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  1. I would like to know WHY you have to make an appointment to visit a family member, and can't get the appointment for three days after you call????????? my sister just went in and needs close and things, and can't have them for three days. Yes you can leave them at the front disk, but did that and some of the things DID NOT MAKE IT TO HER!!! so won't be doing that!

  2. I am the wife of a patient at your facility. i have encountered a very aggressive and a abusive employee towards me i will be filing a formal complaint

  3. I have being working here at FCGS for 2yrs .the management make and treat the workers like slaves.you are assigned 22 residents and guese what poor resident care.workers don't stay the employee turn over is very high.they cut corners in every thing.the pay is poor when compared to other skilled nursing homes around.the DON is partial in her dealings with the employees .they pick and choose whom to favour as some people will get away with some stuff while others will be punished.you do not accumulate personal times or sick time.if you want to callout they will not want to answer the phone.a lot of peopld are planning to leave them and they do not care.in fact the cooperate need to look into this matter of person to resident assignment

  4. I work for FCGS. On more than one occasion I have had unpleasant encounter with the manager on park unit. She is a liar and disrespectful. She has attempted to belittle and humiliate me in front of my coworkers and send me home (over staffed) and said I walked off my shift. I was informed she has treated many employees this way The DON or administrator has done nothing. Why do FC continue to condone this behavior from management?

  5. I work at FCGS the manager on Park Unit is nasty and rude to employees and families of some o the residents on other units. She talk to some employees like they 're children and lies on emploees and no one does anything.

  6. I have been employed with this company for 23 years as of 11/7/14 I was informed that I can CAN NOT take vacation time that I requested starting11/18/14 tthru 12/5/14. the request was submitted on line pre instructions on 9/3/14 every time I checked web site it read pendind the day before my request I was told we will see what we can do for you. as of 11/19/14 NOTHING. from my understanding you CAN NOT CARRY MY 131.48HRS.OVER to 2015, so what do I do now? WORRIED EMPLOYEE

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