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Fuddruckers Corporate Office Headquarters

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  1. So….I am new..at my store… as I am a business major. WE HAVE A PROBLEM. I can see it.. in about seven months….In and out burger is opening next-door. LITERALLY. I may be making this more than it is. I think Fudds is going to squash them. But I would love some collaboration. I think we should put up those batman lights or spot lights two months after In and out opens. That's my opinion.

  2. I have a difficult time understanding how any restaurant can hire incompetent instead of hiring experienced workers even though they have a nonviolent criminal record from 35 years ago and proved to be crime free since then.

  3. I worked for this establishment for a short time. While working there my gm never gave me my new hire paperwork to fill it. It took him four days of working to get me in the system. With car pool he drove way over the speed limit and almost had several accidents on the way to and from the location we worked. As I was cleaning the doors he walked up behind me and would make inappropriate comments. On the way to location he took a picture of me and another female employee in the backseat on his personal phone. He refused to delete it and did not ask for permission. When I got my first check it was over $200 short and he still has not done anything about it. I have asked several times for corporate number but no one will give it to me. If anyone is looking for work. Dont work for fuddruckers . They abuse their power and do not do their job.

  4. I worked for Fuddruckers on Windy Hill rd in Marietta ga . I been treat wrong the whole time I was there I quit on Saturday Dec.2 for them to call my phone at night on Dec.4 to tell me I’m fired!. I tried speaking with someone in the corporate office who is very low I even try speaking to somebody in the HR office who is very rude . So now the only thing left for me to do is to get a lawyer and sue Fuddruckers. I’ve had it!

  5. had the southwestern sald sand I would not feed to my dogs tasted like I wanted to throw up I went to bar got tomatoes and lettuce made my own wrapsa used ranch did not eat and it was recommended by cashier waste of money

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Corporate Office Headquarters