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  • GCR Tire Corporate Office Headquarters

GCR Tire Corporate Office Headquarters

How to Contact GCR Tire Corporate Office Headquarters

Address: 535 Marriott Drive
Nashville, TN 37214
Email: n/a
Corporate Phone Number: 1-800-541-8473
Fax Number: n/a
Customer Service Number: 1-800-541-8473


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  1. Who is managing the Las Vegas store. You have problems there. Maybe someone from your corporate office needs to make a visit and speak to the worker bees.

    1. Oh yes my name is Terrence piro t e r r a n c e last name p e r o have a problem with your company out here in Colorado and Denver Colorado I was working for y'all and I got wind that from a kid who works over there

  2. I've been trying to the Corp office as well. What are they hiding if they don't want you to contact them? Just saying…

  3. Paul Riley a now former employee of the Waco store. This man was with your company for twenty eight years in which he basically single handly ran your company with no complaints while a new manager was being searched for. When this replacement arrived you repay him by firing him? With him being so close to retirement I am appalled by the way you as a company treat your loyal employees. It's clear your company only values the bottom line. People are not just numbers or budget cuts and it is about time the public knows how GCR as a company runs things.

  4. We came to the Colorado Springs location to have out tire fixed and while waiting we watch a young man name Mike Jr take 4 tires off the rig in front of us take them off the rim, put new one on and back on the rig in 15 minutes. WOW impressive. He took ours off and relieved our rim was cracked. He took the time to search for one that would work because they don't carry the size we had. He found one and had us back on the road in no time. We were very happy with the work he did. We have had a lot of tires replaced on our rights in the past year ( 18 wheelers go through tires) and we have never been in and out so fast. Mike Jr is a big asset to your company and we felt the need to let corporate office know. Thank you for this young man and the great work he does,

  5. I was at the Phoenix AZ location on 8-18-2017 and what a RIP-OFF!!!!!
    I bought 4 new tires for my trailer and it took 3 hours to put them on because they only have 1 tire tech. I went inside to pay my bill and was charged $32 for tire disposal, $8 state disposal, $11 for torquing the lug nuts (never heard of that before) and $24 for new valve stems. I told them I was taking the old tires with me they remove the $32 disposal fee but not the state disposal fee and the valve stems went to $28 instead of $24. I questioned this and they started blowing smoke up my ass. I called store manager and complained, not sure what good it did but I let him know I would not be back and I WOULD spread the word.

  6. Hey somebody needs to take a look at the crooked way your business is being performed at the Collierville TN store. Especially the manager!

  7. Titan Chain have been out to a lot of your locations and all are interested in our product line , We sale Tire Chains for all apperceptions at a great deal of saving's , I would like to come out to introduce ourselves to your Purchasing department so show you the Product line and the saving that all your locations can pass it on to your customers, We are servicing a few of the GCR now and they are very happy with the service and product, Thanks

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