Gilly Hicks Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Gilly Hicks Corporate Office Headquarters


6301 Fitch Path

New Albany, OH 43054 USA

Corporate Phone Number: 1-614-283-6500

Fax Number: 1-614-577-6710

Customer Service Number: 1-888-269-1932

  • bring gilly hicks back! ii used to work there and so many people loved that store, every single customer was so disappointed that it was closing and even now when I shop online it's still not as good as the store deals and clothes, online has a very small selection with not enough sizes and hardly any new arrivals. out of all the anf brands gilly hicks was the ONLY one that customers and employees would shop at. the prices were so much better and so much cuter. gilly hicks should not have been the store to close, should have been abercromie kids or something because that store is always dead. if gilly hicks were more popular then that store would have been very successful, even when I worked there we always made our daily goal and ly. the only thing was that it was so dark in the store and the music was so loud people didn't want to come in, but if the music was lower and if it had more lighting we would've had a lot more people coming in. and also about the lighting, with the store being so dark it made it a lot easier for thieves to steal, which also hurt business. so this was my 2 cents, I hope someone takes it into consideration.

  • I placed an order online for Gilly Hicks. There was a popup add that stated that I will have an additional 50 percent off of my purchase upon checkout and that did not apply. I chatted with online support (Kyle) and he was unable to answer any of my questions. What is this, why is there an add stating I have 50 percent off my purchase that does not apply?

    Not a Happy Costumer:

  • I live in palm desert ca, there is only a Hollister in this area, but it would be really great if we had a Gilly Hicks store here. In this area Hollister is already a big thing and everybody loves it, so if there was a Gilly Hicks, since there isn't very much around, this would be a good location to have one.

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