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Frontier Communications Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

How To Contact Frontier Communications Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Frontier Communications Corp.

3 High Ridge Park
Stamford, Connecticut 06905-1390 USA

Corporate Phone Number: 1-203-614-5600
Fax Number: 1-203-614-4602
Tech Support: 1-800-921-8105
Frontier Secure: 1-888-620-3663
Business Customers 1-800-921-8102
Customer Service Number: 1-800-921-8101

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  1. I had Frontier Communications internet service for over 15 yrs, simply because there was no other service, with the exception of satelite broadband, available in my area. Recently my local power company contracted with a provider and started running fiber optic thru the area. I immediately signed up knowing it would be better even if it was more expensive. After years of complaining to Frontier about the slow speeds and constant disconnects, all to no avail, I was happy to kick them to the curb.
    They did however manage to gouge me two more times before it was all over. I called and disconnected my service in the middle of the month, and the representative on the phone told me I would need to return the modem they had provided, and that I could return it to the local UPS store at no cost to me. I did so, and then when I got my monthly bill I noticed that they had charged me the full charge for a month of service. I called them, and they said if you disconnect at any point of the month, they still bill you for the entire month. This was infuriating, but I didn't want a ding on my credit, so I paid it. Then today I get a bill in the mail from Frontier and they charged me another $10 for disconnect fee! I called again and got all the placating about it being in the service agreement that I signed when I got the service 15 yrs ago, which I'm quite certain is just a lie because being a techie who reads everything I read the agreement, but I'lll pay them their lousy $10, and spread the word every chance I get to avoid them if you can. I told the last representative that I'm sure they will go the way of all other has been's like MCI.

  2. I canceled my service in October but was asked to pay the complete bill for November on the basis that I would be refunded for the days of unused service by Visa card. I am still waiting, and on calling today, was told that it will take yet another 60-90 days!!! If I were to tell Frontier that I couldn't pay their bill for 60 – 90 days, I wonder how they would have reacted! What a terrible service. No one seems to care less about their customers, and even when I called the corporate office today, I was cut off midway through the conversation.

  3. Today 2/5/2021 at about 7 am while traveling on I84 eastbound through Southington and Farmington CT A Frontier Communications pick-up truck was operating recklessly and endangering all drivers. The speed had to be in excess of 100 mph, tailgating to intimidate and cutting vehicles off abruptly. The vehicle number is 10-150051 it was operated by a white male baseball cap with a Fu-Manchu type mustache. The bed of the truck had branches from a tree limb which was an unsecured load and leaves/stick were flying out of the truck's bed also causing a hazard.

  4. I just spent 3 hrs with 4 different customer service people telling me "I don't know why…"
    the guy 3 miles away can have a fixed 35.00 a month rate for the term of service and I can't. Well it's because long term ,older, customers are paying for frontier to generate new customers that are usually much younger. What do I concur from this? Age discrimination. At 62 my 46 dollar internet that is going up 10-14 a month is paying for frontiers younger customers. 3 hrs and ONLY by dropping my phone line could I get a 38.99 a month rate. This I will have to nogotiate every single year!
    So this is what Frontier finds to be good business. Force a customer to drop a service to get a lower rate on another service. IE, phone and internet goes from 79 dollars a month revenue to 38.99 internet only a month. This because 3hrs, 4 different agents they refused to simply lower my internet 10 dollars and not raising it again.
    Let me add, been a customer since 1979 and always pay bills and on time,save the month the post office sent back my bill with part of my shredded check and a sorry note.

  5. omg does anyone not have issues with company? They are the worst customer service. I live 3 hours away from my vacation house and after 3 hours on the phone with customer service they finally comprehended I can not push the button on the modem. I have all but begged to have a tech come and reconnect my service, ( I am paying for but not getting) It is too bad this company could care less about its customers. No wonder when you mention Frontier people snicker and roll their eyes. I wonder if Corporate tells their customer service to be non compliant. Just sign up new customers and take their money then don't provide product.

  6. ONT hardware failure. Created a ticket, wait two days,ticket was closed with no confirmation. Called to reschedule, scheduled an additional four days out. Was told nothing can be done.

  7. going to call fcc file a complaint every day you still don't get it , I got my bill been a custumer 20 yrs and you started me over like new don't email me yes a complaint to fcc every day and it will name WaveDivision Capital LLC and Searchlight Capital Partners LLC

  8. so earlier this yr. around late april or may, we decided to cancel our computer serv. with frontier and just keep them for the phone. here, they went and canceled both. luckily we had already gone with another computer serv. but after 4 hrs on the online chat with frontier i had to open a new acct. and get a new phone number. ok fine. so here it is oct. 2019, and they stopped our phone serv. for our new number ! with no notification mind you. spent 3 hrs with their online chat only to be transferred 3 times from tech support to customer serv. and back again. and i was like a million in que. finally i get with someone. they could do nothing. when asked why it was cut off they said my old number was still active, and the new number was discontinued in june. now im livid. i said if it was discontinued in june how was i able to use it this morning before you shut if off? no ans. i told them the old number should have been discontinued in june. they are clueless. so i drove over to my daughters house to use her phone and set up new phone serv. with another company…blue ridge. unfortunately, they wont be able to hook us up till next thurs. which is 6 days away. i told frontier i have 2 disabled ppl in my house. what if i need 911? they said nothing. i want to sue but i dont know where to start. i hate these ppl. and i should have left them a long time ago.

    I was going to have their service and called to have an installation but the service did not work in our area or something so I called to cancel since I could get no service and called another provider. NEVER USED THEIR SERVICE. I called to return the equipment and they said they would mail a box. I never received that box and this would end up being a year long documented nightmare trying to get anyone to understand that I did not ever get any service and I need to return the equipment. I have all dates and names of who promised to send a box but none of them can credit the PRE BILLED charges that I NEVER USED. Like I said this went on for one year without resolve. I gave up until I saw it on my credit as a COLLECTION!!! WHAT???? for a service I NEVER USED. Wow. These people need to be put out of business. Lets all do something.

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