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  • Fiverr Corporate Office Headquarters

Fiverr Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Fiverr Corporate Office Headquarters

3514 International Drive Northwest
Washington, DC 20008 USA
Fiverr International Ltd. 

14 HaMelacha St. Binyamina 30500, PoBox :355
Corporate Phone Number: 72-54-484-3988
Email: info@fiverr.com


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  1. This company is not legit. They do not care about consumers. Took my money and disabled m account, i have been contacting them but no reply. Thinking a class action lawsuit will wake them up. who is up for it?

    So now tell me what I am promoting

  3. radhikasv

    May 7, 3:16 PM

    I don't know why you have deactivated my account I would like to tell you my last request was To create a database of Songs for my new App link of which has been given here do check it or you may contact the buyer who will tell you he has created that App for me and I want to add some features in it and I need a database to add songs that's it
    please help me How this request was not passed I was neither selling my services nor promoting my services and my accout has been deactivated please check my request again it was I NEED A PERSON WHO CAN CREATE A DATABASE PLEASE OFFER IF YOU ARE READY WITH PRICE AND TIME FRAME.I NEED A DATABASE OF NEW SONGS
    Please go through it again
    where I am promoting or selling my services and neither any of my seller has complaint from me because all has given 5 star rating and all projects were delivered 10-15 days ago

    So tell me what I was promoting with the request

  4. And I got a reply that I was selling /promoting my services please read my request carefully and tell me what I am promoting and Rena the customer care support replied that I am promoting my services and marked the ticket resolved without giving me the chance to response

  5. There is a seller that damaged a WP site and could not even upload a media file to WP. I asked for him to stop, took me 4 hours to restore my old site. He now wants money and refuses to cancel the contract. He is also very rude and is writing insults. What should I do? Fiverr is not responding.

  6. Fiverr is both the biggest perpetrator and enabler of fraudulent activity on the internet. They are the worst freelancing outsourcing service, charge the highest commissions, and their customer service is so poor and unresponsive as to be absent.
    I have made complaints about sellers who are allowed to mark jobs as completed ("as a protection to sellers") however, once that is done, that make it impossible even if you receive nothing to get a refund or cancel the order.
    I am in the middle of a dispute where the seller did not provide what was promised or advertised. I was advised to communicate with the seller (In India, and is hardly fluent in English) who has replied but only to deny any wrongdoing.
    The terms and conditions are vague but all of them point in one direction, maintaining the company's bottom line. The have a trust and safety department that is INVISIBLE and sends warnings that are punitive if you speak up about be defrauded. It is all a facade that keeps them going. In fact, my complaint to them was met only with warnings and limitations to my account for attempting to cancel too many times. That isn't even possible. It is not in my ability to cancel…it must be initiated by the seller or agreed to mutually. Once the seller markes it as completed, you are without recourse except through the payment processor you used who does look after your interests. Do not hesitate to chargeback any and everything you find unsatisfactory.
    So far, the seller with whom I have a grievance claims he asked them to cancel the order. And Fiverr responded by taking his money for the sale but have not reimbursed me in any way or notified me, or cancelled the order.

    If people like anonymous who wrote: "DECEMBER 14, 2015 AT 4:44 PM
    Ripped off here asa well for over $1000. Going to turn it over to local media and our Washington State Attorney General's office as a form of interstate fraud. What a bunch of con artists 1!!!" who have the right idea, actually follow through and if everyone who's been defrauded by Fiverr did the same, they would certainly change their fraudulent business practices or be shut down.

    Chargeback everything. Pay through PayPal and dispute it for a chargeback. Of course, if you do that they will damage your account and "limit your ability to progress to higher seller levels"…the same seller levels which, by the way, are mostly are fraudlent as well. Anyone with an e-mail address can make a Fiverr account and buy (also on Fiverr) fake reviews or testimonials to boost their seller level.

    Everything about Fiverr is unsavory, illegal or just outright fraudulent. There are so many better outsourcing companies (and that are not mainly people from India, Pakistan, and the Middle East who cannot be held accountable).

    Fiverr is a disgraceful vessel and committer of fraud. They should be shut down summarily.

  7. Fiverr is absolutely full of crap! They accused me of being late delivering files but it was the buyer who ignored my messages and files DELIVERED. Then Fiverr support had the nerve to insult me and instruct me how to be a graphic designer. When I went to cancel my account, the instructions didn't work and they told me I had to withdraw my measly $4 before I could close my account and then when I tried they told me there would be a 24 hour delay before I could get my PayPal payment. What absolute effing BS. Fiverr is not worth pissing on if they were on fire.

  8. Ripped off here asa well for over $1000. Going to turn it over to local media and our Washington State Attorney General's office as a form of interstate fraud. What a bunch of con artists 1!!!

  9. As a ripped-off consumer/aggrieved victim/Plaintiff, I have reached out to class-action counsel to go after them after articulating two causes of action, and I encourage you all to reach me so that we can achieve maximum recovery and justice over Fiverr's illegal business practices. Please reach Jones and note "Fiverr" in your introduction at (800) 601-9250.

  10. Fiverr is allowed to keep this scam going only because we victims have not reached the right people yet. Every state has a Consumer Protection Department, which can help. But how about contacting your credit card company. Tell them about this fraud and you will likely get your money back. The banks can go after them with a lot more resources than we have.

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