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  1. On the website this morning 3/10 at appoximately 10:am I tried to place an order for 40 2pc chocolates. The website had a $30 offer attached to my shopping cart, however the website would not let me checkout. So I called and placed my order and when she gave me the total,the $30 was not taken off. The representative said that it was indeed on the website but it was just a test and not valid.This is definitely a bait and switch, and at this point I am waiting for a superviser named Terri Birch to call me back. I will accept no less than an honoring of this "promotion"on your public website. You don't test things on your public website and then retract them as not real. I work for a large retailer in a mgt position that distributes your product. I deal with your reps who are very hard workers but I would never have expected this unethical practice from such a reputable company.Your IT department head needs to be held accountable for such poor customer service.If this does not get taken care of or if I do not hear back from Ms Birch today I will be taking this to a new level.

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