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  • Food City Corporate Office Headquarters

Food City Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Food City Corporate Office Headquarters

201 Trigg St.
Abingdon, VA 24210 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-276-628-5503
Fax Number: 1-276-623-5440
Customer Service Number: Online Only


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  1. I would like to complain on Food City 647 on eastbroadway! They have yet to send me my W2, I have went to the store and asked about it multiple times and they continue to say that it has been mailed out. I'm very unhappy and I want something done!

  2. My first statement this review is not about Joe he's caring kind and fair.My review is on food city pharmacy Sevierville tn dolly parton pkwy the mgr is not keeping inventory ordered causing people to either drive to another store or come back after she orders your prescription. This cost a lot of money for gas and you know my time is valuable also.It's a 37 mile round trip.

  3. Horrible produce, lazy workers, bad meat, I hate your store in Damascus, VA. Hire people and train them right. I have seen so many folks wait for customer service and it take 15 min. Just to find someone to help…not to mention your employees complaining about personal problems in front of customers and carrying on conversations with other employees while waiting on a customer…really???

  4. food city in oliver springs is the most unorganizied and nasty store in the neighbor.the cashiers are young and all you ever hear is who did what and with her. they are rude and don't care.the managers there are rude and nasty to customers. the deli food is cooked by unclean personnel. they wont help any dept all they do is walk around and look stupid. the managers are rude to their employers. I understand that if you are sick you have to come in and work 2 hrs before you can go home. now who in there right mind would want to eat food contaminated by a sick employee. they just fired the best cake decorator they have ever had and custs love her. the girls including manager don't do nothing but stand around. and it seems that if you will kiss the mangt behind and bow down to them you get what you want if not you aint no one. this girl was the best peole greeter cake decorator deli worker you will ever have had BIG LOST TO YOU GUYS I AND OTHER PEOPLE DONT LIKE IT EITHER

  5. Food City is the frist of many sponsor's, I will be contacting regarding the blackout by Dishnet. You are paying for something your not getting, our households watching your commercials. Sorry I am very annoyed are you?

  6. Hello this is John my wife has worked at the Gatlinburg Tn.store since May 2012.She worked in the Deli an on the Salad Bar which also is through the Deli an her Boss went to School to learn how to Decorate Cakes but has a father in Law that is the store Assistant Manger therefore giving her the Manger Position.This woman has no clue how to set her worker's hours to cover a weeks work.This woman can't accept anyone that differs from her thinking an allows her lead people to hide through out the store an not be available to assist other workers that have customers lined up waiting on service.She(Jennifer)talked with my wife a few weeks back an told her that day shift wanted night shift to do more than what she was already doing so they started leaving a daily list for night shift to complete an each day my wife made sure this list was complete.On Monday of this week Jennifer wrote my wife up for not doing this list for day shift even though it had been done daily.What this tells me is that day shift is to lazy to work an they want someone else to finish are do extra work to keep them from doing it.Also Jennifer told my wife she must keep aa list of each duty she did while working other words how long did it take to fill each container onthe salad bar an mark down time used oneach duty she done.This is about as childness move a Boss can put on an employee.Jennifer also wrote my wife up for talking to customers which my wife is a sociable person.Jennifer(Food City)don't like for their people to be kind to customers well with over 20 years Business Management behind me a Happy Customer is a Returning Regular customer.In writing my wife up Jennifer Threatened my wifes Job in doing so an me reading it made it easy my wife will not be returning to work for such an unorganized store with this type Poor Management.Also since my wife has been on nights working the salad bar the Sales an Profit has increased an i would like someone to note as of 9/25/2013 Management will see a decrease in salad bar sales at the Gatlingburg store over the next 6 months if customer service means nothing are not being social with customers mean nothing.By the way a few months back in a 3 month period in the Deli alone they had 8 employee's walk out an never return an most told other worker's they had never seen a Deli so POORLY MANAGED.

  7. I would like to send a a complaint to whomever about the way Friskies Cat food is displayed and the amount of Filet in stock at your stores..it is very hard to find what you are looking for, but I must say I LOVE the prices, please help with this matter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. I happen to be in the Bearden store a few weeks back and couldn't help but over hear a customer talking to one of your employees. I think her name was Marsha, anyway this customer was very rude and said some not so nice things to her and I seen that your employee did everything possible to help this customer. That customer then proceeded to call her names and she put her finger in your employees face. I think it is employees like this that needs "Thank You's". The saying "the customer is always right" is false. In this case she was not right and I just want you to recognize things like this that makes that saying wrong.

  9. Someone needs to check in about Debbie Chapman taking free samples of wine and booze from the vendors there. She thinks she's slick but need to watch each time they get new inventory she gets free shirts and anything they give her or she gives them. I seen her have one of the workers there put in her car and I think she drives a camry.

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