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  • Goodys Corporate Office Headquarters

Goodys Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Goodys Corporate Office Headquarters

10201 Main Street
Houston, Texas 77025 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-800-324-3244
Customer Service Number: 1-800743-8730


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  1. As a customer not being able to use a coupon because anything that has 98 or 99 Cents after it is apparently in the exclusions is absolutely unacceptable. This company needs to stop sending out coupons if they're not going to allow anybody to use them. I went in and bought some stuff and thinking I could use this coupon for $10 off of $10 or more and of course because the items both had $0.98 after the dollar price I was not able to use this. I think it is fully and utterly unacceptable for a company to send out a coupon and not allow their customers to use it because they are putting 98 and 99 Cents after that. That would exclude everything from the damn store. I'm so unhappy and I can't hardly find anybody to talk to everybody just wants to take my name and number and have somebody else call me back I am so ready just to get rid of my card and everything to do with the store I can't fully believe that this company can treat people like this sincerely One pissed-off customer

  2. The management is the same was at the Haleyville store. They hire 'friends' and then try to get rid of people so that they can keep their little click going. I know this is why the store NEVER has any customers, because there is no customer service

  3. I would like to report an issue at the Haleyville, AL store. The manager at this store, I think her name is Skyler, as she did not bother to tell me when I confronted her with an issue nor did she bother to give me additional info I needed resolve my problem. She was also degrading to employees. She must be hiring only her 'friends' as they were playing around instead of helping any customers. She is very degrading to other employees that are not her friends. I am a regular customer at this store, and I have no desire to EVER shop here again while the pettiness of this so-called manager continues. She needs to treat all employees equally. She has NO customer service skills herself and she is running off her good help. I hope something can be done to remedy this situation. There are many qualified individuals in our community that could do a much better job and keep your turnover rate low.

  4. I shop at the Calhoun GA store. If you go into that store starting at 7:30 until 7:45 you are reminded that the store will close soon and please shop at another time. you are not allowed to shop. Employees are rude and ask you to leave. I shopped in this store yesterday and was thinking on a purchase but did not purchase the items. After giving it some thought I decided I did want to make the purchases. I went in after work and knew exactly what I was going for. unfortunately when I arrived at 7:35 a employee locked the front door as I arrived. I was not allowed to purchase my outfits and the light were turned off at 7:40. This happens frequently. The employees close this store early routinely. Customer service is at a low standard. Too bad, customers have other options.

  5. I was just informed that since my daughter works at Goody's that I can not shop the door buster sales on Thursday. That is a bunch of crap! Other than Walmart Goodys is the only store in our town. If I am not good enough to shop there when things are onsale my $ isn't good enough any other time! Just fyi also almost my whole famiky has Goodys accts. and spend 100's of dollars in your store but that win't be happening anymore because of this stupid rule you all have put in place. I hope yoy all gave a Happy Thanksgiving!

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