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  • Gillette Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Gillette Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

How To Contact Gillette Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

The Gillette Company, Inc.

800 Boylston Street
Boston, MA 02199
Corporate Phone: 1-617-421-7000
Customer Support: 1-800-331-3774


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  1. I do have to say I was a loyal customer for yrs and yrs. However, the last 1.5 yrs there no consistency to your product. If I buy them from walgreens I get one to three uses out of the blades, they are junk. If I buy from Costco I would get better quality (when they had them) if I buy from publix I get something different, anther junk razor blade package of yours. The packaging all looks the same but when you get the blade out of the cartridge you realize you didn't get a quality blade. Why can't you have consistency with your product? There expensive, and you're giving your customers junk. I bought 8 razors blades and they should of lasted 2 months, but they didn't, they were so terrible (from walgreens). I'm a woman but I use a man's razor. I don't know that I can continue as a customer because there is no consistency with your product. It's gone down hill over the years, sorry to say….. as far as I'm concerned, I should get a 6 month supply for free for Gillette taking advantage of me and giving me a junk product. I use the orange and silver razor and blade refills, for reference on my post. Get it together Gillette, you're losing customers.

  2. Hey Gillette, after losing $8 Billion for insulting the core base of your customers with your male-bashing, left wing extremist commercials, how about making a commercial publicly apologizing for the offensive left wing extremist commercials and then slashing your prices 50% for a full year? No doubt that after $8 Billion backlash loss, you'll be making a huge profit in comparison.

  3. I have been buying Gillette products for over a decade but that ends today, unless you get the woman you hired to make that piece of misandry masquerading as an advertisement to make an ad focusing on the evils of toxic femininity. We both know when that will happen.

  4. I have been using Gillette products for decades. I will not buy one again, unless the woman you hired to direct this piece of misandry masquerading as an advertisement, directs an ad for Gillette addressing the issue of toxic femininity. We both know that means never.

  5. It takes quite a lot to emblazon the word NEVER on my psyche, when it come to a particular product, but congratulations, you have earned that designation. Your snide condescension to your customer is simply beyond the pale. As a matter of fact, I don't think that there is a single Proctor & Gamble product that I can't do without.

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