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Galpin Motors Corporate Office Headquarters

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  1. Hi, I also had a horrible experience with Galpin Ford. I believe I also received a visit from Henry.Very rude man. I wanted to purchase my leased vehicle and they tried everything in their power to discourage me from going that route. Originally they stated I needed $300 down and they would get me into a newer car. However I didnt except the offer and wanted to think on it. Because I truly wanted to purchase my car. I waited a couple of weeks and contacted the leasing department. Her name is Vivian, I think she hates her job. It took her an entire week to run my credit in an effort to purchase the car. After numerous calls i finally got a hold of her. She states I was denied. Mind you i was just there a few weeks prior and I was approved for the new car. But not she stated I was denied to purchase the car I already have. In addition, it was stated if I wanted to purchase my car I had to have a $5500 down. 3 weeks prior it was only $300 down on a new car, but now for a used car that is worth on $17k, now requires $5500. Something is not right and I am highly upset Galpin was not willing to help me purchase my leased car, but was ok to put me in a new car so they could make a profit off of me.

  2. Location: Galpin Ford used car lot

    I had an unprofessional and unpleasant experience with one of your managers, Henry, today. He had no nametag. His lanyard was facing towards the body, so I’m not even sure if it contained his name. He failed to identify himself to me. But, within a moment of meeting me he had accused me of being argumentative before I had a chance to speak. He then stated that if he had wanted to he would have sold me the car for the original listing price. I’m not sure what his statements were based on or the reaction he was anticipating. This was the 1st time we met. We hadn’t even had a conversation. He then followed with “this is the price. Take it or leave it.” How could I resist dealing with such a professional and pleasant individual? The only thing I could say is, “what is your name?” Needless to say, the conversation ended there. Marina

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