Happy’s Pizza Corporate Office Headquarters

Happy’s Pizza Corporate Office Headquarters
30201 Orchard Lake Road
Suite 200
Farmington Hills, MI  48334
Corporate Phone Number: 1-248-538-0000

  • many complaints about happy's pizza but no solutions. East Cleveland location is unprofessional. STORE IS NOT OPENED ON TIME. (45 MINUTES LATE) I ASKED WHY MANAGER SAID HE FORGOT THE KEYS. I told manager that it was unprofessional to open a place of business late. Manager responed
    by telling me not to lecture him and what do I want to order over the phone with a attitude. My reply was goodbye. why corporate allow manager and workers to behave this way at happy's pizza. name should be change from happy's pizza to unhappy's people's pizza.

  • Hello, my occupation is that of a Service Coordinator on the same lines as a Social Worker. I recently called your location at 531 Dorr St. Toledo Ohio to arrange get an order for an up coming event. I asked to speak with the store manager and was asked my name and was placed on hold. I heard some music and a series of clicking noises and then the phone hung up. I called back and explained to the employee what just transpired, she apologized and placed me on hold and I was on hold for 23 minutes. Needless to say I hung up which is the reason for this email. I will mow take the business to one of your competitors because they, get this, that manager actually came to the phone and now they have my business and gratitude. You were in this neighborhood before and people tried to support your company, so that store was closed. Now you are back but with the same habits. So I say to you good luck, but that manager cost you money and future business. Have a great day.

  • Ordered a pizza from Happy's Pizza – Detroit 120: 8004 Greenfield Rd , Detroit, MI 48228 Tel: (313) 581-9200; 2:09 pm didnt get til 3:30 pm.

  • My company (Part's Galore) order 5 pizza, 5 lb bucket of wings and salad and the only thing that was eatable was the salad. The wings had to been from the day before and heated over and the pizza was dry. I have always gotten a great pizza from the location on Livernois and Michigan but I will never recommend this location again, very, very disappointed and feel real bad for even suggesting Happy's for the office lunch.

  • Happys Pizza has great chicken wings. And that is the only good thing about it. My delivery order last night was 15.96 on my credit card. The charge on my credit card was 19.16, inspite of the fact that I tipped in cash. When I called the store this morning to ask about the discrepancy, I was advised to "call corporate." On a Sunday. When all the store manager had to do was go through the charge slips and see if it had been re-rung with a tip. When I called back to suggest this, and to tell him my solution was to never order from his store again, he then decided to take this action- as if he had just discovered gravity. Good plan. In the mean time, I'm going to find another place for wings, call corporate tomorrow, and maybe have a chat with the readers of Yelp.


  • I live in Canton Ohio. Ordered a dinner combo (for family that showed up to my house) at 11:17 p.m. through their Internet ordering service. Never got my order, a phone call, nothing. I tried calling the store several times knowing they were there cleaning (hopefully) after closing for the night. They never answered the phone. Called this morning, still not answering the phone. Found out via Facebook that they have done this to other people. What kind of business takes your money, sends you a confirmation to your email, and decides to rip you off and not send you your order? What a disgrace. I will NEVER order from them again, and I am spreading the word on how unprofessional they are. I wonder how proud they are about their job?

  • Quality service is what we expect from Happy Pizza, because with out customer their will be know Happy Pizza. This is what I learned while I worked for Marta in Atlanta Ga the Customer are the most important people. My family order a chicken dinner which was tossed in the box and the chicken was cooked in old grease. I asked to speak to the manager he was so unprofessional that I did not go any further with his I asked for his name Kevan on Washtenaw st. in Ypsilanti,Mi Reading others comments about Happy Pizza should cause concern to the company because I believe the company will lose money, if improved are not made in house. Mrs.Green

  • Omg I work at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation here in Cleveland, Ohio, placed an order for delivery fairly large order for 10-12 people for a meeting, needless to say driver never showed up, nor contacted me. When attempting to call the store Manager, she was rude, unprofessional, and staff was disrespectful. My company will never do business with them again..

  • Omigod, I ordered my food at 2:10 p.m it is now 4:00 pm, and they say he's still on his way. So he's had my food for about an hour now, and still hasn't reached here. THIS is the very last time I order from this place. It's ridiculous and when I called them like where is the delivery guy, can you call him and see if he's in the area, her response was, I don't even have his phone number. WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER!!!!!! I'll be going through pizza hut from now on!!!

  • I ordered at north bend rd in Cincinnati oh ***HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE***** ordered 3 hours ago online order never came I called the location from which I had ordered from employee and manager *******VERY RUDE***** I paid with a credit card my money won't be back on my card until at lest Thursday and today is Friday no discounts offered no courteous measures were taken for me and my family's wait. Will NEVER order from here again. P.S . food from a previous order proved the food wasn't all that great either

  • What terrible online ordering!@ 2 hours when the web site said 45 min. The only pizza restaurant in Muskegon county with this bad service! Hello PIZZA HUT

  • I ordered from happy pizza on hall road in Clinton township. When they brought my food they had forgotten part of my order. I called to inform them of this and was asked to hold before i even said a word. I waited 5 minutes and finally they came back on the line. Once again before i even said a word i was asked to hold again! I replied that i had already been on hold for just under five minutes. The happys employee than said to me that he had alot of customers and if i wanted to order i was going to have to hold again. I told him that i was a customer and that i just spent $40 And didn't receive all of my food. He than asked me what i ordered, than he asked me my ticket number. Finally he said Oh your at blah blah blah address. I said yes, than he says, i will send it over. That was an hour ago… we are still waiting…

  • Ordered from Jefferson Detroit mi location. Food arrived late and cold, looked old. Called to complain, the manager stated they were closed call tomorrow he would help. I called back today, he offered $5, off my $30.00 order. Got smart with me, I asked his name and he replied JT. Really?

  • I just ordered from happys pizza today, the Southgate location, my food was over cooked! My bread tasted burnt! it was very dark in color I'm very unhappy with this location! I just has some early today at another location and the food was cooked perfectly and tasted amazing!

  • I do NOT know why they are called Happy's PIzza, all of the people they are rude. We placed an order at 6:30 online and the confirmation email said it would be done at 7:10. We live about 2 minutes from the Happy's Pizza in Westland, MI… My husband and my 4 yr old sone went to pick up the pizza, they were standing in the lobby along with many other people for 1 hour… They didn't return back home until 8:00, I thought something happened to them. husband left his phone at home since it was such a short time he would be gone… The people at Happy's Pizza are very rude. My son kept asking "what is taking so long?" the girl behind the counter kept saying, It's in the oven, she didn't offer anyone anything for the long wait…. I WILL NEVER GO TO AHPPY"S AGAIN!!! I hope they go out of business!!

  • Happy 7 and van dyke drivers drive with people in the car pulled up at my home smelling like weed . Later we saw the same driver having sex in the alley really and these people deliver our food

  • Happys pizza on Belleville rd in Belleville mi has the absolute worst customer service, I was called a liar about what I had ordered, I was talked to very rudely and I was disrespected horribly, my husband called and the manager ken said he was going to refund my money to my card and that never happened. Called back in today and the little boy that answered the phone told me he was not worried about our drama, he said get over it and would not give me the general managers name or number. When asked his name he laughed and gave us a couple different names! I'm disgusted with the treatment we got and that's almost $50 down the drain because my family didn't Even eat the crap they brought us

  • Happy's Pizza at 7412 Detroit in Cleveland is horrible. Every time I call I order the exact same thing large pizza half cheese half pepperoni and sausage and stuffed cheese bread but sometimes they do not have Sierra Mist so I order another soda. The last two times I have ordered (which will be the very last time) they gave me a pizza with only meat. The first time they gave a credit and the last time they told me they would fix it and have it delivered. The time was 8:30pm and I had to call at 10pm to check on the status. One of the horrible workers said the pizza was just made. Please avoid going here it is not worth it.

  • Hey if your so dissatified with their service and never intend on ordering from this company again, how about everyone orders food for delivery and wait an 1/2 hour or more then call to cancel it. Lets hit this company where it hurts and waste there money for a change.


  • Happy's Pizza in North Las Vegas was a good store until a couple of days ago. I ordered a pizza online and paid for it online. When the pizza got there, the driver proceeded to tell me that I owed twenty seven dollars. I told him that I'd previously paid for it online. He then told me that it would have said that on the receipt. So, after going back and forth, I reluctantly gave my card over to pay for the pizza (again). At this point, the driver calls the store to process my card and gives my card information on speakerphone, where everyone within earshot could hear my card information. He gives me the pizza and leaves. I started eating the pizza and noticed that the crust has a stale taste to it. The pizza was not good at all. Someone from the store called me later on that day and informed me that they did find that I'd paid online and that they were going to stop the store charge. two days later, while I was looking at my bank account, I saw that both charges went through and the store had not been pulled as I'd been told previously. To make matters worse, when I went into the store to complain about these things, the manager was not available because he did not come to work until 5pm that night. (?) The person that I spoke to was extremely rude, telling me that they do not have stale pizza. ( I have the proof in my fridge if anyone is interested in verifying my claim.) I was also told that there are no refunds. So basically what he was saying was "So you got a bad pizza, tough!" That is unacceptable. I will never waste my money with this crap again

  • Happy's on 9mlie and Coolidge is horrible there quality although was never top of the line is just plain horrible now they taste more like little casaers and everyone knows they have the cheapest quality pizza in the country. Go to primos if in Detroit area.

  • Happy's on Jefferson in Detroit has the worst customer service. They undercook your food on purpose like their mad you called. Then ask you for a tip for the delivery driver and then bring the order wrong. Food taste nasty like undercooked fish, pizza needing a few more minutes or leaving out sauces like tartar sauce and ketchup out of the box. They switch the order if you ask for BBQ sauce you get ranch, etc. Very poor moral or something.

  • Since the Puritas/W.150th store in Cleveland was advertising that they were under new management I thought I would give it a try. When I called in my order {there were two interruptions} I was told that I could pick up the order in 15 min. The short story is that 20 min. after I get there I finally get the order. Even if I ignore the additional crap I was told, there is still no reason to ever go back. The new management sucks.

  • They're good is never cooked properly and the locations and management team were liars and have pipe customer service. The corporate office is even unhelpful. This is out of order and needs to be corrected. If they can't do that then I have no problem w. Attributing to their closure!!!

  • HAPPY'S PIZZA HAS AWFUL CUSTOMER SERVICE!! First question I asked when I called was, "Do you deliver to my house". Phone person says they do, so I complete my order, a chicken dinner, which he then says it will be about an hour and 1/2 for delivery. I asked why so long, he uses the excuse THE WEATHER! Ok its July in Ohio…really a summer rain keeps the delivery slow? About 1/2 later I get a call from the driver stating, "WE DON'T DELIVER TO YOU!" I said that was my first question when I called, she says very rudely " MY MANAGER doesn't know where we deliver too!" I of course am mad at this point I could have ordered and been eating from another place by now so I say a few choice words to her, no apology NOTHING from her then she proceeds to hang up on me, after being very rude to me…THE CUSTOMER! Within minutes she calls back….'OOPS SORRY I HAD THE WRONG NUMBER BEFORE! We do deliver to you!" This was unacceptable and I let her know it in no uncertain terms, then said ok what are you going to do for me for the rudeness and lack of customer service since this is the first time, AND LAST TIME, I will ever order from you! She basically says we're not going to do anything, no how about a coupon, a discount, nothing! I asked for the manager who got on the phone and was more rude and inconsiderate than his employee!! Finally I said just reverse the charge I do not want your food, which I may add $17.00 for a chicken dinner and salad is a rip off!! He again no apology, no can a offer you this or that…NOTHING, and he proceeds to hang up on me! Needless to say I will NEVER ORDER FROM YOUR COMPANY AGAIN!!! I took a long shot since I keep receiving your flyers but being a high level manager in the customer service business myself I know what it takes to keep people coming back and its not by cheesy flyers and junk mail!! If I or my employees did business as HAPPY'S PIZZA does business we would be out of business very quickly! SO YOU'VE MADE ANOTHER UNSATISFIED CUSTOMER BEFORE I EVEN TRIED YOUR FOOD! SAD VERY SAD! THERE ARE SO MANY OTHER FANTASTIC CHOICES IN THE CITY OF TOLEDO YOU WON'T LAST!
    Signed a VERY UNHAPPY customer!!
    Your name is even a joke!

    • Yea his name is "Lamont and I expeerinced the same thing there has t be someone to cater to our comlaints like u where's the customer service if it wasent for us they would be back in Detroit broke.. cater to ur customers happy after all because of us ur ass ain't got slapped with this chicken dinner

    • yes the happy pizza on van buren rd. in Wayne has the worst customer service ever will never go back there the lady employer got so crappy cause she mees up but what ever happen to customer's are right smh

  • i am pissed off that happy pizza's has hired someone to drop off a bunch of thier flyers into private mailboxes. This is a federal offense, not to mention that the development has a no soliciting posting. This is illegal in my neighborhood. Their product is crummy and I am not interested in this crap left at my curb. The US postal service will be hearing from me. I may have a suit case to settle with happy's folks too.

  • I ordered my pizza at 5:37 it is 7:10 and it still has not bee delivered to my house I will never order from that place again very disappointing!!!!!!!!

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