Harbor Freight Corporate Office Headquarters

Harbor Freight Corporate Office Headquarters
Harbor Freight Tools USA, Inc.
3491 Mission Oaks Boulevard
Camarillo, CA 93012-6010
Email: n/a
Corporate Phone Number: 1-805-388-1000
Fax Number: 1-800-905-5215
Customer Service Number: 1-800-444-3353
Technical Product Support: 1-888-866-5797

  • You have a problem employee in The store in Macon. Ga and because of him I will no longer spend another dime at your place. His name is Mike and he has relieved you of a lot of customers due to his attitude. Apparently he doesn't need a job because I don't think that any responsible organization would continue to employee anyone that arrogant and useless.

  • I ordered ITC membership on 12/12/20 cleared my bank 12/14/20 and as of today i have yet to receive anything from Harbour Freight. Additionally, I sent two emails with no response back. I will file a complaint with my bank for fraud…

  • I order a camera system off of the online site. I'm in Oklahoma and my order is coming from Hampton Va. I order on Oct the 31st and it is still sitting in the store in Hampton Va. It was suppose to be pickup last week but it wasn't. Every time I call I get a run around. My name is Delbert Staggs I live @ 16865 so 123rd st E Webbers Falls Ok 74470 and I have shop at Harbor Freight for the last 30 years but I will never shop there again.

  • On June 2nd I received a flyer that had an 80 volt Atlas mower with battery and charger included for $399.00. I went to the Dayville CT store with coupon in hand.
    I drove over an hour because local stores did not have one in stock. When I arrived I was told that the coupon was a misprint. They would NOT honor their mistake. I told them that I will NEVER shop at Harbor Freight again I was rudely told " that was my prerogative " I then went to Lowes and purchased a similar product and now I will no longer shop at Harbor Freight. Nice going folks

  • I could not agree more with all of you real depressing just to go there with coupon i printed online o w that no good but i can sell you an extended warranty for an additional 75dollars !! Not happy!! Totally disappoint DONE!!
    ,NOVA $$$$


  • The worse customer service in the country. They don't care about anything. I placed an order and never got anything and can't get my money back. I have spent hours on the phone and have sent piles of emails. Nothing. I hope they go bankrupt. I promise I will never buy anything from them again. Run by a bunch of jack legs. Treat you like family, bull.

  • do not buy anything from this corporation. They are rude and do not support the products that they sell. Not even their own brands. The owners manual that come with the tool states that parts are available when they are not. The person on the parts line is a smart ass and would not put me through to a supervisor and keeping me on hold for 45 minutes. You would be better off going to sears.

  • Can't ask for better prices. However, they really need to cut out the deceptive adds. Specifically, 20% off on "All" purchases. hen in print so small I can't read it lists the myriad of things not covered. This is only giving them a bad name and wastes a lot of my time and the checker's time getting the items to the check-stand only to discover they are not rung up as a 20% discount. Then, of course the manager has to come from the back to tell us "Ju got to read the small preent".

  • Purchased Haul and parts Master trailer accessories this past week. Called today to get spare keys. NO JOY. The explanation 'we don't offer parts nor support for the trailer accessories'.

    Asked why was told it was a management decision. Seems a good indication that Harbor Freight management needs adult supervision.

  • The new Harbor freight in Ludington Michigan was a warm welcome in this small town. Unfortunately, only ten days after opening, the manager in charge who clearly lacks leadership skills has already lost several employees through intimidation and threats. He will lose more! Does his form of management reflect the integrity of the CEO? I hope not. This does not go well in this small town. Maybe this community should spread the word and force Harbor freight out of town!

  • I had purchased two sets of castors for two rolling tables that i had built for my store at FLEA TOWN USA . Over a 4 month period , ( with only one table done ) two of the castors had lost the rubber on the plastic wheels of two of the four I used . So i replaced the two bad one with 2 new ones . After another 4 months these castors had worn out to where i was pushing them , with Great difficulty , to put them back into my store . I went to take them back and the store Manager said that they were only Guaranteed for 90 days . I asked the manager if she would give me in store credit and she refused . At that point I told her that I would give Harbor Freight ALL of the advertisement that was Humanly possible ! I have a call into either the Vice President if not their corporate leader to rectify the problem . Now , I will be more than GLAD to make a display of their GARBAGE Quality products on the face of my store and answer ANY question of the Public NOT to purchase ANYTHING from this Chain ! After being so Rudely refused of any kind of compensation , I have decided to make SURE , the Community members will NOT purchase from them !! This is only the second time that I had Purchased from this Company and will be my LAST !! MADE IN CHINA ? SUPPORT MADE IN USA and feed your neighbor , Feed his Family !

  • The new store in Columbia-Two Notch Rd. have been out of the manual log splitter for the last several months. Who in the heck does the reordering? So, I rented one. You lost revenue but most important lost my businesses. Remember which one is the most effective way on advertising? Word of mouth. You got it.

  • Dear fellow co-worker, Im not sure which state you are in, but in Utah it is not like that. Or like the other crap some of these complaints have claimed, which is embarrassing, especially Kim in Knoxville, Tenn. on Broadway, I cant imagine EVER treating a valued customer that way! Anyways we have a great DM & lots of females, in my store we have 2 female ASMs & I just got the Sales Sup. I hope things improve in your state & District!! Hang in there & I hope you can make your way to Utah, or any area that actually gives a damn about our core principals, we do exist, thank you for being a part of that & upholding our quality!! 🙂

    • Wow! How wonderful your community sounds. I must make it to Utah. Although I've meet people from there and who have been there, and they don't all share the same sentiment about this eden you speak of in Utah! I wonder about your core values!

  • How does one obtain a store? I have been with the company for 5 years and have been trying to accomplish this with no success. I'm currently a Sales Manager and can do anything there is to do across the store to include the Store Managers job and have still been turned down. No sooner do I transfer and get replaced but now I hear that he will be moving up to the Store Manager level and he just started….. Starting to seem like men are the only ones to "deserve" this position. Before transferring there was only 1 female store manager and the new district I'm in are all male. Not to mention the new store I'm in is almost all wrong and no one is doing anything about it to include the DM. Every Plano gram is suppose to be set with 18" shelves and this one has them all with 16" shelves. The SM has been PMR at least 6 times and has no problem telling people.

  • While we do love shopping at Harbor Freight in Shelby, NC and another one near there. They treated us pretty well. We needed to get a birthday present for a grandson and went to the one in Asheville, NC. We had to drive through forest fire smoke because we have fires all around us and the smoke was really bad. My husband has to have breathing treatments. When we got home I wrapped it up. The next day our grandson opened the 64 piece socket set and two wrenches were missing, and about three sockets, and another piece. I called them right away and told them and they said we would have to bring it back. I told them it is 130 miles round trip in fire smoke. My husband is not able to breathe in that. Well he needs to bring it back and we will exchange it. My thinking was, they don't keep an eye on what is going on in their stores. Somebody lifted those parts and my husband has to pay for it. All they had to do is get the photos I took with my cell phone and mail me the parts that were missing (out of the one they were going to exchange with us.)I wrote the company and even sent the pictures. Nothing. He had to drive back in that smoke. So they don't care about other people's health either. We won't be back to that one. We will drive all the way to Shelby or shop at other stores. You are right, if you want to stay in business, you have to treat the customer right and it wouldn't have cost them that much to send those parts to us. It cost my husband the money we bought the sockets set for, 30 in gas and breathing treatments. They keep this up, word of mouth is going to kill their business.

  • As a small business owner I have shopped and had friends family and employees shop there as well in the past.
    Past is the key.Twice now I have experienced being told (after waiting in line at cashier register one of four) that I would not be waited on until I waited inline of center isle and called to cashier to checkout. I asked for location of the directional markings for this change in policy. I was told corporate said no markers were allowed. The first occurrence I was yelled at by the cashier the second I yelled back and walked away from cart, the exit called. I won't make it a third!

  • I have shopped at harbor freight for years Knoxville TN on Broadway. I never had to show a card to get advertised sale items but I was charged the regular price, I showed the clerk the mistake and he rudely said you didn't show your card look it says on the sale ticket, I said why didn't you ask for a card I didn't know that, so I said refund the items and I will purchase with the card, he said he could not, the manager came up and said the computer was not working I have to come back, the computer worked to ring it up, why do I have to come back, she got really rude in front of a lot of people and I did not react well. I told her I was a customer for years and I would not be back. she said good don't come back, nice thing to say to a customer with many friends and family that will not be back. her name was Kim she would not give me her last name, I asked her to write it down, she showed me her name tag and said remember it, well kim I will remember and let everyone who will listen to remember.

  • As an owner of two businesses, customer service that builds customer loyalty are paramount for me, and my employees. In the HF stores at which I have shopped, the employees and manager(s) make me feel irrelevant. If assistance is requested, perhaps it will be provided, but most of the time an employee points in a particular direction. When asked about particulars of an item, little information is made available. Lowe's, Home Depot, Ace Hardware ALL appreciate our business. Once I've expended the dollars available on two HF cards provided as gifts, they will have seen me for the last time.

    • Try dealing with the Customer Service or Corporate office and it is no better at all. I love there stores but am just about DONE !.

  • I entered the store located in Oklahoma City at Reno and MacArthur. Waited over 15 minutes for assistance and could not find anyone working except the cashiers who were busy. I finally went behind a sign that read "Employees only." Was stopped by a gent who said "what do you want." I advised him I was looking for a part…..instead of helping me look he said "if it’s not out there we must be out of stock." "Now get out of this area." WOW……………….I own a business and we used to use Harbor Freight several times a week.

    Home Depot now appreciates our business. It might cost me a $1 or $2 more but it’s worth it to have friendly customer service. I strongly urge anyone wanting to shop at one of their stores to head over to Lowe's or Home Depot.

  • Why don't you have a "Contact Us" link? My local store in Akron Ohio said I could find it here on your site?

  • also fed up with them wanted to buy clearance item was told none in stock would get any more tried to buy display told would not sell as they might find one at a later date not the first time screwed oround they can shove their stores in ohio highwater

  • Unhappy with false advertisement. Filed 2 complaints. The company did not have the courtesy to contact me after several weeks.

  • The only complaint I have is that there is no Harbor Freight Store within 100 miles of West Lebanon New Hampshire … where I live..

    I wish to suggest Harbor Freight locates a Store on or near West Lebanon New Hampshire's Miracle Mile …No sales tax.. The greater West Lebanon shopping area draws from a huge Market area from Boston to Montreal… Many large chain stores and the best and biggest local stores are there all ready… Home Depot… et al… This is the shopping hub for the high net worth Dartmouth College and Dartmouth Medical School…and all their well paid staff…

  • I bought a lift table and 6 mos later it stopped working. Called tech support and they didnt have any replacement parts for that item number. Called the store and they said without an extended warrenty i was out of options. Not even a 20 dollar voucher for next purchase because customer service sucks. Im rethinking Harbor Frieght you think your saving money but are you really

  • Tried to buy a $700 tool chest in Lubbock tx 1/21/15 Manager refused to sell because she had no one to load. I told her I would load and she refused the sale. I drove 100 miles to purchase she told me I would have to come back another time!!

    • I went to buy a tool box at their parking lot sale this weekend and was told they didn't have any black ones left. I went inside and there was one of each color black red and blue. They refused to sell me the black one because it was a display even though the ad clearly stated YOUR CHOICE OF COLOR, another false advertisement…

  • i would never trust harbor freight again they lie they rob you on there warranties. no complaint numbers to help anyone. they pass your problems on and on until you get tired of hang on the phone. if you go to there web site Harbor freight.com it say's we fedex- orders in 24 hours seems that slash is the word more if you get out your magnifying glasses i know they lost me as a customer!!!!

    • entered the store located in Oklahoma City at Reno and MacArthur. Waited over 15 minutes for assistance and could not find anyone working except the cashiers who were busy. I finally went behind a sign that read "Employees only." Was stopped by a gent who said "what do you want." I advised him I was looking for a part…..instead of helping me look he said "if it’s not out there we must be out of stock." "Now get out of this area." WOW……………….I own a business and we used to use Harbor Freight several times a week.

      Home Depot now appreciates our business. It might cost me a $1 or $2 more but it’s worth it to have friendly customer service. I strongly urge anyone wanting to shop at one of their stores to head over to Lowe's or Home Depot.

    • I agree totally. I also got a catalog with a coupon on the front page saying "25% off any single item one day only Sept. 4th 2017" Labor Day. The another coupon on the back page with fine print so small I can't read it with numerous exclusions—basically, everything in the catalog. I went through the so-called manager who told me I have to read the fine print. Calls to customer service resulted in the same excuses. No one even cared if I complained to Consumer Affairs or bad mouthed them on Facebook. I have been a long time customer but will just go to Home Depot from now on and get much better quality tools.

  • Beware the complaint web site! you type it in, give your name and email address but no way to send it. No send button it just starts the page over again.

    • LIARS AND THIEVES! They steal your money and send you "accessories" when the main item is on BACKORDER!!! The morons are shipping and charging you for items you can't use! Complain and they hit your card for the back order! Call and they're RUDE and DON'T CARE! I love the automated message of "Treat our customers like family and try not to let you down!" PATHETIC!

    • Gas shortage in Florida. Web site says Predator 8750 in stock store purchase only. Wasted 10 gallons of gas. Called Jacksonville store lady popped off and hung up on me
      Just ordered 6000 water inverter. Got panels and batts. No need for these people

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