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  • Gebos Corporate Office Headquarters

Gebos Corporate Office Headquarters

How to Contact Gebos Corporate Office Headquarters

Address: 215 50th Street
Lubbock, TX 79404
Email: lubbock01@gebos.net
Corporate Phone Number: 1-806-765-5648
Fax Number: 1-806-744-6223
Customer Service Number: 1-806-765-5648

  • There is no veterans discount at Gebos but there is for a cop the next time they call me to fight I'm going to tell them to call you as you don't support vets if y'all don't stand behind us maybe we should let you stand in front of us you have one employee at the dalhart store that is rude maybe you should teach him respect and store manager was the only think I can say that he was a good manager. Waiting your reply

  • On April 18, 2015 my grandson and myself went into Gebo's located in Dalhart, Texas. He was going to buy a shirt and pair of jeans. When we went to check out, the manager, Jennifer and the other 2 sales associates started calling each other Becky and referred to themselves as pariah teeth. I knew instantly who they were referring to, My cousin BECKY BOLES that was employed by Gebos. Several times I went in that store. the sales associates acted like she was the only one to wait on customers. They would tell her, Becky can't you get that customer, when in fact she was helping me. This is a bad business policy and this will be reposted on face book. You really need to change your employees and especially your manager. My name is Sharon Barrow

  • went in gebos this morning to look for ammo in clovis, n.m and askec for 22ammo the clerk said we just got our truck this morning and don't know if we have any, so I asked for the manger knowing she knows what is on the truck. she (janet) the manger didn't recognize her by her clothes or name tag, she looked like a costumer. I asked her the same question about the ammo and she got an attitude with me saying I don't know in a very rude voice so I asked her when will you know she said to come back in a couple days I said it will be sold in a couple days, she said o'well keep checking back then. she was the rudest non professional manger I have ever came across. Don't think I will be returning to that store anymore. I have bought serval guns from ya'll but after today she has put a sour taste in my mouth. please check into this problem before tractor supply takes all of your business!! thanks, city of clovis employee

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