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Full Moon BBQ Corporate Office Headquarters

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  1. I waited over 45 minutesin the drive thru. I ordered 6 piece smoked lemon pepper wings with Alabama white sauce and a slice of key lime pie. The sign said the 6 piece was $8.99 When I got to the window I was charged $11.99 for the wings(cashier said it had went up because of meat shortage?). This is false advertising. Also there was no white sauce in the bag,so I drove back to the restaurant when it wasn't correct. I received my refund for the wings,but I was out the gas and time I had spent waiting for the order. This is not a professional way to handle business. I don't forsee me coming back to your business and I will be sure to let others know too.

  2. One of the Full Moon BBQ restaurants in the Birmingham area REFUSED to lower the American flag to half-staff in recognition of the 5 American soldiers who were brutally shot and killed in Chattanooga last week and I for one think this is beyond shameful. Yes, our troops fight to defend the freedom to do such a shameful act, but to not honor one or all of our troops when they give their LIFE for our country is inexcusable. I for one will NEVER eat at a Full Moon BBQ restaurant again.

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