Gentle Dental Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Gentle Dental Corporate Office Headquarters HQ
Gentle Dental Service Corporation
222 North Sepulveda Blvd Suite 740
El Segundo, CA 90245 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-310-765-2400
Fax Number: 1-310-765-2456
Customer Service Number: 1-800-436-8531

  • Hey FB gestapo, since you apparently read my out going attempt to get the proper name of an executive who MIGHT be interested what is going on down in the ranks, what does your 24 year old mind conclude, If you did read my plea you have to admit I tried all the avenues you posted as helpful avenues I should employ. You are exhibiting either outright STUPIDITY or abject bias with your intercept. Which is it??

  • Since when does facebook gestapo get involved with a complaint from a dental customer who has been abused by a fraudulent operation like Gentle Dental??

  • Gentle Dental has poor customer service and do not take the time to review customer ledgers to ensure that are not over charging them. They do not quote the price for services not cover under orthodontic coverage when you are scheduling an appointment. They give you the price after you have driven 45 minutes and your child's mouth is open in the chair. I will never go back to this dental service.

  • This company is a horrible company. They allow unskilled people to run the office. Perfect example a new manager no experience to be a manager asking their employee to do their work. You have a DM that is a bully and say it is not a good fit on a hard working employee. When she brings in the money. You have a hygienist that is no good but for gossiping and causing trouble. You have another employee that gets in the other employee face and cause conflict but gets away with this behavior. This company only cares about money and not the employee. When you have a hard working employee you rather have a employee that cause trouble and this company should be closed down! Shame on this company. I would never suggest anyone to work for them! Get real GM and your a bully. To be threatened by another employee mutable times and nothing done makes it a unpleasant workplace!

  • I went into the moreno valley office and the receptionist was rude. They have an "I dont care" kind of an attitude. They told me I needed a lot of work done and I called my insurance to see if it was covered because they were charging a high amount. I tried to call back to see if they had a payment plan but I was put on hold and then disconnected three times. When they finally spoke we me they said they were busy and they would call my insurance and then call me back. I never recieved a call back. I find this as a good thing because now I know I will be looking for another dentist. I hope corporate look into their offices because your losing patients behind the horrible staff you hire. No empathy and definitely no good customers service.

  • They are the worst. hey will rip you off. Do not go there. They steal your money and overcharge you for things you find out later you didn't need.

  • Horrible company. We had a dental provision and they had no idea how to bill for it, and instead told us we had no coverage and we had to pay for it all. Fortunately, I have worked in billing and collections as a manager of a multi-doctor office. I spent hours on the phone with them, along with sending my insurance company to them, and they still couldn't do it. I am now filing my own claims because my insurance company does indeed cover it 100 percent. Had I been someone that had no billing experience, I may have been convinced that I owed the hundreds of dollars. Most imcompetent office and quite rude. Never go to Gentle Dental!!!!

  • We have been going to a local Gentle Dental for about 16 years. There always seems to be some questions about the billing. After the services are performed we cannot obtain the amount of the bill or the specific procedures performed. We are told that the information is not available upon departure. We never get an itemized bill listing the procedures performed just the amount owed. I know having a dental plan makes it somewhat difficult to process the billing before we depart. It has become very stressful to deal with the situation and I highly recommend that some changes be made.

  • very very shady!!!!! should tell you bfore they pull your 2 teeth that ins doesnt cover it!!!!! biggest crooks ever!!! main st waltham

  • Ripped off. They overcharge, suggest unnecessary procedures, do shoddy work. My husband has horrible dentures and after a cleaning, I have pain that I didn't have before. I have a $8000+ Bill. You are given an exam and then taken into a private office for an explanations of benefits. If you do go there, do not sign anything and get a second opinion. I am sending complaints to my insurance carrier, YELP, Consumer Affairs, all social media. It's a scam. Every visit, I get a new list of new procedures that need to be done. When I say not now, the office manager comes to talk to me with new forms to sign. I'm not going back. My husband is so sad that we spent thousands of dollars on his ill fitting, disgusting dentures. He still needs bottom dentures already charged to us. Very unhappy.

  • BEWARE OF GENTLE DENTAL – they have overcharged me $775, will not abide by the contracted rates with insurance, wanted final payment in cash, worst experience in 53 years with dental office

  • I have been abandoned as a patient in mid-treatment, with no explanation, no reason., leaving me to find another oral surgeon to complete and finish what they have started. I had paid for in full the services. This has been so stressful, and disappointing. I would not recommend Gentle Dental to anyone.

  • I had the worst experince of being in dental office in my forty years of living, these idiots had exposed used blood soaked cottons in dental chair, dental equipment loss power while being worked on and mouth wide open, along with two o'clock app and not being seen until three, they need to terminate everyone in the office and start over, I will never go to a gental dental again in my life again, Corporate please do something about this incident

  • They owe me $91.00 dollars and will not return my money. I have been trying for over a month to get it back. They give me the run around.

  • rippoff for senior citizens. i am overcharged and no refund after admitting it.they lie delay review and give you the attitude of i am so sorry but i am keeping your money.the pomona office are boldface liars.avoid and find someone honest. they owe me several thousand dollars and i am on a fixed dont want to be on the recieving end of these scam artists

  • I used this company dental company had bridgework and gum replacemenet and wisdom tooth remove in Peabody ma 01960. after all this work the DR mess up my mouth and I have to seek another dr. he recomends cream for my flame gums that is only to be used for external use only was recommended.My gums bleed and are sore which i never had a gum probleum in my life The office mgr was no help 10/16/14 anonymous

  • According to the female I spoke with they are no longer with the Gentle Dental offices outside of California. This information needs to be updated so that everyone has the opportunity to contact the real 'Headquarters.

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