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Frigidaire Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Frigidaire Corporate Office Headquarters

2715 Washington Road
Augusta, GA  30909
Corporate Phone Number: 1-800-374-4432


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  1. microwave FFMV1645TD. Blows breaker. Electrician confirmed breaker good. Microwave bad. Many, many other owners have the same problems. Talked to 3 different people at your service center, but they just say sorry for your problem. Sorry doesn't pay for a faulty microwave. Compensation should be offered. We have to buy another microwave.

  2. Spent 3 months with a broken fridge, going on 4, waiting on replacement for 3 weeks because my fridge was improperly made and was supposed to be delivered dec 3rd. No fridge ever arrived. Spent 10 hrs atleast the last week going back and forth with frigid air and they have lost the fridge. Repeatedly asked for refund, they say since the fridge has been en route to me for the last month, that's not an option. Ruined hundreds of dollars in food due to freezing atleast 20 hrs on phone trying to find out when I'll get a fridge. Reply I recieved today was same as 10 days ago. They sent emails to higher ups and theres nothing I can do at this time. Meanwhile frigid air is ok with this while my family doesnt have a working fridge

  3. I am yet one more dissatisfied Frigidaire customer. Back on July 28, we made our first call to Frigidaire to report problems with our refrigerator. We'd had the fridge for less than 2 years. We had a Frigidaire authorized repair person come out to service the fridge – and he couldn't get to us until August 17 (so we were without a working fridge for 3 weeks (though the fridge hadn't been working right for several months prior, though we didn't call about a repair until July). The repair estimate at that time was $1513. That is when I called and pleaded with the customer service rep to consider handling this under warranty – and they did.

    We then had to wait until September 14 for another repair person to come out. When they did they said that the sealed system needed repair. The fridge was still not working. They couldn't send someone out until September 30th to repair. By now, we haven't had a working refrigerator for two full months!!! On September 30th the service guy replaced the compressor and stepper valve. Right after that (on October 1st) I signed up for an ESA because I wanted to make sure I was covered if anything happened (and your service rep had suggested we do that). I would not have signed up at that time if I realized that the fridge hadn't been repaired fully. I would have waited until the fridge was working properly.

    Unfortunately, less than two weeks later the refrigerator started acting up again with the same issue as before. We called Frigidaire again and they had the same service guys come out again. They couldn't come back until November 8th. When they came out on November 8th, they now said the unit needed a new motherboard (the original fix of the new compressor didn't fix the original problem).

    At this point is where the problems really begin. Because I had purchased an ESA, they transferred this over to the ESA team and decided to cover it under the ESA and not treat it as part of the original problem. I could not even talk to anyone because when I called and went to the ESA, my calls were hung up on. The phone system said there were too many calls to handle, call back and then just hung up! After trying to reach someone for what felt like weeks, I finally found out today they are going to replace the refrigerator. That sounded great – except we have to pay taxes, delivery and disposal fees (more than $179). Additionally, they told me that the ESA I had just purchased on October 1st for $275 was now null and void and if I wanted coverage I would have to purchase a new ESA.

    So, in addition to paying $99 for the very initial service call (before they agreed to service it under the first year warranty), I paid $275 for an ESA, will have to pay $179+ to get the new fridge and then purchase another ESA to get any kind of extended coverage (to say nothing of the multiple times I had to throw out spoiled food from my freezer and my refrigerator). So my "free" new refrigerator will cost me almost $900. I will NEVER buy another Frigidaire product.

  4. Well not that this will make a difference but my old freezer quit and we lose around 500.00 worth of food , now these things happen soooo we went and bought a BRAND NEW frigidaire freezer and filled it with 500.00 or more of food , me thinking hey brand new should not be a problem for years to come, boy was I wrong a month and a half later it quits working and now I'm out the food and the freezer, now now one will talk to me other than customer service who wont let me talk with higher management so 1 tech guy comes and sees it's working since I plugged it in that morning supposed to get parts to fix it as well as your customer service. well it quit again Monday the8th of November , so I've been out of a freezer and food since August 28th 02021 so here's what I want either a new freezer because I don't trust the one I have or GIVE ME MY MONEY BACK so I can buy a better freezer from a much better company than yours……. no one should have this happen them and no money to pay for all my food loss due to your defective and a freezer only 1 and a half months old. this should be taken care off by your company asap instead of cheating everyone

  5. Frigidaire Model FG4H2272UF under extended warranty. Have made 7 calls for repair. 1st Warranty call made 7/23/21 and still waiting for parts. Today is 10/12/21. Very poor customer service, and terribly extended time waiting for parts. Recommend NOT BUYING FRIGIDAIRE. Corporate blah…blah….on website is just that blah…blah. What happened to making s quality product and decent service when needed?

  6. Unbelievable. We purchased an expensive fridge from them less than six months ago. After doing a grocery shop the fridge stopped working which resulted in us having to throw away all of our food. Customer service what a joke! Over an hour and a half waiting only to be told we had to get a technician. Waiting days for him and then he said a part had to be replaced. Still waiting for the part, been over a week now. I asked if we could get a new fridge and they said it wasn't their protocol. For someone in remission from stage 4 cancer this is NOT something we need.

  7. In Sept of 2020 I purchased a range with oven/airfrier all in one within the first 30 days we started having issues of it turning on and off by itself. I called Lowes where i purchased it they said it was a manufacture issue. Three times in less then a years time We had to have the control panel replaced this time less then three months this panel has lasted. And now I am told no extended warranty even though one was purchased through lowes. This malfunctioning panel is a safety risk as it will kick on and set temps of 600 degrees making no noise, set the timer off without timer set and verse other issues. I highly recommend Buying a different brand product and doing months of research making sure they are not connected in anyway.

  8. The most recent Frigidaire purchase will be my last! I will tell everyone I know not to purchase this brand. I bought a refrigerator July 2020. Starting in Nov. 2020, it started having problems. I have had it worked on 5 times and still does not work properly! The most recent problem, I have been waiting over a month for the repair man to return. The repair business tells me they haven't received the part and waiting on Frigidaire to send it. Frigidaire has no clue where the part is because they clearly did not track it. Basically, I have a junk product and terrible customer service. They do not back their product and terrible customer service! They will not help you when you purchase their junk products!

  9. I have applied for a rebate. I have heard nothing.
    I called the number 800-374-4432, which gave me 706-860-4110.
    At this point they gave me this number 800-572-8045.
    Gabriella told me to fax all of the copies of my rebate to 866-964-1214.
    Two days later when I called Parago to make sure my rebate paperwork was received I was told they do not handle Frigidaire.
    I called 866-973-2970 who hung up on me because I have not waited 8 weeks. It has been 4 weeks.
    If I am not assured paperwork has been received by may 30th, I lose my rebate. 8 weeks is 2 weeks after your final required received date.
    I did not track this mail, and am now very sorry I have not done so.
    I am now on the phone with 706-860-4110 and it has been a 25 minute hold.
    I am extremely unhappy with how I have been treated and the lack of professionalism in this process. I have now been given 866-226-7076.
    The automated service told me to check the web site listed on the form, but there is no web site listed on the form. I went through the automated service only to be told to leave a message.
    I was then hung up on, again.
    I called 866-226-7076 and was told Parago does handle Frigidaire and that I am to call them again.
    To say that I am presently seething would be an understatement.
    I EXPECT a remedy regarding this situation immediately.

  10. It's been over a month since our "new" Frigidaire upright freezer was disconnected due to malfunctioning. It was delivered on 12/23/20, worked great for a month then the problems started. We are out over $850 that we paid for a working, new freezer. After several attempts to fix the freezer's problems, it was determined only a new door will solve the problem, which is on perpetual backorder. We have spoken to management at Home Depot where it was purchased, Frigidaire's customer service where we were refused to speak to a supervisor all to no avail. NOBODY stands behind this appliance. This is an outrage!! We have asked nicely for a replacement only to be offered an additional year of manufacturer's warranty. That is awesome but does not help us now. The freezer was fully stocked and we struggled to find friends that would help us by taking the contents into their own freezers. What about the Magnuson-Moss lemon

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