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  1. My name is Princess Watson. I opened my account with FSNB when the branch first came to Fayetteville NC. Prior to today, I have had exceptional service/assistance. I just spoke to a customer service rep named Devon. He would not give me his last name. He explained that my overdraft was expired and I had to wait until Monday to try to restore it. I asked if I could speak with someone else in charge. I also stated I didn't want to move my account. I was asking for a portion because I was out of town. I have a military allotment, which I just increased two weeks ago. I would like to speak with someone about this current policy. I am in an emergency situation and was told I couldn't be helped

  2. Yes today I'm very disappointed as well as I've never had customer service never be as rude as the associate and the supervisor was today I have been banking with FSNB fir over 5 years and I am disgusted with the way I was treated concerning a simple ass question about my accout basically I was told to close my account if I didnt like what they had to say to me.

  3. Hello,

    Im very disappointed. I spoke with someone regarding my dispute and when I filed the dispute I informed the lady what was going on. She stated that as long as I had proof of me trying to get in contact with the merchant that I would get my funds back. I filed the dispute and I had all supporting documents emails and text messages regarding the reason for my dispute. I can not get in contact with the merchant I have proof that I returned the items no response in regards to the e-gift card. The second lady that I spoke with was very rude she was apart of the dispute team and she got an nasty attitude with me. I asked to speak with a supervisor and she stated that she wasn't available and that she would give me a call back. I told her no I would wait or I could speak with someone else. she states that she sent a message to her supervisor and she would give me a call back. I told her no, I would just wait. she hung up in my face. when I called back to the dispute team the third time the supervisor answered the phone and then said they were reviewing my dispute and that they would give me a call back I asked her if they are reviewing it then how did they deny it, because if they would have reviewed it then they would clearly see all the information that they asked me for. the supervisor hung up in my face as well. I called back the forth person I spoke to was really nice but at this time my break was over and I told her that I would just give a callback at 11. I would like for the calls to be pulled and for someone to get in contact with me as soon as possible. my name is Breanna Brown

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