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Four Points Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Four Points  Corporate Office Headquarters 

Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, Inc.
Four Points by Sheraton
One StarPoint
Stamford, Connecticut 06902 USA
Reservations: 1-888-625-5144
Corporate Phone Number: 1-203-964-6000
Customer Service Number: 1-203-964-6000

  • I am not even sure where to begin. I went to the Navy USS John Young reunion this past weekend that they had planned for over a year / year and a half with the hotel. The Hotel was not in the bad shape it was in when it was physically reviewed back over a year ago. The construction going on, the rooms of over 90 guests that attended were in deplorable conditions. Damages all throughout the hotel. Air Conditioning not working, exposed wiring, covered smoke detectors, wires going across the floors causing tripping hazards, broken doors, holes in walls in guests’ rooms that had metal sticking out. I personally was refused a blanket when I asked for one. Other guest had issues when they asked for towels and wash clothes. We were yelled at by the bartender at 4pm when we were out at the pool drinking our own drinks because they did not have the bar open when we went out at 1pm. Smell of sewer back up was present on one day of our event. Was told it was due to the AC not working. On our banquet night, the we had to go out and purchase more plates and silverware because they did not have enough for group. Mind you, again, this was planned and talked about for over a year with the full-service hotel staff that was catering our banquet!!! We had a bar for our private banquet and at one point the front desk was directing other hotel guest from the pool area to come into our banquet area, soaking wet to get drinks. We were all in semi formal wear on slippery floors so thank GOD no one slipped and fell. When I went to check out, I asked for a receipt and was told I could not have a printed one. They would email me one later or the next day. There was a printer right there in plain sight so I am not sure why I could not have a printed receipt. Once I received my emailed receipt, I noticed that they actually charged my card the day I checked in. I am extremely disappointed on how this hotel was presented, represented and treated the veterans this past weekend. I could almost guarantee you if the health / fire and code inspectors went in there today, the place would be shut down! This is not what I expect from a Sheraton / Marriott Hotel.

  • Have tried to talk to someone in sales for 5 days. No return call. Have clients who need 40 sleeping rooms for 5 days in July.
    Columbus, Ohio Airport location

  • They recently opened a 4points at 1800 Federal Highway in Forth Lauderdale and the employees are not getting 4Points standard salary this kind of behavior needs to change immediately or else further action will be taken up with the labor board and the Better Business Bureau.

  • Looking for direction on who I can contact regarding our stay at the Fargo, ND Location. They have charged our credit card twice and I have left messages for the General Manager, Matt Robinson, but he will not return my call or refund the extra charges. Please reply to this comment with the correct number we can call to get reimbursed for those charges.

  • Please read my wife's experience at the Four Points Miami Beach Sheraton below. This need addressed. I have already put in a phone call to the GM, Mark Amidon regarding the disturbing actions taken by Manager Jackie Villanueva, however he has not returned the call. –shortened to meet character limit.

    "I'm at a loss for words. I often make an effort to compliment good service and have never left a bad review. However my horrible experience must be shared.

    At 11 am Four Points checked 5 people into a with a $15 charge for a rollaway bed. At 8pm, 9 hours later when the rollaway bed was not received, we called to the front desk and informed that was a fire restricted room which could not accommodate a rollaway bed. A manager called us shortly later, we hoped with a resolution of moving us to another room or similar, but instead she said we could not be there. When I informed her it was her front desk that put us in the room, she quickly said this was my booking mistake, not her problem, she only got to work at 3 pm, and she was not going to be dealing with my frustration. I asked what could be done, she said she was calling the police. Without cause or reason, the Miami police showed up to evict two women and three children after 8:30 at night in the rain. The young manager took a customers frustrations personally, and never offered resolution. This is a disturbing example of customer service and needs to be addressed.

  • We are on our last night stay at the Four Point Sheraton here in Oklahoma City Oklahoma. While in the lobby tonight there were a lot of children and adults from a baseball tournament setting there as well. I couldn't help but notice how loud and some what nasty mouthed the adults were getting even though they had children in their presence. It became obvious why in no time. Some of the adults was in the lobby drinking beer right there as you walk in the door. It didn't matter who was around or what they were acting like. Is this even legal to do that in a public place not designated for that purpose? If staying at one of your Hotels means my children and I have to be subjected to that than I believe I will find another Hotel. I'm not apposed to people having their right to drink at all if that is what they want to do. I just believe that those of us that choose not to, shouldn't have to be subject to what follows some times with some of those that do choose to do so. Just like smoking.

  • My daughter worked at the Columbus Four Point Sheraton Airport location, she has been unable to get her W2 from the General Manager and her last pay check. I instructed her to call IRS in the am tomorrow.

  • My husband and I took my mom that is in wheel chair to the Four Point by Sheraton in West Lafayette, Indiana for Easter Breakfast. We were very Unhappy because you do not have any handy cap place she could go to the restroom. I had a hard time getting her in the regular restroom stall and the toilet was so low for her she sat down hard even with me holding her hands. i figured a big place like the Sheraton it would at least have a place for the elder or anyone that is handycap and need hand bars.

  • hi this is a employee working at your Tallahassee property. you should realy cheek into the management their mrs.danika is working their along with her husband I thought that was agaist company policys . I mean let me know.

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