Ghost Armor Corporate Office Headquarters

Ghost Armor Corporate Office Headquarters
952 E Baseline Road
Suite 122
Mesa, AZ  85204
Corporate Phone Number: 1-480-921-3161

  • I purchased Ghost Armor for my new phone (iPhone 6 Plus) from a kiosk in Massachusetts. I took the Invisishield off the phone at the kiosk because the tech showed me that the protection does not go edge to edge. I was not aware of this until he showed me. I paid over $60 for the device to be covered in Ghost Armor and was happy with it. When the phone needed to be replaced by Apple I was left without protection.

    The kiosk has since been replaced by ZAGG and Ghost Armor keeps putting me into voice mail each time that I call. I have called 4 times and the message states you will receive a callback in 24 hours. I have yet to hear from them. I also have sent 2 emails through their website, those have not been replied to either.

  • i went into get a new cover as the screen shield had peeled off months before….then i dropped my phone…broke the screen…replaced it….went in to get new cover…..because all the product was not there….he wouldnt honor warranty….i read him back the warranty which doesnt state it needs all product….he says its implied………..i videoed that………i just asked the guy to work with me……….never again will i reccomend ghost armor……never

  • I went to a kiosk and the girl selling me stuff was very rude, made a false claim, I have asked for a refund twice, and I can not get a hold of the customer service people. The customer service recording says I am a valued customer, but then it just hangs up on me. When my phone was ready for pick up I saw the crack on my screen was not covered up, but previously she said "it will cover up the crack." I said I am not happy with this, and then she said "if you are pissed off with me here is the phone number to the complaint number," I was shocked and I asked again what? She rolled her eyes and said here is the number for customer service complaint.

  • Ghost Armour charges a lot for cheap materials. Shoddy installation and you are stuck for the $5 installation charge. Their lifetime warranty is moot. All kiosks are franchised so buyer beware: Calling corporate office gets you nowhere. This company should be shut down, all they do is b/s the consumer and take your money and lie big time.

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