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Hancock Fabrics Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

How To Contact Hancock Fabrics Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Hancock Fabrics, Inc.
Official Address:
1 Fashion Way
Baldwyn, MS 38824 USA
Email: n/a
Corporate Phone Number: 1-601-842-2834
Fax Number: 1-302-655-5049
Customer Service Number: 1-601-842-2834


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  1. First off I am so sorry Handcocks is closing for everyone involved! Perhaps if they stuck to fabrics & sewing supplies it might still be open.I just had to mention you have one of the nastiest, ill mannered woman working in your Cookeville, TN store!!
    I purchased one of your white decor display stands,told me to "pick out" the one I would like on the floor, had to pay for it RIGHT NOW, which I did, no one to help me load it, did not mention she had SEVERAL taken apart in the back, which I could have managed loading myself, so I went home to get my hubby 78 mile round trip again. He walked in and saw the one with my name on it and very politely asked if she had someone to help him remove the merchandise on it. She SHOUTED at him "you don't think I am going to unload that do you!!" STRIKE ONE!..go to the back and wait for me!! STRIKE TWO tell your wife to drive to the back door, almost strike three.. Well I drove to the back..NO SIGNS ON ANY OF THE BACK DOORS. I waited for one of them to open, got out, went in, and she said again "gruff tone" pick out one get 10 boards and I am not helping, but hurry up.BIG STRIKE THREE!! OK NOW hubby has had enough from mouth almighty, said we will carefully pick one and NOT hurry…..her answer "don't give me any mouth, I'll have you arrested!! I have about all the public I can stand and I will call the police!!" With a wifely look I said "honey I have one here we can load". Had she told me earlier they were disassembled, I could have loaded myself & saved me a second 78 mile trip!! SEND A HANCOCK PERSONNEL TO CLOSE THIS STORE she is leaving lots of shoppers with a bad taste for your name HANCOCK!! YES you will be missed. Jan Bigelow

  2. I am in the middle of a three quilt project. They will be identical. Queen sized log cabins in the barn raising pattern. I chose to assemble all three at the same time to assure I would follow through with the commitment. Half way through I realized that I should stock up on some more of the white on cream print I was using for 1/2 side of the block. I knew I bought it at Hancocks they were closed. I didn't know this was happening. I figured I could find the fabric some where else. I was wrong. The people at the stores I contacted were not very helpful. I guess I assumed that there could be a data base which could locate a store that had this fabric still in stock. I don't just need a couple of yards, I would buy 10 yards if I could get it. Looks like I will need to get the seam ripper out. ��

  3. hello my name is andrea I live in Tucson,az I have shopped at your fabric stores scense I was 12 years old love to sew it makes me sad you will be closing your stores I leave 35 miles out of Tucson and have to another 15 miles to get to your store but it is worth it ladys at the 22nd street store are wonderful Tucson doesn't have a fabric store on the south side of town you could open one on that side there is a shopping center on interstate 19 and Irvington Rd and there is a shopping center on interstate 10 and park Ave this would make great place to open your store these are new shopping centers all we have is walmart fabric on this side of town I know lots of woman that sew they wouldn have to go to joanns on the east side of town when you close your stores I would rather give my money to your company thank you a loyal coustomer

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