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  • Gate Petroleum Corporate Office Headquarters

Gate Petroleum Corporate Office Headquarters

How to Contact Gate Petroleum Corporate Office Headquarters

Gate Petroleum Company
Address: 9540 San Jose Blvd.
Jacksonville, FL 32257
Email: n/a
Corporate Phone Number: 1-904-737-7220
Fax Number: 1-904-732-7660
Customer Service Number: 1-904-737-7220

  • 0) Chemmically react either i) Limestone or ii) Potash Rock or iii) Calcium BiCarbomate with an equal quantity of Hydro-Chloric acid to release the Carbonate-Methane gas! The 3 times as much Oxygen and 2 as much Hydrogen follow the Carbon to the surface! This will appease environmenralists because we Minimize the size of the gasoline to only 8 Carbons as well as produce 3 Oxygen for every Carbon!
    1) Electrolyse that Methane gas into Ethane gas, (while returning the excess Oxygen & Hydrogen to the atmosphere)!
    2) Electrolyze Ethane gas into Butane gas,
    3) electrolyze Butane gas into Octane gas,
    4) and condence Octane gas into Octane gasoline!
    I know how to systematically separate these gases so no intermingling of gases occurs to decrease the efficiency of this refining operation!

    Please phone me at 709-834-9700 to discuss establishing a refining process of Limestone or Potash Rock into JET FUEL!

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    Corporate Office Headquarters