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  1. Completed not a happy mother here. My daughter has busted her tail off for this company and started as a minor. Without my knowledge, she had had days working longer than 6 hours with no break. When I questioned her about it she try to brush it off like it wasn’t a big deal but I know her rights and they have been violated. She was told in a very nasty manner by Jackie B. at the Bridgewater NJ store that it wasn’t her problem as to how my daughter would get a bank key. My daughter not only doesn’t drive but she does not have her driver’s license, so how will she receive it?? My daughter won’t complain she is just looking for another job. I’m speaking up because I’m sure it’s not just my daughter being taken advantage of by poor management something needs to be done. I hope to get some type of correspondence.

  2. I was a part time sales associate at Journeys. This company lacks integrity and I will never shop nor work there again. I'm sick to my stomach all night and all this morning but Justin told me I couldn't call in so I throw on some sweatpants and go. So I get there and he tells me I'm out of dresscode and writes me up. I didn't know we had a dresscode being as though I only worked 2 weeks, so I asked for a policy and procedures book so I could read it for myself and I asked for a copy of the write up si I can have one for myself. He told me he didn't have to give me either and he wasn't rushing to do it. I took a picture of it since he said that. I asked another co worker did she get a copy of her write up and she said no. I finish my shift without puking and go home around 6pm. Around 8pm I get a call from Justin telling me has to let me go because i was talking with other crew members behind his back and he's sick of talking to me. When has he talked to me?!?! I call the district manager and cooperate because he has no grounds to fire me. They pretty much say he can because of a law no one knows about and it's nothing they can do even though i was wrongfully fired randomly and unprofessionally. He called me on his cellphone when we are both off the clock.

  3. Yesterday I took my daughter shopping for shoes. As I traveled through the mall, I was a bit disappointed with the lack of customer service in several stores. Seems that most stores are hiring young adults in which many are not taking their roles seriously. As a military retiree, I take it seriously when you have a dereliction of duties especially when receiving a pay check. I even spoke to a young lady at one particular store who was listening to ear buds and watching Facebook without even acknowledging me or trying to sell any of the products.

    Well, as I was leaving in disappointment, I stumbled across Journey's in Douglasville, GA at Arbor Place Mall (Store #1078 – Trans# 73653). A young lady named Danae was running that store with enthusiam and the best customer service I had ever seen. Along with a young man named Donald, they took special care with each customer acknowledging each and every one. Even though it was extremely busy, they both kept smiles, were very polite, and answered each of our questions. Danae not only attending to the customers, she also helped to train the new manager trainee Donald at the same time. I was extremely impressed to say the least. Danae needs to be in some sort of management program. You don't find employees like her every day. I have my own business and I wanted to hire her on the spot. Unfortunately, I start law school this year so will be closing my business. In the end, due to the customer service I received from Danae and Donald, I ended up buying three pairs of shoes and will become a repeat customer. Bravo to Journey's for hiring only the BEST!

  4. I have never had problems with the company and I was a frequent shopper there but I would have to say working for company was not the greatest job. My manager did not properly train she made up her own personal rules. If you were late she would make you a wait for another 30 minutes to clock back in. If days were slow she would send you home even if you only worked two hours. A few times she didn't let me come to work because I had not sold any multi pairs or accessories during that week. I have harsh text messages from her while not on the clock. I really think Genesco needs to look into their store managers. I felt like if my manager didn't like the rules she would make up her own. in all honestly I will never shop inside that store or work for her ever again.

  5. Any idiot can get a job here, case in point, the dutch commercialization manager in the Johnston and Murphy division. Obviously they didn't check his background.

  6. Not the company you want to work for!!! I've been working there since October and I honestly thought I was getting myself into something good, I thought wrong! As I started learning my was around the store and company I've come to learn their nothing but a bunch a greedy snakes that sell majority low quality shoes to middle class people. They want you to work your ass off for little of nothing now I did get promoted constantly up until I was a co-manager, but I demoted myself because managers only get one off day and I was going back to school and I refused to stay a co for a company who wasn't paying my tuition!! To hell with this company they work employees and majors WAY TOO HARD enough is enough!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I'm a former employee of a Journey's Kidz store and the job is awesome! But dealing with district managers is hell. They're all terrible, and rude, and while you'd think they should be motivating you to do better, in reality they tear you down and tell you everything you're doing wrong. They also work you like a slave, and in order for me to visit my family for the holiday, I had to demote myself as a manager, as they would not grant me the three days off I had asked for to see my family. It's an absolutely horrible company to work for, and the turnover rate is seriously out of this world. After my manager who I had worked with left, in a span of about 3 months, that store had blown through 11 store managers, all who QUIT, didn't get terminated. It's an awful, awful company, I couldn't stress that enough.

    1. It is a horrible company. I was a new manager for 4 months before I decided to quit. They gave me a store with an iffy inventory. The district leaders both showed up to "help' me do inventory when I took over but when they discovered what was actually missing they fudged the numbers to closely represent what they thought should be there. I was sleeping over at the store 4 out of the 7 days of the week, ( the stock numbers and sizes were all over the place). Instead of letting me hire a whole new staff they let me inherit a lazy 17 year old kid that they made an assistant manager that by law can't even get near the trash compactor. As a result the store was always messy as I was the only one able to legally throw out trash. When I asked for days off to spend with my child I was always told no, that even though I had slept over I had "to make a sacrifice". The bays are rickety and falling apart as were our ladders. My AM fell off a makeshift bay that was held together by crossing an piece of aluminum brackets and they fired him instead of taking care of him. After his accident I worked 12-14 hour shifts because they wouldn't let me hire someone else. Instead they promoted a girl who didn't even graduate high school and could just get by operating a cash register. I couldn't even go to the food court since I couldn't leave the store alone. My body finally gave up on the crazy schedule lack of food and finally having food in me after that long; I had gastrointestinal problems that sometimes delayed me getting to work on time as I needed to make pit stops. One day I finally had enough and I walked out. Turnover rate per store is at least 2 members of management staff every 3-5 months. DM's and district leaders do not care about employees, their health or their well being. Filing something with HR is useless they all ban together against the employee being mistreated.

    1. Unfortunately, Genesco treats their employees with dysfunction. One minute you're being praised and the next day you're terminated. Turnover is off the charts, but would you blame employees? The training for new employees and new Store Managers is somewhat lacking. There is no way you can build an effective team without proper training and guidance. It is a shame that this company has let talented employees go because personal reasons made a business decision.

    2. I'm a current employee of journeys kids. I've been with the company for 9 months and I have no idea how I've lasted this long. The turnover rate si through the roof. In all honestly this is a horrible company to work for. I will defiently inform everyone of that. The GM of my store lies applicants and tells them they get 4% commission off of every sale. She leaves out that they dont actually get it unless it exceeds the hourly rate. Speaking of the pay is horrible. As a key holder I have filled in as a co twice when managers quit. You dont get sleep, you dont get to spend any time with family and friends. I think these stores should be hit with a fat lawsuit. The sales associates quit bc they were threatened to be fired bc they were going to be out of town for a college tour. I'm turning in a two weeks tonmorow as the company is informing I work Thanksgiving,Christmas eve, and new years. They can kiss my alum ,

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