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  • Food City Corporate Office Headquarters

Food City Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Food City Corporate Office Headquarters

201 Trigg St.
Abingdon, VA 24210 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-276-628-5503
Fax Number: 1-276-623-5440
Customer Service Number: Online Only


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  1. I shop at food city in Maynardville tn .I like the store but the manage there is a smart azz.every time they run out of product they say its on order but never gets orderd.and my daughter went there for inner view they treated her like a crook.she use to work at foodcity on chapman hwy till it closed down she told scoot that he told her he could not trust her and had all the workers in the room when he done this.and I ask him when will he ever get the products back on shelf I have a rain check from weeks ago on 3 items now I shop there all the time but fixing to change to krogers.he needs talt respect to all customers and imployes.i no 2 more kids that work there said they dread coming in any more.

    Huge Issue with cleanliness !!!
    The President of kvat should make it a point to just sit on the toilets, of course after he has
    to clean the area, which I do on a regular basis why~ because I have crohn's disease and make pit stops here and there. This evening came into a store that had a shining floor,pretty and clean for the most part. Not so for the mens restrooms! It would be a fail!! TOILET BRUSH on a wall rack high above any small kids head. The floor was not clean not the seat! I almost PHOTOBOMBED FOOD CITY ON social media which would have been a lot quicker, I really hope something
    Is done about this. Oliver Spings

  3. I was at the food city a few minutes ago they had 2 ribeyes n the glass box I needed 3 the man working said he was busy that I should come back later so I went to Kroger I hope you can fix it because I will not go back and I will let all the people that I know that this is the way u get at food city have a great day

  4. I shop at Food City and receive fuel bucks that I can't use at the gas n go because I own a diesel vehicle. Why is there no diesel at these places. Rogersville Tn.

  5. Good day, my expierence in foodcity bonham str bristol, made me tahe to wriring this letter, iam so proud to be a foodcity customer as I can assure my friends of how clean and well organised the shop is, the frienliness of the staff makes the shopping a " want to" pleasure. I recently met mr. Johnny bare, I believe is the manager, and could not help telling him how great foodcity is, and that he as manager should be very proud of his store and his management.

    Great job everybody well done "customer forever"

  6. Yes I'd like to speak to someone from here on the phone or in person I have a discrimination complaint I'd like to file with the wise food City

  7. To the good folks at Food City Corporate:
    As a Vietnam era veteran (medic) and the son of an Army Air Corps pilot who fought in the Pacific theater in WW2, I want to THANK YOU for that wonderful Fourth of July video on YouTube. I've sent it to all my veteran buddies. Very moving, heart-warming, and so true.
    An American Veteran

  8. May 3, 2017

    Dear Roger Todd, Manager of Food City 23rd Street Chattanooga
    I have come to this Food City Deli for several years to get a “meat and two” on my lunch break along with my co-worker Danny. We work about three blocks away.
    I really liked the free sweet tea I always received with my plate. For years I would brag to family and friends about the best sweet tea would be found at (Bi-Lo) and now Food City on 23rd street in Chattanooga. Tammy would always fix the sweet tea and I would brag on her to her supervisor and store manager many times!
    When Bi-Lo became Food City, The deli staff seemed great as always and every day we would come for lunch and be greeted by Tammy, Marcus, and others in the Deli department. Their attitudes and the friendliness of the deli staff kept Danny and I coming to this deli for years. And I would comment to the store manager and Food City home office visitors about how great the deli employees were.
    The line would be backed up of people ordering their plates and there would be back up pans of mashed potatoes/veggies in the hot box to replace empty pans on the counter. Chicken pot pies would line the outer edges of the counter. And always plenty of chicken to choose from. Danny and I always had to wait in a long line to order our food. It was worth the wait because of the people that worked in the Food City Deli on 23rd Street.
    Well, it isn’t like that any longer. Today was the worst experience I’ve had there. No sweet tea. They ran out of it minutes earlier….at 11:45am????? Out of mashed potatoes, which is a common staple for a side! I have quit coming to Food City the last 6 months for the most part and ordered at Captain D’s, Bojangles, Burger King, Taco Bell on Rossville Blvd, just to keep from facing the employees in the Food City Deli on 23rd street because of their poor attitudes behind the counter and with the customers. Most of my co-workers feel the same and have not gone back to the deli there. (And we employee over 250 people here at this location three blocks away).
    The employees behind the counter act like it is a chore to wait on me and other customers. We are not treated in the special welcoming way as before. Less food to choose from on the hot bar. And I’m sure that sales have plummeted in the deli department there. There is never a long line as before….and that has been with three visits I have made in the last 4-5 months to see if there was any improvement.
    I will not be back until things change in the deli department. My money will go elsewhere until I hear of good reports from others about a great deli in the Food City on 23rd street–anxious to serve customers from the surrounding business area!
    With this deli located in a heavy business district, there is no reason for this deli to be the top deli department in all of the Food City stores combined. It begins with the people. Customer oriented people who are making a conscious effort to serve local customers and keep them from going to another place of business to be served.
    Tammy there does make the best sweet tea! Don’t know what happened to Marcus not being there any longer. He had good customer service skills. Several though behind the counter need to be taught to serve customers with a smile and some friendliness instead of a frown and begrudging attitude. If customers can figure out who these people are, then the management staff at the Food City store can figure it out too.
    This deli staff can be the best people to be served by. They need to work on their people skills and I hope that management will somehow teach them the basics of customer service with a smile/greet and sometimes going “above and beyond the call of duty.”
    Thank you for your time.

  9. I would like to submit a property location for a possible Fuel Center site for your Chatsworth, GA Food City Grocery Store. The property is located on Hwy 76 next to Tractor Supply and is very close to the Food City location. If interested, please see my LoopNet listing – 3205 Hwy 76, Chatsworth, GA 30705 (Murray County). My contact information is listed in the ad. If a Fuel Center is in your future plans in the Chatsworth, GA area, this property would be ideal.

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