! I again have been blanked out by Verizon after spending time on a comment, poof, it's gone !
    My internet is slow, i've tried all the troubleshooting you suggest. I am being billed for 100 mbs internet, and not getting it.
    I want 100 mbs and a credit for the billing for it when i have not received it.

  • A Verizon customer for over 10 years.
    After several months of having terrible router connectivity, several phone troubleshooting, 2 replaced routers within 2 weeks, Verizon decided to send a tech to my home.
    Tech showed up at home on Sunday, replaced the outside unit, equipment was not grounded properly, ran Coax from outside to router, all within 2 hours. Tech recommended upgrading to 1 Gig @ $10 more. Accepted. After submission, tech stated if go to a 500/500 bill would be $10 less, but its sunday and to call the next day.
    Following month bill arrived and paid $70 over my regular ($175). Two (20 months later another bill came for ($436).

    called and spoke with Chris. Chris stated my bill is (in first explanation) the technician bill for $175, then in 2nd explanation, the increase was due to my upgrading to a 1 Gig.
    Technician also explained that at end of his install that I need to sign his hand held tablet to show that he was at my home, so I complied. No where then and ever, did anyone explained that I would be charged a service fee.

    I am flooded also with emails and text messages from Verizon, and Chris stated that I received the text to say a fee would be included with the technicians visit – – only text I responded to was to confirm I would be at home to allow tech into my home.

    All my calls to Verizon by phone, plus when the technician came to my home did anyone discussed that there would be a fee for the technician coming to my home. Additionally, Chris could not clearly explain to me the increase from $241/month to now $432.
    I will remove my service if not resolved as Chris was nowhere helpful, and tried to sell me other Verizon products instead of resolving the unexplained overages. I would have rather installed router-boosters in my home instead of having a technician.

    Help to resolve and aske to remove services by midnight tonight as am not treated as a customer of over 10 years, but to buy other product to minimize this bill.
    I can be reached at LES7311@HOTMAIL.COM

    • Called back and spoke with another supervisor and understood quite well.
      Ending: signed up for another 2 years! Well done Nadine

  • PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE get rid of that Lispy, slurpy mouthed kid with the dark curly hair in the commercials – absolutely irritating and annoying to listen to, I hit the mute button or swithcg the channel when he comes on, Can't stand that kid, the way ge sounds.

  • 4 hours of my life wasted. 3 "supervisors" promised to call me back with a resolution. Was convinced to upgrade our router for faster connection. First router sent was faulty. Told to reconnect original router. No internet connection for days now. Message left with Corp. If they don't call me it is disconnect time.

  • I have been lied to and given the run around by your customer service and finance department. There's a matter of a $35 bank fee that I had to pay because while on your website to pay a bill, I edited one of the cards on file and clicked save. It then returned to a page stating "Thank you for your Payment". I didn't put the payment on that particular card so I searched for a stop payment as is stated on your forum and it is nowhere to be found. I contacted customer service and the payment was stopped and I made the bill payment with another card. When I explained to customer service about my bank charging me th3 $35 fee for overdraft, she was arrogant and insisted that my bank would not charge me the fee if there weren't enough funds available, it simply would not go through. I explained that TD ban k has an overdraft protection that we had signed up for and if we should charge in excess of our bank balance, TD Bank will allow it and we have to pay the amount that was not available and pay a $35 overdraft fee. That being said, TD Bank will allow a customer to dispute the $35 fee only 2 times a year. If I made the error, that would be my fault and responsibility to pay the fee but it was not and Verizon is responsible for the website not being up to date with your links and such. On 4/30 I spoke to the finance dept. After speaking to two people, I was switched over to yet another person. Her name is Cathy, she had given me her ID#C7W and a fax # in which she said I had to have the bank send proof that because of Verizon and the charge, I was being charged the $35 overdraft fee. I did that and the bank gave me the faxed paper and it went through. This Cathy told me that once you guys receive that fax a credit would be made towards next months bill. Being I haven't heard anything I decided to call this morning. I spoke to a supervisor Ann, she said she will look into who this Cathy is and ask what is going on. I think this supervisor as well as Cathy are a full of bull. Neither one of them will take responsibility for the websites error and just do what is right and credit me the $35 in next months bill. I was also told that Verizon will not allow that sort of credit to be arranged and that the bank will have to take that fee from me. No, that is not happening. The overdraft protection is for an emergency and is only allowed to be disputed 2 times a year and if I am in a jam, I will not be able to utilize my benefit of having the overdraft protection due to Verizon's error on their website. I left a message @ your headquarters, I do hope this can be resolved because I have been a customer for awhile now and I would hate to go to another company and advise others not to use your services.

  • My husband has been on the phone for 3days and many hours trying to have our missing On Demand problem fixed. He changed our package and for some reason it disabled On Demand. He has talked to at least 9 different reps in different departments and no one can explain why this happened or how to fix it. He has spent hours on the phone with them and is now apoplectic because they are all idiots and don't know what they are doing.

  • I have A HUGE problem with FIOS and it's Sales Representatives. I had a technician come to my house who fixed an internet problem I was having. After the Technician left, he called my number, and explained to me that I was up for a contract renewal. He also explained to me that he can give me a better deal for the same price. So after hearing that, I say, "ok, sign me up." About a month later I look at my Fios bill, and the bill has doubled in price!! I was paying before, 70$, and now my bill is 140$ …. This technician royally screwed me over and now has me paying double the amount for tv service that I barely even watch! I was also part of a special bundle plan, but after changing my deal, I no longer have that eitherl! But not only that, every time I call Fios to rectify this situation, they cannot resolve anything or come through with their promises. I have called a dozen times, and every time they say my call will be escalated, and I should be receiving a call within 24-48 hrs. I never get a call, and nothing ever changes! I called again today, and was told to call the escalation number first thing tomorrow morning due to holiday. I deserve my money back, and to be put back on my original plan! I will be canceling my Fios tomorrow if this ridiculousness can't be fixed. And at this point, I don't even care about my 200$ cancelation fee. Fios has screwed me enough, I'm use to it!

  • I want to know how I pay for HBO & Starz But they try to charge me On-Demand past contentand Episodes …outrageous.(1) I will be cancelling HBO & Fios(2)I will be complaining to the FCC (3) and most Important, Taking to Social media to start a boycott of these services, FyI there is a lot of people that are angry about this …we will band together…Fios ,Comcast you have been warned ,Be prepared This is going generate Huge bad press…

  • On 7/25, I ordered service and on 8/20 service with FIOS

    Tech came out to install everything and noticed my numbers hadn’t been ported. He called CS and they said it would be done by that following Tues and I was emailed a new order 8/20 effective 8/25 for my phone number and virtual number. However my number wasn’t ported.

    I called again about a week or so and was told I needed to call my current phone company because there was an issue on their side. I called them and at that time they didn’t show any attempts to retrieve the number from Verizon/FIOS but they provided me their Port/Release email address ( which I proved to your customer service rep.

    I called back to make additional changes to my service on 9/28 because I didn’t receive what I originally wanted and also to inquire about my phone number being ported. I was told to exchange my equipment for my changes and made an appt with a tech to fix the phone port issue. The tech appt. was schedule for 10/13 btw 8-noon. I took off and waited but no one showed up. I called back on 10/15, that following Saturday to let you guys know, no one showed up. The Rep I spoke with thought he might be able to fix this issue over the phone without the need of a tech. We were on the phone for a while and he asked if he could call me back when the issue was resolved. I provided him with my information from the previous company, including my account number… He called me back and said, he thinks we’re all set and fixed but it would take a few days for this to take effect. A few minutes after we hung up the phone, I received an email stating “Verizon needed me to contact them because additional information is required to process my order. I called right back and received a different Rep. This Rep read through my notes and said, nothing was needed. Just ignore the email. I waited and it’s been over a week and still my number hasn’t been ported.

    I have provided your Reps with the name, phone numbers, and port/release email address of my previous company yet as of 10/24, my numbers still haven’t been ported and I continue to pay TWO phone bills because your company doesn’t seem to be capable of porting a number.

    If this isn’t resolved within 7 days and my account credited for this past few months of needed to pay two phone bills to keep my number available until your team figures out how to port it. I will have to cancel my services.

  • I am upset with the customer service I have received from FIOS. I have been a customer for over 2 years now and I also have 3 Verizon Wireless lines on my account. I was very pleased with my service when I initially got my service at my new home. However, after trying to renew my contract I am very disappoint with the way I have been treated.
    I placed my original order on 8/18/16 and was told that I could renew my contract and keep my bill at $186 and also receive upgraded equipment along with 75/75 internet service. I told the rep that I was going out of the country and would be back at the beginning of September to pick up the new equipment.
    Then on 9/1/16 an update was added to my order by a FIOS rep. The changed occurred without my permission or knowledge, which is illegal. I had over looked the email indicating the update, because that was the day I returned to the country, and it wasn’t until 9/2/16 that I was made aware of the change when I went to pick up the equipment. When I came to get the equipment the technician told me that the equipment I was receiving was a downgrade. I was very upset and went home to do the self-installation which did not work and I had to call and talk to a tech for an hour in order to get the boxes working. Then I found out that I was unable to use my DVR service. I called customer service the morning of 9/4/16 and once they looked at my account and I told them about the rep changing my order they hung up on me. I called back and spoke to the supervisor on the floor by the name of Marilyn who lied and said she would discount my bill and placed a new order on 9/4/16 for new equipment so that I can use my DVR service.
    My issue is I was first giving an order and then someone went in and changed my order without my permission and everyone at Verizon does not seem to care that what happened was illegal. The boxes I have now are no upgrade and do not offer me any benefits. They did not work and the tech came out to my house on 9/11/16 and had to give me new boxes and stated that I should not have been given those boxes because I do not have the Fios Quantum service (which was on my original order MD11257414940). Now I have a TV Equipment Upgrade charge for $49.99 when I feel that I should not be charged for that because the equipment I have is no upgrade for me. I had to go to the FIOS location twice to change equipment all due to reps errors. As a customer I feel violated because my bill is extremely high for basic service. I have no premium channels and only use my dvr service and the internet.
    I am writing to see if there is any way to lower my bill due to the inconveniences and illegal transactions that have occurred. I am reaching out to corporate because customer service does not seem to care which doesn’t surprise me after I’ve seen all the complaints on BBB. This is my last effort to ask for some type of compensation before I go to my lawyer to seek assistance from the courts because what was done to me was illegal and the fact that no one is doing anything about it seems volumes for this company.
    I have lost respect because illegal things have been done and everyone is just trying to make me pay for it. What happened to making customers happy?

  • I called today about my account that I put in a "temporary vacation suspension" from March 21 2016 to Dec 22, 2016 (location state in PA) back in March 2016. It is now May 2016 and I was contacted by email that my account has been terminated and all equipment will need to be sent back. I call Verizon to understand how this could possibly be when I put the account on suspension and would like to continue to be a customer with Verizon but I still would like for my account to stay on "temporary vacation suspension" until December 2016 when I return. I was told that I was misinformed when I put the acct on "temporary vacation suspension" that the current balance had to be paid (which I was not told) and that my current balance became my overdue balance which put my account in termination status and now I owe them the bill.. I say ok yes I was misinformed and would like to pay the balance due but I would like to keep the account on the temp suspension because we are not THERE and we are not using the cable. After I was bounced around to 5 different customer service reps (2 in financial services 1 in customer service and 1 in business accounts) YES 5 DIFFERENT reps I was told that my account is closed and that I would have to have someone send the boxes in (WHICH I STATE BEFORE NO ONE IS THERE that was the point of the "temporary vacation suspension") and I would have to start all over with a new account. This to me is absurd and VERY inconvenient so it looks like on my account that my services was suspended for none payments. If this issue isn’t resolved I will NEVER recommended Verizon to ANYONE

  • Do not go with Verizon. They are HIGH ass Hell!!! They cant give any help on your bill. I will be going to Comcast.

  • I just looked at what I wrote so let me fill in the blanks my mom passed away so I called Fios because that is what she had when I spoke to a CS rep and I told him I just want Basic cable and the Internet and he told me ok he can do that and he sent boxes to me so I can send in my cable boxes then he said you just have to plug the tv in the wall it didn't work bro I called back got another CS rep and she walked me through some stuff and it didn't work and then she told me my TV that I just got last year was to old so we can't get Basic cable and Internet like I was told by the first rep and that was going to ($90.00)a month and with just Internet it's up over $100.00 I'm not getting a concert because I'm selling the house so I'm getting changed more. Thank you version for making up my mind to never ever ever get Fios or recommend it to anybody

  • I had the worst time with fios they lied to several times they told me one thing and and someone else tells me that they can't do that I will never ever ever recommend Fios to any how can version wireless be so good and the cable be so bad I will be calling around for a different cable company

  • I called today to find prices out fios prices for my eighty year old mom, the sales person was very rude to me. When he ask if could call me back I said no. (he said I figure). If this was one of my employee I would fire him, how rude., I also thinking about canceling my own account.

  • Have been with Verizon Fios for years and never been late on my bill. Well on 6/1/15 I did a new agreement for the Verizon Triple Play (2yr agreement) and was quoted a price of $159.99 with included phone, internet and ALL movie channels. I did this agreement on line. I also called on 6/1/15 at 11:25am and spoke with Trevor. I did this to make sure my price would be this for 2 years which would go through 2017. Well surprise was on me to get a bill today 12/17/15 for $250.09. Spoke with Jeane today 12/17/15 at 8:15am. Told me some promotions dropped off and that's why my bill is now $250.09. How could that be if my new agreement on 6/1/15 was a price of $159.99. That is a jump of $63.46. Well she took away movie channels and bill is still $216.00. Well this is what you call false advertising. So I had to contact the BBB because of this false advertising. I just want what I was quoted for two years of $159.99. Verizon should be ashamed of themselves!!!

  • I've been a Fios customer for several years. I recently moved and it has been so frustrating and I've wasted so much of my time. First was the fiasco with the moving date. I ended up being told 3 different dates by 4 people. After speaking to manager, Brenda R., it was taken care of. When I called and initially set up the date to move, the young man offered to see if there were any new promotions. He said I could get the same exact services, but with faster Internet and more DVR storage space plus free movie channels for a year, for a penny more a month. I asked him specifically, "so I'm not losing anything I currently have, only getting more?" He said "yes" so we agreed. Well we just had service moved on the 7th and no movie channels. Simple fix, or so I thought. I've spent a good 2-2.5 hours getting the run around from multiple reps and managers. The manager said he can't add on to a package. So I asked him to pull the phone call. He said he doesn't have access so I asked to speak to the person who does. He said "no one has access." What?? So you record calls for quality and training purposes but you can't pull them?? I said does that make any sense? He said "well not all calls are recorded and it's only for training purposes." I verbalize my understanding of this and ask that they check to see if my call was recorded. He reiterates that calls can't be pulled. I reminded him that if an employee is telling me incorrect info, he's probably telling others the same incorrect info….a great opportunity to pull the call and counsel the rep accordingly. I got no where and only got different stories from different reps. Where is the consistency in the information provided to the PAYING customers?! How can a customer have faith in what he/she is being told if they get a new story from each person they talk to?! Then I was told that Roxy would call me back in about 14 days. 14 days? Are they hoping we forget about it and let it go in those 2 weeks? I've now left a message for Corporate and am hoping they'll make it right.

  • After reading all of the above, I am so happy I did not switch to Fios. I have cox cable and thought I could do better. After three calls, three difference prices and no call back, I stayed where I am and happy I did. Except I keep getting all these great deals in the mail from Fios and they are a scam. None of the prices you see are anything like what they quote you on the phone and when you speak to them it is an "approximate" figure. No one calls you back and when you call back no one has a record of your original call. At this point I tell as many people as I can not to change to Fios. Eventually this will catch up to them.

  • I had my service installed about a month ago (which was a nightmare in and of itself) at which point I requested all rooms be made FiOS ready, of course that did not happen. Apparently, the tech left my old cable company's coax cable on my wall and didn't connect anything to the FiOS service box. A month later I finally decide to get the box for my extra room, and low and behold it does not work! When I spoke with the customer service rep Michelle she informed me there would be a $160 something fee for the tech to come out. Her supervisor Mark told me the same thing at which point I requested to speak with a manager, not only did he tell me his manager does not take calls, he then proceeds to tell me he is the manager (so which is it?) Why is providing excellent customer service not your priority? You sell your services promising only the best yet fall way short of that. I shouldn't be held responsible for this fee, when the technician should've done it in the first place. I'm highly disappointed!!!

  • Had my Verizon Fios installed around May. Since installation, or so they call it, I have experienced loss of audio and freezing on all channels and programs. Immediately started calling the technical support line. Started recording videos of problems. Many other calls to technical support and more and more signals. Technician arrives and tells me a loose cable in the back of the box and proceeds to replace the box. Again, back to calling tech support. A technician tells me he sees a problem with outgoing signal and is going to send another technician out to fix the problem. Technician arrives, He tells me that the wires outside where not put in the cable box and were filled with water. Guess what, no sound. More recordings of problems on my phone. During all this, on the second TV I'm given an error message regarding some VMS or something like that and need to call tech support. Well, good haven't spoken to them in 24 hours. After being on hold for 45 minutes finally answer the phone and find myself diagnosing this TV. Ask for a supervisor, Dean. This guy was nice and apologetic tells me he will schedule another tech to come out and fix the issue. Now, here's where I am quickly pushed over the edge. I receive a call, at dinner time, by a Supervisor named Scott. This guy should not be working with the public. He asked me if I want to troubleshoot my problem. I go over the whole story and tell him I am making dinner for my children. He says, well if you have the technician out there may be a charge. I said "I am cooking dinner" he says how about later tonight. Again, reminds me that there MAY be a charge tomorrow. I ask him how is it that I'm being charged when I am paying for a service and installation that wasn't done properly yet, still an audio problem. I have to say I am livid at this time. He keeps telling me I'm willing to call you back. I ask him what is it that your going to do that the others haven't done. He states he knows its the HDMI cable. I ask him why hasn't he read my notes on the account because I was given other cables by the tech and that didn't work. I guess Verizon gives out inventory without anyone knowing. Nice to know how our money is being used. Scott won't get off the phone, I explain again that I have a disabled daughter who cannot digest food and its important I fix something for her to eat. He quickly says, "I'm sorry, but again a technician visit may be chargeable." I ask to speak to his supervisor, Scott then tells me he is the highest level employee working there. Let's just say, never in my life harassed by a customer service person like Scott at Verizon. I cancel my technician appointment. I am at the emergency room now with my daughter, thank you Scott, and receive an email from Verizon confirming my appointment. Have to call again and cancel that appointment. NOW, I'M HOT!!!!! I will take this to whatever level this needs to go until something is done. This company is to provide a service, which you pay a good bit of money for, and instead I don't get the service, paying for the service, trying to help troubleshoot the service many many hours of my time and get harassed on the phone and threatened that I will be charged for a technician visit. Disgrace!!!!!! I should send Verizon the emergency bill too!!!!!!!!!!! What kind of company is this?

  • I have been a loyal customer of verizon for so long i cant even remember anymore fios and wireless. We moved to a new house and i changed my package, I was told that i would have to cancel my old account but since i was activating a new one in the same call the fee would be waved. Come to find out 7 months later that i was charged and had been sent to collections for $130 which i was never billed for at my new adress which they had. No email which they had, and no phone call which they had. So now my credit is destroyed and when i try and contact someone to resolve this situation all i get is a supervisor is not available and they will call me. I have received this 3 times, and guess what no call back. Come to find out that this has happened to many people, and the people at Verizon will not give you any contact info for corporate. I am extremely frustrated. And now my credit which before was very good is destroyed over a mesley $130, which i was never notified i owed. Also i was never late or missed a payment to them in over 5 years. I need someone to make this right. I have been on the phone with them now for over 9 hours collectively with no resolve. I am so upset now i am to the point of seeking legal advise and would pay out of pocket on principle alone.

  • I absolutely just had the worst customer service experience with FIOS customer service. I called about removing my home phone since I don't use it due to cell phones. I was told I had to pay an early termination fee of $200 EVEN Though I still want to keep FIOS TV Ultimate AND Quantum Internet. I signed up for a new contract last April and my original contract wasn't even up until 9/2015. No where on the website are you able to remove a service such as home phone, she told me I had to call but it doesn't say any of that on the website and when you are on hold waiting for someone all the messages say is do everything online. This is some kind of bait and switch. I told her if I had to pay an early termination fee, I was going to switch to Comcast and she said you have to do what you have to do. Nice Verizon, real Nice

  • I would love to get an email address for a manager in the FIOS Corporate Offices. I'm tired of getting passed around from rep to rep promising that I can speak to someone on a higher level.

  • Verizon agents are scamming people!!!!!!!!!!
    Read below!!!!!!!!
    I called Verizon yesterday 2/14/15 and spoke with (Ms. Contreras from Verizon) to find a way to lower my monthly bill. The agent told me that she could offer me a new 3 yr. contract that would give me all of the premium channels I currently have along with basic cable package for $135.10 a month for a price guarantee of 2 years. I agreed to accept the new terms and conditions of the contract that the Verizon agent Ms. Contreras sold me. I hung up the phone with them. I then proceeded to leave the house for a few hours to run some errands and then returned to find out that the premium channels that were part of the deal were not activated. I then called Verizon back and spoke with agent "Ara" Verizon badge number 2123154 about the issue I was experiencing with the cable and she said to me that the premium channel package is not included in the contracted. She then said to me that if I wanted to receive the premium channels I would have to pay extra for them as an extra cost. Ara said she could not do anything about correcting this issue or even get me back to my original contract. I then said that the Ms. Contreras told me that if I was unsatisfied with the new contract within a few days that they would be able to return me back to my original contract. Ara then said to me that she was incorrect to tell me that and once you agree to the new contract you can not ever go back. I said to "Ara" that this is wrong practice that their company is doing to me and that the original agent "Ms. Contreras" sold me a new package contract that I agreed to for 3 years is now without the premium channels. I feel that Ms. Contreras sold me a contract that was non existed to get me to agree to a 3 yr. contract to lock me up from moving onto Comcast of another cable providing. I feel that Verizon is scamming me and I want justice for this unlawful practice they are doing. I have filed a complaint to the FCC to get my old contract back which expires in December 2015 and now move on from this untrusted company. I am very upset with this and can only imagine what they could be doing to the other customers and the elderly. I need help to resolve this. I have complaints into FCC and BBB right now!

  • Verizon what happened to your customer Service. They say Comcast has the worst but you are quickly catching up. Why is I couldn't cancel or even suspend services for my Mom who is in the hospital dying. (I started trying on !/17 she passed on 1/23) VERY HEARTLESS. I spoke to a several customer services rep and got nowhere. One told me if she was going on vacation she could suspend her service. I guess it is all about making money even if it is from a dying. SHAMELESS. Former Customer.

  • I just moved on June 13th my service was transferred from one location to another in the same town, no changes in service were made. When the service technician finished the set up at the new location and mentioned a tel # I did not recognize – I mentioned that he had the wrong number and he called tech service. We were moving and very busy, a few days later I tried the phone, no dial tone, I called our number and the message said it was no longer in service. After a weeks vacation I called service for no dial tone, a few tests resulted in a another service visit. When I inquired about the number the tech said that it was not in service – I asked why the tech had a different number, he contacted cust service and was told this was our number – I explained that was not right – it was a transfer of service, we never gave up our phone number! Cust service said there wasn't anything they could do the number was ported over – I explained that it wasn't in service when you called and couldn't understand why in a transfer of service in the same town we would be given a new number, asked to speak to a supervisor – Pat Williams, said there wasn't anything that he could do the number was gone. How could Verizon make such an error and then take no responsibility to recover the number that has belonged to my family for twenty years!!! How could they chose to honor a number recently ported (although not in service!!!!!) in a matter of two weeks and tell a customer of twenty years – sorry nothing we can do! This whole thing is absurd! We never gave up our number, Verizon screwed up and should take the responsibility to fix the issue! Very frustrated and shocked!

  • I have been getting the run around from Verizon on why and how my personal information was given out by an employee who wrote a repair ticket in my name number and address and the ticket went to dispatch whom say they came to my house an they replaced a box . Never made that call no one came to my house . I want answers and no one will talk to me .

  • I have been having the SAME issue since sugust 2012.. everyone in my building has it and i have no idea why i cant get it.. i have spoken to several different sales ppl who have come to my door wanting to know why i am one of the few who does not have fios..they claim they will get to the bottom of it but i never hear back from tghem and they do not return my calls. I have also spoken with the engineer of my building who shed a little light on the subject but alas, has not returned any of my calls.
    On Jan 4th 2013 i spoke with mRs smith.. Jan 9th i spoke with Jacob, Jan 10th i spoke with Mr Schumacher..on march 23rd i spoke with Mrs Henry who assured me she would call me on monday to let me know that her supervisor is still working on things and guess what? she never called either nor did any of the other supervisors. I just left a message at corporate, lets see howlong it takes them to get back to me. I have Time warner right now and customer service is GREAT but i have to switch my cable boxes every 3 mos and the menu guide is always missing data.. if customer service for FIOS is this horrible, do i even want their services???

  • I have been trying to get FIOS but keep getting the run around. I called customer service on several occasions but to no avail. My neighbor has FIOS and I have not been given a reason why I do not qualify. I have attempted to write the Chief Executive Officer Of Verizon regarding this fact but I have been unable even to get his information.
    I don't know why it is so difficult for me to get a straight answer, if anybody could help me It would be greatly appreciate. Right now I have Comcast cable and cannot stand the service.

  • Massive problems with ONE-BILL® plan.
    I was switched to at least twenty different customer service reps.
    It has taken two months and still not right
    I once had a $614. bill in ONE month!
    They could not locate the problem(s).
    Wasted MANY Hours of my personal time.
    Brought back all equipment kept phone, On-line paying process became impossible.
    It's as if their customers are somehow 'Partnered' with Verizon, in the amount of time
    it takes way too many different departments and different people that one gets switched around to.

    I am trying to go to the Media with this scenario it was so convoluted and absurd on their part.

  • I own an irrigation company in Northern Virginia. Verizon always reimburses my customers/homeowners for any repairs that I do because of any damaged caused by them. It usually takes a couple weeks but they always reimburse the consumer as long as I leave a proper receipt with the customer and copies are faxed to the Verizon Resolution Center. If Verizon did any damage to your sprinkler/Irrigation system in Northern Virginia be sure to give me a call. I'll have you're system back up and running by the next day.

  • same deal Got a strange e-mail regarding a broadband account payment that was overdue on account #3082 I have a bundle with Verizon of Internet, telephone and cable My account number is the last 4 of my phone number so I called to find out why I received this e-mail 2 days in a row. Customer service told me it was probably not an e-mail for me and then got into how they could save me money on my bill Rep was going to sign me up for two more years and make my copper wire phone over the Internet and I would get $20 a month savings and a 250 Visa card Very confusing but he said my bill would average 150 a month in comparison to the 180-190 I now pay I said yes but then after reading the email I received began to question the savings There didn't seem to be any. Called and found out they had cancelled my movie stations and added even more premium stations and then told me I could not cancel the order even though it had been placed at 12 pm noon and it was about 11:30 pm that night I now believe they are running a fhising scam on the Internet and I have already filed several complaints with the state of PA

  • BEWARE!!!!!!!!
    I have been a fios customer for over 2 years now. just recently i have had enough of the unexperienced customer service representatives that do not know about the products they have to offer. I was told that if i resigned my contract that i would keep the same services that I had before and nothing AT ALL would change except my price would go down alittle and I would get a 300 dollar gift card. I repeatedly said I did not want anything to change about my service(freedom essentials) and was convinced by the representative that it would not. That was a mistake, soon as the new policy(primeHD) began I lost over 100 channels. Then after spending hours trying to talk to people to get it straight, I was told that it was being changed back and would be processed after midnight. After waiting a day and still nothing i called back and the representative I spoke to this time told me that I couldnt get essentials package back and he did not know why the other REP. told me that I would. I told him to put in a ticket for a supervisor to conact me, he said it would take 24-48 hrs. Day three and still no call. Anyone who reads this please be aware of the headaches you may encounter with this service.

    -sincerely , Another angry customer

    • WOW… after posting the above comment and talking to the headquaters, within 2 hrs a supervisor called me and resolved my problem. maybe it was just the customer service reps i spoke with. thanks headquaters for resolving my problem.. Guess i will be sticking around for awhile after all.

    • I had fios for a little wile and then I was forced to move out of the place i lived in and I gave fios a 250 dollars for a deposit and they did not have fios at the new address so we weretold that I would recive my 250 dollars back in 7 working days and still no money. Every time i call they put me through all department and then I get told sorry about the problems but i will put in a requist for the deposit. this has been going on for well over a month now. the last lady i talk to refused to give me a surperviser on the phone and they were realy rude to my wife and hung up on her still know money the lady did give me a name and her name is Siobhan ID.# 2144017 I don't now if this is even real but I am realy piss offd I talked to a attorny he siad the longer thay take the moore trouble they get in to.I all ways paded my bill and still get tarible costermer service.I am calling the corporate tomarow tosettle this once and for all. I live in lake elsinore ca, 92530

    • I had a similar issue. A FIOS representative solicited sales at my complex. He asked what channels I wanted so that he could customize a package for me. I told him I wanted OWN and TV ONE, HBO , STARZ AND SHOWTIME. He told me that there was an extra $7.99 for OWN (which is not a premium channel , so a flag should have went up). I agreed to the 7>99 because OWN is a channel that I watch often. When I got my package TV ONE was not in my channel lineup , but TV LAND was(I never watch TVLAND) When I called to inquire about it I was told that TV ONE wasn't even in my service area. I let it go. Well 2 days ago I went to watch another non premium channel -WGN. To my dismay WGN was not in my lineup either. An alert popped up giving me the option to subscribe for an extra $13.99 per month. Because I wanted to watch the popular show, "Underground", I subscribed. To my surprise an alert popped up saying the transaction could not be completed and for me to call the number provided. I did and while holding discovered that the channel, OWN that I was watching prior to trying to subscribe to WGN had disappeared. When the representative got on the phone I relayed both issues to her. She told me that because the WGN transaction was pending there was nothing she could do until the next day . First she was trying to trouble shoot . She kept asking me questions that let me know that she didn't really understand what was going on. I asked her to let me speak to someone who understood English a little better and our call conveniently got dropped. I called the number again the next day and after speaking to the representative he informed me that because I subscribed to WGN, OWN got dropped . I explained to him that I did not ask the representative to change my plan , but to just add WGN and if she couldn't do so without dropping OWN then to just forget about WGN. He went on to tell me lies about what was notated on my account , because the person I spoke to was illiterate to the English language (verbally and comprehensively) and there was no way the words he was using was in the notes and what he said we discussed was a lie. He told me that in order for me to keep OWN and WGN , my bill would go up to 217.It is currently $184. I know that a non premium channel should not cost $## extra. He also said that he could get it lowered to $176 if I gave up SHOWTIME and HBO. Now that would mean that those 2 premium channels combined equal $8. We left it at I hane WGN , but I don't have OWN and my bill stands at $195. I requested a callback from a supervisor and he informed me that the supervisor wouldn't offer a better package. Mind you I already have a contract that they broke all because I wanted to add one non premium channel, WGN. I am patiently waiting for a call today. Rhonda Pannell