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Genghis Grill Corporate Office Headquarters

How to Contact Genghis Grill Corporate Office Headquarters

Address: 201 E Central Texas Expy #1300
Harker Heights, TX 76548
Email: n/a
Corporate Phone Number: 1-254-953-1150
Fax Number: n/a
Customer Service Number: 1-254-953-1150

  • First of all my visit from last week was not added to my points. This has happened several time in the past even though I give me card to the waitress every time I visit your establishment. This is confirmed by my Free bowl message saying I earned 7 bowls on 24 April, and still saying I earned 7 bowls on 1 May. I do not have my receipt as the manager was involved because I could not use my birthday coupon and I did not think I needed it. Secondly, I am very frustrated by you sending out announcement saying it is almost your birthday and saying I receive a birthday bowl!!! I go in and order a bowl for my birthday only to be told- NO- this is just saying you will be getting a bowl for your birthday it the future. REALLY!!!! Who does that????? I went in today becasue I received another notice for a free bowl and I received it May 1 and my Bday is May 18th!!!! Guess what happened. The same thing!!!! What is wrong with you people?????? DON't bother sending out information on a free bowl until you are ready to give out a free bowl. Otherwise you are causing people to go to tour restaurant thinking they are getting a free bowl, only to realize they have to pay for it and come back again. This is fraudulent. ALso you new policy on earning a free bowl really sucks. You are getting cheap!!! You are also taking away amenities and don't think your customers are not noticing. The Kingtowne location I frequent is becoming less and less busy. And I certainly am not going as often. In this day and age there is too much competition to be taking away things from the customer.

  • This was a (at the very least) twice a week stop for me. I like it because I can get it two things I love. Low carb meal and seafood. I am a Customer Service Manager I took new customers to lunch today at Geghis Grill. I have never been so embrassed in my life. We waited 15 to be seated (no one else was waiting), the restaurant was filthy. The waitress had to clean a table for us to be seated. After being seated I had to get the waitress to take our order. The selection of protein was slim. There was no shrimp and very little fish. When we got to the grill there was minimum 4 hot bowls waiting to be served. I wondered why ppl were standing at the grill. They were waiting for their food and serving themselves. The waitresses were laughing casually and had no sense of urgency at all. The men working the grill had to explain the option of rice, noodles, cabbage, and egg. We had a 2pm meeting so I paid we stood at the grill, got our food to go and went back to work. I apologized all the way back to the bldg. Such a disappointment. I have never had a bad experience here before. Can't say I will be going back anytime soon. My name is Angela Millon-Quiroz- angela.millon-quiroz@flextronics.com

  • I recently visited your location in Matthews, NC and had a very horrible experience afterwards. While eating my leftovers, I felt something hard in my mouth and realized it was some sort of bone. It was similar to a tooth of a rat. I was extremely disgusted and immediately sickened by this discovery. I contacted the location and was told the GM Luis Vera, will contact me the following day. I didn't hear from him, so I decided to call back and spoke with him. I told him how disgusted I was after this discovery and he had the nerve to ask me to come in to get another bowl on the house. What an insult!!! I told him my concern is not a free bowl from your establishment but the health and safety of myself as well as other patrons. I also mentioned I'm a transplant patient and my overall health is a major priority of mine. He agreed and told me he would text me his cell phone number so I could send him the pics of this tooth looking bone and he'll forward to corporate. Needless to say, he never text me a number and I haven't heard back from him. I'm assuming Genghis Grill is not concerned about servicing their customers and also, not concerned about their health. This is definitely not a reputation you would want to have considering your equation for success is equal to fun service and healthy dining options. I'm not sure what I'm going to do, but I'm really distraught by this in more ways than one, especially mentally. Looking forward to hearing from someone from your corporate office real soon.

    Peggy Lewis
    404 822-6276

  • My son was injured on the job at your Garland location on August 12th. I have been in contact with the manager Jason Keeling at least 8 times since that day. I have sent e-mails. I have left messages with Nancy at corporate. No one can tell me when I will be reimbursed the $373.00 I had to pay before they would sew my son's finger up!!! Please help.

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