Geico Insurance Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Geico Corporate Office Headquarters HQ


5260 Western Avenue

Chevy Chase, MD 20815

Corporate Phone Number: 1-301-986-3175

Corporate Fax Number: n/a

Corporate Email:

Geico is a famous for their auto and home insurance products. Geico offers personal property and casualty insurance along with life insurance and retirement products. Geico is one of the premier insururers in the US.

Geico’s Customer Service Phone Number is 1-800-841-3000. The company does encourage users to use their technical support system and help forums on their website.

  • Geico incurs no risk to these errors made on their end yet the consumer absorbs the risk of losing their driving privileges which results in possibly losing their employment, not meeting family/education/child care needs that rely on vehicle transportation and costs for goods/services not able to be accessed. This places undue stress onto the consumer and demonstrates Geico does not act in good faith and this raises serious questions about their lack of internal controls and business practices. It does not meet the expectation of paying for goods/services when they are not being provided in real time yet costs are incurred. This practice should be further investigated to ensure consumer protection occurs and ensure fraud, waste and abuse are not occurring by this for profit corporation.
    Consumers needs to spotlight these issues and reach out to the Federal Trade Commission, Department of Consumer Affairs and Better Business Bureau.
    On 1/2/2022 I purchased a new auto vehicle which Geico insured and issued insurance ID cards. On 1/14/2022 Geico sent me an email acknowledging Geico made an error and informed the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) in New York State that my newly purchased vehicle was NOT insured which resulted in my driver’s license being placed at risk of suspension, DMV removing the registration from my vehicle and not allowing me to drive the vehicle. Geico continued to charge me for a service I could not utilize on a daily basis. Geico asked me to contact DMV on my own to resolve this matter. On 1/18/2022 I finally spoke a live person, Troy from the Geico Internet Management team from Virginia who denied that the 1/14/22 email was an admission on their part that Geico did anything wrong. He reported while their electronic submissions are not infallible, they can in no way be responsible for this error. When I inquired about how Geico knows their electronic submissions are sent successfully and accurately, he said Geico cannot attest to that and admitted Geico did not have a clue how this occurred or what happened but Geico is certain it was not Geico’s error at all despite the 1/14/2022 email reporting otherwise.

  • WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I've always paid my bill on time therefore, never had any problems….until I hit a deer and damaged my car.
    They told me to upload photos of the car. They gave me an estimate that wouldn't fix a bicycle and told me I had five (5) days to get it repaired. I told them I wanted someone to come out and look at my car because there are damages that you can not see in the photos. they kept giving me the run around. I went to a paint and body shop and got my own estimate and uploaded it on the app. I got a call. The adjuster who called me was treating me as if I was trying to get over on them, scamming them or something. He made me feel like a criminal!!!! He was RUDE and over talking me. I would try to talk and he wouldn't let me get a word in. I will be finding another insurance company after this.

    I had no idea so many people had issues with them.!!! I did not see ONE GOOD REVIEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Who ever you marketing people are should be ashamed of the ad with the player in red swatting things out of peoples hands. It is nothing but rude. Some of you ads are dumb, but this one is just rude and disrespectful.

  • I want to thank Gieco for saving me much more than I could ever imagine. I have gotten rid of all my televisions because of your hidous advertising. If I never hear your name again it will be too soon!!!!!

  • After years of being a auto GEICO customer and no tickets or accidents, this year they raised my premium to almost TRIPLE……what an outfit. We will now drive without insurance. I cannot believe they did this to us…but they will"thank you for your military service" crap. This is how they thank us!!!

  • My neighbor hit my car while it was parked on December 12, 2017 and I took my car in to Caliber Collision in Rock hill which was assigned to me by geico on December 13, 2017. The adjuster Michelle Thomas who worked for geico but in this shop said that there was a possibility that the paint could come back a different color which was weird because I've never heard of anything like that. They called me at 3 P.M. On December 15th and said my car would be ready at 5:30. I thought that was a little sketchy because it would be dark at that time and if there were any issues I wouldn't be able to notice and I was right. I saw that the paint was off the next day but the shop was closed. I called first thing Monday morning and was instructed to bring it in the following day so they could take a look. Another adjuster who also worked for geico took a look at my car and said that she noticed the difference in color and they would correct it and then begged me not to do the survey or review. They put me in another rental and kept my car for three days but when I picked it up they said that they didn't see anything wrong with it, what was the point in keeping my car then. I called geico again and asked to speak to a supervisor about my claim and Gewan Ramsarran came out to my home to take a look at the car. He did everything he could to point the finger elsewhere instead of listening to my concern but had the nerve to say that the people in the shop had poor customer service. He also said that it's a three step paint job so that could be why it's off and then said that the metal on the car is going to be a different color than the plastic on the car, he said everything he could except for you're right it's off we will fix it. My car was struck by a dear a few years ago and it came back to me as if there was nothing ever wrong with it, the paint was perfect. I pointed out where the car paint was off where Caliber painted it and he said that it was off on the other side too but that side has never been touched. Instead of him saying we will fix it and get the paint to match he said the best thing that I can do is get an attorney. The warranty on the paint job that they swear you have if there are any issues is a lie and now I'm driving around with a two toned car. I am now considering leaving geico and I will be contacting the attorney general's office like Gewan Ramsarran suggested. This has been nothing but a headache since December 2017.

  • Geico has NOTHING going for them except the Little green animal that represents them.I have called the corporate office and complained. The corporate office called me and left an email, I returned the call only to get his voice mail. Not even a minute later the adjuster called me saying oh I saw you called me. UH No I called your corporate office and now you are calling me saying you received the voice mail. Since when does the employee get the supervisor's voice mail code. Something Fishy to me. What happened to the supervisor following up on the employee and helping to obtain results at the lowest level. Feb 12 2018. Jerks

  • The Adjusters are a joke!! They continue to avoid returning your calls and act as though you are at fault when your car is stolen. I understand we have people in this world that commits insurance fraud, but asking you the same question in 5 different ways 5 times is just unprofessional and rude. The paperwork is like a quiz. They want you to remember what underwear you were wearing two weeks ago!! (Being Sarcastic),but it is that detailed. I would not mind this as much if they were respectful and not rude. They work for the customer, but want you to do their job. It takes at least 4 days before their courier can get a police report back to their office, but want you to return your rental car in 7 days!!! We do not even know the amount we will be given for our stolen vehicle that was found at a total loss!! Are we suppose to walk to find another car in two days that we like and can afford??? Call the CEO at their corporate office if you want results!! ON THE PHONE A TOTAL OF 4 HOURS..TO GET RESULTS!! UNACCEPTABLE.

  • I have been a GEICO customer for over 30 years, My husband and I was hit in our turning lane, sitting still as this woman cut across 4 lanes of traffic and didn't go across far enough to get into the lanes going the opposite direction, she plowed right into us in our lane. She is also insured by GEICO, She was also using her car as an UBER DRIVER.She had called Geico prior to us calling and told them it was our fault, when I called GEICO they wanted me to say it was our fault and I refused, 2 days later I called Geico and they deemed the accident her fault, so I thought great now we can get our car fixed, oh no another catch 22 GEICO says because she was using her vehicle for UBER, she was not covered but they wont be making that final decision until after the Holidays, now its been almost 3 weeks our vehicle is sitting in the tow lot, I finally got in touch with someone from Uber and without him looking into anything he says that he has deemed it to be half our fault and half her fault so they wont pay. I spoke with GEICO AGAIN THEY ARE DOING ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO FIGHT THIS FOR US. Guess all that money we have paid them is just not enough for them to do their job. I am seeking legal against GEICO and UBER.

  • I'm beginning to understand the Gieco mindset after viewing their newest commercial. You know the one where the family has a flat tire on the way to their son's flamenco guitar recital. Dad is portrayed as an incompetent dolt who is clueless about any mechanical aptitude or leadership responsibilities. While mom takes control and commands his silence as she summons roadside assistance to her beck and call. That's the media portrayal (and obviously Gieco's opinion) of the "man" of the house.


  • My boyfriend's car was stolen not any car but his work truck and Geico is treating him and myself like criminals! Won't get back to us and is repeatably showing no interest in the matter. It is not our fault his car was stolen and to be treated so unprofessional and disrespected in such a horrible situation is the last thing we need. Screw Geico if I could I would take them to court they need to be sued!!!!

  • Get rid of that AWFUL going the distance commercial!!! So unrelated and terrible ear piercing singing. Who is the marketing director? Get someone new or just bring back the gekko. I change the channel every time and I am sure others do as well!!!!!!

  • Recently one of your insured had an accident that total loss my vehicle. it has been very stressful to get restoration of the vehicle and the suffering that this accident has created in our lives. No calls or further contact from the adjuster, no call or contact from your company any more. We do not understand why. Our thoughts of Geico being highly rated is failing. I am not sure we would consider Geico base upon its failure to communicate effectively with the injured. This is not how a reputable company does business. My case is pending upon a response at this time. How far will I have to go to get a response from Geico claims? I am sorry I feel this way. Just thought you would want to know.

  • I signed up for Geico Auto Insurance at the Craig Road location in North Las Vegas. Irma was the Sales Rep. I needed the cards by Oct 23rd. They did not come by mail so I drove to their office to pick them up. Once I got home, she called. The reason I did not receive them…she had the wrong street address and the wrong condo #. And she was sitting in the office when I arrived but had someone else help me because she was going to leave for lunch!

  • I have car insurance with Geico – I was in an accident in Florida (I'm from Maryland)so my car is in a shop in Florida, as it was not drivable back to Maryland. I was told last week that my car was finished. So, I made plans to pick up my car… drive straight to FL from MD pick up my car and drive right back home. Only to get a call when I was in South Carolina to tell me that my car was not done…there was a mistake. I was also told that for my compensation for driving that day that they would waive the deductible that I have to pay. WELL THAT IS NOT HAPPENING! I get a call today that my car is finished and that the deductible still needs to be paid. So, I have to drive back to Florida to get my car AFTER doing it last weekend for NOTHING! I have had Geico for 10 years, time for a change.

  • Ms. Davis @301-986-3175, who answered the phone with a simple hello not addressing herself by name and position title, laughed at me, talked over me, and was one of the most inconsiderate CSR personnel I have ever dealt with. When asked to speak to her Supervisor she laughed and said she didn't have one at her location that I needed to contact yet another number at the Fredericksburg Office @1-800-841-3000,and ask for a Supervisor in the Auto Service Dept, and this ended up being nothing more than wild goose chase. No wonder I left GEICO 15 Years ago.

  • Does anyone else have a problem with the Peter pan commercial? I think it is the most disrespectful commercial ever aired!!

    • I certainly do. I am so sick of seeing it. The arrogance of that child, very disrespectful attitude towards seniors. I do not find it amusing at all.

  • Well I feel I was ripped off, by this company.. When I signed up for the car insurance, I was told I had to use a debit card and it would cost $5.00 a month. Well just in May /June 2015. I decieded to set up an account, as I was reading over it, kit says if you pay by debit its $5.00 a month if using your chrcking account it was $1.00 a month. So I called Geico and mention this to the lady, she said we don't give people a choice.. WEll I know $4.00 a month might not be much to this rip off company , but to me $4.00 a month is a lot. I feel I should be given $4.00 a month credit, from the time I signed up until Sept 2015. If I owed you all You would cut me right off.So to me I was flat out lied to, is this how this company got so rich off of ripping people off. Its sad .

  • It's pretty sad the way you handled that claim with the boy and his wheelchair. Thank goodness the rest of the world it's as heartless as you are. I'm glad that things worked out for Drew Nachreiner even after you screwed him.


  • Geico is absolutely NOT environmentally friendly. They waste TONS of paper via redundant automated ID card and or policy mail outs in the name of state law. There currently is no option on their website anywhere to deselect mail outs and or select paperless . Without fail we are sent new ID cards every time we access our ID cards electronically. It evidently flags the system to send out new ID cards ASSUMING that the customer had to be wanting new cards and has no way to print them out or utilize the Geico app via android. I have called and complained several times and spoken with a supervisor who unprofessionally only tried to blame ME for their ongoing issue! They are abusing a state law that says every insurance company must ensure every customer has ID cards. I submit that there is absolutely NO way ANY insurance company can ensure ANY customer ALWAYS has an ID card in their possession. The supervisor I spoke with recently who said: "We do not have the technology to stop automated mail outs", which left me with only one word… REALLY??? Isn't this is the 21st century? It seems like Geico is still trying to invent the wheel while millions of trees that will NEVER grow back in our life time are daily being sacrificially destroyed due to their mindset of intentional and deliberate waste. The bottom line???? The cost of that massive amount of waste is being passed down to us as customers! I think most would agree with the saying that when you are messing with people's money you are messing with their lives. I have been out of work for almost a year now, so we the customers of this huge conglomerate are being affected both monetarily and environmentally. So I ask you fellow customer, is this okay with you?

  • I am a Geico customer. I choose Geico as my insurance company because of your rates were more reasonable than anyone else. I'm so upset with my Geico Insurance Policy. I had an accident on 01/15/2015 in Jacksonville, FL and I was told that my claim was denied. This has been so stressful on me. Because of the accident I can't get back to Tallahassee and fearful that I could lose my job because I can't get back to my residence in Tallahassee. I don't have money to get a rental car. I didn't want my daughter to miss too many days out of school so I enrolled her in school in Jacksonville. I All I want is to have my car repaired.

    This is not the first time I've had problems with Geico repairing my vehicle as well as going up on my monthly payment for no apparent reason. I don't make that type of money to pay for repairs out of pocket. I would like to keep Geico as my insurance provider but going up on monthly rates and not covering customer when involved in an accident has me thinking I should look into alternative insurance companies. As a single mother that gets paid only once a month I really need my car repaired and furnished a rental car (at no cost to me) until repairs can be done to my car.

  • This is Jeanie Johnson a malti year costomer. GEICO is the biggest rip off insurance company there is, I paid my insurance with my husband's credit card then they tried to take it out of my account & when they couldn't get it a second time they penalised me $20 dollars

  • The main concern I have is that there is a blatant disrespect from your Lakeland Fl office they will NOT return a phone call when left a voicemail. And when I am lucky enough to have them answer they lie.
    Enjoy this poor customer service because there will come a time when you will not have any and you will then be looking back at all these post wondering why they where ignored.
    Eric C

  • What is this piece of crap, with "if not a robot type in what you see". Numbers and letters on broken pipes on the side of the road.REALLY? No, class what so ever. Not only as customer service, you are too cheap to have any class.

  • Geico insurance is the worst insurance company that anyone could ever have. After they have your business they do not care about you.And when calling the corporate office, no one answers, What kind of company is this I feel sorry for the good people that has to deal with such a joke of a company.

    • Hello !!!!corporate office, is anyone home? If not, it proves that you don't care about your customers. Like most company's would.

  • There are Federal and State Laws against Insurance Fraud !
    You may now feel safe, right……..but wait just a minute there buckaroo.

    The insurance fraud laws apply only to YOU, the customer…… well that there sure sounds fair don't it ? Yea it sure does in bizarrow world.

    And what about the Insurance companies ?

    Well they are protected from making as must insurance fraud as there little hearts desire, knowing they are protect by their exclusion from insurance fraud laws.

    They are therefore encouraged in the productions of massive quantities of fraud as it helps stimulate the economy and the customers heart rate.

    Now ain't you all Happy ?

  • Geico is terrible to deal with. Thank God I do not have them as my insurer. My wife did before we were married, but as soon as we got married I got her away from those crooks as soon as I could, and put her on my policy with Met life, a real insurence company

    I got rear ended by a Geico insured a few weeks ago. Geico suggested that I bring my car to one of their express centers to get fixed. I did this. They replaced front and rear bumpers, but when I got my car back several electrical functions inside the car didn't work. The keyless entry, the dashboard clock, the dome light, the alert when seat belt is not connected etc.

    This place had an onsite Geico adjuster named Joseph Wilson, who is about as smart as a rock. I brought the car back to have these things fixed. Geico had my car for a day, and Joseph Wilson called me to say, I'm sorry we will not pay to fix your car. The things that are not working arer not accident related. They couldnt happened by what we did to fix your car. I said "These things were working when I brought the car in, and now they are not. THe Geico adjuster reiterated I am not paying to fix your car. He actually said to me "you have a 2007 Hyundai with over 100,000 miles what do you want. YES HE ACTUALLY SAID THAT TO ME!!!.I called Geico to conplain, and was given Joseph Wilson's boss, a Jene Pare. Mr Pare totally backed up his employee's position, without contacting the shop, asking anybody any questions, etc. Mr Pare said to me "how do we know it wasn't broken already when the car came in" I said are you calling me a liar? Do you think I would go through all this for a few inexpensive repairs that your Geico express shop caused. I told him I guess each person in order to protect themselves from things like this will have to go down a checklist with the people at the shop of what is working in their car, so Geico can't make the totally inappropriate comment "how do we know it wasn't broken when you brought it in"

    They make you feel so helpless. We broke your car, but we aren't fixing it, and there is nothing you can do about it. I am now in the process of waiting to speak to Jene Pare's boss a Robert Hochberg, 3rd level up. If I have to, I will bring this all the way to the CEO Tony Nicely. I will not just quit, and let them have their way like most people do.

    Buyer beware when looking for an insurece company. Geico may be a tad cheaper, but I have also heard horror stories from their customers about trying to collect on claims. Stay away from these so called discount companies, because one of the truest quotes ever spoken was "you get what you pay for"

    By the way for the heck of it we got a quote from Geico for mine, and my wifes car to be insured a while back, and Geico could not match Met Life. Are they really less expensive than other companies?

  • 02/12/14
    I tried to call Geico to inquire about my personal umbrella policy bill. The bill gives the number 1-800-841-4926, extension 7172. Called twice, each time receiving a "Not recognized" response (about the extension).
    I then listened to the phone message at the original number (1-800-841-4926) and NONE mention about a PUP.
    In frustration, I entered a number consistent with a claim, and a homeowners policy. It did NOT recognize my policy (entered twice) but eventually I got to an actual person (Roxanne) who was courteous and said she needed to send a note to the department which handles this inquiry. She could not simply put me in contact with them.
    This is NOT the GEICO I signed up with years ago. Non-responsive to a simple inquiry, unable to directly put me in contact with the right party, requiring some wizardry just to get to talk to someone. I wonder if there even is a department who handles PUP inquiries, and if there is, they're doing a great job of hiding from the customers!!

    • GEICO SUCKS!!! I am glad Im not a client. Just trying to get my car fixed because on of their clients slid into me, is a nightmare. They want me to pay for previous damages out of my pocket and they pay the rest, or they will give me the money and leave the damage as is. Go figure!!! Just fix my damn car!!!

  • I have a person who I know who worked for a towing company located near the dmv I ran into her recently and she was so uits so funny how towing companies lie to geico and geico pays them this person said they drive the customers cars sometimes and don't even tow the customer accident to the body shop they sometimes have another person drive it and the owner approves of this person also said the owner makes them lie to get extra money on calls when they really aren't done. What's the funny part I am a geico policy holder and its scary cayse we are paying geico to have companies rob and steal and lie the consumer and also geico has no idea about this. That they even steal items out of the customers car when they bring it to the shop and the owner is aware of this. What's so funny also is this person has all the proof to sit down with geico to show ever job that was fraud and what's so funny this company is a sham. I asked this person why now not before you no what they said the owner has no heart that he has even threatened past employees that he would have them disappeared anyone who has a geico policy make sure the companys are not charging you for a service a towing company hasn't performed. But the good part I can say about this is the person who worked for this towing company is going to Geicko soon and confess and tell them the truth cause in the long run it could have been your family our mine that they got payed through geico and cheated you and this person is willing to make sure that this never happens to anyone else its sad cause the towing companys friend through geico doesn't know how evil this owner is and how a liar and theif he is but he will now. And whats so funny this company also tows near the president of the usa and we are suppose to trust these sompanies geico choses well it will be exposed very soon and when it does its very scary how we don't no what's happening behind closed doors.

  • GEICO, im a policy holder for 20 years,

    i spent 2 hours went out of my way and got my phone fixed since you locked me out from renewing my policy online which was BS in the first place.

    so today i called the service center to renew my policy and all the guy gave me was a bunch of crap saying i'd have to start all over again and waste an hour on the phone answering all sorts of

    questions even though nothing has changed and i only want my same plan and rate as before (3 days ago). for the past 20 years my policy expired on the 20th and this time you switched it to the 14th and locked me out from making payment online when my phone died and i live out in the little town of washougal, wa. and dont get out much.

    can you re-install my same policy and price or do i need to get quotes elsewhere?

    GEICO SUCKS! nobody will let me go over customer service's head to complain.
    Hello Farmer's or Progressive!

  • 8 years as a loyal customer, now you are loosing me cus you wont take my daughter off my insurance and are charging me hundreds more still after she went to college. I feel like Im a number and I feel you policy sucks, my daughter is 18, legal adult and in college away from home, with no car, but you make me keep her on my insurance, is wrong and stealing money from me. Thats why I'm going to cancel my service with you freaken idiots. Said you make a loyal 8 year person feel so bad and rip me off for your gain. What would the Goodwin say today if they saw yout treatment of me, I guess CEO Tony Nicely can care less, pumpas ass.I'm not paying you one more red cent, you heartless freaken people. But I do think you for saving me money for 8 years, I guess Ill go with someone who cares and knows how to treat people. Good day.

    I faxed you my daughters proof of other residence over a week ago where she moved. On the 14th I faxed it to fax numbers at GEICO 1-786-364-1284 & 1-305-503-6983 and I still see you guys are not smart enough to keep your word and take her of like you said. My wife called the 20th and asked why my daughter Ashley was not taken off, Once again you fools tell us to fax my daughters change of address info again. I faxed it twice and I'm not waisting my time doing it a 3rd time because of your lack of common sence and lack of file keeping. So if the policy does not have my daughter off by tuesday the 22nd, we will just cancel insurance and go with someone else. In 7 years this is the only problem I've ever had, I'm so unhappy with you , your service and now pricing. I'm going to write a letter and send it to the CEO to express my thoughts and how we have been treated after 7 years being loyal customer. You people are really some pieace of work.

    And still you cant do your job. F*** idiots.

  • I feel that Geico promises great rates and coverages, however if and when "God forbid" you are rear-ended when stopped in traffic by another car also insured with Geico they absolutely refuse to pay any portion of your claim. The only one Geico looks out for is Geico. They do not give a rats ass about there insured and whether or not you are seriously injured. My wife requires neck surgery, she recently had back surgery and were stuck with $350,000.00 in bills and Geico refuses to pay any portion of these bills based on an Independet Medical Exam. I feel that Geico are in breech of our contract, policy terms and conditions. I also feel that Geico knowingly and with intent defraud unsuspecting customers that are seriously injured by sending insureds files to doctors for peer reviews to avoid paying for medically necessary care and treatment. What is the sense of taking out a huge insurance policy, just in case of an auto accident and then when it unfortunately happens none of these coverages are applied or in affect because Geico sends there insureds to doctors that really do not care, they get paid $500.00 to right a favorable report for Geico and they knowingly and with intent file false reports or reports that contain blatant lies. I feel that Geico continually practice bait & switch sales, promising you the world with coverage and once you file a claim they renege on everything that they promised. I also feel that Geico deliberately withholds important information about your policy, such as a $500.00 deductibles for medical expenses that you ,ust pay first before Geico kicks in. After paying this deductible Geico still did not pay for any portion of my wife's bills. Geico is no damn good and can not be trusted.

  • I took my car to GEICO's recommended body shop that had an on-site GEICO adjuster. GEICO' on-site adjuster and the body shop's adjuster both came up with the same estimate. After they tore my car down; the body shop called me up and said it will cost an extra $700 to fix it. I said, just fix as much as you can with the amount of claim money I had. The shop said, we fix it all or nothing. I said, then don't fix it. They said,they only way they could put my car back together correctly was if they fixed it (can you say blackmail) They said they would charge me to put my car back together & that it would have parts missing. I had to argue with GEICO's on-site adjuster to get the shop to put my car back together correctly. But they still charged me. When I came to pick it up I found they had intentional broke my gas-port lid and hadn't fix it. I had to argue with GEICO's adjuster, who knew they broke it on purpose, to replace it free–he kept saying oh you signed an agreement that anything the shop breaks or looses they aren't liable for. What kind of reputable shop has that kind of an agreement? (A GEICO recommended shop of course). Finally they replaced the lid for free. GEICO's on-site adjuster kept telling me, I was lucky that the cost to put my car back together again, was coming out of my claim money, and not my pocket. HUH! What kind of crap is that!!! I am sure glad GEICO was on my side–I would hate to be extorted on my own.

  • GEICO rejected my uninsured motorist claim: They said, I had to prove the other driver was uninsured. I called the CA Ins. Dept. up and they said GEICO failed to do their due diligence in attempting to contact the uninsured driver and failed to give me a written claim rejection notice w/i 48 hrs. If fact they never gave me a written claim rejection notice. I told GEICO I would file a complaint with the insurance commissioner unless they paid my claim: they decided to paid my claim.

    • I was involved in a accident back in 2012 in which I wasn't at fault and Geico raised my insurance. A man hole cover was left open in Manhattan and my car, with my 5 month old in the back seat, went into the hole. Geico DID NOT PAY FOR ANYTHING and Mr. JOSEPH ALLEN at (516) 714 7049 raised my Insurance in NY. Im disabled now because of the accident, and HE HAS THE NERVE TO RAISE MY INSURANCE AND THEY didn't pay for any of my medical bills. I'm sueing the city currently and when I'm done with them I'm going to Sue Geico and file a class action law suit against them. I know I'm not the only person this has happened too.

    • Geico also told me that we have to wait until they can prove the other motorist did not have insurance. We have the police report with the other motorists insurance and the fact that the other motorist hit/run and the police cited them, Geico wants us to flip like monkeys and pay, pay, pay! Our claim has been sitting on someone's desk for the past 3 weeks. We have paid Geico tens of thousands of dollars with our homeowners policy along with 4 vehicles insured with Geico…. and they are making our lives miserable for $250.00

    • They haven't exai.e

      I'm all confused and can't understand why they aren't communicating with the insured and explain the policy.a company as large as geico should have competent people working with the public.It seems they tell you as little as possible and you come out with as little as possible.I'm very disappointed.Gwen asbell


    • After 20 plus years with GEICO I am forced to go to another Insurance company (both Auto & Condo) due to what I believe to be simply GREED – I have an Excellent record – I was told that I have reached that AGE that statistically speaking, I must be a BIG risk (too Young or too Old) – GEICO stands for Goverment Employees Insurance Company (I`m a Federal employee) – I believe GEICO has forgotten thier roots – other then being a bit GREEDY – the staff members I have talked to are great – Your company has treated me well over the past 20 plus years – unfortunately, you may have underestimated you are not the only Large Insurance company out there that is competitive – I guess it cost alot to advertise your Gekco – I saved over $200 per Year for both Auto and Condo costs – would sign my name but just purchased the replacement Auto and Condo insurance from another Large well known company

    • I have discovered that Geico doesn't care about anyone!!! My daughter and her family were hit by one of their insured, He admitted to the officer that he was at fault, that he ran a red light. My daughter is pregnant and was taken by ambulance to the ER. Two small children in the car. The other driver was given a citation. My daughter called Geico and TRIED to start the claim. HA!!! What a joke. They told her that they have put in a call to the insured and they have to wait for him to call back…that just because he was found at fault by the officer and given a ticket does not mean he is at fault. WHAT???? My daughter asked how long they would wait for him to call back….get this…..they told her there was no time limit. So I told her it's lawyer time. They want to play….we'll play. I guess they're gonna go to court and call the officer a liar too. Jerks!!!!!

    • I was recently hit by a hit and run driver who is currently insured by GEICO. The driver, a young woman, told me that she had a meeting and could not stay for the police. She then drove off. I stayed at the location and called the police who came and took the report. The damage to my car was minimal, $503.18. After the police contacted her, she filed a report stating that the people in my car surrounded her and frightened her so she ran away. First let me describe the people who frightened her. One gentleman, in his 80's, who has major breathing problems, would have had to get out of my car, open the trunk, grab his walker and then gone and threatened her. The second gentleman is currently undergoing Chemo therapy and is a stage 4 cancer victim. The third man was at the ATM machine. I was probably the healthiest person there and I am 76. Even the police officer stated that she doubts the runners statement just based on the people she described. GEICO cut my claim to 50% as they said I was illegally parked. Right, three people in the car whose motor is running is parked. I sent in the data because I really do not want to bring these people, who were passengers in my car to court. However, I say to GEICO, "SHAME ON YOU."
      I look forward to the day I hear that the person they so strongly defended, for $250.00, hits somebody, and runs away AGAIN, sticking them for millions,
      Once again, I say to GEICO, "SHAME ON YOU."
      I would rather lose the $250.00 than inconvenience two sick seniors. Just remember, GEICO, what goes around comes around.

    • This is the worst company I have ever been with. They lied and cheat and rob you out of your money and then leave you hanging for months without taking care of things and still wanted to charge me for insurance and my car was total and they are not handling anything properly.

    • I encourage all of you to make your complaints to Corporate, in writing, contact the Insurance Commissioner in your state and file a complaint—Dave Jones is the person in California, then write a comment on Yelp—contact consumer Affairs, and the BBB

    • You guys suck. and you have the most stupid idiotic commercials any one has ever seen. Maybe you guys could save 15% (which by the way 15% of almost any dollar amount is really minute and Insignificant. If you stop paying the morons that do your commercials

    • Bunch of crooks. They harbor criminals getting away on their cars because they have money to pay.. It is not safety with them is money for them.

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