Garden Ridge Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Garden Ridge Corporate Office Headquarters
Garden Ridge Corporation
19411 Atrium Place, Ste. 170
Houston, TX 77084 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-832-391-7201
Customer Service Number: 1-888-621-3814
TTY: 1-877-520-5667

  • I shopped at the At Home-Garden Ridge in Pineville/Charlotte, NC ON May 13, 2015. They advertised several garden decor items that were 25% off. I picked up nine items from four different aisles in the garden decor section. When I got to the checkout line, I was told that none of these items qualified but I had specifically picked items that according to the sign, should have qualified. There were signs all over the garden area. I personally believe that At Home-Garden Ridge uses the "bait and switch" illegal practice on their customers. The clerk who was checking me out asked another clerk if she had rung up any sale items and the clerk said "No". It is hard to believe that me with nine items and the other customers in the store never picked an item that was "ON SALE". Also, they have some of the worse employees at the checkout counters! I am glad that they cleaned the old Garden Ridge up but they should have kept the nice clerks!

  • I am a frequent shopper at your stores. I had 3
    items to exchange at your At Home location in Norcross, Ga . I am unable to find
    the receipt so I wanted to do an exchange if I saw something I
    liked . The items are not very small so I left them in the car and went into the
    store to look around first. I saw something I liked so I went back to the car ,
    got a buggy, and brought my items to exchange into the store
    and went straight to the service desk . The cashier was not there but walked up
    shortly after me . I told her I wanted to do an exchange not a refund because I
    don't have the receipt but all the items still have the bar code stickers on
    them. She called the manager to the front and he said yes it's ok to exchange .
    I went and got the new items I wanted and went back up to the service desk .
    The cashier called the manager back up and he says: So turns out that we can
    not do the exchange for you because we cannot see or verify that you walked
    into the store with the items . We know that you were in the store but we never
    saw you go out to get the items from your car . Not only can we not do the
    will have to let them stay with us till tomorrow when the GM comes in and
    reviews the video tape because I don't have the code to look at them .. Needless to say I
    was totally confused and outraged by this response . I also felt that I was being profiled and accused of stealing. They took my items and told me to call back tomorrow to speak to the GM . This is extremely poor customer service . I am demanding that someone from the corporate office call me and explain to me how this makes sense .

  • And, might I add, i have continuously tried to call the Tyler, Tx store since they opened at 9am, it is now 10am. No answer. So I called the next closest store, Mesquite, to ask if there were anyway to view items online with their website and she tells me No. How do you expect to run a business if your customers can not view items on your website? Plus have negative customer service? Plus no customer service at all?

  • I really do not like the fact that I can't even search inventory on your website. Trying to buy 5 rugs and when I try to see what type of rugs, design, material, etc. all it shows me is Pinterest. Would be nice if you fixed this. Inconvenience will cause a loss of sale.

  • Yikes! I shop at the store in Plano, Texas and normally have a good experience. You do need to make sure you keep your receipts though or you will just get a giftcard. There is an employee and her name is "Angie"……very customer service oriented. The floor staff is friendly but they need to hire different cashiers. They seem like they don't really want to be there, especially the 2 African American ladies that work the day shift. They don't say hello or smile…..they will ring you up though. They have a great selection on pillows and decorative decor so I tolerate their attitudes. The Store Manager may not know so I'm going to give him a call, hope he cares.

  • While at Garden Ridge in Plano, TX, I needed assistance and of course no one was available, so I left. I thought maybe I could call and ask, so I dialed the listed number 972-509-8001, the 1st time it rang about 30 times and went to a recording saying the call could not be completed. The second time I was able to select 5 to speak to a customer representative, and I was forwarded to a voicemail….unfortunately I didn't think to write the number down. On the third try, someone answered and wasn't helpful at all, how sad! No wonder the store was empty….IS SOMEONE IN CORPORATE LOOKING AT THE SAD STORIES ABOUT THEIR COMPANY'S BEHAVIOR?? THERE ARE 64 NEGATIVE COMMENTS!!!! I guess they figure there are only 64 comments, but when your store only has 2 couples in the store in a 2 hour period, that's pretty bad for all the merchandize they carry.

  • It is no wonder why Garden Ridge has never succeeded–as long as their customer service sucks it will never get old business or new business for that matter. Every time I have shopped at GR I have an unplesant experience and I end up walking out empty handed. Today I finally decided they are not worth my business. I noticed the signs posted that are informing the public that GR is soon going to be At home. I sure hope the new owners realize that the store problems in the past is simply their unprofessional staff. Today I tried buying two floor pillows; much to my surprise the pillows were marked (the barcode had a red line across) 50% off. The aisle had a large signed that read "50% off red line sale!" When I was given the total at the register the pillows rang regular price. I brought it to the attention of the cashier and of course she had to call the so called "manager" (I wonder where he got his degree) and the manager rudely said "if it does not ring on sale it is regular price." The cashier then said "she says it's on sale." I did not say it dumb idiot! Your sign says it. But you know what, who gives a flip–I got a much better deal at WalMart!!!!!

  • In reading all complaints, It sure seems that giving bad customer service is the GR motto. Well here is another one sent to corporate office, lets see if they respond.
    I am writing this to express my dissatisfaction and disappointment with your Humble Garden ridge location. I was in the last stage of my shopping for items over the course of the last 14days for a large gathering at my home. Having spent well over $1500, which I can provide receipts for confirmation at the Humble and Woodlands stores, I was getting some last minute wall pictures and needed to get and 8×10 rug in order to check out as store was closing for the night. The evening manager advised me the store was closing and I stated I needed assistance with the rug. She didn't offer to help me get it so I started to walk to try to put in basket if possible. About halfway there. I turned back to head to register and was going to pay for rest of items approximately $250, not including the $399 rug. When I got to register she stated it was now shut down and could not check me out at all, causing the waste of my time along with a loss of a $700 sale for the store. She offered no apology, no alternatives to possibly save the sale, just wanted to usher me to door. I have not experienced this in a retail industry that relies on customer sales to maintain the expenses it incurs in order to have some profit and justification to keep location open.
    Because of this experience, I will be returning all items I purchased from Gardenridge that have not been opened and/or used for refunds which also does include another 8×10 rug along with a 5×7 rug, Thank goodness I have all receipts and all items are untouched in original packages. As of this time this totals up to approximately $1,280.00, not including the countless hours I spent looking for the perfect items to place in my home. I hope this letter serves as a stepping stone for some sort of sensitivity training with the evening manager at the Humble location that was working on Friday, May 9, 2014.
    GR went out of business already within the last 15years, it sure seems they are headed in that direction again with all of these complaints.

  • Was just at the store in oklahoma city and wantedto buy a basket that was red lined got to register it rang up full price I walked associate back to where other baskets were to show him they were marked red but he just told me basically too bad I pay full or dont get it cuz someone mis marked baskets. Great customer service! What a disappointing experience for me. How is it the customers fault and if they knew it was marked wrong why keep tags on and have them with clearance?

  • I have a big wad of cash I want to spend at Garden Ridge, but I cannot call them to find out if they are open. How stupid is that?!?! It is snowing and I need to know if the store is open before I risk my life to go there and spend money. I guess Garden Ridge does not want my money. Thankfully, there is another store, Home Decorator Warehouse, right around the corner. They answer, and they are open, and I am taking my $1,000 in cash there to buy some shelving!

  • Unbelievable! There's a Garden Ridge store at 2827 Dunvale, Houston, Tx that requires their contract security guards to push manual shopping carts and electric handicap carts from the parking lot and into the store. When I saw this I thought thats unbelievable and what was mgmt thinking. Security guards provide security they are not store employees. Example, next door is a Walmart Super Center where their contract security provides exactly what their meant to do provide security services not pushing shopping carts. Hire a teenager to push their carts cause it looks like the store manager has a problem with their store employees performing these tasks. No locks on the shopping cart wheels, then buy some and put them on. And I noticed that this particular store is the only Garden Ridge location that have this type of caste system, bohemian security. Thats insulting their store manager needs more training which includes security and Homeland Security. Someone in their corporate office needs to speak with this store manager get him out of this #?&)## mindset. If you don't ask law enforcement to perform this measley non-security task don't ask a license security guard to do the same, their in the business of security related work not store work functions.

  • I am a very unhappy FORMER customer of Garden Ridge. I sent the request below for assistance originally to the website the "manager" told me to go to when she also told me I'd never be allowed to return the defective merchandise for a refund. As of today, I've not heard from anyone with Garden Ridge and I would surmise from the reviews I've read tonight, I'll probably never hear from anyone with Garden Ridge. How they manage to stay in business when they provide no customer service is absolutely beyond me.

    On February 5, 2013, I purchased a Chd 6 Piece Comforter Bedding Set (Your Item #88535921727)from your Kennesaw store for one of our guest bedrooms. I placed the zippered bag it came in together with the receipt in the closet in that bedroom and other than when my sister visited recently from Colorado for a week, the bedroom has not been occupied.

    My sister called to my attention, however, when she was packing to return home that the black accent stitching creating the pattern on the comforter was coming loose in many places. Together she and I looked the comforter over carefully and put small pieces of masking tape identifying the various areas where there were long black threads because the stitching was coming out.

    I took the comforter set in the original zippered bag with the receipt back to your Kennesaw, GA, store Monday, September 16, and talked with Alex who said she was one of the store managers.

    She told me the receipt had expired because you have a 60 day return policy and therefore Garden Ridge will not accept the return of the comforter even though it's clearly defective merchandise. I asked how I should have known it was defective when it had simply been "displayed" on a guest bedroom bed prior to my sister's visit and she said it didn't matter. A customer who was waiting to pay for her purchase questioned her on what she said and, like me, seemed surprised that she would not assist me in some way with this issue.

    The packaging of the comforter indicates that it was originally priced at $59.99 but it was on sale/red-lined for $29.99 when I purchased it. Whether I paid $29.99 or $129.99 for this comforter, I feel that you should accept the return of the defective merchandise and credit my Visa account for the amount I paid for the comforter.

    Your manager, Alex, wasn't rude but she asserted herself in saying, "Store policy is store policy and even if you contact corporate, I guarantee that you'll never be allowed to return this and receive a refund" suggesting instead that I donate the comforter.

    As a good will gesture and in an effort to retain a customer, I would hope that you will honor my request that I be allowed to return this product and receive a full refund. Should you choose not to do so, I will never shop again in your store and I am a firm believer that word of mouth, repeat and referral customers are your best way of continuing to build your customer base if you want to stay in business.

    As a former owner of a mom and pop retail store, my customers were my life-line and I appreciated each and every one of them. NEVER would I have allowed such as this to have happened in my store even if the "receipt expired" when the merchandise was clearly defective.

  • What awful reviews are written about Garden Ridge! But, after our experience yesterday, they are all right on with their reviews! We went to the New Braunfels, TX store (brand new) and were sorely disappointed in the customer service and lack of care. My friend wanted to purchase 2 "pillow-ottomans" that supposedly were each $50. In other words, the total purchase of $100….the sales clerk (some middle twenties guy, that of course we didn't catch his name) mentioned that they still didn't have a UPC on these items and had been waiting 2 weeks for this code….said he would have to get with a manager or call another store to get the UPC code….my friend really wanted to purchase these items, so we asked how long it would take (he didn't offer his help to call)…He said he didn't know….we asked to put these 2 things on hold or aside until he could call and she would come back and purchase later in the day. Apparently they do not hold items. He was not helpful at all!! Either he doesn't get paid enough to care or he too went to "RUDE CAMP (see above comment)".

    My friend then attempted to follow-up with a live person by calling multiple numbers….COULDN'T REACH A SINGLE PERSON WITH THIS COMPANY!….. Even attempting to call the New Braunfels store was IMPOSSIBLE!

    Garden Ridge has lost 2 potential customers!

    • It is obvious that Garden Ridge relies on their past (and completely dead) history of customer service and reasonable price/quality mix. While the quality of their merchandise had gone way down, their prices have not reflected the reduced value if their merchandise.

      And there's a reason that they don't want you to be able to talk to a live body. That way, they can ignore your complaints. They probably don't even read or answer the many complaints that they get by email (the only way to communicate with them). If you go to the store and confront them, they will tell you to leave or they will call the police.

      Better to use your dollars as toilet paper and flush them than to give them to Garden Ridge. At least you will have gotten something for your money.

  • Wow, I've read every comment above…I was shocked. Garden Ridge, Independence, MO has closed, not sure when or why, but between April and August 2013 was the closure. All my experiences with Garden Ridge have been pleasant, including all employees and management……….guess that's why they CLOSED….

  • I have a complaint that I am having a hard time finding to talk to about. Yesterday 6-25-13 around 5pm I was in the Tyler store. I bought a large umbrella with stand (a gentleman in the store that worked there loaded the stand in the my basket and told me it was the one that I needed for umbrella) subsequently when arriving home I noticed the umbrella was slightly curved and didn't think much about it and placed it in the stand and it fell over and bent the umbrella beyond repair because the umbrella actually did not fit in the stand". When I took it back it was just around a month later ( my receipt does not expire until 7/23/13) When I asked to speak to a manager I heard her over the walkie talkie being very ugly about how "she wasn't going to take it back and she was busy" she did eventually come and immediately was rude to me in front of other customers. She said that she could not take it back because it had been a month. I explained to her that my reciept was stll good and that I couldn't bring it back right away because my husband works out of town and he had just gotten back and that the umbrella was too heavy to bring in by myself with medical issues and a 1 year old. She explained to me in a demeaning manner that "I know how heavy they are, I lift them every day". She then walked away and was mumbling things. I have NEVER been treated like this in my life! I need this issue resolved and I will never return to your store again. I am so DISAPPOINTED!

  • I purchased a lamp shade and when i got home it did not fit any of my lamps the center was to large I returned the shade and all i wanted was an exchange not my money refunded I was told I needed a receipt So after hunting I found receipe and once again went back to the store This time a very rude employee informed me I needed the wraper I explained that I had to remove the cellophine from around the shade I was instructed to put the cellophine back on the lamp I also asked why I was not told that the day before of course no explanation was given I sent a letter to the corporate office but not a reply as of today I will boycott Garden Ridge and will let everyone know their policy Have noticed their parking lots are very sparsly filled People are getting wise to them they will be closing down soon if they do not change their policy and employees Isabel Johnston I do not want to click annonymous but the choices are ridiculous

  • I was a regular customer of Garden Ridge in Cincinnati until this past Saturday. I wanted to purchase a Mission style coffee table. The display showed a price of $59.99. When I pulled out the boxed one it had a price of $69.99. I went to check out and told the lady who rang it up at $69.99 that the display showed $59.99, she said there must be a smaller version. I asked if someone could check. She called someone and I went with the other lady to the display. To shorten the story she told me that when they get in new stock the price for the same table is sometimes higher and that they have not changed the display. I said fine but the display shows the lower price and that I should get the lower price. She said she couldn't do that. After a bit of discussion I said that I wanted the table so I will pay the $69.99 and that she needs to change the price on the display promptly so that someone else wouldn't feel cheated as I do. As we walked back to the registar the lady that rang me up was busy with another customer. The lady that was helping me opened her register and asked if she could help the next customer. I said, "wouldn't that be me?" To that she told me that I needed to get back in line (behind the 4 customers) because it wouldn't be fair to take me ahead of all the others. I was the customer at the register so why would I have to get back in line? In fact she had rung me up but not finished the transaction because of the price check. Now I am being made to stand in line and pay the higher price. How was any of that right????? I had no idea how bad things were at Garden Ridge until I had this problem. I would never seen all the other things written and recent issues. They lost me as a customer.

  • I went to the Garden Ridge store in Omaha, NE last night. There was a display that was blocked off with a variety of items in the square. The sign said 75% off damaged items price adjustment at the counter. There was a cabinet there that I wanted now mind you the handle on the door was broke the springs on the door needed to be replace and I would have and to fix 2 of the three doors. Regular price 249.00 but I would have gotten it for 67.00 great deal as I can fix about anything. I get to the register and the clerk ring is up and it rings up for 129.00. I was like what this isn't right. My daugther in law had a coat rack from the same display regular 39.00 still 39.00. I asked for the manager and I told her that what they were doing was false adversiting to the customer. She picked up an item with a small yellow tag in the middle of the display that said damaged and said this is 75% off. In a display of about 40 items 3 items had damage stickers. Yeah this is the way they make their money rip off the consumer. They figure that when you get to the register you won't argue with them and you'll take the item. No way. There should be a consumer group that pickets their corporate office. I was just amazed at how blatant they were about the display and made no apology for it and acted like I shouldn't be pissed off. Your damn right I was pissed off. People don't shop at Garden Ridge and don't let family or

  • Managers at GR are very unprofessional and rude. I had purchased a patio umbrella at the end of last summer; however, it didn't have the pole with it when I bought it. I simply wanted to get a pole to use my umbrella this summer. First, one manager told me that I had to bring the umbrella back to the store so they can treat it like a return. I told her I didn't have the receipt, but I will bring it back. I drove back home, got the umbrella, and the first manager I dealt with acted as if she never seen me before. I requested she go get the store manager.
    The manager, Starla, was ready to fight even before I opened my mouth. I forced myself to remain calm, because I knew the first manager had forewarned her, so now she had something to prove. I asked her for her full name and she refused to give me her last name. She angrily said, you can have my first name, but you ain't getting my last name! She told me that they didn't have time to go in the back to see if they had an extra pole and that the other stores didn't have the time to look for it either. Now, how would she know that if she hasn’t even bothered to check with the stores? When I asked her that, she emphatically replied that she couldn't call the stores because they didn't have phones to where you can reach them. She is right! That definitely explains her rude, disrespectful, and unprofessional behavior! This young girl knew she would not be reprimanded because there is no one for me to report her rude behavior to.
    I called the number to Corporate and they referred me to his form. I frequently shop at GR, and I have never experienced this type of unprofessional behavior by an employee. This person was angry at me because she knew she could be with no repercussion. I am the customer and I should have been the one that was angry. I explained to her that I know too many days has passed for a refund (which is not what I wanted), but could they just check in the back to see if they had an extra pole.
    This lady treated me as if I had stolen something out of the store. Absolutely disrespectful! A better way to handle the situation is to have simply state that she would send an email to the other stores to check and follow up with me later.
    I don't know if this email will go directly to the Woodlands Texas store, but I pray that it doesn't. I am not trying to see anyone fired; however, I want management to know what is going on in their stores. I refuse to shop GR because it is managed by irresponsible, disrespectful, youngsters who have no respect for their elders. The way Starla treated me was humiliating. I am going to post this experience as many medias as possible.


  • Terrible customer service…terrible return policies, cheaply made merchandise…and GR STEALS from their customers. I will NEVER shop there again. This was at the Webster, TX location.

  • 12/29/12 on or about 11:30

    Until today, my Wife used to be a regular shopper of Garden Ridge stores. We first found this store while living in Atlanta and when we moved to Charlotte was pleased to see they had locations there.

    My wife purchased a shag rug back in October. Upon discovering the strings constantly breaking away, she decided to take it back to the Garden Ridge store in Pineville, NC where she purchased it. Understanding she missed the return frame by 20 days, she tried to exchange the rug for one of like kind and quality in hopes the new rug would not tear as much.

    The cashier – of course was not able to assist her because it wasn't in his authority. He then calls his manager – Steve Ortiz over to assist. Upon her discussing the matter with Steve, he gives her the usual speech of there's nothing he can do. My wife then asks if she can purchase another rug then pay the difference between the return and new rug but again he said it wasn't anything he could do.

    She then asked if there was another manager higher up than him and he said "It doesn't matter who you talk to; nobody's going to help you". She then tells Steve, "in all my years of working customer service I have never seen a manager treat a customer the way you are acting now. Steve then turns to his employee and asks him "Am I being rude to her?" which of course the cashier agrees with Steve and says no. Steve then says "you can leave my store right now!"

    Can you imagine how my wife is feeling right now? First, Steve humiliates her in front of his employees, then throws her out the store.

    We were a customer until this happened. I'm going to post this on every social media website until I get this resolved.

  • My husband just took a job there and the hooror stories I hear are awful. They dont care about any of their employees at all. Im giving birth in a couple weeks , and my husband would even be willing to be unpaid to take off a few days. Nope. He gets to be there for the birth and thats it- gotta go to work the next day and leaves me scrambling to fibd care for our other children and myself since im havinga c section . If he were to even ASK for more time off bc he doesnt have enough PtO its automatic termination. Not to mention the evironment is awful- my husband walked passed some employees there talking loud enough for all to hear about various sex positions and other vulgar talk. Makes me wonder how in the world there are so many bad reviews yet the employees have time to chat about crap while on the clock?? He also says they just dont care about the customers- he is looking for another job very very quick. No job is worth this crap.

    I am so disgusted at the customer service at this store. I used to love GR. Now I dread having to walk through those doors.

    We purchased a Christmas tree for $99 dollars and a few days it went half-off. I understand that GR does not do price adjustments but I joking asked one of the “managers” ( I use that term loosely) about it. Ms. Dreena (the “manager”) said if I wanted the sale price that I would have to bring in the tree with the box, return it and re-buy the same tree for the sale price. I asked if there were any stipulations and she said “no, I would just have to bring in the entire tree with the box.” It seemed like a hassle but it was worth the fifty dollars to me. My husband thought I was crazy but I did it. I took our Christmas tree down on Christmas Eve, stuffed it back in the box and brought it to the store. I was meet with another “manager” Ms. Nakia who already seemed upset that she had to deal with customers. She preceded to tell me she was also “a manager” and they do not do price adjustments. I said “I know but another “manager” told me I could bring in the tree with the box, return it and re-buy it.” She let out a huge sigh, rolled her eyes then opened the box. She started looking for a barcode that was supposed to be attached to the tree. She asked me if I took it off the tree. I said “ No, I didn’t see any barcode on there, it probably fell off.” She could not find it so she stuffed the tree back in the box and told me that they could not return it because the barcode was not on the tree. No exceptions!

    I had the original tree, the original box, and the receipt (just as the other “manager” said) and was told no. She didn’t want to work with me, or offer an apology for my trouble. It seemed as though it was hurting her to even be at work so I didn’t want to push the subject. Yes, I was upset because I took my entire Christmas tree down and had to put in back up on Christmas Eve. But what really upset me was the customer service and attitude of these so called “managers.”
    There were three working behind the register that day: Shauna, Dreena and Nakia. Not sure why GR has to stoop to these levels and hire people like this and slap a “manager” name tag on them because all three of them seemed in pain and sickened at the fact that they had to work. The only time I saw them smile is when they were talking about me.

    As I was walking away I said “smile guys its not the end of the world.” Ms. Shauna sarcastically turned to another “manager” pointed to her and yelled “you better Smile!” then they both looked at each other and started laughing. Then “manager” Shauna yelled out Merry Christmas ( while laughing with the other “managers”) to me as I was walking the door. Douglasville GR used to be a fun pleasant place to visit. This isn’t the only negative experience I have had here but this drew the line for me. I was told one thing by “one manager” and when I went up there I was told something else. I am not sure what has happened to GR over the years but the Douglasville location has turned into a place where unhappy workers seem to go to earn an easy paycheck. This is truly sad.

  • A few of my friends and myself went to Garden Ridge in Concord, nc and was so disappointed, broken glass and christmas decorations in the floor. junkie all the way through the store. not enough help in there and the way you check out to the side of the way out with the small work areas where the cashiers stand is really bad. We were disappointed as well as some friends I work with had gone and hated they wasted a trip from about 45 minutes away. The merchandise is expensive but cheap looking. GR needs to have a big huge sale to clear out some of the stuff that has been in there for a long time, make some room for new decent product that people don't mind paying for. Here at christmas you could not find anyone to help you and the store had quite a few people and 2 cashiers. I am surprised the store has not gone bankrupt. Big overhead and no business.

  • I went to a new Garden Ridge in Tyler Texas. They had one where I lived in San Antonio so I was excited. I found a$300 rug I wanted but need my son n law to come with his truck on his way home to pick it up. The cashier rudely told me they couldn't hold it for an hour until he got there even though it was paid for!. So I thought I would try and get it in my car. I asked for them to help me tie it. They said that was also against company policy. What! So I asked for a Manager. A surly pimple faced kid came up to the front. He didnt apologize he just kept saying "its company policy, etc." I said so your company would rather lose a $300 sale that show some common sense…rules are guidelines…you have to use common sense, etc. He said "Thats right". I said "well I can see why your store is so empty" (meaning no customers) he said "uh uh, we have lots of stuff in here). Embicile…I too would love a real number to talk to or an address. Needless to say I did not take the rug and my daughter put her $600 of chairs back as well. What idiots

  • Normally I am not a complainer. Its just not what I like or enjoy doing. Also if I am disappointed in service or how I am treated I just simply will not do business with that particular establishment any longer.
    With that being said this time … its different.

    I shop Garden Ridge always around Christmas time and usually spend a good deal of money in your store. I live about 40 minutes away so I try to get what I need at particular times during the year where I will not be making several trips. After all Fuel is a bit expensive now and days,

    Bought some items from your store on Saturday 12/08/12. Could tell that the cashier was confused as she would scan and delete items. So, after standing in line for about 15-20 minutes I felt like it would be worth while to check my receipt in which I found it to be incorrect. Upon re entering the store I had to stay in line another 15-20 minutes to get back to the register where I could explain to the young lady that she had over charged me. Hard to believe with it being Christmas time and the store is packed that your management only has two registers open.
    The cashier called over the manager because she could not see the error. The manager then walked outside with me to check the receipt with the items I had purchased. Still not admitting wrong he told me I would have to pull the items in to have them deleted and rescanned. Told me I had to get back in line (another 15-20 minutes) to fix this error made by the cashier. I showed the manager (Steve) with my calculator that I was over charged. So, Steve then tells me to stay put in which he goes to the back with my receipt for another 15-20 minutes and finally sees the mistake and error. NEVER have I been made to feel like I had to go through such lengths to prove what simple MATH was showing. Then he still MAKES ME STAND IN LINE AGAIN…KILLING A GOOD HOUR AND THE END RESULT WAS THE ITEMS WERE STILL WRONG AND IT ONLY NETTED ABOUT A 2 DOLLAR DIFFERENCE OF AN OVERCHARGE INSTEAD OF THE 9.99 THAT WAS OBVIOUS.

    The lack of Customer service and professionalism was astonishing to me. Needless to say I do not see me shopping or buying any more gift certificates from your store.

    I have been in business for 22 years and never and I do mean NEVER<EVER would I have treated a customer that way. Customers is what pays your paycheck, feeds your family and keeps your lights on. Without your customer you are unemployed.

    Again, I don’t normally complain but this is the worst shopping experience I have ever been through

  • On 9/22/2012 I spent over $500.00 dollars on bar stools at the Garden Ridge in Webster Texas, a few days later I had to return one because it was coming apart. Today the back came off of another stool. After realizing that the stools are poorly made, I decided I would return all of the stools. When I looked at my receipt it stated that it had expired on 11/21/12. I have my receipt, the price tags for each chair and cannot return them. I called the location I purchased the stools from, and received a recording with no option to speak with a person. I am extremely disappointed that Garden Ridge refuses to make sure that their customers are happy their purchase. I have never had a problem with other retailers making good on what ever I purchased from them, especially furniture. I will never shop at a Garden Ridge again and I will inform others as to what my experience was with this purchase.

  • My wife went to this location on Sat 11-3-2012 at about 1:00 PM with my 4/7 year old daughters. She located some pink chairs that would be perfect in my daughters room but they were too high on a shelf to safley remove them (my wife is 4'10") she flagged down an associate who said she would be there to assist my wife, she searched for another attendant and was unsuccessful. After waiting for over 20 minutes my wife called me to assist. It was raining and traffic was terrible and it took about 30 minutes for me to arrive. I advised my wife to call me if they came around to assist her but I arrived at the store to find my frustrated wife and 2 daughters. I located a flat cart and retrieved the boxes. We went to the cashier where I politely requested a manger. The cashier was egar to assist me and he called over the radio for "Brittney" the manager to assist up front with a customer. She replied "can I handle this over the radio or do I need to come up?" The cashier advised her to come up in person. She later came up front where I advised her of the situation and her reply was "They should have paged the front, sorry" followed by a blank stare. I was in shock and left the location when on Sunday I filed a complaint with the corporate office in which I have yet to hear a response. If my wife had not been aware of the inherent danger of attempting to remove the oversized and heavy boxes herself after exhausting all attempts to locate staff, she, my daughters or another patron could have been severely injured as she was not physically capable of the task. I have managed big box retail for decades and did notice that the facility was severely understaffed, I can guess due to labor budgets but this is a big store, weekend and with holiday merchandise I would imagine that Garden Ridge would want their consumers greeted, serviced and saluted when wanting to spend hundreds of dollars in their store, and of course to remain safe… I have yet to see such a grossly neglegant lack of service ever!

  • Ok I thought Garden Ridge was going to be
    My new FAVORITE Store!! Well NOT SO MUCH CUSTOMER Service Terrible!! I bought a lot of Solar lights and 1 didn't work how would I know it wouldn't work until I stuck it in the ground and pulled price tag off. Well personally I don't leave tags on things I buy when I plan on using WORKING Items! Well unless NEW CONDITION ALL UPC TAGS AND OTHER STICKERS AND RECEIPT they WON'T take and EXCHANGE!! Didn't want $$$ back just ONE that WORKS!!! So yes just because of such a small item issue now I WILL not plan on buying my Patio stuff from them! Or Probley any thing else!

  • I'm in the process of a nightmare with garden ridge. I pirchased two barstools but had to return them. Because they don't fit my bar. I returned them a day later and instead of giving me a credit back to my card, they charged me again, ofcorse I didn't see this till I looked at the bank statement.They ended up giving the credit but because of all the mistakes, my bank will not release the funds to me. It has been 3 weeks and still no credit and they will not do what my bank requires in order for me to get the funds released. Garden Ridge is very unprofessional.

  • They must send there associates and managers to a RUDE CAMP just to work there. I've never met anyone that works here pleasant or smiling. Everyone has a stone face & appear to be very unhappy. This company doesn't stand behind there products probably because they know it's all over priced garbage. Better not even think about exchanging/returning anything they act like they want to put you in a headlock for speaking those words. This place should be shut down TODAY. I mean really how do you run a legitimate business and cant employee a live person to get on the phone to speak to the very customers that keep your company in business. If thats not telling the consumers that you don't care about what we have to say , then I don't know how much clearer it can be. Corporate have fixed all store phones where the calls can't roll over to a live person. Smh this place needs to be exposed to the MEDIA and BOYCOTTED and I just might be that person to make that happen! Poor Business Practices"

  • Where is help when you need it….this store is never crowded yet there are never any associates on the floor to assist the few ppl that are there….are they in the breakrooms hiding….always one cashier and long line….how do they stay in business with so few ppl ,huge stores, bad complaints, poor service….is there something I'm missing because. Had a rude cashier name Megan at and i

  • Final straw was today @ sugarland location….1st incident occurred when I purchased a Christmas tree in a huge box and was struggling to put the box in my vehicle while a bunch of onlookers (employees) sat and watched me struggle while they horseplayed around and smoked there cigarettes right in front of the store….today I visited again and the check out line was extremely long with only one working cashier…finally someone else showed up to help…but after the help waited on 2-3 ppl she closed her register said something to the only remaining cashier and disappeared while customers remained in the line. When I finally approached the only cashier left I asked her why would the helper just leave with ppl waiting in line and the cashier scrambled for an answer(excuse). I'm baffled at how a company that's run so poorly can stay in business. I can honestly say I spent my last dollar here today….I will never return and patronize garden ridge until they have addresses there poor customer service issues!

  • Oh my I knew I had bad experiences at Garden Ridge but this is absolutly horrible to think they are still in business. I was going to type my problem but they are all about the same. They have the worst CUSTOMER service because they have no customer service and their store policy sucks. They do nothing to help their customers and the list of other things they don't do right. I stop shopping their because of the way I have been treated. We all should bombard the corporte office and complain and threaten them that we will go public. They should loose sales and maybe even close. I rather shop on line instead of spending my money in their store. Oh Dont shop at the Stockbridge store in Georgia.

  • I had a very bad experience about an hr ago. I tried to return a redline item that did not work for my house. I kept the tag on it and asked for a credit to my debit card. I WAS NOT ASKING FOR A REFUND—ONLY A CREDIT. The manager would not let me return it—even for a credit bc I could not find my receipt. I brought in a copy of my bank statementto prove that I bought the item from there and he looked at me like I was crazy. He refused to give me a credit. That's my LAST TIME visiting that store. Also, I canot find ANY NUMBER to call and complain to. The customer number on this website asks for my SSI #. Are they

  • I just had a similar experience at the Little Rock Arkansas store. I had a red lined item which is supposed to be 75% off. At the register it rang up full price. the cashier called the manager who told me there was nothing he could do, but that he had just started. so I asked to speak another manager. He called Melissa, who was rude, nasty and accused me of marking the red line through the price. I ask to speak to the GM, Melissa told me that he could not be bothered but she would radio him. I could hear the GM tell her to correct the price, but then she turned to me as said "see I told you there was nothing we can do."when I told her that I heard him tell her to correct the price, she said he meant to put a new tag on the item. She rudely asked me if I wanted it or not. I told her absolutely not and left the store. I have searched the internet for a corporate phone number but cant even find a corp web site.

  • Recently I bought 5 bug zappers from Garden Ridge, got home and found that 1 didn't work. The following week, I went back to Garden Ridge in Fort Worth (1 1/2 hour round-trip drive) to switch the zapper for one that worked. It was back in the original package with Garden Ridge price tag. I had forgotten the receipt, but all I needed was to switch the product for one that worked. I even bought another bug zapper while I was there so that I did have a receipt. I explained the situation to the cash register attendant/Manager (Tabitha) and she was not helpful or pleasant. I then spoke with the General Manager, Jose, and he was rude also. He told me that if I had not told them about the non-functioning one, I could have returned it with the new receipt I had. I replied that since I was honest, I was being punished. The General Manager said "yes", and walked away.

    I have never had this happen before or been treated this way. I used to shop at Garden Ridge often, and have even bought gift certificates for various occasions. The price tag on the bug zapper was only $6.95, and it would have been very easy for them to solve my problem and keep a happy customer. Unfortunately this did not happen. It would be wonderful if your Managers could have some customer service training so they know how to treat customers nicely.

  • I too recently had the most infuriating experience at the Webster, Texas store. I had spent over $80.00 on July 18, 2012 and went back the next night to get a second piece of a set and ended up spending another $80. including six $1.99 plastic tumbler cups. I discoverd when taking tags off to wash one was cracked. Went back 2 days later with my 1yr old grandson to EXCHANGE this ONE plastic cup. The lady at the register was rude from the get go. I thought I had both but did't. She rudely points out that a sign on the counter I didn't see because my bags were placed on it. I explained I just wanted to exchange for the same plastic cup. Again she said no. I asked do you want me to spend more money in gas to drive over 15 miles to get a reciept than the cup costs. She said that's policy. I asked for a manager and she pulls the name tag on her shirt and says I am one while making a rude head jester. I asked to see another one and she said no!! I said that it was ridiculous and the policy as any should have extenuating exceptions. I said then I would walk halfway back thru the store purchase another d..n cup and get an original reciept for her and return the broken one. she says" whatever". I did so only to be told after giving her my money that the register would'nt allow the return because it hadn't been 24 hours was the excuse she gave. BY then my grandson was restless and my bloodpressure was skyhigh! I said you have an original reciept and the return item give me my money and figure it out yourself later. She threatened me to wait or she would get security on me for a $1.99 plastic cup.OMG I had to take an extra bloodpressure pill to keep from having a stroke. I sent an e-mail directly to this store with of course no response. I will never shop there again!!!!!!

  • That is was interesting to read because after I purchased an umbrella that warped (badly) within a few weeks. Three trips to the store and wrote online and got the same EXACT word for word response posted above. Have you figured this out yet folks??

  • I have Senior friends that this week made a long journey moving all the way back to Texas from Maine. The husband's health made it impossible to spend another winter in the cold climate. There adult daughter also moved back to live in North Richland Hills. My friends were moving to Lometa Texas. They left their 24 foot moving truck with a car being pulled for a short time in the far edge of their large parking lot for just a short while. When they returned the truck with the trailer pulling the car was gone. The manager had it all towed away. The tow company was a little embarrassed and said that that manager had done that before. The tow company then gave them a bill for $750.00 to get their belongings out of hock. My friend asked if they took an out of state check and the tow co. said no. Luckily my friend had a credit card that would work. Stores have their policies, but their is humanity that definitely was not shown in North Richland Hills Store. I will personally not shop at a garden ridge and recommend all those I know to boycott them.

  • From the looks of these comments posted I am not the only person with a problem getting a refund from Garden Ridge.
    I sent the following email to the "Customer Care Line" that I got off the phone recording at the corporate office AFTER trying to contact someone to talke to:

    On April 24, 2012 I purchased a Garden Ridge offset umbrella, got it home, put it together even sprayed the bottom stand so it wouldn't rust sitting by the pool. It didn't have time to rust, the first time I used it was over Memorial Day and it wouldn't stay up but thinking maybe the wind was a bit too high didn't think too much about it, but tried to use it again this past weekend when there was NO wind and the same thing happened. Every time we'd rise the umbrella it would work its way back down, nothing we did would keep it in place. This morning my husband helped me load it in the car and off to Garden Ridge in North Richland Hills, TX I went. Unloaded it myself and went inside to return it. Not thinking I'd have any problems as I have purchased 4 other offset umbrella over the past 12 years and didn't dream I'd need to keep the receipt. The store refused to give me a refund or even a store credit; this is UNacceptable to me, I shop this store a lot and never had a problem but the one time I do I get treated disrespectfully. After I returned home I tried to call the Garden Ridge Corporate office as well as your "Customer Service" number to only get a recording on both numbers. I would appreciate a return phone call ASAP to discuss what I can do with this defective product!

    Here's the reply I received back… WHAT A BUNCH OF CRAP!!!!!

    I'm very sorry but our stores do not have the ability to override the system. Our registers are programmed to require the valid (not expired) bar-coded receipt to process a return. This ensures that we follow the policy equally/fairly for all customers. This policy is posted at every register and printed on every receipt. We also give every customer two receipts (one regular receipt, and one gift receipt) to ensure everyone has two documents they can use when making a return.

    I am so angry that I am thinking about picking the store just to let other people know what a rip off this comany is!

    • It is a darn shame that the very customers that keep Garden Ridge in business are the ones that are being tossed to the curb when there is any type of issue involved. I was given an umbrella and a base to hold the umbrella as a gift but the base was to light to hold the umbrella. I went into the Houston Willowbrook store to try to exchange the base for a larger one and was rudely told by the manager Lynn that Garden ridge would not do any type of exchange without a reciept. It was like a school teacher scolding a pupil. I would say by the amount of business in the store and the amount of cars in the parking lot that they really can't afford to turn away to many more loyal customers. We are always going to Garden Ridge to shop during various times of the year. I for sure won't be shopping Garden Ridge anymore. They have lost my business forver! I hope turning me away was worth it for them.

  • This is the single worst experience ever I WILL NEVER BUY AGAIN I bought 2 umbrellas, had my receipt, when I got home and opened the package, they both fell apart, I drove all the way over there to exchange them, had the receipt, it was less that 48 hours, and they would not make good on their product, the manager was very threatening, rude, and I could not believe the whole experience, I was in Austin at the South store, and the manager was David, I am going to take them to court

    • Post on all social media and take it to the all the news stations. They need to be accountable for their products.

    • Sounds like the same way I was treated here in No. Richland Hills Texas for the same thing. I purchased an off set umbrella didn't think about keeping the receipt after we put it up and everything was there. The first time we used it it wouldn't stay up. I'm with you I'LL NEVER BUY FROM THEM AGAIN!!!!!!! I'm thinking about protesting outside their store just to let others know what a rip off they are!

  • I will never shop at Garden Ridge EVER again. I bought a stool from their years ago that broke within weeks so I should have known better than to give them another try. This time I bought a canopy for an outdoor party I was having over the weekend. The tent fell apart within an HOUR of putting it up right in the middle of my party. My guests had to take it down for me duirng the party. I was humilated! The frame had snapped. The frame was SO cheap that a child could have snapped it in two. I wasted $90 at this store. I was packing it back into the box to return it when the zip up bag that came with it broke as well. I'm just shocked that a major store like Garden Ridge would tarnish their reputation by selling such junk. I took it back to the store in Grand Priaire/I-20 in Dallas and spoke with the store manager named Chris. Even though I had my receipt and the original box he refused to accept a return because All of the frames weren't in the box. Those broken frames couldn't fit in the box once assembled and broken, so I detached it as much as could to fit into the car. This a 10ft x 10ft canopy. No way I could fit in in the car broken as it was. He refused to give a refund even WITH the receipt and original box. This chain isn't going to stay in business for long. Most customers don't enjoy wasting their hard earned money on junk that doesn't even last a day. I feel so stupid by shopping there again after what happened the first time. Everything I but there always break immedaitely after I buy it. NEVER AGAIN!!!

  • I had a horrible experience at the graden ridge in Chesterfield, va. On april 5th, I purchased close to $1000 in merchandise including 2 day beds, 4 twin mattresses, a picnic table, 2 complete bedding sets and a set of black metal bunk beds. The bunk bed was for my 2 sons, a 2 yr old and a 10 yr old. The bunk bed broke in 2 places on May 12th whild my child was sitting on it. I did not keep my receipt which was on me but who imagines that a bed is going to fall apart a month after you spend money on it. Needless to say, I returned to garden ridge and was told by the manager there was nothing they could do for me except give me a slip of paper with an email address to email someone about my problem. I have emailed 2 different emails and have had no reply. I will not purchase anything else from thsi store and am telling everyone i know not to also. My children could have been seriously hurt.

    • Post this information on your facebook and their facebook page. Customer's need to know what type of company they are really dealing with.

    • It is tough and sometimes unfair, but Garden Ridge does post their return policies on the wall. Maybe they need to read the store return policies, I would understand if nothing was posted, but every register has it posted.

    • They need to make it more noticeable. I have never heard of any store if you have the original receipt and you paid cash that you cant get some kind of satisfaction, whether it is store credit, exchange or return. They are one nasty company and I will never return to that store nor my daughters or sister. They are ridiculous.

  • On Apr 23, 2012, at 8:43 AM, "Betty Sanchez" wrote:

    To whom it may concern,

    Yesterday I went to Garden Ridge Pottery store #31 in San Antonio, Tx. I was treated horribly. I had a return and was not able to get my money back because I didn’t have my debit card with me. I forgot to get it back from my husband who had used it that morning. I was told that the only way to get my money back was to have that card because they don’t give cash back. I was very confused because I thought that when we as customers used our debit cards and put in our pin numbers into your little machines it was like using cash. Silly me I was very confused according to your manager Margaret. She did suggest that if I had another debit card we could use that. There again I was confused because how can you use a different card to apply the credit. She also suggested that I could use a different card even if it was a credit card. Again very confused and somewhat unethical if you ask me. All I wanted was my money back. I stood there and argued with her for a good 10 minutes when she suggested I could wait till the other manager clocked in and I could ask her and see what she had to say. This was at 11:50ish…. Margaret said she would clock in at 12:15. At 12:20ish I was told by the cashier that she had looked at the schedule and the next manager was not clocking in till 12:30. Mind you she had been in the store because I had never seen her walk in as I was standing by the door next to the first register. So with every ounce of my being I just stayed quiet as I was furious by this time. I waited till 12:30 and a few minutes later she walks to where I was and asked what she could do for me. I explained that I just wanted my money back and that I didn’t have my debit card. I asked her to show me where on my receipt did it tell me or any other customer that we would need our debit card to receive our money back. I told her to show me where on her return policy posted at every register did it say that I had to have my debit card to get my money back. Martha proceed to spit out policy and told me that I would have to return with my card so that I could get my refund. So after making me wait almost 40 minutes this manager did not give me my refund either. Needless to say I will never spend another penny in your establishment ever again. I will post this letter on my face book page and ask my family and friends to do the same. I know my little purchase is just a drop in the bucket for your company but if I stop more drops then your bucket will never be full.

    This was their reply by email to me…. very thought out…. what a JOKE!!!!

    I'm sorry, debit is not the same as cash. We get charged a fee for each debit transaction.

    that was it…. no name no nothing! Horrible customer service all the way around!!!

    • Post your facebook and theirs maybe this will open their eyes to see the company is doing bad business and customers will not be returning.

    • Lubbock Texas Store just OPened and

      Ok I thought Garden Ridge was going to be
      My new FAVORITE Store!! Well NOT SO MUCH CUSTOMER Service Terrible!! I bought a lot of Solar lights and 1 didn't work how would I know it wouldn't work until I stuck it in the ground and pulled price tag off. Well personally I don't leave tags on things I buy when I plan on using WORKING Items! Well unless NEW CONDITION ALL UPC TAGS AND OTHER STICKERS AND RECEIPT they WON'T take and EXCHANGE!! Didn't want $$$ back just ONE that WORKS!!! So yes just because of such a small item issue now I WILL not plan on buying my Patio stuff from them! Or Probley any thing else!

    • I purchased curtains and a comforter and paid cash but was not going to use for a while because we were building a house. So on 4-9 I tried to take them back and had the original receipt and had spent 127.52 CASH but because my 60 days were up I am stuck with a comforter set and curtains that I wont be using since my husband hates it and they will not make any considerations since it was under unusual circumstances. No cash back, I gave them my cash though, no store credit, no exchange. I will not be going back to the Garden Ridge in Stockbridge Georgia. I even called the store manager and she would not even try to help. I had to call her back after she said she would call me. I am sooooo angry. Garden Ridge you stink. They have lost a life long customer along with my daughter and sister. Like you care.

  • I had a similar experience in Bridgeton, Mo. The store manager went off on me more than once and refused to help me with anything. He was very rude and I will never shop there again. I can't believe their employees get away with treating customers like that.

  • I had the most disturbing experience at the store in Tulsa than I have ever had anywhere. The girl working the register directly across from the register by the door on Feb 19th early afternoon was very combative and loud when I had an item that was not tagged. She HAD NO CHOICE but to charge me 3 times more than it was suppose to be and even plopped a notebook in front of me to show me what I bad code looked like. Very rude and hateful. She kept on with this after I told her I didn't want the pants. Finally I tossed them aside and said forget the pants. She then accused me of taking it out on her and throwing things at her register. She was trying to start a fight. I gathered my things, called her the name that matched her behavior and walked off. She yelled at me as I walked away. I turned and yelled that I would never be back. She continued to yell at me as I went out the door. I was horribly disturbed by this and had to deal with some medical issues because of her. I have never been treaed so badly. I must have looked like someone she hated. I will never be back notr will any of my friends or family. This is in your Tulsa store. You need to read the reviews on some of the review sites. The store is really really bad!!!!

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