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  • Free People Corporate Office Headquarters

Free People Corporate Office Headquarters

How to Contact Free People Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Urban Outfitters, Inc.

5000 South Broad Street

Philadelphia, PA 19112

Corporate Phone Number: 1-215-454-5500

Fax Number: 1-800-436-2618

Customer Service Number: 1-800-309-1500

How to Contact Free People Direct

30 Industrial Park Blvd.

Trenton, SC 29847

  • While I am shopping on the Free People website, its offering me exercise classes in Miami 2 1/2 hours away! Every time I switched screens, I had to remove the Pop up as it was blocking my screen browsing. So annoying that they have such lousy programmers that don't allow the user to select to "Stop showing me the pop up", it doesn't apply to me. They just lost my business. Get your pop up out of my shopping experience!

  • There are other online shops that offer great customer service with easy returns and exchanges. ASOS.com is one of them. Etsy has some fabulous designers as well. There items are quality. I'm sure many of us Free People fans can attest to buying a garment from FP that fell apart in a few months.

  • I am a long time customer of Free People. In May of 2019 I purchased a pair of shoes for vacation but unfortunately a zipper on the left shoe was damaged. I called cs for instructions. I was told another pair will be shipped asap and to keep the damaged shoes. The second pair arrived in time for my vacation. A few months later I received and email informing me that I need to pay for the second pair of shoes because the damaged pair were never returned. Shortly there after I shipped the damaged shoes back and I thought that was the end of it until I attempted to purchase a few items this Friday via Afterpay. I received confirmation of my order from Afterpay. The following day I received an email that my order had been cancelled and the first installment was refunded. I called your cs line and spoke to a supervisor. She informed me that my account was flagged because according to your records they never received the damaged shoes. Upon further research she located the returned items. She also informed me that in September your back office issued a refund for the second pair of shoes. I was unaware of the refund and told her I would have to research my records. In the meantime the sale items I attempted to purchase r selling out. I asked if my items would be placed on hold until your research team resolves the issue. The answer was no. Your back office errors are not my errors. The shoes were purchased in full in May and here we are one day away from December and I am still dealing with your back office accounting errors. This is horrible. Merchant Order Number: FP01847957 (November 29, 2019 10:52PM)

  • This has been the worst experience with any online store ever! Not one person knows what they are doing in customer service including the supervisors that bold face lie just to get u off the phone! I ordered a pair of clogs along with numerous other items… no where did it say when I was ordering that they were out of stock… then a week later I get a cancellation notice for the clogs…call back reorder when I see they are advertising them again… I was to,d they had 9 in stock in my size…. paid for overnight and that has been a week now… they placed a "Hold" order on it and then couldn't tell me why, then they told me it was to arrive today, another lie, then it was coming from distribution, another lie, then they tell me it was coming from a store, and I would receive it today, another lie, now I was just told it was being shipped out from yet another store tonight! Call corporate and I am assuming due to the amount of complaints they send u straight to voicemail ….. crazy and insane and I will never ever never ever never order another thing from this company!!!!!

    • I am having a similar issue. They flagged my account cancelled my order due to an issue they created 7 months prior. This is insane.

  • Hi, I am using this forum as a means of contact as calling the number and email provided on the FP website has not helped me in any way whatsoever. I placed an online order late today, and received an instant confirmation via email. Once I'd read that the delivery address I thought I had changed in my account (I have recently moved from Austarlia to Vancouver) was actually only te billing address, I email help imediately (time since I place the order wa no longer than 20mins). I was informed nothing could be done to rectify the shipping address, so I emailed again in hopes i'd be lucky to get someone more helpful replying, to no avail. I then made a panicked call to the 1800 line to speak to someone in person about making what should be an easy change to the delivery address, and was told yet again that NOTHING can be done. How can this be?!?! Seriously!?? There is now several hundred dollars of clothing going to some stranger in South Australia, when I only placed the order a few hours ago! PLEASE HELP. There MUST be a way to change the delivery address… Seems nothing short of CRAZY that this can not be done!

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