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  • Haband Corporate Office Headquarters

Haband Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Haband Corporate Office Headquarters


110 Bauer Drive,

Oakland, NJ 07436 USA

Corporate Phone Number: 1-201-651-1000

Customer Service Number: 1-800-213-1220

Order Tracking: 1-706-354-3713


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  1. These people canceled two of my orders because they couldn't verify our address which is a ranch address, a church address, a family address and a 911 address!!!! The Federal, state, county and several other states know this address not counting my banks and credit card companies and our utility companies as well!!! Since I am a 100% disabled veteran We will be filing a discrimination suit against Haband as it violates my rights under the South Dakota Constitution!!!!

  2. This business has about the worst customer disservice I have ever encountered. What was supposed to be six to eight day delivery is now more than 25 days and now they are telling me two to three more weeks. I have told them to keep their garbage and I strongly recommend you do the same!

  3. Hello is there any way I can speak to someone in the corporate office? I ordered a 3 piece quilt set about a year ago and I know it's past the 90 day return policy but the shams were missing in the order. I know I should have opened it all up but didn't. Now I am stuck with a quilt without shams. Poor customer service! Please help a dissatisfied customer.

  4. i ordered 2 beautiful pairs of dress pants which were supposed to have 44 inch waists which is my waist size. i called and asked them to send me an prepaid envelope to return them. no way. do you think i want to buy an $8 envelope with bubbles in it and then have to mail the thing in new york city. i'd be ready for a frontal lobotomy after going through that! i'm just going to give the pants to charity instead. i give up!!

  5. placed order first week of may. still waiting. called last week said was shipped'
    called today may 29th said would be shipped today. WHAT CRAP. last time I will ever

  6. My sister purchase a small Christmas tree for my Mothers last Christmas. She has cancer and will never make it another year. Worked for 1 day and then the lights stopped on the optical tree……….Meanwhile I am her caretaker with no car. Boxes and paperwork were thrown out when it arrived, however, I have NO way to ship it back…..but….why would I have to send back a broken tree??? I have been a loyal customer (and my Mother also) for years…………Because of customer service, I will never order again. Sure hope this doesn't happen to you Haband employee's, where NO ONE cares about your Mother's last Christmas.

  7. PLEASE PLEASE Don't buy any thing from this company. There was a mistake on my order and they refused to correct it, AMEN to he previous comments. I should have read the comments before I placed a order.

  8. Once upon a time Haband truly cared about the customer, and if there was an error, or if simply asking a question about an item, it was easy to contact a knowledgeable company representative by phone, but no more, now it's like speaking to Daffy Duck.
    However, things have "improved" since the introduction of contacting Haband by email… the messages are simply ignored.
    An honest company always makes it's address easily accessible, however, with Haband it becomes a search, and when you eventually find it, you also discover the "compensation" for the CEO, president, or whatever his title, is almost $500,000 a year…. not too bad for running a once really good company right into the ground…. and,his name fits the part.

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