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Frigidaire Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Frigidaire Corporate Office Headquarters

2715 Washington Road
Augusta, GA  30909
Corporate Phone Number: 1-800-374-4432

  • Talk about disappointed! I just purchased a frigidaire side by side fridge. Two weeks and it breaksdown. I have to wait one week for it to be serviced meanwhile myu friggin food is spoiling. WTF I will NEVER NEVER NEVER buy another Frigidaire product AGAIN!!!!!!

  • Three people I know are having and have had problems with their Frigidaire appliances. One had a dishwasher and wound up throwing it out and buying a new dishwasher. She told me she'll buy any brand except Frigidaire. And my niece wrote letters to the company about her defective Frigidaire refrigerator abut got nowhere. Word of advice: Do Not buy FRIGIDAIRE products!

    • I most certainly agree with all of you. We purchased a refrigerator almost 4 months ago and still are fighting for a new one. The 1st week we had it we knew something was wrong. The 4th service company Frigidaire told ME to call, found the problem when no one else could. It has a bad compressor. Still Frigidaire would not stand behind it. The best way we found to deal with this if you financed the product call the finance company, explain what is going on and stop payment. This will not hurt your credit. We will never buy Frigidaire again nor recommend the brand to ANYONE!

  • Another dis-satisfied customer – with a washer – I purchased a new washer/dryer in July – so far I'm having to re-wash loads 3x's – have tripled my laundry water use, tripled my hot water bill, tripled my laundry detergent use – oh and over quadtripled my amount of laundry – since I can only wash 3 pair of jeans, 2 sweatshirts and 3 t-shirts at a time – in order to be able to re-wash them…I have contacted customer service who just told me to use hot water – DUH!!!! Oh and have their service people come out, yet I purchased it from a place who sells fridigaire. Tech service said nothing was wrong. I challenge the corporate president, vice president to come to my home and watch this washer wash clothes and then tell me there is nothing wrong. I have videos and pictures of clothes that have gone through a wash cycle up to 3 times – still dirty. Oh the lid also falls on your head – it fell on my head, on my mother-in-law cutting her head open. This is getting closer to a lawsuit as the days go on and they don't seem to care. Better Business Bureau next, local tv stations next if I don't get some type of answer. I want the washer/dryer removed and replaced!!! Dis-Satisfied in Ohio!!!!

  • The gas range, which I bought 2 years ago, got electrical fire and require more then $700 in repair. The fire was obviously caused by faulty equipment. The technician I called for repair, said we were lucky that the house was not burned down and nobody was hurt! I have pictures and report.
    I am pretty disturbed how my problem was handled by customer service. They said the range is not under warranty anymore (only 1 year warranty) and there is no recall. Electrical wire fire was obviously not wear and tear problem! I asked maybe it should be recalled – THIS IS DANGEROUS! NOT OK to deal with leaking gas and burning wires even after warranty expires! I was told the company is not going to help – not their problem after 1 year warranty!

  • Another unsatisfied customer. 2 month old Fridgidaire -Top freezer refrigerator. Repairman says freezer liner shrunk, not repairable, must be replaced. Took me 3 weeks of constant phone calls, hours on hold, being called a liar, told I was wasting their time, and threatening to report them to the Attorney General's office to finally get them to issue a return authorization number. When the retailer offered me the option of switching to another brand for an even exchange, I ran, not walked to Maytag! Will never again buy Frigidaire, or Electrolux and am telling everyone I know NOT to buy their products.

  • Buyers BEWARE of not just the Frigidaire products but the extended warranties. I accepted an offer for an extended warranty that said, "..by adding 3 years coverage for the price of 2, you'll be protected through March 31, 2015.." So I paid the amount then Frigidaire claims it was computer error and I'm covered only through March 31, 2014. I say it's BLATANT FRAUDULENT PRACTICES!!!!! Someone at Frigidaire MUST be held accountable!

  • Apparently I am not the only person disappointed with a Frigidaire appliance and treatment by the warranty company. My new Frigidaire refrigerator was installed two weeks ago. Apparently there is a defect (blockage, not ice or debris) in the hose drain which is not repairable by the serviceman. The solution recommended by the official tech (Electrolux Major Appliances) is to install an external drain on the back of the appliance. Obviously, I am very disappointed in this "fix" which will add more space to the back of the fridge and does not repair the original defect! In the meantime, water drainage has damaged my new wood floor! Shame on Fridgidaire for not replacing this new appliance in which I invested a lot of money. Needless to say, I will never buy another Frigidaire!!

  • I have a 3 year old refrigerator that has a crack on the side. The repairman put a piece of tape to cover it. Now there is no help from Frigidaire to help with cost of repair or no guarantee if it happens again. And don't take them to small claims court because there is no registered agent in Florida and you have to go to NC for court. I will never have another Frigidaire appliance in my house and I will tell everyone I know not to buy one either.

    • Same here! I bought a Frigidaire refrigerator and within a few months, the sealing gasket on my freezer became warped. It took me over TWO MONTHS to finally get a new freezer door and to top it off, the serviceman was going to put the BAD gasket seal back onto the freezer!! I too have told everyone I know to NEVER buy a Frigidaire product!

    • My parents purchased were forced to buy a new fridge and a stand alone freezer when theirs broke at the same time. They made the MISTAKE of purchasing Frigidare for both. When I say mistake!!!! I mean NEVER EVER will I purchase a Frigidare product after what they have been through and I will make sure that anyone I know doesn't either! From day one nothing but problems with both! The freezer seal is not sealing and everything is frozen over, the same with the fridge. They have been told that they needed to use service men that they referred, but that the item could not be returned. They service men have been out a total of over 8 times and the products are worse now than when they started. My parents are both elderly. My father suffers from heart disease, and my mother has cancer and also going in for surgery for her heart. Should she seriously be dealing with this crap?! She purchased two new items, and has had nothing but a headache! NEVER EVER AGAIN ANYTHING FRIGIDARE!

  • I have applied for a rebate. I have heard nothing.
    I called the number 800-374-4432, which gave me 706-860-4110.
    At this point they gave me this number 800-572-8045.
    Gabriella told me to fax all of the copies of my rebate to 866-964-1214.
    Two days later when I called Parago to make sure my rebate paperwork was received I was told they do not handle Frigidaire.
    I called 866-973-2970 who hung up on me because I have not waited 8 weeks. It has been 4 weeks.
    If I am not assured paperwork has been received by may 30th, I lose my rebate. 8 weeks is 2 weeks after your final required received date.
    I did not track this mail, and am now very sorry I have not done so.
    I am now on the phone with 706-860-4110 and it has been a 25 minute hold.
    I am extremely unhappy with how I have been treated and the lack of professionalism in this process. I have now been given 866-226-7076.
    The automated service told me to check the web site listed on the form, but there is no web site listed on the form. I went through the automated service only to be told to leave a message.
    I was then hung up on, again.
    I called 866-226-7076 and was told Parago does handle Frigidaire and that I am to call them again.
    To say that I am presently seething would be an understatement.
    I EXPECT a remedy regarding this situation immediately.

  • Where do I find Material Safety Data Sheets on your webpage. There is no link or any information of who supplies your cleaning products for the appliances that you offer

    • Over a year ago I purchase a Frigidaire dishwasher (SN-TH44838255). 4 months into having this product it displayed a UO error. I contacted Frigidaire to request service. during the space of 6 months, Frifidaire have replaced the Control Board (TWICE), the Vent Fans (TWICE), and the Warring Hoariness (TWICE). I have spoken to a manager (so called) by the name of Daniele L. who told me that there is no one higher in the company I can speak with to rectify this problem. I expressed my frustration to Danielle L and requested that the product be replaced. However, Daniele states their techs claimed the product can be fixed. 8 MONTHS lated after the warranty have expired, Hours lost from my job and I am left washing dishing by hand I am then talked into purchasing an extended warranty in which I can request for a replacement after one month if a service tech states the product cannot be repaired. Well, I am still having THE EXACT SAME PROBLEM and Frigidaire still refuses to replace the product even after the field service tech suggest the Product CANNOT BE FIXED and a tech on the phone gave a code to the field service tech to have the product replaced. CONGRATULATIONS Frigidaire. YOU SOLD ME A LEMON, LIED TO ME AND HAVE SUCCESSFUL WAITED ME OUT.
      I understand you are a large company with plenty of resources but I am not. I am simply a consumer who cannot afford to spent money without feeling and seeing the impact of it on my family. Your Company have truly left me with a lasting distaste for it.

      Ernest I.

    • I only wish I would have done a better job, of reviewing the reviews? Not everyone takes the time to post one. Frigidaire makes it sound like they are so concerned but, I never believe their Social Media people are employees. They act more like sub-contractors. We are glad this is our very last house and we will not have to hassle with an appliance, let down selection process again… D.R.H. / H.D.I. !

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