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  1. I ordered items for my son and daughter for Christmas on November 11. The order was shipped signature required. I have ordered from Gymboree many times for several years and have never had to sign for the items. Additionally I did not get any notification that a signature would be required. When I looked on my account it just said call for help. On December 5, I received notice that UPS was returning my items. Since then I have spent hours on the phone trying to get my package resent to me. I have spoken to one rude person on the 5th that refused to do anything at all. On the 12th, 13th and 20th I spoke with people that flat out lied to me and said they escalated the process and I will have my box before Christmas. None of these people are in the United States and they did nothing to get my package to me. I finally spoke to a supervisor who told me they are still working on shipping out packages that were returned to the warehouse on December 5 and that she would see if she could do anything. She promised to call me back. Of course she did not. Yesterday my son did not have his Christmas pjs for school. Today I am going to have to shop to replace the items. I will not be shopping at Gymboree. Another annoyance is I paid $160 for the items. They have my $ and my items!

  2. Please hire English Literate people for your phone orders. I cancelled my 86.00 order this evening due to the fact one of your order takers shipped my grand-daughter's clothing to a 6yr old address, when they were specifically given an up to date address, literally spelled out for them over phone! Not a satisfied customer & will take my business elsewhere, (With-In the United States)

    1. Had very very bad experience yesterday! Was trying to return something with tags on receipt in hand and the clerk refuse to give me a refund. I asked for a store credit or an exchange she refused that as well. I asked her to call her supervisor she claimed that she called the supervisor plus that supervisor supervisor up the chain to two different supervisors . she claimed that no one was available to make an executive decision. It's very difficult for me to understand or believe that four supervisors up the chain we're not available during working hours. Not to mention the fact she refused to give me her name she refused to give me her supervisor's name, she called Mall security and told them that she wanted me out of the store and also told Mall security she was choosing not to give me her name or her supervisor's name . I really would appreciate a call back from somebody that can make an executive decision and that can also find out why four supervisors were not available via phone yesterday and why the clerk behaved in the manner of what she did. Furthermore I've been trying for 4 days to get a hold of somebody and I keep getting a reply to reply to an email address that I've just gotten the response that it's an auto no response email. I'm growing increasingly frustrated with this whole situation and there of the lack of response to my issues!
      Donna Whatley
      I was a very loyal customer that spent a lot of money in your store. Look up my account. I expect the loyalty to be returned

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