Great Expressions Dental Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Great Expressions Dental Corporate Office Headquarters HQ
Great Expressions Dental Centers, P.C.
300 East Long Lake Road Suite 311
Bloomfield Hills, MI 48304 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-248-203-1100
Fax Number: 1-248-203-1112
Customer Service Number: 1-888-764-5380

  • This company apparently needs to be shut down completely. Customer service is horrible. Can't get anyone on the phone and when you do, they are beyond professional. I am speaking of the location in Stockbridge Ga next to the Walgreens.

  • Great Expressions
    2292 MT. Zion, Jonesboro GA 30236.
    Phone: 770-961-8300

    I would like to express my feelings about the location at the location specified above.
    I had been a client there since 2012 and had no problem until I needed a partial and that is when the issues started. I was referred to the periodontist for an exam on my mouth and teeth. Everything went well. So I scheduled an appointment for my impression for the partial and paid half the cost until the partial was received.
    Well the partial was received and due to the fact that the notes from the periodontist was not reviewed the partial was made under an assumption of the Doctor in the office. (Sherrie Smith-Scott D.D.S.)This was the situation. I have a loose tooth (#12) due to bone loss from periodontal disease. The doctor wanted to extract the tooth but the periodontist stated to retain the tooth due to the tooth was not causing me any issues. The impression was made under the assumption that the tooth was going to be extracted however when trying to fit this in my mouth they (the dentist office) then realized MY tooth #12 was still there. Of course this caused a big issue and now the notes from the periodontist is being review. Now the impression has to be sent back and redid without the tooth due to #12 is still in my mouth. Well two years go by and I nothing to show for my $183.00 payment I gave for have the payment of the partial. Well Jennifer Brown is the new Practice Administrator at this location. Came in sat down to talk to me about location of this 2 year old lost partial. So I gave her the benefit of the doubt due to she was new to handle the situation. Well the ball dropped again, no follow up calls nothing. I go for my 3 months cleaning words were exchange at the office. Why didn’t I call, I don’t work for a dentist office. I just pay for a service there. Well by this time my teeth have shifted and the partial will not be of beneficial factor at this point. I ask for corporates information and a refund for my $183.00 that I had given to cover the 1st half of the expense. I stopped by the office on my day off to see the states of this issue Jennifer was not there. Oh this time I did get a call back only because I came into the office to inquire. As of today I have not received my refund. 3 yrs later.
    I do not feel people should be treated differently due to someone opinion to EXTRACT or RETAIN should of reflected onto the client as it onto me. I hope someone reviews my file and where the break down occurred. Dentist should read the noted of their colleague’s and not assume. These are people life time smiles and mine has shifted. 

    • If there is a class action lawsuit, please count me in. I am being billed for $483.00 for services my insurance should have paid. In fact they would not services me until I paid my portion. I don't understand what happened in their office and I believe it's their fault if they made a mistake.

  • For the first time of my visit today…the Dentist Patel charged me $487.00 to pull a tooth. I paid $55.00 for a tooth extraction (dental insurance) and $432.00 for some BONE REP GRFT RDG PRESERV/SITE (basically…to sew the open hole left from the tooth extraction). I asked several of times…why is my bill so high…I have had a tooth pulled by another Dentist with a different location and it was $60.00 with my insurance with no additional charges. Once the procedure was over and upon checking out, I told the Office Manager Anna that my Insurance Company states I should get 25% off any other procedure performed within the network. Office Manager told me to call my Insurance Company and if allowed…Great Expressions will credit and give me a refund. Once I got home, I called my insurance company to verified the the 25% off any other procedure preformed. The Insurance Agent informed me that the person she spoke to stated the 25% discount is based on the decision of the Dentist…ARE YOU KIDDING ME!! According to my treatment plan billing…If I did not have insurance…$360.00 (erupted tooth) and $432.00 for (bone rep grft rdg preserv/site). In other words…without insurance, I would have paid $792.00…JUST TO PULL ONE TOOTH!!!

  • The office in Dallas TX on cockrell hill, employs a criminal! Their office manager has multiple warrants and a DUI! How can a company as large as this, let criminals slip through the cracks! Unbelievable!

  • I visited your location at 200 East Ponce de Leon Avenue, Suite 300 Decatur, GA 30030, for an extraction. Needless to say I was very upset that getting my money was priority over customer service. I work in retail management and customer service is number one. At times rules are bent to #1 satisfy my customer and #2 to ensure we leave a good impression so that they will return and shop with us. I originally wanted to know how much it would cost before hand so that I am financially prepared, but they couldn't tell me without seeing me. Meanwhile I didn't have enough on me so I sent my husband out and said that it would take no more than 30min maybe less than that and he would be back. I said about the time I get anesthesia and you get started he will be back before you even get done. Now I'm in pain and have stressed that to them, but the front office employee said we'll let me check. She comes back and says it's office policy and she's sorry but they can't wait because of other appointments they have. Now I have waited patiently almost 45 min for my name to get called and I ask for your patience because I'm in pain and you can't wait. I know they're are rules and you put individuals in place to implement them, but sometimes rules can be bent depending on the situation, and in my case I was in pain and needed the tooth removed. Needless to say I took my money elsewhere and will never visit or recommend this establishment to anyone. My out of pocket was $150, and I don't think that amount would have put a dent in the companies finances had I choose not to pay. I was sent home to suffer even more just to come back on Thursday and get tooth extracted. I was always taught that a customer will always forget what you say but will never forget how you made them feel. In my opinion my dollar was far more important than customer service.

  • we can get together and file a law suite hopefully close this company who thinks can get away with all the bad doing and treating the customer like a crap.

  • I live in Atlanta, GA and I too have had very bad experiences with several of the Great Expressions Dental Offices in the Atlanta area. Does anyone have any ideas regarding HOW to file a class action complaint?

  • Wow. I should have read these before…….. !!! I am having such a terrible time as well. These people insisted, that I had to pay almost $2000 for removal of some teeth and tori. They gave me an estimate for my share as well as what the insurance should pay. I have excellent dental insurance, and really couldn't believe it. Well, as it turned out, it was submitted to my insurance company, and THEY owe me approximately 1200!!! I have been in contact with the local office, who really pissed me off. The office manager thought it was funny! I have been involved with their corporate office for over 2 weeks and to this day nothing other than promises, they are working on it and will call me and blah , blah…. and more blah. Someone say class action? tomorrow I will be on the phone to the Florida insurance commission. I am just outraged!!! This place sucks.
    I also made a formal complaint to my insurance company.

  • Well well, one of my visits I was turned away because I was not on the schedule, even though the girl behind the desk (lexus) gave me a card. I had to go away. Not the same thing happened this time!!!! I came home and got the friendly reminder they send the day before and it said the same time I wrote on my calendar. And once again she said they could not FIT ME IN!!!! Oh HELLLL NO!!! There will not be a THIRD TIME. YOUR OUT!!!!

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    • My husband and I retired in Georgia and went to the Snellville great expressions office we were pressured into getting a care credit card they put $3530 on the card for what we needed to have done without checking to see what the insurance company would pay then they charged the insurance company. We all should get together and start a class action lawsuit.

  • Dissatified Customer in Georgia–Wall Street, Conyers, GA Location
    TIRED of showing up for appointments ON TIME and having to wait up to 30 minutes or longer before being seen. TIRED of seeing a different dentist every time I go. Really not happy to be told I need unnecessary dental work and have been giving glowing reports for the last 7-8 years by this office on my dental hygiene and care of my teeth. Went in January and not told that I had issues with my teeth. Go in 6 month later-today 7/11/16 and told I need deep cleaning. Examined by a new hygienist that took a million ex-rays and she's calling out numbers I've never been told before on my teeth. Then the dentist comes in and says different numbers!!! Red Flag #2. Then I was told about the procedure and when I asked was I getting my cleaning, the hygienist told me that she was sorry but she ran out of time! I was on time for my appointment and called back after waiting for 30 minutes. Those 30 minutes were my cleaning time. So they want me to come back in and return for cleanings every 3 months for year for additional money as my dental insurance will only pay a small portion. So again, how do I go from a clean mouth to yuck mouth in 6 months? I would love to talk to my former hygienist and ask her why she left. She eluded to the changes the dental office went through once Great Expressions took over. And the changes were noticeable by all patience that had been at that office for year like myself. I've been reading reviews and most of them are negative. The only positive for me was my former hygienist because she was friendly and really believe she wasn't trying to make up stuff to make that office money. You've lost a customer and I will not recommend anyone use Great Expressions. Even my husband doesn't like the service he's received and is still having issues with his crown that he really didn't need. This use to be a GREAT dentist office–Great Expressions ruined it!

  • Went to GEDC off Morang in Detroit just was going for a cleaning my insurance only paid for 4 films of x-rays they didn't clean my teeth talking about I needed the full x-rays. WORST SERVICES EVER! IF anything else was wrong they WILL NOT be the ones that fix it. Going to a real dentist leaving Great Expressions in my past like I did 5 years ago.

  • Wow! I wish I had read these reviews before going to Great Expression. I've had 4 extractions since October and still have not gotten my partial dentures yet. The first pair was to tight and now the second set has been sent off and I am still waiting. Just spoke with Patient Services – don't know how well this will help. I will not be recommending this company to anyone.

  • Just took my scared 6 1/2 year old to see Dr. Chintan Shah in the Warren Michigan office… NEVER again!!!!! I myself go there ALL the time due to dental issues but this guy took the cake! My son has an extremely loose top tooth – his gum is irritated, red and swollen – I told the hygienist that I wanted some sort of topical numbing agent on it so it didn't hurt when the dentist pulled it out – it was so loose I don't see how it hasn't fallen out yet – well he asked if he could see the tooth – my showed him – then he asked if he could wiggle it a little and he let him – THEN Dr Shah asked if he could wiggle it one more time and my son, trusting him, let him and he grabbed and was moving it all around, there was blood everywhere and my son was crying so hard and asking him to stop – I said to him "what your not using numbing stuff" and his reply was that it would numb it in time and I told him to stop and advised we wouldn't be back there – after a moment he finally stopped and THEN put the numbing stuff on!!!! I plan on filing a formal complaint with the company and with my insurance company! HE is not fit for treating children! DO NOT TAKE YOUR CHILDREN THIS DENTIST EVER!!! Oh and also just for the record – the tooth is STILL IN! He didn't even get the tooth out! He said yeah that thing isn't coming out and he isn't going to let try anymore – it should be out in a day or 2! REALLY!!!! After ALL THAT!!!!!

  • Class Action Law Suite.. that's what this company needs. My life is a nightmare since going to them. Stole my money and ruined my mouth

  • Worst experience ever…I wish I had read these comments before I went to a office. They don't care about you they were just trying to milk my insurance. They keep running pre treatment estimates. Never again..

    • Listen up everyone there needs to be a "Class Action Suite" filed against this company there work is a nightmare ..they steal your money and don't care about your teeth and what happens with the work they do..I am in a living nightmare with this company. I went to the Selden NY one and I have had nothing but pain and suffering. I needed a bridge done..well that was a nightmare, every temporary they put in broke after a day or two and this went on for 2 months until the permanent one came and and the nightmare continues my permanent bridge is only in a little over a year and the porcelain broke off it…they are making every excuse not to take care of this and I'm not going to let them steal my hard earned money ..they got paid and I want a proper bridge in my mouth.. This company needs to be investigated and banned from dentistry.

  • Today this company with arrogant employees called me that there is a balance in my daughter's account after two years of braces that has done absolutely nothing for her. This is the same company located in Kennesaw. I called the corporate office and they are even worse, very rude and nonchalant. Who is the CEO of this company?. I have two different insurance coverage for my daughter, one from my wife and the other from me and we paid out of pocket of $2000.00 and after two years they are claiming that our insurance did not pay their part and so we have to pay. DO NOT GO TO GREAT EXPRESSIONS. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THESE PEOPLE.!!!!!!! I am going to call the local media and see if they will look into the business practices of this company, also the BBB.

  • I went to Great Expressions in Atlanta yesterday. I made a cleaning appt weeks ago and then, just a few days before the appt, they had to reschedule. I have new insurance since the last time I was there and gave the woman all the info on the phone. So, I showed up yesterday and was asked to fill out a bunch of papers. I told the receptionist none of my info had changed, but she insisted I had to fill out the papers "to be current." Just stupid. Then, she started trying to verify my insurance online. Looked and looked and kept asking me questions. I assured her I have insurance and pay premiums each month. But she couldn't find the proof she needed. Bottom line, no cleaning yesterday. Said she'd call the ins co Monday morning and then "try to get you back in as soon as possible." Seems to me she should have done all that work when I made my appt and not when I appeared in the office. Additionally, she had her adorable 4-yr-old boy sitting next to her, sorting various colors of paper. She kept telling him he wasn't doing it right and she kept berating him for his ineptitude. HIS ineptitude??? What about hers? I will NOT be returning to Great Expressions and will report this to their corporate office — for what it's worth.

    • The corporate office is just as bad as the local offices; rude, nonchalant and only interested in money even if you have a legitimate complains. I wonder how they are able to stay in business. Same experience in Kennesaw.

  • The Great Expressions office in Hapeville GA is absolutely disgusting. The office manager Pauline is not only rude but I believe she has been stealing money from the customers. she would not allow my daughter dental service until we paid 900.00 in advance and once it was paid- She confirmed an apt and once my daughter arrived my daughter was told her information was lost in the system and we needed to start ALL over again!! Pauline referred us to some lady who could look into the situation but would not provide a complete name or phone number. My family had been going to this dental practice for many years prior to it being sold to Great Expressions. We used to receive professional quality care but not anymore. It is my intention to file a complaint with the better business bureau. Pauling and her unprofessional sneaky self should not be allowed to continue to swindle customers!!

  • What a nightmare this place is. Front office manager is VERY unprofessional!! Dr on duty fixed a tooth of mine that never even needed fixing !! This is the coral ridge location. Hygienist is very sweet along with dental assistants, but the front office "mangager" should lose her job. She was rude to me multiple times and even lied to me !! They owe me a lot of money and the front office manager said she sent my file to the financial department and turns out SHE NEVER DID! I finally spoke to the regional manger and she helped me the RIGHT WAY! Thank goodness. Hopefully the issues gets resolved and once it does I will not be returning

  • I had twenty-two teeth extracted between three appointments and immediate dentures put in place. Everything went great, until I received my dentures. The teeth are not centered at all, the plates are way too thick, the bottom denture makes my bite so off that the dentist has filed the back teeth down to the gum already, and the teeth make me have a severe under bite and I cannot even wear the lower dentures at all (which means I cannot eat anything). I am extremely disappointed, especially since I have been very patient and never complained about anything. I am now left for 6 months to a year without lower teeth because the dentist said that all they can do is make adjustments, but they cannot make new dentures until my gums have healed up. This is a horrible company, and all they want is your money. This was a Georgia location and I will never recommend them to anyone. I have now begun the process of getting a refund for the dentures by contacting the Georgia Dental Association, the Great Expressions headquarters, and if I have to, contact a lawyer and have them sued. The location that I went to is only open two days a week, so they can only see you on Tuesdays and Thursdays, but any other time, they are closed. I am very unhappy, but this will be handled accordingly.

  • Do not entrust mouth and especially your pocket book to these people, straight up scam. I have a Medicare Advantage plan and purchased dental through my wife’s policy from work. First of all, they out-and-out lied that I could not use my wife’s insurance as primary, shame on me, I believed them last year. I went for my semiannual cleaning and check. I never saw a dentist, period, and was in the chair for 12 minutes. I timed the tech since I accepted their scam last year. She gave my teeth the most brief brush with the tooth paste because I had already declined all the add-ons. I was charged $85 dollars for service I did not even receive. I was told that I had to use the Medicare. I called the purchased plan and they even laughed at the scam. I went back and insisted they follow protocol and was charged a whapping $70 for service I did not receive. The insurance said for the service I received there was a $5 co pay. The business manager said I had to come back and argue with the tech. WHAT? Please, Do not believe anything Great Expressions tells you. The same dentist is listed for every one of their many offices scattered around the city. Not possible for him to do that. I intend to take this to Medicare and the insurance commission of the State of Florida.

    Great Expressions Dental, overcharged me by over $1500 for Braces. They fired 4 financial managers in the past 2 years. The second financial manager located the error, and documented it in my chart. She was fired and all documentation was taken out. The third financial manager figured it all out as well, although she had some errors in her 'Audit', she showed that they owed me $150. I told her to send me copies of all the paperwork ASAP, because she too would soon loose her job. She did…and I have all the documentation! Now she has been fired….and of course No one knows anything. No one answers the phones….and they are demanding an additional $400 before another appointment can be made. To the financial managers who worked in this office 2014-2015, and lost your job for doing what was right, and to all who are wanting to start a Nationwide Class Action Law Suit against this corrupt incompetent company. Email, so we can get this thing going. I WILL SUE REGARDLESS….All of my records neatly organized and ready to go. Hours of me taking off of work, to run in circles with these clowns…the stress that this has caused me, on top of the $1500 that they overcharged me.

  • They are holding money that I overpaid from a previous visit until insurance covers another procedure that was done. It has been denied twice, and is an nonbillable procedure. Meaning since they are a network provider, if a procedure is done and not seen as necessary by insurance, the dentist can not charge the patient since it was not by choice. Now I am still waiting for my almost $300 because GE wants to appeal. All because no one checked with my insurance company. I will not be going back and wish I hadn't started going. Office in GA.

  • THIS IS THE WORST COMPANY EVER!!!!!!!!!!!! My daughter had an appointment on 02/25/2015 at 8 am for the removal of a mesh that was hurting her gum. We were there 10 min before the appointment just to be told the doctor had a last minute emergency and was not going to be able to make to the office that day. Of course, I'm an employee who had to ask permission to go to the appointment. They reschedule us for 02/27/2015 at 3 pm so I had to talk to my manager again who knowing the situation allowed me the leave work early that day. I got stocked in traffic and called the office to tell them I was going to be like 15 or 20 min late for the appointment and they said that I was more that 10 min late my daughter was not going to be seen by the doctor because she was the last appointment and the doctor was not going to be there by that time.. So we could understand the doctor emergency and they couldn't understand ours. At this time, my girl still have that metal hurting her gum and we haven't received a single call from the to reschedule the appointment to finished a treatment I already paid for. And by the way, the lady I was talking to HANG UP ON ME without saying a word. I don't understand how companies that function in such a terrible way are still open when they are actually doing the opposite to what they are supposed to do.

    • Wish I had NEVER heard of Great Expressions! My dentist retired and sold his practice to them & I continued going to that office. Wish my dentist had never retired or I had found another dentist when he did. I had a horrible time trying to get appointments to have a procedure finished – had to wait 3 wks between appointments & dental appliance was NOT made correctly by their labs..Dentist kept "adjusting" it, saying takes time to get used to it. FINALLY agreed that labs messed up, but work still not done properly at all & they got paid by my insurance and also my co-pay, as per their policy of payment in full required. Now I'm stuck with no appliance & they have my money & won't return my phone calls – & that's when they even answer their phones! Usually get voice mail, but they don't return calls! When I do get someone they say they will call back, back they never do! Wish I had my money & went somewhere else to begin with. Also, this dentist takes hours each appointment – 2 & 3 times as long as my previous dentist took for the same type of work needing done! Very SLOW! I totally agree with all the other comments posted here. I have no confidence in this dentist or the staff that keeps changing every time I was there. My advice is to go to another dentist!

  • a total nightmare! Had issues from the very first visit . Merrill rd Jacksonville fl. They agreed to refund me. Still waiting… 30 days later. I am currently organizing a picket of this office. Every day I wait for my money is another day of picketing. I do not want any one else to be treated like this.

  • This company is a bunch of crooks!!!They told me that the insurance company would not cover the two root canals and crowns I needed. So I paid them in full cash and then I find out that they were also paid in full by my insurance company!!!!! I have been fighting them for months to get my money back!! They have a million excuses of why they won't send me a check. I filed a complaint with my insurance and my last step is to contact a lawyer. STAY AWAY FROM GREAT EXPRESSIONS!! The location I went to was in Middletown, NY. But now I see they are fraudulent at all their locations.

  • Someone forged my signature on a credit card receipt after it was disputed. Never filed insurance claims for another family member. Billed for work they never did. Never refunded the money. Would never go back even if they paid me.

  • Stay away from the Miramar, Fl. office. I was quoted one price and it was given to me in writing. I paid when they completed the work and later I received a bill for over seven hundred dollars. No one returns your phone calls, or responds to written inquiries. This has been going on since July, 2014, I'm not sure what my next move should be. My insurance company told me to request an itemized bill with the billing codes which I did. However, to date no response. This company gives you a toothache.

  • I am very disappointed with great expression dental center went to get a tooth pulled they quote me a price to do it when they were done.I pay what they told me now they are sending me a bill saying that i owed another 75.00 dollars they say that my bill is higher then what they told me.I live in Naples Florida the location was in Bonita Springs Florida.Make sure that you get the quote in written or they will try to screw you too.

    • I just say your answer and let me tell you that to me they told me my insurance was paying $3,500. I am almost at the end of the treatment and now they told me my insurance was not paying $1,000 and that I had to pay that amount in full in less than two months. I have been trying to get in contact with their office but they are not calling me back nor they want to give my son another appointment until I settle the account. This is ridiculus. I will report the to the better business bureau. I was going to the Miramar office

  • Dentists from hell. My daughter got braces from the Miami, North Dade location…worst mistake ever. I have two other children that were seen there and from the service provided to my first daughter, I decided against having future business with them. Before my first daughter received her braces the dentist decided to provide a tooth filing, which was not necessary and not documented. She chipped my daughter's tooth. Long story short, after the braces were removed, Great expressions agreed to absorb the cost of the tooth repair. Yeah right…now we are getting the run around. Prior to now I spoke with the facility manager, who made note in my daughter's file and I also spoke with corporate office and was assured that this problem would be corrected once her braces were removed. To make matters worst the dentist no longer works there…she left not long after screwing up my daughter's teeth. STAY AWAY FROM GREAT EXPRESSION in any U.S. state!!! Consider yourself warned!

  • Wow , !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they made me feel like I was the one who was in the wrong , for dentures , after 6 months of hell , put mold in my mouth with only two horse size teeth in front crooked ,with the staff looking on laughing , told me it was finial , & instead of another try on gave it & told me i had to accept it , $2000 +++ down the drain , refused , dentist made a new mold to leave in 6 minutes , i sat there gagging as mold went down my throat due to extreme excess , he said not his problem , wouldn't even look at me when working on patient next to me , assistant was confused at what to do because the 6 minutes never was timed , i could go on with the expense , cruelty & lack of care , i could not believe this goes without a lawsuit from someone,

  • Wow! My wife and I are leaving (actually, have left) Great Expressions on Busbee Parkway, Kennesaw, GA. It started out as Nanston Dental and I guess was bought by Great Expressions. We agree totally with reviews written above. They are crown happy (sure … high profits and very expensive), and, billing is a joke except it is not funny. We called and said that we were leaving and all the new dentist wanted was latest X-rays. They said, "$25 per patient." We said, "The X-rays have already been paid for by our insurance." They replied, "Sorry, that's our fee." Arrgghh! Over several years, we have been extremely disappointed in Great Expressions but especially with the billing, over-billing, inability to break down and/or explain charges, etc. They are terrible company in desperate need of a thorough house cleaning.

  • This company sucks! The office in Fleming Island in Jacksonville FL has incompetent workers that provide poor customer service therefore will not get my business ever again!! They double bill you and the insurance companies…or is that standard practice! I would not recommend this place/company to anyone.

  • I am so disappointed in this company. They are the worst dental company I ever had to deal with. They over charged me for some dental expenses that I explained and also my insurance explained that all procedures would be covered they still charged my credit card and took over a year to refund me my money. When you call the office they don't do nothing but pass the buck to another customer service. I will not recommend no one to this company.

  • I am comforted to know that I am not alone…10-year patient…pay all expenses on time…then keep getting voluminous bills…in April get one of these multi-page statements showing we owed more $500 for a procedure for which we had already paid almost $1K….three years ago. The insurance claim at the time requested additional info from GED…which was never submitted…now GED wants this money. Our local office is refusing to provide us any more services and our account has market for "collections".
    Six weeks ago I reached out Patient Services…they said they would contact my insurance provider and my local office…and then to call me "next week". Subsequent to my trying reach them again to follow, I then went to their website to find somebody's name…did not find any, so wrote a note on the Contact Us page…nor response.
    Then I read a Press Release about "Great Expressions CEO Named 2014 EY Entrepreneur of the Year for Consumer Services"…written by someone from their PR firm. So, I wrote to her asking for her assistance….I then got a call from someone else from Patient Services who assured me she would investigate and "call you next week"…that was more than two weeks ago.
    I want to get this off my back so it doesn't negatively impact our 40+ year stellar credit score.

  • If I did work for them in my lab I would have COD before they got my work, I want to get paid, afraid if I walked away without my $ for my services, I would never get paid by corporate

  • They lost me as a patient over refill for an oral rinse for peridontal disease. I have been going to this practice in Buckhead, Dr Ali Harnadi's office for > 10 years. The Hygienist would not call in refill until after the appt. I had schedule in October due to I want early morning appt so she expects I will wait 2 + months for this rinse. I thought she cares about her patients I guess not!!!!!!!!!

  • I wish I had read these comments before my horrible experience with this chain. Lesson learned though, I will be changing to another dentist as soon as I can. I live in Michigan went to the Livonia Specialty—horrible is one word to sum up the experience. I will be changing the primary as well which in in F.H. I will just not go to ANY Great Expressions–ANYWHERE!!

  • I would also urge you to contact your dental insurance companies to check on any suspicious, or just plain fraudulent, insurance filings. If they are over billing the patients, they are certain to be over billing the insurance companies.

  • I am actually considering getting the news media involved. If I can round up victims from other states maybe we can get some action. Any interest? If there is, I'll publish an email address where I can be privately messaged.

  • I have 2 daughter's in braces. The office we go to is the one on Busbee in Kennesaw, GA. I am stunned by these reviews. Every single thing mentioned in the comments has happened to me since 9/12 when the braces were put on. I just received a bill for a May 2014 "Ortho Adjustment" for the daughter who had her braces removed almost 3 months ago!!! I have a contract for both children that I pay $100/month for each and there are no other monies due. The # for the corporate office in Michigan is 248-203-1100. I would encourage everyone to contact the accounting office at corporate and demand to speak to the GA (or whatever state you in) Regional Manager and make a complaint. I just got off the phone with a "Nelson" in that department who claimed to be a supervisor. Guess what? He's not. I cannot wait to get the last child out of braces.

  • I worked for them dont go..some of the dentist are good and honest..its the company itself..are all about money..they step on the employees.No raises.The office mangers get bonus,so they step on the team..send them home.We miss our hours..This company is about money the Patients do not come first…its all about the money..Yes I know its a business.Just sad..

  • i had a zero balance one week, and the following month i had a 2200 hundred dollar balance.. sick, sick sic,

  • I scheduled a teeth cleaning months in advance and my first time to use this facility in my local community of Douglasville, GA. They kept me waiting 2 hours before calling me back when I arrived 30 min prior to my appt time. I had expressed on 3 separate times to the staff to not perform any services for me beyond my copay and what my insurance allows and covers. They said my wait was due to them verifying my insurance. Once I was finally in the chair, they then wanted to come back and charge me for req'd x-rays which I declined and said they could get a copy of my prior year xrays from my prev dentist who was no longer under my insurance plan. They said they had to have xrays then before they could clean my teeth. I refused to pay for them and was going to exit and leave. They then came back and said they would perform the xrays at no cost and not to worry. I again said DO NOT perform any services on me beyond my copay and what ins pays for and I do not want anything but my teeth cleaned. After over another hour of sitting in the chair and her floating between me and 2 other patients I had – had enough of waiting to only be given half of my teeth cleaned. I had been more than patient with this office staff. I got up out the chair paid my copay and left the facility without ever seeing the actual dentist and vowing I would never return to this place again. Here I am months later fighting bills that started arriving within 30 days of my Dec 2013 appt. First bill was over $800 which included billing me for the xrays that I declined and said I was not paying for while sitting in the chair. The local office mgr says there is nothing he can do about it and to contact corporate. He would only speak with me once. The second time he would not even speak about a solution and hung up on me. Corporate has never gotten back to me in 3 months of trying to contact them. I have since filed complaints with the insurance provider, BBB, State/Local Board of Dentistry, and the State Licensing Board and tried to file a complaint (which they will not accept) with the Amer Dental Assoc. Here I am into month four and just received another bill from Great Expressions. I never authorized or gave them permission to perform ANY service on me beyond my copay. Good luck to you if you go to this facility. I hope no one ends up fighting bills for services that I knew I could never afford to pay. I wish I had never given this place a try for a simple yearly teeth cleaning.

  • Absolutely DO NOT go to the office in West Bloomfield MI. They broke the bonding off one of my teeth during a cleaning, despite knowing they needed to be careful in that area due to the work I had had done there. Anyone who's had bonding done knows it is not cheap. I had to pay out of pocket for the original work. The denstist Dr Bhatia was rude, making it very clear she was not happy to have to fix it. She did a 5 minute crap patch job so it was no surprise when 10 days later it fell off. They scheduled me another appointment to fix it, confirmed the appointment a few days before and then 24 hours later called to tell me they would not be fixing my tooth after all. I was through dealing with the incompetence of the office and attempted to contact the customer service dept at the corporate office. I emailed the customer service center once and called 4 times leaving several messages before I finally got through to somone. Not because they got back to me in the 1 business day as their web page states they will, but because someone FINALLY answered the phone. They said they would get back to me within a week. Well, 2 weeks have gone by and I have yet to hear anything. I am still battling the issue. I will never set foot or spend another penny in one of their offices, and I will make sure to let everyone I can know why. Save yourself money, time, and frustration and go to a real dentist – not here!

  • They are deceptive and mislead you on services and billing. They lie. I will never go to this place again in Douglasville, GA.

  • They refused me service in Kennesaw, GA because I would not agree to getting 16 xrays of my mouth for a simple cleaning. I had xrays 6 months ago on file with them. Two different staff members said it was "GA State Law," so I asked for a copy of the law and they told me to Google it. So I did. There is no such law, they are lairs and just want to charge insurance companies and over radiate their patients. I will be doing more research to find out how to escalate this issue. Avoid this company, any branch, AT ALL COSTS.

  • They are crooked and Lie about sending claims to insurance they will not take my daughters braces off until insurance pays!! due to there fault of not submitting claims I am still waiting in them to call me! back I have tried to get a hold of all the everyone including calling corporate office they are rude as well. I am seriously thinking a class action law suite who is in with me!!! Oh by the way its been five months since they have seen my daughter and the bill keeps getting larger!! plus she still needs her braces off!!

  • my daughter needs oral surgery after we left he office we were told to with in 2 weeks we would hear form them in regards to the approval from the insurance company we never did i called and they gave me the run around and come to find out it was never submitted for the approval so we lost that time and then i was told to take it up with with the insurance company hence it delayed the whole process still dont know where we will end up in the mean time my daughter is in pain…and they are playing games office manager is rude she is the one who lied from the start how it was submitted from day one… it never was and the doctor left the company to go work else where…. bad service bad service !!!!! jensen beach florida location!!

  • I so agree with you this is the WORST I MEAN WORST COMPANY I HAVE EVER SEEN. I HAVE BEEN WAITING ON A REFUND FOR MY BRACES FOR 4 MONTHS AND HAVE YET!! TO RECIEVE IT!!!!!!! The company really needs to get things in order because they are losing quality patients everyday and I see from previous comment that I'm not the only one that feels this way.!!!!!!

    • Omg!…i have never been treated so horribly in my life!!..can somebody plrase who to contact?…this is the biggest scam i have ever had pulled on me….and i am on disability!…valrico fla.

    • Yes My name is Anita and The Great Expressions Dental Center did nothing but rip me off. After 15 months of them working on my mouth every crown has came off and they sent me to a specialist. Turns out the special Great Expressions dentist didn't even come and talk to me he just had the nurse to come tell me that my teeth had to be surgically removed and there was nothing he could do. Then a few months later 1 crown and 1 filling abcessed and they never returned my ER contact info I left so I went to another dentist and chose my own specialist to remove those teeth. They were supposed to give me a refund to go toward another dental office but never did. And when I called about the last filling that came out they (Candi or Candice or whatever the witch goes by, I guess what mood she is in!) told me it wasn't a filling it was a crown. I told her "lady I am looking at the filling that just came out when eating a PBandJ sandwich. Shoddy work and if CORPORATE will call me 678 673 6149 I might not sue for pain and suffering.! DO NOT GO TO A GREAT EXPRESSIONS DENTAL CENTER!!!!! Now I will post again if CORPORATE will get back to me anad settle things. They got over $15,000 in insurance and cash payments. And EVERY tooth is having to be redone or pulled!

    • I am currently dealing with the office in Alpharetta and I too am thinking about suing. I feel they are intentionally misleading and try to rip people off for unneeded services. I set up an appointment for a cleaning and before I knew it I was told I needed braces and was rushed through the process. After dealing with a family emergency less than 10 days later I verbally canceled. Long story short I am now being charged over $800 for work that was never done on me. Seriously thinking about filing a Class Action Suit.

  • Decatur, GA office. DO NOT GO!!Ok where do I start. reason I selected was because of the monthly payments and my daughter really needed braces, Single mom, set up auto payments 1.5 year all auto payments good. Could never get anyone to return calls to get appointment. Job ended, I notified them immediately, explained payments would have to be smaller and not on auto payment, They REFUSED to see my daughter if I could not pay the previous monthly payment of $175.00. I told them I could pay $50 or $75 this went on for over 7 months, even when I got a new job and told them I would need to catch up, I had to call as an emergency, use my rent money and pay $300 three times and still no one returns my calls. She gets seen but not again for another 4 months, they wanted balance which included office visits that they REFUSED to see her. I finally after getting very, very FIRM requested my daughters records to go else where, oh now they want to call me. Payment made, braces removed, but since they REFUSED to see her for months at a time, her bottom is crooked. Over $3000 dollars already paid and all they have to say is I am so sorry, that was the old staff, and that should not have happened. And get this, NOW it has taken 7 messages, 45 days and contacting customer rep in corporate to get someone to call and make an appointment and after bill settled, THEY SENT MY DAUGHTER TO A COLLECTION AGENCY, for money we DO NOT OWE!!!!!! she just started college, and now I am getting run around about who is responsible and who has to contact the collection agency to CLEAR my daugthers name. This will cause my daughter major damage and conflicts with loans and financial aid…I AM PAST ANGRY, I AM FURIOUS AND IF THEY DAMAGE MY DAUGHTERS CREDIT I WILL TAKE LEGAL ACTION!!!!!!

    • I only selected GEDC because it was one of the few that my dental insurance covered. I have a firm contract where I paid some up front and made monthly payments until her braces were off. The day she went to get them off they told me I owed them $800 or they wouldn't take the braces off. I informed them that I was completely aware of the terms of my contract and then all of the sudden it was "OOPS our bad, we made a mistake" Crooks

    • yes they are the worst. when I initially got my braces I paid the down payment and the first month and they still charged me for the first month. Then they got an attitude about me calling and made me wait until the next day. Then they say I have to wait 3-5 business days to refund me. We will see how they like it when I take the money out my account so I can tell them I will pay in 3-5 business days

  • I went to the office in Miramar Florida. Horrible. They should be reported for unethical treatment and pushing medically unnecessary services. The insurance companies should investigate them. It's amazing nearly every tooth they touched would end up haveing a good chance of needing a root canal. I go to the dentist every 6 months for my whole life. I moved and tried this place. I won't go back to continue with the cleaning. My old place will see me when i'm on vacation.

    • I thought it was just me. Some staff members act as though they are doing you a favor to be nice and hospitable. When we are paying their salaries. Dare not make a complaint… will be ignored until you say something. These people needs a crash course in customer service.

    • I went to the Miramar office in Florida. I was there for over 3 hours. I will not go into details about my visit, other than to say that I went in for basic service and ended up paying for something I never planned for. They told me I needed to have this done and that done and if I don't have it done I will have major problems later with my teeth. I had an uncomfortable feeling after I left that place. I am so sorry and disappointed in myself for not having researched this dental practice before choosing them as my dentist. I have learned my lesson. Shame on this practice.

    • coral springs is dirty and filthy and they take money for procedures that are not needed!!! The manager is a nightmare and NASTY!!!
      This is what I waited for 2 hours for????

  • I will be so happy when my daughter's ortho treatments are complete. I live in Georgia and we participate at the Kennesaw location on Busbee. The customer service is horrible. They wont answer the telephones to obtain appointments. I have tried unsuccessfully to obtain an appointment for 3 weeks, meanwhile my daughter needs an adjustment. The North Georgia location has a sister office in Lawrenceville and they cover up for each other. Neither of these offices have a receptionist to answer telephones. It's almost as if they punish customers who don't take appointment times that they want you to have. I always thought the medical profession asked when a appointment time is convenient for the patient and not this is the time we have selected for you. Who owns these places. I sure would like to know. I wonder if the Insurance companies know that patients are not being treated fairly?

    • There the same way in the Stockbridge location I'm reporting them to the news, bbb..who ever i can to get them to do there JOB and be HONEST!! dern CROOKS

    • Same in Michigan, the service sucks! Everytime I have gone to the WB office its a new dentist and new hygienists. I am fighting them to fix damage they did to some previous dental work at my last – and i mean LAST – visit. They're all incompetent from the office staff, to the hygienists, to the customer service center.

    • When I was reading your comment I thought to myself "I don't remember posting that". It is identical down to the office in Kennesaw

    • I would encourage you to go to the insurance commissioner in your state and directly to your insurance company to see if there have been fraudulent claims filed by Great Expressions

    • I am a frustrated with this company also. It is very difficult to get someone on the phone. The offices cannot tell you anything regarding your bill. They have to correspond with headquarters through email and wait for a response. I have been waiting for a month and no one knows anything. I am here in Miami and I have been going to them since I was a little girl and now my children go there. This is the worst service I have ever seen for dental health care.

    • Horrible customer service in the coral springs and Weston office!!!
      The coral springs office is dirty and filthy and should be reported to the Health Department is not sanitary!!!!!
      DO NOT GO THERE EVER!!!!! They also are rude on top of it all!!!

    • We are in canton mi and it is the Worst Front Desk! They don't answer phone can't get appointments unless u make it in person! We had to call corporate offices to make a payment! The Orthodontist herself is Great! She is the only reason we go back!

    • The service is horrible on riverdale ga. Went to the dentist without a toothache. Fir teeth whitening they said I need other work got that done had to go back bite was off they cracked one of my teeth I got done back home and I still have toothaches after all this cant get in touch with corporate anybody know of a lawyer in south Georgia I can call. I'm in pain have to spend money somewhere else

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