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  • Garmin USA Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Garmin USA Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

How To Contact Garmin USA Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

1200 E. 151st Street
Olathe, Kansas 66062-3426 USA
Website: Garmin.com
Corporate Phone Number: 803-391-3411
Canada: 1-800-654-3415
Customer Service Number: 1-800-525-6726

  • My first Nuvi battery failed after several years. I bought a lower cost Drive 50 LMT in January 2017 because it is not worth spending more money if the battery can't be replaced. I used the Drive 50 LMT 6 times and its battery has failed. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me. I won't be buying another Garmin product. Big trip tomorrow and all they'll do is send me a refurb in 10-14 days. Looks like Garmin would prefer that people just use their iPones with this kind of shabby policy to leave the customer stranded unless they can wait around 10-14 days.

  • 2820 Street Pilot device map updating. It is a shame that Garmin has open software on their system for lifetime map updates which when used and loaded kills your system. Renders the device non operative. When called to get a fix, they say sorry and pass the blame to others. They offer a token discount on a different unit but does not take into consideration any of the other costs the customer may have to bear. Why a company would have an update that kills your device is negligent and they need to have some ownership on poor software controls.

  • They sell you lifetime update cards and then remove the device from the updateable list. I asked for my 100 dollars back and they said no. That's just theft and im calling the Attorneys general. I hope they get a fine!

  • I am furious with your company that you have removed the Garmin lock on your newer Nuvi devices. You are now making your device as a high theft item because anyone can use it if they steal your pocket book or break into your car. Worse, they know have all my identifying information and saved location to track me and my family and our habits. Even if I hide the thing in the glove compartment, it still can be stolen and used. Even if I carry in my pocket which means having to carry a huge bag now, it can be stolen. This is insane. At the very least, you could have put a GPS tracking device in it so that if it does get stolen it can be found. Now, I am hesitant to even keep this product because it is now putting all of my information and my families information out there. This is insane!!! With identity theft one of the foremost issues around the world, why would leave your device without the option of a password?

    The police were so ecstatic that when my pocketbook was stolen with my garmin in it, that it had a passcode and therefore was useless to the criminal. Why would you change this. I get it that people are stupid and loose or forget their password. But if the device has been calibrated by your home, then it automatically opens without a password and then they can change it.

    You have now just made your item one of the highest theft items next to smart phones and worse, because unlike a cell phone that not only can be locked off, tracked with GPs and can have a password to it, yours has nothing and all of our private addresses and daily routines are now listed in the device.

  • Dear Sir/Madam: I have purchased your "Garmin" and it has failed me many, many, times,so many you replaced it with a "re-certified model" that too is NO GOOD! I have spent so much money on batteries (that work only for about one hour max. It has left my daughter on job sites and she cant find her way out as the area is just being built. I have told everyone how I have been treated and people cant believe with a company such as yours! Well it is the truth, so what do you want do about it? forget I wrote , send me a new one that works or leave me as a talking unhappy customer? The choice is yours.Bobbie Ellis Ocala Florida 34480

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