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  1. I ordered a uniden marine radio from gander mountain it was a discontinued radio. no longer available. if you need parts you are out of luck.I did not pick the radio up at the store and was charged for it.I was told that I had to go into the store with my charge card to have the money refunded for a<< radio I never had in my possession>>>.or picked up. A drive of 20 miles.

  2. CAN NOT get any HELP from the customer help line.Wanted to change size of jacket I ordered would not do it.(jacket had NOT shipped yet)Wanted a refund cause they would not change size-they would not do it. My credit card has a pending charge on it from a week ago.They just do not want to help in any way.why would they call this a customer help line????

  3. I called Gander Mountain in Kenosha Wi. where I'm from and asked for the gun department, when the person came on the phone, I asked him if they had a no.10 shell holder for a RCBSpress,he said he didn't ever hear of such an item, so I explained to him what it was, and he said I;ll check, then he came back and said they had them in stock, I said are you sure it is a no.10 yes he said so I drove all the way out there to find there were none, I was so PISSED that I just left before I would of caused a scene. You people better train your sales people alot better if you want people to shop there.I blame the MANAGEMENT who you hire to work in these departments, if they can't do a better job then FIRE THEM, DAM IT.

  4. Was notified via a phone call this morning a rifle that I had already paid for was in, so I got off the job site early ( I work for myself ) went by the store and took a number to wait in line and I noticed the firearm associates where accepting a number of customers without the dreaded number and where being served. I had already been waiting for 20 mins or so and I spoke to Mike and he took care of me on the spot. He needs to be training these associates for sure, what a professional. this should have never happened, considering its my forth fire arm not to mention the many other items I purchased. some what surprised at the lack of customer curtesy except for a select few at the Fayetteville NC store..

  5. I had an interview scheduled for a part time sales associate at the Gander Mountain Store in Lake Worth Tx. It was scheduled at 5:15 after getting off my real job. I have 8 years experience in retail sales and service of hunting, firearms, reloading, and bows. The interview was with Alonzo. I arrived and checked into customer service. The young lady called Alonzo on the store radio. He stated it would be a few minutes he was finishing up a bow for a customer. I waited around 45 minutes. The Customer Service lady called him again and he said we would have to reschedule.
    No way would I consider working for this company now. You don't treat people whether customers,employees or potential employees this way… it's just not professional. Thing is as a hunting guide I routinely spend around 4 to 5 thousand a year on equipment for camp, blinds and feeders… with a huge portion at Gander Mountain. Can't say I'll never purchase from Gander mountain again. But the bulk of my items will be purchased elsewhere.

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