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Gander Mountain Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

How to Contact Gander Mountain Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Gander Mountain Company
180 East Fifth St. Suite 1300
St. Paul, MN 55101 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-651-325-4300
Fax Number: 1-651-325-2001
Customer Service Number: 1-888-542-6337

  • My wife was "let-go" from the Marion, Illinois store this morning, after two weeks on the job. I have worked customer service for a large corporation for 16 years, and the management of this store needs to be evaluated closely. This is not a sour-grapes situation at all. It took nearly a month after she was hired, for her to start her first day of work. Constant excuses by HR, during which time-she turned down other job offers, because they were "working on it". It kills me to see how she was treated by the company, because our entire family have been life-long supporters of Gander Mountain. When she would be working the trucks, she was told that she was doing a great job. Her background in retail enabled her to process the incoming products as fast, or faster than the co-workers who had been there longer. It seems that the reason she was let go, was that she was not fast enough putting the merchandise on the shelves. When she was hired, she was told she would be trained on this… While associates who had a year or more experience were putting shirts on hangers, she was left alone to put items she had never seen before, on the racks. With her lack of experience in identifying specific outdoor items, she should have been paired with an experienced associate, as she learned. It seems she was set up for failure by this store… She was never told there would be a "probationary period", nor was she ever written up officially for being "too-slow"… Extremely disappointing way to treat employees. She was so excited to be working for your company, to be let go in this manner is shameful.

  • SXS Trouble: Well the service dept. finally admitted that the don't do wood work at there location,they sub it out. That was a surprise since it says on there insurance paperwork that they do offer that as one of there services. Still no satisfaction on the SXS. The gun was shipped back to the store and when I went to pick it up, the barrel was damaged to the point that there was no fixing it. I called FedEx, No insurance on the package and it was not packed properly from the shipping dept. just thrown in a box with paper. Now both party's were in a fix. This is where I have to say the store manager came to the plate and delivered. I ended up with a used Beretta 686 that just came in. I have to say that after a month and a half of going around and around with no results, it took the gun being damaged to change the course. Still wondering how the barrel got dented that severely, to the point that the gun was certainly never going to be seen at that service dept. again. If the gun would not have been damaged I'm pretty sure that I would have been walking out with my broken stocked SXS or accepting there payment return. Oh, well another Happy Gander Mtn. customer. Thank you to the store manager for helping me to resolve this problem, if it were not for him, I would have been either in court, or still been fighting with Gander Mtn. and there service policy.

  • Once again I had my wife call the tonawanda N.Y. store for firearms department and heard the salesman say it's a woman on the line and her call was never answered. That they were backed up its Sunday 3:34 pm. Really, they are the most unprofessional bunch of employees I've ever seen. When you walk in they make a B line to disappear. They never seem to have sale items nor do they know when they are coming in. I hope this gets read by the right person at corporate that cares about his company but for me I will push to have my friends and family shop elsewhere

  • wanted to leave my sad service experience..mt Juliet Tennessee.but see same at a lot of locations.guess its back to bass pro..for sale 500.00 of fathers day g.mountian gift cards…want be back

  • Purchased a Fox Sterlingworth SXS in great condition. Purchased the SXS and everything was going well until both tops of the wood chipped off when it was fired, substantial enough to need to be restocked. I purchased the Insurance plan, that when sold to me, said that everything would be covered. It has been sent to the service dept. and now its really not there problem due to cost differences, What the. They told me that they would buy it back. It's A fox Sterlingworth in great shape. And no I'm not selling it back. Fix the gun. We will see how this turns out, I will keep you posted. And don't try to get the regional mgrs. name or the district. mgrs.. name they don't give it out. They are putting it back in the hands of the store manager like he has any say so over the service dept. Like I said we will see.

  • I purchased a firearm from your Winston-Salem, NC store. The pistol had broken/defective components which failed while shooting (maybe 150 rnds). I returned to the store with the firearm, still in basically brand new condition (proving that it was, in fact, defective and not abused or dropped). The employee I spoke with, who I have dealt with on several occasions, wasn't interested in the fact that he was selling a defective product and even less willing to help. I was told that I should have purchased a protection plan, or they could charge me to send it to a gunsmith to be machined and new parts installed.

    Was this just the emlployee, or is it typical for your company to not stand behind the products it sells? I have a strong feeling that if I claimed it under a protection plan and it ended up being defective parts, you wouldn't hesitate to take the issue up with the supplier or manufacturer. Needless to say, if your company does not stand behind the products it sells, I will not be purchasing any more firearms or ammunition from your stores.

  • I purchased a smith Wesson 9mm MP shield on 2-28-16 from gander mtn..two days later went to shoot it and the laser was not working..so immed took it back..they inspected it and said we will have BLAKE check it out.I NEVER DID HEAR SO I CALLED THE NEXT DAY AND WAS TOLD IT HAD TO BE SHIPPED BACK..so they would call me in few days..7 days passed, so I called them and was told it would be a month or so before I would get it back due to no laser available and none were being made…I took it upon myself to call SMITH WESSON..called smith Wesson and they had no record about my gun and the problems..I Called GANDER MOUNTAIN AND Blake said he would call smith Wesson every two days and each time that he called, he would call me with a update..it was 3-23 and no calls..smith and Wesson never returned calls after I was tld they would ck and call me..3-24 I called the company that made the laser, CRIMSON TRACE, Spoke to supv Brandon and he listened while I complained and he said he knew nothing of this issue but would check..I explained that I was told it would be at least a month or more due to crimson trace no longer making the laser..he did not deny it but at same time, he stated he did not know the facts and would def. get to the bottom of it…today he called..said he located the laser as it is a new kind that is for the gun, only bn making for a year and he over nighted it and I would have the gun on Monday, 2-28..he is a god send for sure

  • You need to re-train your cashiers before someone contacts the BBB on your practices. I was a first and last time customer at your Paducah, KY store. At the checkout the cashier that was being trained asked if I wanted to "Open a Gander Mtn rewards card to save money on purchases starting today?" I asked if it was a credit card was told "NO" so I gave my information, swiped my Capital One card for my purchase & left. Two weeks later I get a Gander Mountain Credit card in the mail-two days after that a bill for my purchase that night? It said to call the 800# to activate it-I did not-I cut it up & called your customer service number and was told that "Our customers like to have us put their purchase on the card right away to activate it?" I said explain to me HOW when I haven't activated the card-cut it up & tossed it did it get charged my purchase at checkout?!? I was told "That's how we do it" I'm sorry "NO" that is not how you "DO IT". I will never shop there again as you are apparently used to being misleading to your customers & "OK" with not having good business practices as this is the most back ally thing I have ever seen out of a company. The girl was training a cashier so I'm guessing this is an "Accepted Practice" among your stores. There are no words to describe how mad I am. Just so you know a "Rewards" card is for in store discounts like Kohl's or Kroger not a credit card & most people have to "Activate" credit cards when it comes in the mail-not have some 17 year old girl do it for them at checkout-without saying she did. I have credit cards & no way would I have opened one with you because your interest rate is terrible. Big corporate America stores should definitely know better-it's border line "scam" what you did & from some of the comments I see above your "OK" with that.

  • I live right behind GM an the new Academy in Lake Mary Fl. I always knew GM was pricey but this takes the cake. You sell 20 round box of 7.62x39mm ammo for $19.99 , an Academy has it for $9.99 as well as Walmart. When I asked a worker at GM about the price he rudely told me "if you don't like the price go somewhere else". I never write reviews or anything of this sort, it's just something that blew me away. Your employees are almost always rude, an are as knowledgeable as a brand new shooter. I am sure nothing will become of this comment, but all you readers out there, you shooters, take your business elsewhere. You will save money an not be spoken to rudely.

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