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  • Hello. I want to let you know that I’ve been buying gloria Vanderbilt Amanda jeans for many years and I have never had a complaint about them. I love how I can just see the name on the jeans and know that they’re going to fit me and I don’t even have to try them on. This was especially helpful during the current pandemic when a lot of dressing rooms were closed. However I recently bought a pair of jeans that mysteriously developed a hole in the butt after wearing them three times. No I generally wear those jeans only to work when they’re new so I have no idea where that hole came from and I am supposing that it was a defect in the fabric. Since I have worn them and wash them I know I can’t take them back to the store. I don’t know if it will do any good to tell you about it but it is what it is.


  • I used to be a GV Amanda jeans fan. No longer. They just don't last.
    I have to wear khaki pants at work and the 3 pair of GV Amanda jeans that I bought are no longer wearable. They all have the same issue of stretched out fabric in front that render then unacceptable and unwearable.
    When I spend my hard earned dollars to purchase clothing I expect it to last for a long time to come.
    Unfortunately I have had them too long to be able to return them, but not nearly long enough for them to be worn out.
    Another example of a company not maintaining quality.

  • Out of the dozen pairs of jeans I have 8 of them are GV Amandas. I recently bought a pair of dark blue jeans that the color rubbed off on my hands I washed them before I wore them and 2 more times. I returned them an bought another pair at a different store and had the same problem. I liked the jeans and was advised to soak them in salt water to set the color, but it didn't work, after washing them 4 times the color still bleeds. I really like the color and hope you can correct this problem. I'm just concern as to what kind of dye are they using on these jeans and is it harmful.

  • I purchased a pair of pant from Kohl's on January 1st and the hem came out of my pants. Not only does Kohl's not have the pants to replace them they want me to pay full price to replace them and they only refund me the sale price. I just want to be made whole, which is what I deserve, and get the pats to replace them. I am very angry right now and will probably not purchase them again and will definitely not be going back to Kohl's.

  • I purchased a pair of pant from Kohl's on January 1st and the hem came out of my pants. Not only does Kohl's not have the pants to replace them they want me to pay full price to replace them and they only refund me the sale price. I just want to be made whole, which is what I deserve, and get the pats to replace them. I am very angry right now and will probably not purchase them again and will definitely not be going back to Kohl's.

  • I have bought the corduroy jeans for the first time and am disappointed the belt loops broke loose and after the second wear the back corner pocket came loose and then started tearing down the seam . I love the fit and have tried all the others pants and this is my first disappointment in your product

  • Recently purchased 3 pair of Amanda jeans. I have bought these for years. The new ones fit when I tried them on. Removed tags and washed. But when wearing them it’s like they grow. I even took one pair in, at least an inch in the waist and 2 inches in the crotch. But as I wear them they loosen up and sag. Too much spandex added apparently. What a waste of money. By the way, still wearing the older ones, same style, same size, that fit good.

  • I have been wearing GV Amanda for years. This time when I purchased I noticed that the quality of the fabric has really gone down. Also, there are no longer any back pockets which is really distressing. The front pockets have also be changed so if you wear a belt you can hardly get your hand in the pocket and the are now very very shallow. Sad to say it was a great product but I will no long be purchasing GV.

  • How come they no longer sell talls in the store, you do not know how hard it is to find jeans anymore, you use to have great colors also ( Marbella ) and (Rimini) they were my favorite jeans and now have stopped wearing them cause not long enough and colors of the blue are not lighter

  • Is there someplace I could find a list of all of the colors ever manufactured in Amanda jeans? I have at least 30 pair but I keep seeing listings for colors I never heard of. I would like a copy of the original actual colors that GV has put on the labels of Amanda Jeans. You can email me at

  • I am tried of trying on your jeans!! Your jeans are made in all different countries!! They dont fit us in a America.. I have a couple pairs back a few years ago. I wish I could duplicate them.. These jeans that are being made are being sized wrong. You guys are making women think that they are bigger then we are!! I probably won't be wasting my time with your jeans any more!!

  • Bought a pair of Amanda Jeans size 8 with made in Vietnam tag and they fit good so I put them on my Christmas wish list. Got Amanda size 8 made in Indonesia that are two sizes to small. Got Amanda size 8 made in Pakistan that are bit too snug. You really should do a better job at quality/size control because I shouldn't have to try on every pair of jeans to get right size. What a shame. This doesn't work for me!!!

  • Please explain the difference in fit between Heritage and Classic styles; and whether "tapered" has less fabric in the legs and hips. I purchased Amanda jeans that fit at waist but too roomy in hips and thighs. I want to get more GV jeans that will not be baggy. Where will I find an answer to this inquiry? (

  • I bought a pair of dress pants from tj maxx and the button that holds the pants together came off. This is obviously a manufacturing error. I wiukd like for someone to contact me to let me know what I can do about this. I just got these pants like 5 months ago!!!

  • I bought a pair of Amanda jeans and didn't notice the horrendous smell until removing tags…washed them twice thus far, sprayed with cologne as well as room spray; hung by open window as often as possible, even put dryer sheets in all pockets and they still smell awful ! I have written the company twice with no response. I cannot wear these stinky jeans and cannot afford to buy a different pair ! What resolution or compensation can I receive ????? I will never buy another article of clothing from GV again !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hello,

    I am trying to find out who to contact on a pair of GV shorts I purchased at Costco. I lost a back pocket button the first time I wore them and just need to find out how to get another button… I love the shorts and want to continue wearing them this summer 🙂 Could you please let me know who to contact and I can provide them pictures with the product information, which button, color etc.

    Thank you!


  • I have been buying GV Amanda jeans for many years never had a problem they all fit the same. I wear a 10 short. lately the last few pair I bought had to be hemmed they were 2" to long which makes a big difference when your short… the quality control seems to be non-existent.. what happened?????

  • Today I was at the Sears store in Lincoln Park, Michigan 48146 USA and found the prettiest pair of pale lavender Gloria Vanderbilt Amanda Embellished back pocket jeans. I believe the size I tried on was either 6 regular or 6 short and they were too large so I am in need of a size 4 in either length. Unfortunately it looks like size 6 is the smallest size I could find except in petites which was too small and too short. I've searched online for them and have hit a brick wall including did not seem to carry that style of jeans at all. They had many styles of the Amanda jean, but not the one I had seen at the store. I wish I would have thought to write down the style number of them or take a photo so it would be easier for you to assist me in locating these jeans in the size I need. Actually I would love to have a pair of all of pastel colors of the jeans. The jeans had a very pretty rhinestone like design on the back pocket in I believe a soft V-shape. Very subtle and not really overdone. They also had capris with the same design and in the same color. I assume it may be a new item as they had quite a bit of stock on display in many different colors. Do you have any idea on which jeans I am talking about and where or how I may purchase them in my size? Please advise. My email address to notify me is: Thank you so very much!

  • Recently purchased 5 pair of Having a terrible time with odor; I've washed them several times, and even went so far as to soak them in an ammonia/water solution overnight, but they still have an almost petroleum odor that just will not go away.

    What would you suggest that I try to do to these jeans that will give them the fresh clean smell ALL Gloria Vanderbilt Jeans have always had?

  • Just like all of the other comments, I too purchased 2 pairs of Amanda jeans and they do not fit properly. I have purchased the same style/size in the past and they fit great. Now the fit is different. I can't return them because I washed them and threw away the tags before trying them on. This is the last time I will be buying these jeans and will be throwing the ones I have away. It would be nice if some compensation could be made since you can't seem to get size right and we are wasting money.

  • Please, please, please standardize the sizing of the Amanda jeans. My pink pair (made in Jordan) is size 16 and I can barely zip them. My beige paid (made in Pakistan) is size 14 … a full size smaller … and they are almost roomy. I love the jeans, but the sizing is NOT reliable.

  • I love Gloria vandebilt jeans but you have ruined them by making them tapered from knee down.Won't be buying them anymore.Not all women can wear them this way.Why do you have to ruin a good jean.

  • I was given 2 pair of these jeans for Christmas and I am extremely disappointed with them. At first they fit nicely but after wearing for less than 1 hour they look and feel like baggy hobo pants.

    Attached are 2 pictures of each pair, one after wearing and the other after being washed.

    There is also unraveling happening on the maroon pair.

    These were supposed to be a tapered fit and I don't know where to turn.

    Please let me know if you can do anything to remedy this issue and I could send them back to you so you can see the problem.

    I certainly cannot wear them anymore.

    Thank you in advance for your anticipated cooperation.

  • I've been wearing the Amanda jeans for many years. I'm in my 60's. A couple of weeks ago I bought 2 pair of jeans… a black and a blue, and they both have a nauseating chemical smell. None of my other jeans smell like this. I may end up returning them because the smell is giving me a headache. I Googled this issue and it seems many people are complaining. It's awful. I may have to find a new jeans company!

  • I have always been satisfied with the quality and fit of the Amanda jeans.
    However I was very disappointed in the last pair that I purchased from Bealls. The dark denim was manufactured in Sri Lanka and after several washings still has a chemical smell! I noticed that several other postings here have stated the same problem. Hopefully your company will find a way to act on this to keep your customers happy and coming back!

  • I have several pairs of GV Amanda jeans. At least 4 pair now have pull thread across the front just below the zipper. It seems to happen with the lighter colored ones. Do Not Buy Amanda Jeans!

  • I purchased a pair of Gloria Vanderbilt jeans in Kohls two days ago. I removed the tags and was about to put them on when I noticed a terrible odor coming from them. I put them in the wash with other clothes and hung them to dry in the bathroom and now my whole bathroom stinks. I always wear this brand and tell my friends what a great fit they are. I am really surprised at this. I'll have to return them, I can't hang them in my closet and let them stink up my other clothes.

  • I have been buying GV jeans for years because of the fit and quality. But recently I've notice the quality has gone down. I usually purchase GV jeans in different colors and I am very disappointed.

  • The Amanda Jeans Ultra Stretch stretch to the next size after washing. The metal button on the front makes holes in knit t-shirts and thin material shirts and this has been happening for years therefore costing me a lot of money for replacements. I have mentioned these to the Bealls store in Florida but nothing changes.

  • I have Missy/Senora/Courant shorts; about an 8" inseam. Shorts with this seam length are almost unknown. If you know where I can get more pairs of this exact GV model, please let me know. I have even tried ebay.

  • I love all your jeans,capris, and shorts,however Ive lost a silver fastner off my dark denmin capris,all I have left is the small tac that was on the inside of the pocket.Would I be able to purchase another one to fix my capris ? Thank you, Mattie Garr

  • Bought Avery jeans at Shopko that were perfect. Then wanted another pair,no more at Sopko, went to Internet, available at Sears. Received them , they were not the same quality i.e. No stitching around back pockets and looser band. Both made in Jordan. Wish I could find those that were at Shopko. Any chance?

  • I live in Las Vegas, NV and work at an assisted living community. I LOVED Gloria Vanderbilt's Mona slacks! I purchased 15 to 20 pair a year from Kohl's online in black for work (6 and 8 tall). I can no longer find these pants and have not found another pair of pants that are as comfortable and wash so well. Why did you stop making the Mona pant? The Amanda pants do not fit the same. 🙁

  • Is there a chart or grid so that I may compare "Classic" and "Heritage" fits and know the difference; i.e, which offers classic rise vs. mid rise, contoured through hip & thigh vs. straight leg or tapered leg? I've been very happy with GV quality and would like a short cut to understanding what you offer. Thanks.

  • I think the quality control on the Amanda jean is horrible. I bought 3 pairs, one white, one beige and one gray and they all fit differently. I couldn't even button or zip the gray pair. I have had this problem in the past with these jeans. Maybe if they weren't made in 4 or 5 different countries, the results would be better. Pick a country and make them all in one place. The USA would be best, but that might be asking for too much. I have found the best quality comes from Egypt. I realty do like these jeans, but finding a pair that fits properly is truly frustrating.


  • I love the Amanda jeans, but wish you would offer them in boot cut, as well as the straight leg. I do NOT wear straight leg jeans. Please consider offering boot cut Amanda jeans……

  • I love the Amanda jeans but they have such an chemical odor that I can't wear them any more. Even after several washes.

    • I bought a pair about 3 weeks ago and didn't realize how horrific the smell was until after removing tags…washed them twice; hung by open window, sprayed with cologne several times; and put dryer sheets in pockets….I cannot wear them with this awful smell! I wrote the company twice and have received no reply !! I am more than ticked off!

  • I am a size woman and have several pairs of Amanda jeans, always fit perfectly, BUT recently purchased a pair of dark denim, very poor quality! I would not think your famous brand name should be on these jeans, am returning them to Bealls stop today.

  • Why? Oh Why? Has the "Gloria Vanderbilt Amanda Jeans" not came out with women's '"w" short length or even the average length size jeans that have really fancy back pockets. One stinking style and then to find them in stock…never happens. Yes, these are the plus size jeans. Honestly there is a market for them. Most of the people at Kohl's don't know about the size difference even existing. I'm a customer. I hear the complaints…Hello! We are not all young svelte goddesses, but we are customers and we spend money….get over it!

    • Yes, I was tickled when a year or 2 ago I could get 18 Tall at Costco, but I guess that was a one time opportunity.

  • I work at Herbergers. Hastings Ne . (Bonton) in the past most of the gv denim is folded. this year many are hung with no size strips. We are running out of room for hanging merchandise. Is there anyway to get size strips from your company? we would need the size strips that say short average and a few tall. From sizes 6 to 18 please contact me 402-469-1342 this is my personal cell phone as sometimes the store is hard to reach. Hope you can help My name is Sherry Gartner

  • I have purchased 2 pairs of GV jeans from Kohls and I cannot believe how cheap they are making these jeans now, I washed them both twice, hang them no dryer and by the knee's already started to tear, I have always been a GV girl for years but now having to switch up cause they are cheaply made

    • There is a lot of different countries making these Jean's, I have bought these Jean's for years, not anymore. They all fit differently. When they start making them in one place I might buy again.

  • I live in Battle Creek, Mi and I can go into any store that carries GV jeans and grab a size 6 Amanda style and they will fit except over Christmas bought a pair at Sears, size 6 Amanda and tore off labels ran them through the rinse cycle then pressed them. Put them on this morning and I do swear they are a size 8. I then sewed 2 tucks in the waist band to make them fit…but forgot about the hips….they are just too large but unable to take them back because I have altered them. Why does this happen? I just don't have time to try on every pair of jeans I buy. I only buy GV because I like the stretch (and always know they will fit me).

    • I have noticed the two countries that make the jeans make a huge difference. Srilanka is much smaller than Indonesia. They need to make them more consistent. Sizes are 1-2 sizes apart.