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  • George Webb Corporate Office Headquarters

George Webb Corporate Office Headquarters

How to Contact George Webb Corporate Office Headquarters

Address: W229N1687 Westwood Drive Unit A
Waukesha, WI 53186
Email: n/a
Corporate Phone Number: 1-262-970-0084
Fax Number: 1-262-970-0093
Customer Service Number: 1-262-970-0084

  • I place an order for $85.41 for pick up at the george webb on 2935 N Okland Ave. When I went to pick up my order the female that was at the restaurant was very unprofessional and was very upset cause my order was big and she was not going to do it cause they were about to close. She told me I needed to leave the restaurant cause they where closing. I left cause I wasn't going to sit here and argue with a person that's about to do my food. When I went to my car and was about to leave I saw a couple walking into the restaurant. I will never place another order at this location even if it's the one I live by and go often. It was very unprofessional not looking for noone to get fired. But looking for someone to call me or get in touch with me about this situation.

  • I was at the George Webb in Oconomowoc, Wi and the waitress there was awful, so I did not give her a tip. Well, when I received my credit card statement she added $3.00 to my bill. I have been calling there since June 1st and talked to the Manager, which she said that they would mail it, it is now August 14th and still have not received it. I do not appreciate a waitress adding her own tip onto the bill, when she does not do what she is paid to do.

    • If I don't hear about my $3.00 that the waitress took for her so called tip real soon, I will let everyone know (on facebook) not to go to this George Webb, the waitress is a crook, and I am an elder woman that lives on a fixed income. Your company is a scam.

  • George Webb who works at 21.st Mitchell St. was punched in the face by a robber needs to get her medical bills payed by GEorge Webb she was working at the time they need to get workmens comp. pay her bills. Milwaukee Journal said she is haveying a hard time with these bills.If you are robbed at your place of employment they need to pay for your injured on the JOB. George webb need to step up.

  • I just went to have breakfast with my mother at the Webb's on Bluemound and 62nd. This is a place we have enjoyed this location as a family many times before. Today I was horrified, as was my mother. We had put laundry in next door so really had no choice, as the state of the restaurant made me want to immediately leave. Every table and place to sit was covered in dishes and food. It took ten minutes of sitting at a dirty table to even be waited on for the garbage to be removed. The manager was a large woman wearing slippers and no socks. Her hair was long and hanging over the grill as she cooked food. I watched her pick up garbage from the floor, wipe her hands on her pants, and then crack more eggs. I was in the booth that allowed me the entire view of the grill. The were 3 employees working. It took 45 minutes to get burnt food, hear the telephone ring about 13 times, but no one would answer, and feel disgusted watching the completely unsanitary condition of the place my food was being prepared. DISGUSTING…. I do not think we will ever return.

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