Hair Cuttery Corporate Office Headquarters

Hair Cuttery Corporate Office Headquarters
Ratner Companies
1577 Spring Hill Road
Vienna, Virginia 22182 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-703-269-5400
Fax Number: 1-703-876-2897
Customer Service Number: 1-866-257-8953

  • I forgot to enter notify me. Long story short. I was paying $18.00 got a haircut today it was $29.00. Get real people. Something does not smell right. I can understand price increases but not $18.00 to $29.00. I am a customer since 2005. Location DECR 6159 Delray Bch FL.

  • Beth Spaulding I went to the salon at 12551 Jefferson Ave in Newport News Va. on 11-15-2020 as a walk in, wondered why this place had so little business. Well, not only did the 2 stylists on duty snipe at each other the whole time I was there, the female cutting my hair, her name was Shay, was the most untalented and uneducated cutter I have EVER seen. She basically gave me a bowl cut and asked if I liked it! A simple 20 minute hair cut took over an hour, and I had to detail explain that I wanted a razor cut shag, which she said she had never seen or heard of. What kind of trash are you hiring out of beauty school?! This woman was sevserly obese, sang loudly and off key to LOUD rap music the entire time, she talked about her childrens dad who wouldnt pay child support, and cursed most all through the worst hair cut I have EVER had. I will not EVER use this companies facilities again, I have informed all my friends about it, they already knew and boycott your establishment! I aldo fikled a complaint with the Better Businees Beauru State cosmetology board! YA'LL Suck!

  • Tried to use my gift card yesterday and was advised that Hair Cuttery's new system wont allow them yet-maybe by November or January. Sounds like they are waiting to go under and steal our money.. Not fair and terrible way to treat existing customers. BAD BUSINESS I want my money back or let me use my cards.

  • You guys have an associete name Maria in Miami Beach who is a bully, screams and Bully her co worker, Isabella who is awsome stylist and a great person, hope you guys fix this before you loose another knowledgeable and experienced stylist.

  • There is an assistant salon leader at the Portage, In location that got caught stealing money out of the drawer multiple times. The manager and district manager decided she is a top performer and will not be fored because of this. Someone should look into this because it is bringing the morale down and the real top performers are about to start looking for jobs elsewhere.

  • I had an appointment at the Hair Cuttery on McMullen Booth Drive in Tampa, Florida for a shampoo and set and I was in the chair for 2 1/2 hours while the stylist tried to come to a decision on how to style my hair. Finally, after 2 hours and 35 minutes I told her; "stop, take out the rollers, I am out of here". She looked at me and said, "well, we didn't have a plan". It was very obvious at this point that she did not know what she was doing. The most disturbing part was that the "manager" was standing right next to us and did not say one word. I walked out with an unfinished hair style. I will NEVER go back to this place again. This is the 4th Hair Cuttery salon in Tampa that I have had a BAD experience. The salons in Northern VA, where I am from, are much more professional.

  • Deceptive practices going on at store #1328….I recently had a haircut and the stylist charged me $22 for a $18 haircut. I asked her what the extra $4 was for and she said it’s a vip treatment. I never asked for the vip treatment. The funny thing is that this is the second time this stylist #38841 has done this to me. I asked her why she charged me for something I never asked for she didn’t have an answer. she mumbled and said "let me cancel the transaction and start over" then she charged $18. I would hope corporate would look into how many times this stylist charged others for this service

  • On 8/16/18, I emailed a letter to Corporate, no response, On 8/8/18, I called customer service, Case #897355 no response, so I will make my case public. I have been a client of Hair Cuttery for over 10 years, many times my appointments were cancelled without notification only to show up & learn Stylist was not there. On one occasion I asked 2 other stylist to cut & blow dry my hair, both declined even though they were not busy. A few years back I received a phone call 20 minutes before appointment to cancel, stylist saying there was a meeting which no one had told her about. I told her I was keeping my appt. & would be right there. While in the chair district manager(Debbie) came up to me saying if I was not happy, I could go elsewhere. (how would she like to have her appts. cancelled at the last minute). In fact I emailed her after only to have her ignore email & not get back to me. Recently my stylist left HC in Willow Grove, PA for an upscale salon. I did not want to travel the distance, so I made an appointment with Azra Gulzar whom I like and did my hair fairly nice, as I have bulky hair & their is a certain technique to thinning it out. On 2 other occasions, she was not working so I went to Hope Dabney, for coloring, cut & blow dry, she did nothing different than my original stylist but charged me $135-$137.00, she claimed master stylist can charge any amount, my original stylist was a master stylist, much better than Hope & never charged me that much. On July 10th I had another appt. with Hope for a trim, I showed her a picture of the style I was trying to achieve, but as always she cut my hair to her liking(I do know many people who left HC on her account, she tries to talk them into doing hair her way not the way the client wants their hair cut. Now she charged me $32.00, I have never been charged that amount. I called Hope the next day, first words out of her mouth were "too short", she knew right away what she had done. Hope indicated next cut & blow dry would be free. Usually I get a trim every 3-4 weeks, it is now 7 weeks, & I still don't need a trim, you can imagine how short the cut was. On August 8, I called Hope asking if I could get a gift card (NOT DEMANDING A REFUND AS INDICATED IN A FEDERAL EXPRESS LETTER TO ME from Bradley Hansen, Associate General Counsel which I considered a threat him telling me not to go into any HC when he does not know the complete story.) Stylist told me to come over as there was a new manger, seems they have a hard time keeping managers at that place. I stopped over only to have the manager make false accusations against me, saying I had received many many discounts if my original stylist gave me discounts I was not aware of this & complaints I had made, sure when your appts.(4/5 of them) are cancelled without notification any body in their right mind would complain. Any time a stylist does not take enough bulk out I go back & ALWAYS OFFFER to pay, whether I pay or not, stylist is always given a tip. This snippy manager should not be dealing with the public, she appears to put herself above everyone & yes I did tell her to "go to hell" after her comment to me. This was no secret, when I called customer service & spoke to Victoria this was the first thing I told her. Poor Victoria, she has to deal with the complaints, but HC does not back her up.

  • I want to share my recent experience at your location in Moorestown, NJ at Centerton Square. Out of the 5 stylist present only 2 were working. The remaining folks huddled in the back room laughing and looking at their phones for 1.5 hrs while my 90 year old mother sat and waited patiently. there was only 1 person ahead of us. We eventually left with no service and went to another location in Cinnaminson, NJ and were promptly served. Such an embarrassment for your establishment and shame on them for letting my mother sit with no attention while they enjoyed themselves. Will never go here again. G. Boyles, 28 Hilltop Drive, Cherry Hill, NJ 08003

  • This person should lose her license he has a very threatening way about her and she goes on the attack okay I attack back and I'm attack I don't think that's good for business do you

  • Haircutter the worst hairsalon in Coconut Creek fls5857address this hairdresser woman was very rude very nasty and shewas very argument ery with me so I just stormed out of her set. And she tried disgusting about me with my bus driver caused s bad seen she should not be working with to he piblic

  • I am Not happy and I am NOT smiling. I went to the Bermuda Hundred Salon in Chester Va to have a style only. I explained I had washed my hair this morning.
    Before the service began, I discussed the difference in price with 2 stylist, for the shampoo, blowdry, style vs style only. Both Jonette, the stylist, and Joy, the styist she conferred with, explained the difference and both verified the cost would be 12.00.
    At check out, I was charged an additional 17.00 for a shampoo blowdry in addition to the 12.00 agreed upon.
    When questioned, the stylist said the charge for shampoo blow-dry was because she had to spray my hair with a spray bottle and blow dry my hair before she curled it. When I continued to question Jonette she became agitated and began to over talk me, loudly, which I found to be unprofessional and bullying frankly.
    This overcharge was a manipulation because we discussed fees for services before she began and all three of us agreed on the price for the service I sought. Our original discussion was the perfect time to explain the bottle/ blowdry nuance of the fee instead of proceeding. For Jonette to proceed, without advising me is deceptive and seems like bait and switch. I questioned initially because if they were charging me for a shampoo blowdry I would have had the service preformed. I certainly prefer shampoo over spray bottle, I certainly had the time and I paid so I had the money. As is, I actually paid for a service not preformed. I am 62 , for the past 50 years wetting the hair with a spray bottle in lieu of shampooing before styling is a routine and integral part of the service and I have never paid for that separately. When I called corporate customer service , my complaint was taken but I was told the district leader would contact me within 2 business days – " I hope". So I am writing. I am not smiling, I believe I have been deceived and then bullied by your employees when I questioned their deception.

  • There is a video going aroundbof the manager atvthe Hair Cuttery in Ranson, WV burning the client book. Why? Because one of the ladies opened her own salon. Is this how you allow them to represent the Hair Cuttery name? I shared it on Facebook in hopes it will continue to be shared. That represents hate and I did not think Hair Cuttery represented that. It would not allow me to share it here, if you at corporate would like to see it, contact me. The manager iscthe ring leader in it.

  • This is regarding Hair Cuttery at 15880 San Carlos, Fort Myers, FL. Monday, April 3,I called and left a message with Leslie to have my stylist,Sheila,call me regarding a wash and blow dry for my relative. Message not delivered to Sheila. I called today, April 7, for the same service. Sheila was off so the girl I spoke with booked an appt. with Tracy at 3:30. We arrived and were told Tracy left. The "manager" came up and said we could wait an hour. No thank you. I've been going to Sheila for a couple years, she has lost a customer. Extremely upset.

  • I must say that at salon #0410 both the manager, Sherridonna and the District Manager, Melina Daniels were VERY sensitive to my complaints and managed to put me at ease. They handled my calls maturely and gracefully which helps to restore my faith in this Ratner company.

  • I challenge 1 female corporate bigwig to go to your salon #0410 and get a cut from Carmen. Do you like your hair to be almost 2 inches shorter on ONE SIDE after asking for only an inch be cut and getting 5 inches removed instead? Bald in 2014 from chemo…this is a sensitive subject for me. "It'll grow back" is NOT what you say to a client after you cut however much you want. Oh and if you accept my challenge, please note the rundown condition/dirt, filthy windows, mirrors, floors (windex and elbow grease come cheap) and the absence of licenses displayed in addition to expired licenses ON DISPLAY. Isn't there a law?

    Most painful shampoo I have EVER experienced so be sure you bring your moxie along from corporate headquarters.

    Couldn't wait to leave but SO disappointed that my humanity dictated that I pay AND tip. WHAT A SAP so as not to cause a commotion. Never again…

    It's a fact that if a person has a positive experience at a business, chances are they won't tell anyone but if they have a negative experience they will tell at least 10 people. I'm shooting for 100. This botch job speaks loudly for itself.

    There should also be a RULE that if your customer only has 10 minutes left on her color timer, you MUST NOT greedily take another client, give him a complete haircut then offer/give him a shampoo AFTER
    1st client's color alarm goes off, sweep his hair up and ring him out adding 10 extra minutes to process time of original customer. Outrageous!

    So corporate honey, I dare you to be your own secret shopper…. Please let me know how that goes. Hope you fare better than I did. Was it just that I am caucasian in a sea of diverse cultures at this location? I have always believed not. In fact a very sensitive, polite and lovely stylist had done a great job on me there before.

  • Please have your stylists stop asking questions that are computer security questions. I was getting my hair colored and I don't know this stylist and she is asking personal direct personal questions that should never be asked. "What High School did you go to (I am so many years past HS it was a ridiculous question to ask)?", "What was your childhood hometown?" "What is your age", "What is your middle name", "Where do you live", "Where did you parents grow up (my parents have passed) (too old to asking about my parents). I felt like my stylist and the other stylists in the shop were going to hack me, steal my identity as soon as I left the store. I was very uneasy, uncomfortable and went home to change all my passwords.

  • The Titusville in the target plaza in titusville , is absolutely terrible , the kids you have working there have no work ethic at all they sit in the back and feed there faces or smoke,they careless about anyone other than themselves , the management well you have none ..they dont follow corporate rules and offer specials or military because she said it will come out of her pocket , this is your manager that said this . i no this because i no someone that works there , you have no security and no cameras for the ladys at night or if they get robbed , and Kays Jewelers next to them got robbed and went through you shop and cut a hole threw the wall to get into Kay jewelers , also if you did you would see your employees working and how much time waisted while there just sitting around in the back break room and customers waiting while just a couple stylist working trying to keep the shop running .. very poor management and very poor stylist that you have working there for you .. i will never go there again .. while i was there there were 2 maybe 3 girls that did everything and the others just sat back in the break room ..

  • The King of Prussia Location is terrible. Waited forever. The stylists are rude.. I believe our's was Laura? She had short hair/tats. Beyond obnoxious. She did my sons hair. They are overpriced. I questioned the cost since I thought they were pricey for a little boys haircut. She then handed me her business card telling me her rates were cheaper. She runs a business out of her home 5 min from King of Prussia. Found this to be very unprofessional. Is that even legal? How can she steal clients? I was pleased with the cut but again she was pushy. Made the experience uncomfortable. Don't plan to return.

  • Don't you have any kind of a dress code. It makes me want to throw up when I walked into your Duval Station Hair Cuttery in Jacksonville, Florida and everyone looks like a herd of hogs with purple hair and rings through their noses, eyebrows, tattoos all over their bodies. How unprofessional can a Hair salon be. Even the manager looks like a clown. I will certainly never use your services.

  • On 111/17/16 I went to Hair Cuttery on 5413 N University Dr in Lauder hill Florida my experience was a total disaster. I was told by the stylist this was around 5:45 someone will be with you . I patiently waited because there was no one else but me. After five minutes a White client with her daughter walked in , the stylist who was White ran to her and checked her in . I politely said, excuse me do they have an appointment . Her response was no , "oh I forgot you were there ." This is when I saw the blatant discrimination and pointed it out . My statement was of course , you could not because I am not White . The White client to whom I was not speaking then said, you, don't you , talk race in-front of my daughter . What this is not abut you , I was not even addressing you . instead of the stylist saying , to the woman man she is talking to me and she was here first it turned out to be a brouhaha. The woman kept saying you better get your act together because I said, to her I am not speaking to you , I can speak about what I want. Bottom line I was discriminated against and was addressing it to the hair stylist . I was , "who are you I am not speaking to you , I can talk about what you want.' She then started to command me , Instead of the stylist say, Ms. she was not speaking to you but she was here first she seemed to be with the other woman . Like anyone I to use a choice word to put her in her place .
    she left and I did. This could have all been avoided if the stylist had checked me in and not practice what was in my experience blatant discrimination.

  • This is my first experience at Hair Cuttery. It was horrific. When I walked in and I was simply pointing out to sit down in the chair. When somebody was finally free they just pointed at me and motioned for me to sit in that chair. I made it clear that I had just been from the beach and the hair need to be cleaned before it was cut. The woman paid no attention she just simply spray my hair with water and then continue to cut. When she was all done cutting I look like Quasimodo. I was embarrassed with the look that she had left me with. I then had to ask her to wash my hair even though it was clear on the price menu that a haircut was in cluded with a hair wash. Not to mention that's outrageous that it cost $5 to have your hair dried with a hair blower. It couldn't have taken her more than 10 minutes to slaughter my hair. I am professional musician in front of sometimes thousands of people.. at this point I have no choice to go and find somebody who can fix this mess. The service was rude the atmosphere was uncomfortable the talent of the Stylist was in serious question. This will be my last as it was my first opportunity at Hair Cuttery. My suggestion is if you have to drive an extra 50 miles to get a decent haircut do so.

  • This is my first experience at Hair Cuttery. It was horrific. When I walked in and I was simply pointing out to sit down in the chair. When somebody was finally free they just pointed at me and motioned for me to sit in that chair. I made it clear that I had just been from the beach and the hair need to be cleaned before it was cut. The woman paid no attention she just simply spray my hair with water and then continue to cut. When she was all done cutting I look like Quasimodo. I was embarrassed with the look that she had left me with. I then had to ask her to wash my hair even though it was clear on the price menu that a haircut was in cluded with a hair wash. Not to mention that's outrageous that it cost $5 to have your hair dried with a hair blower. It couldn't have taken her more than 10 minutes to slaughter my hair. I am professional musician in front of sometimes thousands of people.. at this point I have no choice to go and find somebody who can fix this mess. The service was rude the atmosphere was uncomfortable the talent of the Stylist was in serious question. This will be my last as it was my first opportunity at Hair Cuttery. My suggestion is if you have to drive an extra 50 miles to get a decent haircut do so.

  • I recently visited a hair cuttery location in Harrisburg, PA and I am very disappointed in my experience there. I am so unhappy with the way my hair turned out that i have been considering going to have it fixed, which means my hair will be even shorter than it is now. The stylist did not cut or color my hair how I wanted it done at all and I even showed her a picture. It took 4 hours to color and cut my hair, which is an insane amount of time to take. She was too busy checking in other customers, plus cut 3 other customer's hair while I sat there an waited. I am very disappointed in my experience and I will not return as well as not refer anyone to that location.

  • My barber Matt smith was amazing, he was on point, made Sure I was comfortable and he made me feel at home and it was really great! Sometimes I even forgot about the environment I was in cause he was so good. My haircut was perfect and honestly I couldn't ask for a better barber. I recommend him to anyone that's looking for a great haircut! He can hold a conversation very well and he helped me pick product for my hair and it works amazing! I hope everyone's experience was as good as mine! He truly is a talented and professional barber. The barber shop I went to before is nothing compared to his cuts. Sometimes I feel like I'm at the barber shop when he's there's and sometimes I speak freely but Matt makes sure I'm not offensive. He tells me if I am and I stop speaking freely. But couldn't ask for a better barber.


    Took my daughter to Hair Cuttery for a hair straightening. Was told on the phone it would be $20. Had an appointment set as well. Went to the location with my daughter and we were quoted then it would be $30, and one of the employees. Little did I know that my daughter had called Hair Cuttery and asked how much it would be. Now, nobody should be negotiating a price with a minor first of all, and second she was told an entirely different price. This infuriated me right there.

    However, a lady at the location came up from working on a client and said rudely that we would have to pay the $30, and I told her that is not what I was told on the phone. Well this went back and forth and she said very rudely that he has clients and Id have to wait an additional 30min to do the discount and if I didnt like it I can leave blah blah blah she went on about how I was keeping her from her client. Now we are regular customers to this location had many colors, cuts, etc.

    Went to another location and they did the straightening for the $20 and they could not understand what the big deal was at the other place. I was given a number I could call to complain which I did.

    A few days after calling the corporate number I got a call from the regional manageer who was very nice and asked what she could do. I said just to take care of my daughter she and I were totally humiliated. She said ok and that she would mail me a coupon for a free cut, style, and straightening for my daughter and it would be to us within 10 days. So, we waited…and waited….and WAITED!! Nothing.

    Called back in to the number I used before and stated we still hadnt gotten the coupon, I was told they are just "the middle man" and cannot do anything but have the manager, Denise call me. Ok I said and left it at that. A week went by and never got a call, voicemail, nothing from Denise. So I called back in and had to tell the entire incident over and over again. AGain I was told theyd have denise call me. NOTHING!!!! Called last weekend and said coupon never came. I got told again "we are just the middle man" What a load of BS!

    Just yesterday I Called back in got the "middle man" BS and said theyd have Denise call me by 5pm. SHE NEVER CALLED ME!

    Called back in this morning. Got hung up on by one rep who said "there is nothing we can do we are just the middle man" OMG seriously??? I asked them to call the location we wanted to go to, to set things up for my daughter, they refused. Said Id have to talk to mgr again. Took my phone number for like the 12th time and said Denise would call me within the hour. ITS BEEN FIVE HOURS! Denise isnt calling.

    HAIR CUTTERY, not only did you insult a regular custumer and her daughter, your general manager has no intention of taking care of the situation, Ive been more than patient made numerous calls that I have documented. JUST SEND THE COUPON Denise promised us. That is all Im after here.

  • I truly hope that upper management cares about these complaints as well as the coudo's. This is both: I have been going to the Hair Cuttery on the corner of 41 and 30 in Schererville, IN. My stylist is Janet, who is also the Team Leader for that location. Let me tell you a little bit about Janet. She is always happy and smiling and treats her clients and her staff with respect and humor. This salon runs efficiently, is always clean and tidy, answers the phones promptly and the girls are almost NEVER idle in between clients. Janet is an exceptional leader and stylist. Old and young love her. Janet probably sees more clients per week than most of the girls put together. She is not pushy but will also tell you the truth about your hair and what it needs. She is exceptionally knowledgeable and can calm an irate patron, smooth things over in a problem and is efficient in everything she does. She is inventive in thinking up little contests for the girls and raffles at holiday time, etc. She will go the extra mile to make sure her weekly customers get taken care of, no matter what. So, WHY IS HER BOSS HASSLEING HER? JANET told me today that her boss is not happy with the so called numbers that each salon must produce. I understand how these things are done, however, I can assure you that IF the numbers are so bad, it is NOT due to Janet's lack of trying. She is 100% a team player, the best one I have ever seen at this location. It was actually put to her that she had a choice of being DEMOTED or she could resign her Leader position and they will ship her off to another salon.
    I am 75 years old and this salon is two blocks from my house (which is a blessing in the winter). Janet serves a lot of elderly, handicapped people who would be inconvenienced greatly if they had to find another stylist as good as Janet. Just so you know, I don't trust any other stylist to perm or color my hair; however, if she is sent too far away to a different salon, I will never understand why companies are constantly trying to fix things that are not broke. You have a well run salon, a good crew of girls and a great team leader. What more could you want from anybody. All of this is happening, apparently, in the past year when a new district Supervisor was appointed. This gal is young (that;s all I know) but apparently cannot see a good thing standing in front of her. If Janet goes, don't be surprised if some of the other girls go too and then you will be back to square one of a few years ago when there were hoardes of complaints about this location.
    What you are about to do to a loyal career oriented leader is a mistake that you will soon regret. I hope you don't learn the hard way. If Janet is not placed in a salon close to me, I will find another place to get my hair done. In case you are wondering, NO, I am not related to Janet in anyway , nor are we Best Friends. I just know a good thing when I see it – I wish your area supervisor could also. Thanks for listening.

  • I went to the HC in Downingtown PA and saw the MANAGER, Bill. I showed him pics of what I wanted: Helen Mirren, short hair, side part, sideswept bangs; Mandy Moore,short hair, side part, sideswept bangs; Lisa Rinna, short hair, side part, sideswept bangs; Sharon Stone, short hair, side part, sideswept bangs; plus 2 other stock photos from Google, short hair, side part, sideswept bangs. I mentioned this "short hair, side part, sideswept bangs" with every photo I showed him. He gave me an Elvis pompadour. He shaved my head in the back, halfway up my skull. I was the last appointment of the night. I paid him. I did not get a receipt. I don't even know if he put the money in the till. I can't see ANYTHING without my glasses. When I saw myself up close in reflection at the supermarket next door I was hysterical. My daughter was able to push the front of may hair down and she scrunched it up so I ended up looking like Justin Bieber.
    He should be fired. Actually, I'd like to give HIM a haircut, but failing that, he should be fired.

  • I went in for a trim and repeatedly told the stylist that my hair is naturally curly. She completely ignored me and proceeded to straighten my hair. She took off much more than I asked and I kept telling her that I only wanted a trim. Before she began to blow dry my hair, I told her that my hair is naturally curly. She completely ignored me and proceeded to straighten my hair. She then tried to sell me a hair straightener product. My hair looked horrible and I was so dissatisfied with the service.

  • I am concerned with the hiring policy of the stylists. One comes to mind that has a record from the state of California for conspiracy in manufacturing of methamphetamine (selling and stealing products from past employer to manufacture crystal meth). This individual should not be around children or chemicals from your facility. I just know one thing I will not get my hair cut at the Hagerstown Commons in Hagerstown MD.

  • Wow so many Anonymous comments! Isn't anybody happy here? I would like to change from the salon I am going to now and start going to Hair Cuttery, but it seems rather difficult just making an appointment. I have to call the day of and just get who I get when I go in, or just walk in and get who I get. Who came up with this brilliant idea? How does one add a haircut to one's schedule with a hairdresser that you know will make you look good?

    • WOW after reading some of these comments I think I'll go sit in the parking lot and see who comes out looking good and ask who cut their hair and then go "walk in" and ask for that person.

  • Owings Mills. 9616 Reistetstown Rd , 21117 is the worst store! One person to cut hair. That is all! Waited an hour and she did a terrible job! Close that usless stite!!

  • On Friday,26 February 2016, I called the Haymarket, VA salon to make an appointment with the stylist that I have had fix my hair for at least 10 years. I was told she did not work there anymore and no one knew where she went. I then asked for another stylist that I knew and was told she no longer worked there. I again asked about her whereabouts and was told she went to the Gainesville salon. I asked which Gainesville salon as there were more than one Haircuttery in Gainesville. After being told which Gainesville salon I asked for the telephone number and was told I could look it up on the internet. After insisting they knew the number the manager, Jackie, finally gave it to me and promptly hung up her telephone. After being talked to in a very curt way and having my call quickly disconnected I feel this was a VERY RUDE treatment. The manager, Jackie, is obviously a very non professional individual whose lack of consumer satisfaction will and already has cost that particular salon alot of business. In my instance four customers will no longer go there and I have heard of more.

  • Dear Hair Cuttery representative,

    I just got back from getting a hair cut by Maria at your establishment. I had allot of hair, I stated to Maria that I wanted a trim & to look cleaner. Maria said she would take off half of an inch & I hesitantly agreed. Maria immediately shave off two inches from the back therefore had no choice but to finish the cut the way she wanted.
    I was so livid that I did not want to make a scene in front of everyone as I wondered why Maria acted like she didn't know the difference between a half of an inch like she said & choose to cut off two inches of my hair. I am very disgusted & disappointed in the stupid people Hair Cuttery hires. I am aware that Hair Cuttery is an inexpensive salon but that does not give the unprofessional inadequate staff the right to not listen !!!

  • Chrissy Fox at Hair Cuttery in Enchanted Forest Ellicott City, Maryland – took me aside and tried to sell me a skin product she was selling on the side – not a product associated with Hair Cuttery. She was whispering to me – obviously was not supposed to be doing that. The product was a skin product called "Wow". She gave me a free sample and told me I could buy it from her if I liked it. I did not appreciate this at all.

  • I have been to Hair Cuttery and I will never go back. I had a cut and the stylist( if you want to call her that) totally messed it up. Then I called back and explained my situation and the manager said I could come in and she would fix it. Well she passed me off to another girl who made it even worse. I dont understand why you keep people that cant even follow a cut, and I also had a picture. You need to train your people better. Very unsatisfied.

  • Hi I recently received horrible customer service at 3055 Columbia Boulevard Suite B109, Crossroads Marketplace, Titusville, FL 32780. On Sunday of this week December 27th, the stylist (Kelly) originally scheduled to give me a simple trim did not show up and claimed she was unaware I was on her books. So instead my hair was cut by Yvette/Evette. My hair was cut while it was curly and by Wednesday when I went to straighten it, I realized by my hair had been cut drastically, uneven, and wrong. I drove back to the salon to request a full refund and for someone to either repair the service or issue a voucher for when I arrived back in my hometown of Richmond, VA in less than 2 weeks to receive the hair repair at my usual salon there. This request was denied, even though I received a refund I was not met with great customer service that was eager to fix my hair issue. The manager had me wait until she was finished with her client to address my issue. I've been a customer with hair cuttery for a while now and have never experienced anything like this. I was not given the district leaders contact information and was merely referred to corporate for this issue. I was not guaranteed that management would contact me and the assistant manager was not properly trained enough to issue my refund without having to call another manager. I will email and post my experience to multiple social media outlets until the correct measure of customer service and care is given. Meanwhile, I have to walk around with jacked up hair because Hair Cuttery doesn't care enough about their customers to give me a simple trim!

    • It's hair cuttery…. get over it. How many true inches was your hair so jacked up? I understand not having a proper hair cut but, you seem to act as if somehow you were severely, irreparably damaged. You aren't, and you aren't deserving of a free haircut plus additional services until you satisfy your free ride.

    • Nothing worse than a Dissatisfied customer with a big mouth, and nothing better that a Satisfied customer with a big mouth. Their choice.

  • I was recently at the portage, Indiana Haircuttery and I have never seen such an unprofessional manager in my 30 years of management. The stylist who was and has been doing my hair is her assistant and the last three times I've gone in there she has been nothing short of rude and disrespectful to her stylists. She is the type of leader you can tell has zero patience which I've heard and she has no problem getting snippy with her assistant while she is on the floor with clients, such as myself. I know my stylist has told me how they become a leader but personally, a leader isn't because they produce numbers. A leader is because they want to show and be the best example for the salon and their team. She is not, by far what I would call a good leader. I won't be going in when she is there because it was very hard to not say something to her and my stylist said she would take care of it but I know she won't because she is to nice and forgiving.

  • The Catonsville, MD location could use customer service training. The stylist was rude and disrespectful to me while the manager stood there and she did absolutely nothing. She was yelling and cutting me off while I was speaking. She rolled her eyes and turned away from me while I was speaking to her. They must forget that they are a service organization. They also talk about personal issues while servicing clients. Most customers don't want to know your personal business! Customers also don't like to see the stylists constantly checking their cell phones. Regardless of how convenient a business is, if the customer service is atrocious it's not a good use of my money. I don't need to pay someone to mistreat me.

  • Lakeside Town shops in Davie Florida is the worst hair Cuttery. No one speaks English and its very dirty(bugs). They never have the correct product(for highlights) what salon doesn't have bleach. or color remover. I have been rescheduled to come back another day 3 times because of lack of product. very unprofessional NEVER will go back.

  • Sewell NJ store, I went in with a picture of the haircut I wanted, asked for someone who specialized in short hair. Went from hair halfwasy down my back to looking like a man. Very, very upset. NOT WHAT I WANTED. Also the girl had a low sugar episode in the middle of my haircut and had to excuse herself to run to get something to eat. SERIOUSLY??? Will never go back or ever recommend hair cuttery to anyone.

  • I'm writing about ur store on Evesham ave in south jersey. When I go there I can never understand why the stylist don't have a client they do alot of stuff on their cell phone. One of the women there sit in the salon chairlike as if it's a lazyboy with her feet on the chair leaning back. Very lazy. Also they need to know more information about the products u sell there. They always want to sell u things that is not for ur type of hair. 1 of the ladies there put straight on my hair n I have very curly hair. I have gave them some info on some of their products that I know for sure and without a doubt they will say Oh I don't know anything about that product… most of the time I just go in there to only buy the products because that's the best thing about the store.

  • Do not go to hair cuttery! They are rude and I brought disabled clients in where they made fun of them as well as called them the "r" word. Very disrespectful. This is at the sycamore il locarion

  • HAIR CUTTERY. Katie and Jennifer in the Merritt Island, FL Merritt Square Mall Hair Cuttery are the best! They spent an hour conditioning and brushing out my long hair! I plan on going back there from now on! They have earned my business! Great Manager and stylist…

  • Hmmm…. You would think after three horrible experiences between two salons, why do I continue to go there. The final straw was being charged $10 for my daughters hair being 'long'? It was barely past her shoulders. We have been there many times and have never been charged that before. I didn't notice until I went home and reviewed the receipt.

  • I went to the hair cuttery at the Parkville Shopping Center location in Baltimore, Maryland. I experienced discrimination from an older Caucasian woman who initially told another employee that she did not want to do my hair. After she sat in her chair for an additional 10 minutes doing nothing as I waited she finally approached me and I told her I just want my hair washed and blow dryed straight and then wrapped with bobby pins. She did not know how to wrap hair and when she was "done" my hair was in a fro and still wet in the middle. I was nearly in tears and said to her you didn't do anything. At one point while blowing out my hair she did not even detangle it first. She used a roller brush. I told her she needed to use a wide tooth comb before blow drying and once she did her response was "o youre right that is better". I don't understand who hires some of these "stylists". Where is their license? Another woman ended up helping me and getting my hair half way together. But not once did the manager of the salon come to me and apologize for the service. Both the manager and assistant manager were there at the time. Thankfully, the second lady who helped me was able to waive the price for me. Afterwards, I contacted corporate and spoke with someone but it was a very unpleasant experience.

  • The Hair Cuttery at the Potomac Yard location seems to never open on time anymore. I arrived today at about 8:50 am and left at 9:22 am. I could not wait any longer. So much for getting my hair done on a tight schedule. I had this same problem on two other occasions. Not good for business!

  • This is regarding the salon located in Deltona, FLorida in the Deltona Commons shopping center. I called on 4/20/15 to get information on perms. On 4/21/15 I called back to make an appointment and was told they only did walk ins and that I would have to be there before 7:00 pm to have a perm done. I left my job early so that I got to the salon before 7:00. I waited for 30 minutes and was told that they wouldn't be able to start on me till 8:00 and wanted to make a one time exception and set up an appointment for me the next day. they obviously didn't want to stay past 9:00 doing hair. I explained to her that I could only make the appointment for 7:30 and nothing before that because of my job. She said they weren't able to make an appointment after 7:00. So, after leaving my job early and losing pay to get to this salon and wasting my time waiting, I walked out. Told them to forget about it. This is extremely POOR service. You have potential clients calling for information and doing what they were told and this is how they are treated!!! I will NEVER step foot in a Hair Cuttery again and I will NEVER recommend them either.

  • I got a cut & color today at a sw Florida location and I felt as though there was some drama I had walked right into. The stylists all looked miserable and the manager (who was styling my hair) was continuing on and on about a former employee (who I loved and always went to and never had any issues with) as to why she was no longer with the company. It was uncomfortable, unprofessional and I will not be returning to this location. I will be seeking out the who left!

  • I recently visited a hair cuttery location two weeks ago and I was very disappointed in my expeirence there. I was so unhappy with the way my hair turned out I acutally had to go to another salon to have them fix my hair cut. The sylist did not cut my hair how I wanted it done at all. She never asked me if I wanted her to blow dry my hair she just did what she was comfortbale with I asked her several times if she was going to thin out the back of my hair since it is always very thick. I was very disappointed in my experience and I will not return as well as not refer anyone to that location.

  • RE: Hair Cuttery, Washington Road, Parlin NJ. Hair Cuttery advertises walk in's welcome but this is 2 out of 2 times in 4 months that I was told their appointments are full and turned away. All the lobby waiting chairs were empty and then being told that all appointments are full, are you an appointment only but advertise walk in's welcome? Advertise Correctly or is this policy in effect at the Parlin NJ office just for the convenience of the employees?

  • Manager, Donna at Antigo Wisconsin appears to have no knowledge of cutting and coloring. She mangled my hair to the point I had to go to Walmart, Shanille, who thankfully fixed the mess. If I knew how to contact the corporate office, I'd let them know that Donna, the manager, isn't up to par on her hair techniques. I even took pictures it was so bad. Will never go to another Hair Cuttery and I will not recommend to anyone.

  • Bound Brook, NJ Stylist-Gina
    I did not have a comforting experience the few times I have spoken with her over the phone and in person in Nov. 2014. She was very rude and obnoxious and acted like our conversation wasn't important. I didn't appreciate being treated or spoken to in that tone of voice especially since I've been a client for over 5 years. No client should be disrespected in any way. This just salon lost (5) clients, I will not be going back. Good Luck Hair cuttery. If Gina's high & mighty attitude and disrespect continues, you just may lose more clients! Gina is a great stylist, but lacks with her people skills big time.

  • I would like to file a complaint.

    The Hatfield Pa salon has a serious management and regional management problem. One of their stylist "Megan" is a habitual "Call Out Sick" person. I understand she has issues, but don't we all? Over the years she has call out on the average of 4-6 times a month. Management is aware of this on going problem but doesn't seem to do anything about it. It is also to my understanding that even the regional manager "Peg" knows and has known of this problem for a few years now, This to me is a shame!

    What kind of company allows this type of behavior to continue? To constantly have to call customers and reschedule their hair stylist or to give them someone else, this may be awarding to the other stylist in the solon, but it is also a nuisance to other co-workers who now have to cover her work hours as well as clients on their days off.

    This is an habitual problem!!! Poor management as well is to blame for allowing this to continue!!!
    If this is the way the company operates, I will not only stop coming to Hair Cuttery, but will also tell others of this poor management. Why does the stores management not care? Why does the regional manager Peg not care? Why does The Hair Cuttery not care? Maybe this is why that store as poor business. NO ONE CARES ENOUGH TO DO THE JOB CORRECTLY!!! This is Pathetic!!!

    • I'm from NJ but employee no shows at work put a huge strain and performance for the other employees. —YOU HAVE TO WONDER WHY THE HOME OFFICE DOESN'T CLOSE DOWN THE INEFFECTIVE LOCATION…BAD BUSINESS FOR THEM.

  • I just wanted to say that the Hair Cuttery at #3635 – 1536 W. Lake Cook Rd – Wheeling IL has the best stylists. I can go to any of them at the location and get the style and color I like. They are Awesome!!!

    I came in a few years ago because I use to color by own hair and it somehow turn out brown with some green in it and I walked out with the Best hair color. Each of the stylist does the color a certain way but it always comes out beautiful.

    I hope you will read this letter. It's very important that you guys know how lucky you are to have these people working for you.

    Shirley Flores

  • your sw florida manager and district manager need to start taking your salons and employees into consideration, and stop the game playing that goes on at "your" business.

    If it were my establishment, from time to time I would be under cover boss, to see how my managers were actually running my business, treating employees and looking out for my interests, when the cats away the mice will play!

  • In hopes that someone does actually read these comments, I would like to suggest that the stylists be instructed ,upon finishing a customer, not to yell out,"NO MORE GREY HAIR!!". Thank you for your time and concern

    • The Lincoln Park Halsted location in chicago has a stylist I use name Kristen. She's great. Colors me and gives me discounts every time I come to get a color. Just have to only use her or you can't get the best price. Or maybe even stay later to get the best price. She ends up pocket the difference so I guess it wouldn't matter.

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