Hamricks Corporate Office Headquarters

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Hamricks Corporate Office Headquarters
Hamrick Mills Inc.
Address: 515 W. Buford St.
Gaffney, SC 29341
Email: n/a
Corporate Phone Number: 1-864-489-4731
Fax Number: 1-864-487-9946
Customer Service Number: 1-864-489-4731

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Hallway in M.Bch store not enough room for 2 people to walk which can be hazardous especially if one is handicapped. Also the sachet scent packets are overpowering the home side with strong scents that almost knocks me out. Pls make store more pleasant for us your customers again.

Shop there at least once a month. Have to drive to another town since there's not one near me. Last time I was there the cashier charged me for a dress I didn't buy. When I called the manager to complain she said " sorry. Can't do anything. Call corporate office and they might help. " I am not happy with that response. Will be telling people not to leave without checking their receipts.

Will there ever be another Hamrick's in the Charleston, SC area? It would be nice if you considered one in the Summerville, SC area near Nexton or near Cane Bay. Hate having to go to Myrtle Beach.

Please stop using whoever that woman is on your commercials. Her voice is absolutely horrible! I mute the TV every time one of your commercials comes on.

went to Hamricks today .. had a 15% coupon they said I could not use it because it was a wow item….WHAT! then the lady would not let me use my senior discount ! WHAT! because what I got was a wow item dang 53$ and no discount….had the Thanksgiving special this week 20% for seniors ….well try to get it !!!!!! not !! there was more than one lady upset in the store today….so I looked around the store ….95% of every rack had the sigh WOW on it so don't think you will get a deal!!! 11 24 2014 cashier was Shirley…..but the cashier beside Shirley gave her coustomer her senior her 20% discount……it will be a long time before I go back to Hamricks if ever

What are you, Barry Hamrick, thinking when you decide to close Burlington, NC store. Since I found out Saturday 3/22, I went around the store and informed and everyone, which was very busy that day with many shoppers. I have never spent under $50.00 in that store and very unusual if I am not in there 2 times a week. I bought @ least 75% of Christmas last year in that store in Burlington, NC…Do you realize Greensboro is 1 hour away and Charlotte is 2 hours away. We can travel that far to save money. You let the other Hamricks have hours from 9-8, but only6 give this one 10-7, where is the logic in that and expect them to do the volume the other stores produce. This is to Barry Hamrick…YOU ARE MAKING A BIG MISTAKE.
Please re-consider what you are doing…this is not fair to us who enjoy our Burlington store

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