Gucci USA Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Gucci USA Corporate Office Headquarters HQ
Gucci America, Inc.
50 Hartz Way
Secaucus, NJ 07094 USA

  • I came to the Gucci store at the Beverly Centre to have my sunglasses adjusted as the arms have become loose.
    I was quite disappointed when the Gucci salesman referred me to a non-Gucci store in the mall. My impression was that Gucci stood behind their brand and their products.
    Have I misunderstood the service and quality of Gucci.


  • Your customer service could not suck any more. I've been on hold for 20 minutes. I've left voice mails, and sent emails. All trying to get help with an order (hint, I want to spend money). How on earth do you stay in business treating customer so poorly?

  • Took in my gucci watch for repair, it was inspected and I was given a receipt showing the crown needed to be replaced. I was told I would receive a call with the repair charges. That was 1/21/17. I never received a call, so in march I called the office and was told that it was going to be $263.10 to repair the watch. I'm like are you crazy for what? Anyway I had my husband called them so that they could explain the charges to him. They started listed all these things that was wrong. He asked to speak with a manager and was told one would call him back, which they never did.I called again on 3/17/17 and was told that this time someone would call me back, They never did. I decided to call again today 3/31/17. Same lady from the 17th took my call. she was nice and apologized. She took my number again and said someone will contact me. Someone did like 10 minutes after, I had to repeat this issue all over to her and was told to hold. She came back on the phone and told me to hold for her manager. Well she did not do anything to solve the issue. So my watch came back unrepaired and with more damages. It went from replacing crown to damage movement, stem broken, case scratches, strap worn, ect. Can't believe a company like really don't care about their customers. Horrible customer service. I will tell everyone about them. I will take this issue higher.

  • I bought a pair of $650 Gucci sneakers from the Gucci store somehow somebody in the warehouse switch them out and gave me black and white Nike running shoes after going back and forth with them for about a month they tell me that I will not receive my item or my money back after I sent pictures and a video that I was going to do a review on for YouTube they still decided not to give me anything now mind you these shoes cost $650 not cheap at all and I ended up with nothing you would think after I'm an unhappy customer that they would still try to help me out in some way lady that I talked to she claims she did everything she could but at the end of the day I'm $650 poorer that's half of stuff is not acceptable what happened to the customer is always right I won't stop until I get my money back for my item you can always make it right shoot me an email

  • We are paying thousands of dollars for Gucci and China is making these products and selling them on Ali Express. WTF

  • I myself will never purchase a Gucci bag again – My husband purchased a gucci bag for me in september – I ew I didn't like it then and I went to return it. This was the miracle mile on long island. It was so uncomfortable and a bit to flashy for me. The sales associate made me feel so awful about returning the bag – which I only was going to exchange that I would up keeping it out of guilt – can you imagine feeling guilty about returning something so expensive. This is in fact why smaller stores with return policies such as these lose customers. I certainly understand if it were used or I did not have the receipt. You people are terrible people.

  • I WILL NEVER GIVE GUCCI ANOTHER DIME! I took my $1500 bag into Gucci @ Somerset (Troy, MI) April 2015 for repair. They first looked at me like I didn't belong there. Maybe because I don't portray their regular highfalutin customers. Immediately they took me my bag that is fraying on both sides couldn't be fixed. I insisted they send it out anyway. Eight weeks later, I called repair to check on my bag. No record. The store NEVER sent my bag out! You would think they would've contacted me to either pick it up OR confirm my information to send it to me. NOPE. I called to have them send it to me, didn't receive it until today. NOVEMBER 11TH! Reached out to corporate, was advised to fax complaint.


    • Totally agree with you!! Ive received better customer service at walmart. .mind you i send my purse for repair cause of course it fell apart before my year warranty expired..i sent it to be repaired and of course they return it with a broken clasp so i send it again..which was July 22, 2015 today is February 16 2016 and still no handbag so i call and they tell me they sent it to the store where i purchased it AND that store is now PERMANENTLY CLOSED…I AM how about that, no one knows where my bag is..GUCCI SUCKS..I WILL NEVER PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM THEM AGAIN.

  • Gucci Manager Lindsey Childers at Gucci Bloomingdale's Chestnut Hill is extremely unprofessional. She is totally inadequate in customer care. She does not care about loosing a longtime customer due to her lousy attitude.

  • I will never shop at Gucci garden state small starting with the register personnel Alfa she is rude and condescending they don't make you feel welcomed and do not assist the only person worth going for is Peter he is an amazing sales person I live in New Jersey and have to travel to New York to make any purchases for the lack of customer service Gucci garden state mall nj has!!!! Someone should teach her to have interpersonal skills !!

  • Yes, I would agree Gucci has very rude employees that do not want to speak with people calling them. I will not purchase from Gucci as they use calf leather for peoples vanity. Baby calves….really….Gucci does not care.

  • I'm astounded that Gucci doesn't have an extended holiday return policy. Considering that people Are buying Christmas gifts not sure if the recipients would like the color, size or design Gucci should've by now implemented an extended return policy out of consideration for their customers. You would think that shopping at at high end retailer you would expect to get high end service. Don't just be about the money Gucci get some customer consciousness too. Get with it Gucci.

  • Hello, I was just wanting to basically, beg, Gucci to consider bringing back Gucci #3 perfume for women. I am 44 years old and have been wearing it since high school. I am an ER nurse and I also dance. I get more compliments on this perfume then anything I've ever worn. I continue to buy it off ebay. Please please bring this back. Thank you for your consideration:)

  • I purchased a gucci pelham bag several years ago , paid $1500. The bag was not used an awful lot nor abused when used. However, the bag has frayed on both sides. Is there anyway to repair it ?

    • Repairs

      Products may be brought to any authorized point of distribution in the U.S. or mailed to the appropriate address below:

      Handbag, Shoes, Jewelry and Luggage Repairs

      Attn: GAI Fashion Repairs
      50 Hartz Way Secaucus, New Jersey 07094
      tel 800.234.8224

    • STAY AWAY from the GAI Fashion Repairs. First, they cannot locate merchandise for months, second they cannot even quote repair times or prices… repair was simple, just put another original sole on a 700 dollar pair of men's shoes….I ended up after two months of nothing done, quoted, or even quoted in having the shoes sent BACK to me to be done somewhere else. Horrible Customer Service!

  • I am trying to get in contact with your design department. I have a catalog of my designs that, I designed just for your gucci men's and women's shoe designing department I think it would truely bless the companies new year and seasons to come .please contact me at with your design department info thanks

  • So you leave your info on a random website that has no affiliation with Gucci? INTELLIGENT!!! You'll be selling your "invention" in no time LOL

  • I'd like to ask if GUCCI ever thinks about making a new product that would be a seller on the market? I ask because I have an Invention I've just made that might fit this company's liking. So I just asked.

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