Haband Corporate Office Headquarters

Haband Corporate Office Headquarters


110 Bauer Drive,

Oakland, NJ 07436 USA

Corporate Phone Number: 1-201-651-1000

Customer Service Number: 1-800-213-1220

Order Tracking: 1-706-354-3713

  • These people canceled two of my orders because they couldn't verify our address which is a ranch address, a church address, a family address and a 911 address!!!! The Federal, state, county and several other states know this address not counting my banks and credit card companies and our utility companies as well!!! Since I am a 100% disabled veteran We will be filing a discrimination suit against Haband as it violates my rights under the South Dakota Constitution!!!!

  • This business has about the worst customer disservice I have ever encountered. What was supposed to be six to eight day delivery is now more than 25 days and now they are telling me two to three more weeks. I have told them to keep their garbage and I strongly recommend you do the same!

  • Hello is there any way I can speak to someone in the corporate office? I ordered a 3 piece quilt set about a year ago and I know it's past the 90 day return policy but the shams were missing in the order. I know I should have opened it all up but didn't. Now I am stuck with a quilt without shams. Poor customer service! Please help a dissatisfied customer.

  • i ordered 2 beautiful pairs of dress pants which were supposed to have 44 inch waists which is my waist size. i called and asked them to send me an prepaid envelope to return them. no way. do you think i want to buy an $8 envelope with bubbles in it and then have to mail the thing in new york city. i'd be ready for a frontal lobotomy after going through that! i'm just going to give the pants to charity instead. i give up!!

  • placed order first week of may. still waiting. called last week said was shipped'
    called today may 29th said would be shipped today. WHAT CRAP. last time I will ever

  • My sister purchase a small Christmas tree for my Mothers last Christmas. She has cancer and will never make it another year. Worked for 1 day and then the lights stopped on the optical tree……….Meanwhile I am her caretaker with no car. Boxes and paperwork were thrown out when it arrived, however, I have NO way to ship it back…..but….why would I have to send back a broken tree??? I have been a loyal customer (and my Mother also) for years…………Because of customer service, I will never order again. Sure hope this doesn't happen to you Haband employee's, where NO ONE cares about your Mother's last Christmas.

  • PLEASE PLEASE Don't buy any thing from this company. There was a mistake on my order and they refused to correct it, AMEN to he previous comments. I should have read the comments before I placed a order.

  • Once upon a time Haband truly cared about the customer, and if there was an error, or if simply asking a question about an item, it was easy to contact a knowledgeable company representative by phone, but no more, now it's like speaking to Daffy Duck.
    However, things have "improved" since the introduction of contacting Haband by email… the messages are simply ignored.
    An honest company always makes it's address easily accessible, however, with Haband it becomes a search, and when you eventually find it, you also discover the "compensation" for the CEO, president, or whatever his title, is almost $500,000 a year…. not too bad for running a once really good company right into the ground…. and,his name fits the part.

  • My order received yesterday was not acceptable because of quality. I had forgotten that several years ago I had the same problem. All items being returned today. It is ridiculous that you charge $9.99 to return items. Also the amount of time before you issue the refund by credit card or otherwise.

  • I have placed 2 previous orders with Haband. Since then they have flooded my mail box almost daily with catalogs & other order forms. I recently received an order form with items by mail. I ordered a pair of sandals. It said I would also receive a "free" wrist watch + a second gift with my order. When I did not hear from them I called my credit card company and was told no charges were made or pending on my card. I then called Haband customer service and were told that the sandals were on "back order" and that I should get them within 30 days. I received an email from customer service this AM saying the sandals were no longer available & my order was cancelled. I no longer wish to order anything from Haband and asked them to remove my mailing address from their files. Cherokee G.

    • Same for me, $86.00 charged to my card, 8 days later no ship date.
      offshore customer service rep, "Hello my name is Habib how may I garbble" Incredibly inept online provider.. You cannot cancel, you have to wait.. No online confirmation of order, no online confirmation of ship status, Nothing but garbble and fast talk from Hindu Indians…Live Chat.. Ha? Kayla disconnected after 2 questions.. ! 1800 numbers are run around, PISSED OFF, NEVER AGAIN
      Corporate phone= 1-201-651-1000 Order track Phone= 1-706-354-3713 We should all make a point of calling these numbers (3) Three times a day just to give them the RUN AROUND…

  • Honesty is not one of Haband's qualities. I placed an order on 7/4. After questioning if it had shipped, 7/8, I was told it shipped, via FedEx SmartPost on 7/8, and a tracking number was given. I searched the tracking, only to find that my order had not shipped, but a "label was created" on 7/8. Lie #1. On 7/11, after hearing nothing, I emailed Haband again, because the status was still the same on the FedEx website, "label created." So then, I was told that my order shipped on 7/11. Lie #2. I was notified on 7/12, by FedEX, that my order had shipped on 7/12, after further checking, FedEX didn't even get it until 7/11. This is not the way to treat paying customers…..not if you want them to continue to be your customers.

    • too bad I didn't read this page first. I would never have ordered from Haband. Oh well, a big lesson learned. They probably don't care anyway.

  • We first ordered a year ago, 2015, this month. Wife had two shoe orders, one pair came only. they did not fit. Returned them after calling about the other pair not sent. All your comments above can tell you the problem. When we received the missing pair we were charged again for them. Called and battled mount stupid till they promised to credit the billing.
    I ordered t-shirts in August, the order had my right size, but when completed, the copy sheet for billing stated the wrong size. No one could help me. One dept stated they cannot see an order on my account and told me call customer service. They stated they could not stop the order because the shirts had already been pulled and packed. Getting the return and right size and another billing was hell. Wife finally got another missing item we returned in November, they say it is an order, fought never believe we got all the money owed us. Asked at that time to take us off the mailing list. Two weeks ago had to call demanding no more mailings, the duh boy said takes 6 months told him no way. Today the same or attached other duh boy said takes 3 months and can do nothing about that but will take us off. Asked for name of the company president, his corporate address and phone number. Now mind you I advised that today's call was being recorded when they answered. I continued to demand satisfaction, finally duh boy put me on hold and then stated he is sending a priority delete from the mailing list. Could only give me name of president. A company always has a way to term in 24 hrs, after all they do not want to harass a family with sales books sent in the name of their deceased family member. To be sure no one suffers from the duh boys & girls at Haband do as I am. Call your state capital and ask for the department that allows companies to sell to people in your state. Get the mailing information and submit your request/petition to have Haband barred from selling to residents in your state. We can shut down these duh kids and put the whole scam out of business. I will not stop till they are barred from California.

  • I placed an order on 9/18/15 (Friday) and paid for three day express shipping ($18.98) through Fed Ex. On 9/21/15 (Monday), I received an email that my order had shipped. I did not receive a Fed Ex tracking number so that I could track my order so on 9/24/15, I called Haband customer service; I spoke with a young lady in the Philippines. She said my order had shipped. I called again on 9/25/15 and spoke to another young lady in the Philippines; I insisted on a Fed Ex tracking number, and she gave me one. I got on Fed Ex's website and the tracking number showed up as invalid. Then I called customer service again on 9/25/15 and spoke with a young man in the Philippines to verify the tracking number. Then I phoned Fed Ex and spoke with a very knowledgeable man who said the Fed Ex label had been scanned but no request had been made to pick up the package. I then emailed customer service at Haband and received a reply this morning that my package could not be shipped because Fed Ex can not deliver to a PO box. My account shows my PO box as my billing address and shows my street address, also. No one from Haband phoned me to tell me there was a problem with my shipment. So I canceled my order. (I will make sure this charge is taken off my Visa). I will NEVER order anything from this company again.

  • June 10, 2015. If you don't receive your order within a reasonable time and you have not received an e-mail tracking number like I have, you better have them check further which they really don't like doing. Haband has an internal theft problem apparently, and doesn't want to admit it. The way they hide corporate numbers and addresses, it is understandable why they have employees stealing. You should have an e-mail sent to you with a tracking number on it, if not you probably won't receive it.

  • In January 2015 I called Haband about sheets I bought in 2010 but never used. When I tried them on my bed, they wouldn't stay on the mattress. I was assured I could return them as long as I had the original packing slip, which I did have. I made a copy for myself and sent the original in with the sheets. They were accepted at their return center on Jan 29, 2015. I've made 9 calls now and have been told every time they would check & get back to me within 72 hours. They estimated my refund should be around $50. It is now the middle of April and still no response!!! I want to know if anyone has had any success turning Haband in to the Better Business Bureau. Haband used to be a good company as far as I'm concerned. But now?????????????? They're scum!!!!!

  • I agree with most of the comments on here. No one can tell you when an order will ship but on the website it says most orders ship within 48 business hours. That's clearly a lie!! I doubt anyone's order ships within that time frame. It took 20 minutes on the phone with one rep to get a supervisor. I was told they would escalate this so that my order will ship today but I doubt it will because they told me they couldn't guarantee that. I am calling the corporate office today no thanks to the customer service department because they wouldn't give me the phone number I had to find it myself. Febe and Aileen at the customer service department are horrible and just lie with every word coming out of their mouths. I work in customer service myself and I find it unbelievable that they allow the customer service to be this lacking. I will never buy from this company again and will make sure every one I know doesn't buy from them either. Horrible!!!!!!!!!!

    • The exact same thing is happening to me right now…I ended up screaming at the customer service "supervisor" and demanding they cancel my order and credit my account..how are they allowed to get away with this? I may file a fornal complaint against them…after reading these comments, I'm afraid I won't get my merchandise or my money back!!

  • I'm having the same problem as some of you. The problem lies, not with Haband per se, but with Comenity Bank, who collects for Hanband, Blair, Bealls, and others. Twice within the past couple of months I've gotten calls from Comenity reps saying that I was behind on the Blair card: after payment was made and received. The first time around they hounded for me two or three weeks until I was able to get proof from the Post Office that payment was made. I'm also getting the same run-around with Dillard's and Kohl's and it has cause me to lose out on a car loan. I have written Comenity about it but as yet have not heard from them.

  • You need to watch out for their scam…..they automatically can sign you up for what they call their VIP purchase which I still don't know what it is. First month they charge $1.99 and make sure they don't send you a statement. Then when I receive 1st statement one month later including late fee and interest charge, I call and I'm told they can remove late fee and interest charges, but the VIP which is now an additional $14.97 for the previous month and current month I need to call another place. When I do I'm told they can only remove one month, the other months I need to pay. I replied I will not pay for something I did not authorize and don't even know what it is for. So currently I've paid for my purchase, but show money due because of this program. I plan on calling the BBB and writing to their corporate office soon. But watch out for this scam!! Nasty people

  • I have been trying to get their Corporate e-mail address as customer service is just a rote sorry message. It is almost Christmas and I still have not received my complete order which was taken from early November and many shipments with wrong colors and many other problems and still missing 2 items and they are all gifts for Christmas.
    I agree their employees neither understand English , speak it or read it.

  • This is without a doubt the worst shopping experience ever!!! They have no idea when anything will ship. I placed an order on 11/04/2014 … today is the 11th and they still don't know when it will leave the warehouse. I will never order anything from these idiots again … EVER! Nor will I have anything good to say about them. BTW, what the hell country are you working out of? Just curious.
    And one more thing, you might want to try hiring English speaking customer service reps. IDIOTS!!!

  • they have my social security all wrong so I cant even get to see a copy of what I have been charged with. They also donot give out the free gifts either. They are no good anyway my friend showed me what they give. So I wont be using ths company anymore either

  • Another Rip off Foreign Product company Claiming to be in the United States. ALL calls (orders and customer Lack of service) go to the Philippines to be answered by horrible accent people and they REFUSE to give you a rep in the USA. Call the corporate number and get transferred back to the philippines or you have to guess at their directory and get a janitor that tells you to give your phone number and someone will return your call. NOT HAPPENING.

  • This place carries "junk". I have placed 2 orders with this company. The first order was for men's flannel lounging pants. On one pair the left pocket was sewn BACKWARDS. The second order, Dec. 2012, was for a man's vest and after checking it found a HOLE in the right pocket! Please rethink before doing business with them.

  • Sept 10, 2012 I mailed an order for sheets plus a check for $18.12. A month later I still had not received the order. After numerous emails and phone calls, I was sent a tracking number which claimed the order was delivered the first week of October. I called and told them I never received the order. I was told that I have to wait 30 days before anything can be done. After 30 days, I called them and said to just issue me a refund check. It is now Nov 7, 2012 and I still haven't received my check.

  • I have placed many orders with Haband. They advertise a free gift and show you what gift you will receive. I would say out of 5 large orders a couple over $100.00, I have not received the gift that they offered. One I received a watch that was broken. Another time I was supposed to receive a handbag. They said they ran out and sent me a necklace that I didn't like. Another time they said they ran out of the gift so they sent me a cheap looking bracelet. Another order advertised a ladies pendant watch. I received my order and not the gift offered. I called and they told me they ran out. When I received an email with the pendant watch offer, I placed my order right then. Today I received my order with something that black band watch. I called and was told they ran out of them and would not be getting anymore in. I went on their website and it is still being offered. I asked the rep. why they are still offering the pendant watch when they know they are out of them. I really believe now, after all my experiences that this is just a gimmick to get you to order. Now people will go to their website and place an order thinking they will receive the pendant watch and be disappointed. That is just wrong to take advantage of people. Just plain wrong.

  • I called my order to you early July, order received complete on July 12,everything is fine, EXCEPT I was not given credit for the gift certicate of $60.00, the reason you do not have it in hand, was order was telephone, and I could not include it in with order, just the number, to be deductedd from order. never was done. Have no invoice to send you copy of. thank you for your prompt attention

  • Don't use this company!! REPEAT, do not do not. I called them about bogus charges on my mother's credit card account and received the biggest run around ever.

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