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Goodys Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Goodys Corporate Office Headquarters

10201 Main Street
Houston, Texas 77025 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-800-324-3244
Customer Service Number: 1-800743-8730


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  2. The store manager, Demitra, of your Poplar Bluff, MO store needs to be fired. She is high on meth at work right now and its very obvious. Something needs to be done internally before she is arrested.

  3. The store manager, Demitra, of your Poplar Bluff, MO store needs to be fired. She is high on meth at work right now and its very obvious. Something needs to be done internally before she is arrested.

  4. My co worker and I have recently got a $100 shopping card. We were under the impression that we could use this card for any purchase in the store. The radio station that was giving the card away also thought it was a gift card not a shopping card that had to be used at once. We can only use this card on certain items also. We have heard so many things each time we have tried to use our card. We have had different associates tell us that we could use this card on any item in the store only to find out after we get to the register that we can't. My coworker even had all of her purchases together only to be told that she couldn't pay the difference of $17. Why is the question that we ask you. Why can't this card be changed over to a gift card as we thought it was? We both work all these hours and have small children and we don't have time to shop until we find what we can get that will equal up to $100. We both have always enjoyed shopping at your department store but this is putting a bad taste in our mouth. What started out as a wonderful gift for both of us has just changed. Please, help us because we can't continue to run back and forth to the store in hopes of getting that $100 at one time.

  5. I'm so fed up with the way the Employees treat customers in the store in Winder. They literally follow folks around as my kids saw the girl watching them look for jackets. Nasty attitudes and they wonder why no one shops in there. Who would want to just to be mistreated. It was a nice young worker in there my sons said she was willing to help them. I've went a few times and was dissatisfied with treatment. If you don't want your job then you should leave don't be rude to the customers. Or talk bad to your workers. I witnessed so much in that store I refuse to spend another dime in there.

  6. This past weekend, I bought items at Goody's located in Clinton, Missouri. After making my purchase, the clerk told me I am only $4 away from using a $20 coupon. She told me to pick a couple of DVDs off the shelf and that should cover it. Even though I am not much on DVDs I thought I can get a couple and it was no big deal. After searching for several minutes trying to find 2 DVDs, she mentioned to me they were cheaper than she thought and I would have to buy 4 DVDs. I declined the DVDs and just bought another shirt to make up the difference of $4. No big deal, but it was a waste of my time.
    Then after my transaction of the shirt the clerk mentioned to me in these words, "You get 3 free magazines! Here are your choices, which ones would you like?" I picked the 3 magazines I thought were going to be given to me at the time, I was not under the impression or was told I qualify for a subscription of magazines. Once I realized what was going on, I declined the offer but was told it was too late.
    I mentioned to the clerk that this sounds to me as a scam, which the manager came over at this time. The manager said it was not a scam and all I have to do was call a phone number to cancel it. Her exact words where, "How can you be upset for something that is free? It isn't any hassle at all to make a phone call." I just said to her before the clerk entered it in the computer, she should have fully informed and clarify more clearly on how the the magazines work instead of only stating I get 3 free magazines. I told them I would just make the call, but I was not happy on how it was handled. The manager rolled her eyes, walked away with a hateful attitude and said, "Wow". I was appalled on the way I was treated in that store by the management.

    I left there so upset I regret not getting the manager's name. Being a business owner myself, I don't feel the company's name should be slandered because of an employee since we cannot control what others do. However, I feel that the manager needs to be reprimanded for her actions and for not training her employees properly. Will I ever shop at Goody's again? The jury is still out on that. However I did mention to several people my experience and had many responses stating they had horrible experiences at this store. I know I will never go into Clinton Missouri's store, and possibly others.

  7. I am a past goody's employee from District 511. It's the practice of the district manager to intimidate the associates to "sell, sell, sell Magazines. When we didn't meet out "quota" we were written up. Store manager says that "if I write you up maybe he will shut up for awhile." Is this really a policy that Goody's overall wants to be known for. Store manager and 1 assistant dictated the schedule to meet there needs. Not excepting a notice from anyone else that a particular day was need off. I realize that schedules must be made but a manager should be mature enough to be able to handle the pressure of the job and responsibilities to other employees. The one I worked for was not. The 1 assistant manager (yes we had 2) did most of the management duties. at least the ones that were done correctly. Come on Goody's your reputation is at stake here. You need to clean up your management team.

  8. I've been at Goody's for a year and a half now and its bad when you are stressed to make your numbers when its not your decision to make, but the customers. Our customers are tired of us asking them for their phone number, email address, would you like magazines (most aggravating), & the least aggravating is about applying for a store card and club 50's. They want to shop and buy their purchases without being hassled.

    We want to serve our customers without being punished or having to sign paperwork saying we will get wrote up if we don't get club 50's, magazines, or credit apps. I do my job very well BC I service the customers, ring them up, get freight out, and have to worry about if I don't get what y'all want me to get.

    As of last year, I wanted to keep my job and be able to care for my kids. I asked to be put on part time on an on call basis because of having a babysitter and difficulties with doctors appts and the hours I was working. I helped out more at Christmas which was good because of Christmas money, then I went back to on call. Without asking, my manager puts me back on full time part time scheduling me mostly at night with some day time hours when one of our supervisors quit. I wasn't asked if I could work more hourshours, I was just scheduled. My kids are out for summer and I don't have a full time babysitter on top of taking my sons and my grandmother to appointments. The manager knows my situation and when I confronted her about the hours she had me working she said I would get out of my appointment in time to work BC I just had to work. I was also told that she just couldn't work around me and my schedules plus was asked to reschedule them. First off I was giving her a weeks notice about the 2 appointments that conflicted with the schedule. There are 5 other employees there and some need to be hired BC we don't have enough of people.

    I shouldn't be placed back on the schedule full time without asking is the main point I am trying to make, but not sure who to confront over my manager. If I can't be put back on call, I am forced to quit with less than a weeks notice because of said appointments that can't be changed. I have 2 boys and a grandmother to take care of which is why the on call status works especially with notice of vacations or days off for other people.

    I used to enjoy going to work, but I don't anymore because of the bs the job entails. Please help

  9. I never knew what I was truly getting myself into. After working at Goody's for about 5 months now it's pretty apparent to me that they were right when they said that this store had a high turnover rate. Management (even the district management) acts as if people are just disposable. I have been in supervisor position for a while now, and was promised a raise that I have yet to even see. The store expects you to work your tail off for practically next to nothing. District management just keeps raising the standard on goals we need to meet and no one can keep their numbers up. How is fair to be punished (get a write up) for not making your numbers. I cannot force people into getting a store card, I cannot force customers into buying magazines. Quite frankly I just wish they would drop the magazine thing because the customers are near hateful, or have had horrible experiences, when it comes to the magazines. I even signed up myself an had to go through hell just to cancel them. It seems like nothing more than a giant scam. I think corporate needs to take a good look at what is really going on with their stores and actually maybe start to care about their employees or I just see them going out of business AGAIN because no one wants to stay working at this establishment when there is to much of an abuse of power.

  10. I am currently a associate at Goodys store 321 in Sedalia Missouri.
    We recently got a new manager and I've kept quiet up until now. I'm fed up and something NEEDS to happen!
    There is so much to complain about I dont even know where to start.

    Id like to begin by saying she knows nothing about her job. Our Asst. Mgr teaches her everything or does it for her. She dont know how to do any of the paper work she just lets it pile up and waits for Jessie to put it away for her.
    Brenda is very unprofessional she's always complaining about others to each other wich is not a mgr's job! She literally gets nothing done all day, and she makes Jessie close every night so she can open and save money by her and her husband riding to work together.
    She is "gaming" when selling magazines she'll offer customers extra money off their purchase.
    She recently hired a new girl and didnt train her how to do anything so she still dont have a clue how to properly work the register or offer mags or try to get people to apply for a store credit card.
    I am extremely upset about the new manager and I want it to be investigated!

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