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Hardees Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

How To Contact Hardees Corporate Office Headquarters HQ 

Hardee’s Food Systems, Inc.
100 N. Broadway, Ste. 1200
St. Louis, MO 63102-2706 USA
Phone Numbers:
Corporate Phone Number: 1-314-259-6200
Fax Number: 1-314-621-1778
Customer Service Number: 1-877-799-7827

  • Are you selling hamburgers or sex It is sad to see a family hamburger restaurant going to the dogs. I am going to tell everyone I know to not eat there any more until you fire the person who is in charge of these sick commercials

  • I am a dependable customer for Hardees(the one next to the court house in Christiansburg Virginia). I am there everyday at different times of the day. I have become very fond of the employees there but I have noticed a few things that I have found unacceptable. For one, on 3 different occasions I have witnessed one of the managers bringing her daughter to work with her. The reason I find it unacceptable is because it is not a day-care and not a place to spend time with your child. She ignores her employees and only steps in to help when they are so busy they are practicly running around the store. She sits and talks with her daughter while needed to help the employees to struggle on their own. I believe there is a time and a place for work and family, and bringing your family to work is not helping your workers. Also on all 3 of those occasions I have seen the manager walk outside with her daughter and leave the store unattended for 30 minutes if not longer and it is not just once but 2 or 3 times that I have seen within the hour or 2 that I am there. While I am on the subject of her I can say that she may seem nice to us customers and thats fine but I have seen how rude she is to her employees and how she has her picks. It is unfair to the others. I hope that me speaking up for the employees there will help and that they will find someone that will treat them with more respect and will treat it as a work enviroment instead of a day-care.

  • i agree, its just sad how business has to resort to such filth and crap just to put out their product. whats sadder is when people go to buy it and see the prices.

  • Hey I live in downtown hopkins mn and would like to say if they built a hardee's you would make good money. We have bars and a lot of people that walk and go to bars so know you would make good business plus I wouldn't mind working there very great food


    • OMG, this is a shame, here it is almost two years later, and nothing has changed. Even with no name, I know EXACTLY who you are talking about. Even worse, I spoke to Corporate about him, and they said they had him "under investigation" and as we can see, nothing has been done.

  • I soooo agree with you! I was with my grandchildren when it came on. I was so taken back. This needs to be removed and immediately!!! Shame on you Hardees!!

    • Yes I've worked here for months and I get treated like crap. The manager has a hired a handful of new people after me and they work day after day and I'm lucky if I get put on the schedule and when I do I get yelled at for the smalleest things that the others are doing. When I'm off I walk in and seen people out of uniform and I know that if it was me I would have gotten wrriten up. Also twice now I have only gotten payed half of what I have earned and they have done anything thing about it so now I'm contacting corporate.

    • My granddaughter works there for 2 weeks and is going to start looking for another job. The manager berates the employees and calls them stupid in front of customers. This is no different than verbal abuse. Wake up Hardees before the word spreads or you will be flipping your own burgers. Your employees deserve to be treated with respect, remember you reap what you sow. Stanton, KY.

    • WOW!!! Well that same of treatment is getting done in Hardee's of Holly Hill and nothing has been done but employees get transferred or fired and the General Manager still there doing unacceptable behaviors, but I guess Hardee's is all for that type of behavior. The employees there now are scared to say anything because they do not want their jos place on the line. It should not be like that but Hardee's allow it.

    • i hear what you all are saying about being employed and treated like crap. i even told management on the phone how i felt about the way i was getting treated in the back after my 3rd day. and she didnt care. all she said was ok, so i guess i need to replace you on the schedule then. WHAT?? Why didnt management say well let me talk with so and so and get this resolved or at least say well i will take care of that? but no she wanted to replace me. man, whatever.

    • This is not an isolated incident, this from what I gather is a policy in most Hardees, and that is to treat employees as number not human beings. There are also discrimination with older employees. If you cannot keep up with the younger employees we loose hours. I for example went from 30 to 35 hrs. to 14 hrs. There are employees that complain that they do not want many hrs. and instead of giving them to the people that need them they hire new people.I have managed and owned my own business and have never felt so unwanted an out of place. I have been trained as a manager that you set the mood for other employees at the beginning of the day with a positive attitude. It makes everyones day run so much smoother and they enjoy working as a team and they really like there job. Less turn over and they are more productive.Great commoratory amongst all employees. There will be no favortism everyone is an equal. Well I have not experienced any of that at this certain Hardees , quite the opposite. I feel that management is not happy at his job and I believe that you must enjoy your job . It will definitly show in your attitude. Im not the only person who sees this!! I hope that this will set a standard for all Hardees they have a great product but need to reevaluate training procedures and treat people with kindness not a number!!!

    • Working at Hardee's is the worse job I've ever had. The store I work at is ran by managers that are WAY too young, a GM with ZERO prior managerial experience whatsoever…..the store is absolutely filthy nasty & it makes me SO very glad that I hardly ever ate there before I was an employee. As I type this, I am STILL waiting for the opening manager to show up for work….they were supposed to be there @ 5AM (on a Sunday morning) & it is now 7:35, with no sign of a manager anywhere. Hardee's IS desperate for business & I believe that is why they resort to such trashy commercials. Bottom line, Hardee's sucks in more ways than one 🙁

    • My son worked at Hardees and got fired today without being written up once. He never got breaks and was treated so badly. This restaurant chain should be shut down. It is the worst ever

    • Hardees on Madison ave gave me the wrong order 2 days in a row & the food was cold. Called mngr. Ross said it was him. No apology instead mngr would not tell me his name or his boss.When i was leaving he was making burgers yelling his name was Ross & Making burgers as spit was spraying out of his mouth. 14.00 worth of garbage. If anyone eats at madison ave. Check to make sure your not eating a spit burger.

    • I work at Hardee's and get treated like crap every day. Its the Hardee's in Branson West, Missouri. The assistant manager David didn't get fired after calling a customer a fat Wh***. But I got in a lot of trouble after putting too many hashrounds in the fryer?? They talk bad about their employees 24/7 and we dont get any respect. I dont know if anyone big eill ever see this but it needs attention I can tell you that.

    • (I posted 2ft snow & drug user lesbiam employee)
      YES, EMPLOYEES AT HARDEES ARE TREATED, NOT WITH RESPECT, BUT WITH ABUSE. Working for Hardee's for 2 and 1/2 years, this is abuse I have witnessed in person.
      EMOTIONAL ABUSE: our previous General Manager (GM) screamed at a fellow employee right behind wall that separates front register to cook area, and GM made the employee cry and shake uncontrollably.
      VERBAL ABUSE: Our previous GM constantly cursed profanity at all employees, in front of customers too, even if we got confused on an order the customer forgot to mention something they wanted and we weren't at fault. And when I walked in only 4 min late on busy Sunday, and as soon as I walk next to the front counter to head to cook area, the GM screamed in my face in front of 10 or so customers. She yelled that I was late when I didn't think I was. (there is a 5 min late period but work clock was faster than my home clock I noticed later).
      PHYSICAL ABUSE: our previous GM threw back orders that we messed up on accidentally (or the customer didnt mention change to order when they purchased). When I was cooking she (GM) threw a plate and burger went all over the floor barely missing me. Another incident is that she (GM) picked up a heated pan of beans out of the microwave and I could tell by her attitude that she dropped it next to my leg on purpose to try to burn me. Luckily only few spots hit my pants and didnt burn through.
      And on top off all of this… NONE OF US GET BREAKS. I have a medical condition that hurts my abdomen (i went to emergency room and have doctor notes) and I don't even get offered to take a break. It was 2 years ago, I had to argue with previous GM to give our 26 year veteran employee a 30 min break, to which the GM replied to me: "Oh she doesn't get breaks." Why not? This employee worked there for 26 years and works 40 hours a week, even 10 hour shifts a day with no break. I am the only one who offers to take over her work station to let her have a brief rest from the busy cook station we have.
      HARDEES WILL NEVER CHANGE. It doesn't matter how hard you try because as long as they get money, they will continue to operate the way they do. This was my first job and the only reason I lasted for over 2 years is because I don't surrender easily. Even more so than I, is a fellow employee of mine who has worked behind the scenes as a cook for Hardee's for 26 years and she is the only reason I can even deal with some stuff that happens to us because she tries to make a difference in the work place even though she is treated like an animal too, like us all. Sadly, Hardee's will never make a change for the better.

    • Yes they are and the place is filthy and mold growing everywhere. I know i worked for the company for 4 years hoping I could get them to clean up their act and their stores but to no avail so I quit cause they only care about the dollar not the store their employees or the customers so their stores will continue to remain filthy and run by trashy people who dont care about the customer as well as the corporate guys who continue to put trash on tv to sell burgers of which I was fighting all these issues for 4 years to no avail just making me an outcast for standing up for what was right to put out a clean image clean enviroment and great product clearly Hardees has gone away from all three and shows no signs of improvement we can hope Hardees will soon close their doors save themselves the embarrassment they are causing to all the world.

    • Working here sucks balls, managers don"t get breaks, broke equipment that doesn't get fixed. Then they want to get technical when they want something like they have always gone by the book. I am so glad i am leaving there.

    • Yes, this is one of the worst company's for all areas, food is overpriced, the treat white employees in the southern states like crap. And have nasty dirty restaurant.It really doesn't seem to matter about customer service and they lack work ethics and values.

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