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Hair Cuttery Corporate Office Headquarters

How to Contact Hair Cuttery Corporate Office Headquarters

Ratner Companies
1577 Spring Hill Road
Vienna, Virginia 22182 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-703-269-5400
Fax Number: 1-703-876-2897
Customer Service Number: 1-866-257-8953


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  1. I forgot to enter notify me. Long story short. I was paying $18.00 got a haircut today it was $29.00. Get real people. Something does not smell right. I can understand price increases but not $18.00 to $29.00. I am a customer since 2005. Location DECR 6159 Delray Bch FL.

  2. Beth Spaulding I went to the salon at 12551 Jefferson Ave in Newport News Va. on 11-15-2020 as a walk in, wondered why this place had so little business. Well, not only did the 2 stylists on duty snipe at each other the whole time I was there, the female cutting my hair, her name was Shay, was the most untalented and uneducated cutter I have EVER seen. She basically gave me a bowl cut and asked if I liked it! A simple 20 minute hair cut took over an hour, and I had to detail explain that I wanted a razor cut shag, which she said she had never seen or heard of. What kind of trash are you hiring out of beauty school?! This woman was sevserly obese, sang loudly and off key to LOUD rap music the entire time, she talked about her childrens dad who wouldnt pay child support, and cursed most all through the worst hair cut I have EVER had. I will not EVER use this companies facilities again, I have informed all my friends about it, they already knew and boycott your establishment! I aldo fikled a complaint with the Better Businees Beauru State cosmetology board! YA'LL Suck!

  3. Tried to use my gift card yesterday and was advised that Hair Cuttery's new system wont allow them yet-maybe by November or January. Sounds like they are waiting to go under and steal our money.. Not fair and terrible way to treat existing customers. BAD BUSINESS I want my money back or let me use my cards.

  4. You guys have an associete name Maria in Miami Beach who is a bully, screams and Bully her co worker, Isabella who is awsome stylist and a great person, hope you guys fix this before you loose another knowledgeable and experienced stylist.

  5. There is an assistant salon leader at the Portage, In location that got caught stealing money out of the drawer multiple times. The manager and district manager decided she is a top performer and will not be fored because of this. Someone should look into this because it is bringing the morale down and the real top performers are about to start looking for jobs elsewhere.

  6. I had an appointment at the Hair Cuttery on McMullen Booth Drive in Tampa, Florida for a shampoo and set and I was in the chair for 2 1/2 hours while the stylist tried to come to a decision on how to style my hair. Finally, after 2 hours and 35 minutes I told her; "stop, take out the rollers, I am out of here". She looked at me and said, "well, we didn't have a plan". It was very obvious at this point that she did not know what she was doing. The most disturbing part was that the "manager" was standing right next to us and did not say one word. I walked out with an unfinished hair style. I will NEVER go back to this place again. This is the 4th Hair Cuttery salon in Tampa that I have had a BAD experience. The salons in Northern VA, where I am from, are much more professional.

  7. Deceptive practices going on at store #1328….I recently had a haircut and the stylist charged me $22 for a $18 haircut. I asked her what the extra $4 was for and she said it’s a vip treatment. I never asked for the vip treatment. The funny thing is that this is the second time this stylist #38841 has done this to me. I asked her why she charged me for something I never asked for she didn’t have an answer. she mumbled and said "let me cancel the transaction and start over" then she charged $18. I would hope corporate would look into how many times this stylist charged others for this service

  8. On 8/16/18, I emailed a letter to Corporate, no response, On 8/8/18, I called customer service, Case #897355 no response, so I will make my case public. I have been a client of Hair Cuttery for over 10 years, many times my appointments were cancelled without notification only to show up & learn Stylist was not there. On one occasion I asked 2 other stylist to cut & blow dry my hair, both declined even though they were not busy. A few years back I received a phone call 20 minutes before appointment to cancel, stylist saying there was a meeting which no one had told her about. I told her I was keeping my appt. & would be right there. While in the chair district manager(Debbie) came up to me saying if I was not happy, I could go elsewhere. (how would she like to have her appts. cancelled at the last minute). In fact I emailed her after only to have her ignore email & not get back to me. Recently my stylist left HC in Willow Grove, PA for an upscale salon. I did not want to travel the distance, so I made an appointment with Azra Gulzar whom I like and did my hair fairly nice, as I have bulky hair & their is a certain technique to thinning it out. On 2 other occasions, she was not working so I went to Hope Dabney, for coloring, cut & blow dry, she did nothing different than my original stylist but charged me $135-$137.00, she claimed master stylist can charge any amount, my original stylist was a master stylist, much better than Hope & never charged me that much. On July 10th I had another appt. with Hope for a trim, I showed her a picture of the style I was trying to achieve, but as always she cut my hair to her liking(I do know many people who left HC on her account, she tries to talk them into doing hair her way not the way the client wants their hair cut. Now she charged me $32.00, I have never been charged that amount. I called Hope the next day, first words out of her mouth were "too short", she knew right away what she had done. Hope indicated next cut & blow dry would be free. Usually I get a trim every 3-4 weeks, it is now 7 weeks, & I still don't need a trim, you can imagine how short the cut was. On August 8, I called Hope asking if I could get a gift card (NOT DEMANDING A REFUND AS INDICATED IN A FEDERAL EXPRESS LETTER TO ME from Bradley Hansen, Associate General Counsel which I considered a threat him telling me not to go into any HC when he does not know the complete story.) Stylist told me to come over as there was a new manger, seems they have a hard time keeping managers at that place. I stopped over only to have the manager make false accusations against me, saying I had received many many discounts if my original stylist gave me discounts I was not aware of this & complaints I had made, sure when your appts.(4/5 of them) are cancelled without notification any body in their right mind would complain. Any time a stylist does not take enough bulk out I go back & ALWAYS OFFFER to pay, whether I pay or not, stylist is always given a tip. This snippy manager should not be dealing with the public, she appears to put herself above everyone & yes I did tell her to "go to hell" after her comment to me. This was no secret, when I called customer service & spoke to Victoria this was the first thing I told her. Poor Victoria, she has to deal with the complaints, but HC does not back her up.

  9. I want to share my recent experience at your location in Moorestown, NJ at Centerton Square. Out of the 5 stylist present only 2 were working. The remaining folks huddled in the back room laughing and looking at their phones for 1.5 hrs while my 90 year old mother sat and waited patiently. there was only 1 person ahead of us. We eventually left with no service and went to another location in Cinnaminson, NJ and were promptly served. Such an embarrassment for your establishment and shame on them for letting my mother sit with no attention while they enjoyed themselves. Will never go here again. G. Boyles, 28 Hilltop Drive, Cherry Hill, NJ 08003

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