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Gander Mountain Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

How to Contact Gander Mountain Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Gander Mountain Company
180 East Fifth St. Suite 1300
St. Paul, MN 55101 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-651-325-4300
Fax Number: 1-651-325-2001
Customer Service Number: 1-888-542-6337

  • I'm really p.od. I wish I had the money back that I spent on x factor shaky head jig heads just to find gander mt quit selling them and told by employees they haven't came in yet. If that was executive decision then executive needs to go and bring back shaky heads.

  • I'm about to get my Lawyer involved with my case against Gander Mountain I ordered my grandson Queen size camo sheet set and camo comforter for Christmas was told I would have it by 12/24/2013 well guess what have not got it I called fed ex cause I had shipping number fed ex only got a label so I call the gander in Sc that was on the invoice from my email well they don't know what happened they would call manufacture and call me within 24 hours well that was 12/26/2013 and now it's 1/1/2014 and still haven't heard from them so I'm calling my lawyere and the TV station there in Sc and my local staaion call for action and lets see how this gander mountain like being on TV for ripping people off especialy a 10 year old boy we will be calling it Gander mountain that stoled a a little boys Christmas..

  • I would like to know why we cannot get another store in the southern tier of New York. I know you as a corporation got a raw deal here and cost you a lot but their are better options. There are better sites here that are much better located with interstate access and high and dry. . We do not have a store in this area with out driving two hours away. I can show you locations centrally located between this area and the Catskill mountian region.. As it is now I have to drive to PA to get what I need and I am far from being alone. I would like to see you give this some consideration . Thank you for your time.

  • I recently went to your store in Geneva, Illinois to purchase an AR style rifle. After reviewing my FOID card and drivers' license, I was told that, since I lived in Aurora, 2 towns away, and they supposedly had an ordinance banning "assault rifles", that I could look all I wanted but that I could not have one because Gander Mountain was asked to uphold this law, even though the store is located in another town. My question is simply this: Since when does Gander Mountain enforce local laws? I am NOT banned from buying anything legal, only from storing this particular item in Aurora. I could be keeping this weapon at my cabin in Eli, at my business outside of Aurora, or elsewhere. It is up to me to comply with local possession laws. When did your company decide that it had the power to enforce laws? Governments of all kinds possess the necessary judicial structures and police entities to enforce their laws. It is not up to you guys, or any other company to do so. In fact, even sworn peace officers don't have enforcement powers outside their local juristictions. I am amazed that a company such as yours would take such a position. After talking with your sales person, I left my cart with about $500 worth of hunting gear and headed to Cabela's. For the record, my demographic is 50+, white and over 100K income. I have lots friends that enjoy the outdoors as I do and have related this story to them. And for the record, tell your gun staff to stop calling ARs "assault rifles". The AR stands for "Armorlite Rifle". Be part of the solution, not the problem.

  • I called the Gander Mountain in N.W. Houston to check if they had a certain brand of shotgun shell. With the season coming up- I need a couple of cases, and Gander is the closest retailer to me(45 miles) that carries that brand. The peron that answered the phone was very unprofessional and told me that the 1-ONE person working the gun/ hunting section (new and improved?????)was busy. Could she help. I told her I was looking for Kent TEALSTEEL shotgun shells in 12 ga. I then had to explain to her WHAT a shotgun shell was. After 10 minutes she came back on the line saying that she checked and the shells are in stock. Cool deal- I figure while I'm there I'll get my hunting licence. Big mistake. It took 3 employees to finally get my licence printed- after the first girl fumbled with the machine for 15 minutes.

    I went to the ammo section for the shells that I was told were in stock- looked for 10 minutes, then spent 10 minutes walking the store looking for someone to assist me. (there were 12 customers in the store- 9 of them were at the gun counters(new and improved) with NO SALESPEOPLE TO BE SEEN.) Finally found one. Explained 3 times what I needed, he disappeared in the back, came back and told me they dont have what I was looking for.I explained that I called and I was told the shells were in stock. His reply-I dont know- no "sorry sir for the inconvienence"- just "I dont know. I wrote off GM 2 years ago because of crappy service, BUT FIGURED IT HAD TO HAVE GOTTEN BETTER. My mistake- I will NEVER set foot in ANY GM again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Can one person tell me why at your greenwood store indiana they only put out expensive 22 long rifle ammo. yet if you buy any gun. you can buy all the cheap ammo you want in the back room. is that right for the rest of the public.

    • Dear Fellow Shooter, We are all frustrated by the ammo shortage, but GM did not create it. I think that if I owned the store, I would keep a few boxes back for folks that just bought a new gun. Wouldn't you?

  • Why don't you hire/train your merchandise assistants? No one in the Portage store seems to know anything about hunting, fishing or camping. When I stopped in to ask a question about fishing equipment the young man looked at me like I was in the wrong place. Don't sporting goods stores handle fishing equipment . This is Michigan and fishing is a sport -right. There were several young men (one of themw wearing a tag that said Assistant Manager) talking amoungest themselves but offered no assistance to custmers. I can get that kind of custoerm service shopping on-line and save money.

  • Why dont you support an american car in nascar? Must not be a true american company.and what part of toyota is american.

    • Actually, Toyota has always made the top ten made in the USA vehicles. With the most popular one being made in Texas.

    • What an idiot! Just because a Company don't support NASCAR, doesn't make them un-American! LOL.

      First of all, not all Americans like NASCAR!

      Second! Did you ever think that maybe they might want to spend their money elsewhere!

      I watch NASCAR too, but I don't go buy a product just because it's plastered on the side of a race car! I buy it because I like it!

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