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Hardees Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

How To Contact Hardees Corporate Office Headquarters HQ 

Hardee’s Food Systems, Inc.
100 N. Broadway, Ste. 1200
St. Louis, MO 63102-2706 USA
Phone Numbers:
Corporate Phone Number: 1-314-259-6200
Fax Number: 1-314-621-1778
Customer Service Number: 1-877-799-7827

  • I live here in Goochland, Va. #2999
    My father is handicap. Our town lost power do to a major storm last. We went to Hardee's this morning to get breakfast so he could take his medicine. There was no way for hi to park in the handicap spaces. The drive through was slammed. Which blocked the handicap spaces. U need to fix this so the elderly can park in those spots. Also while I was standing in line. I had to witness your manger yell at the the lady at the register. All because she asked for ones $1.00. Your manger did not have to yell at her like she did with the place being FULL!!!! Also there is a bank right beside Hardee's. She could not walk her lazy behind over there to get ones for the customers!!! There was people walking OUT!!! This Hardees is the WORSE one I have ever been in. And U wonder why U can not keep employees there. I myself would not want to work there if it was the last job on EARTH!!! U need to keep a DM there for over a year!!! Or better yet do a Under cover Boss there!!! Oh & by the way my father almost fell walking to get to the door. This is must need to address these problems @ #2999. If U do not address this ASAP I WILL NOT go BACK!!!!

    Sincerely: Irene Newman

  • It is very sad when you give Hardees a second chance, in Florence, Ala. But sadley there will be no more chances. When your asked to pull over to the side and they will bring out your food…well that's ok not a problem, 15 mins later no food and you lunch time is have over you have to leave with out food and go back to work hunger……No i didn't go inside….I would have shown my butt and I don't want to be that kinda of person. But this has happened twice and you know I more than likely wouldn't have eaten it if I had gotten it due the the 93 health score……Jenny

  • you people need to go to the hardees in mount vernun il they like people there they even keep people who break rules there even people they know who do canybus smart off to customers other stuff as long as your ok with management i think the hardees in mount vernon at broadwa across from car dealer need new manager

  • I wish companies like Hardee's et al. would find a route to profits that didn't depend on stiffing the work force (and the taxpayer.) If you won't pay they can't buy and that is depressing a lot of bottom lines.

  • the store in BOAZ ALABAMA has a least ten drive offs every morning, because the store is not open at the designated time . The store needs better help Please do something about this problem

  • Corporate might want to clean house at your Marysville Kansas store. You have a few very rude people working for you. Also standing at the front counter with a smoke in their mouth. Have pictures. If they hate working that much PLEASE replace them with someone who would like to work.

  • Hardees Corp…I am frequent guest at hadrees cedar springs Spartanburg SC. I really dont know how to start this but to just say what I see going on. Starting from the top and working my way down…the GM at this location is very rude and unprofessional! She speaks to her employees and guest in a manner as if they were beneath her. I witnessed her first hand yelling at the employees because the food wasn't getting out fast enough but she wasn't doing anything to help solve the issue. I sometimes come early in the morning and find the crew sitting g outside waiting on her to come when the place should already be open. I sat in the parking lot of McDonald's just to see how long it would take to open (1-1 1/2hrs). I'm sure they a loosing a lot of business! They never have everything they need there. ALWAYS out of something. I not sure how many people are suppose to be working at one time but I'm sure one person is not suppose to be doing cashier and cook (I've seen the young black girl doing this alot). All the years I've been coming to this location I have never seen it ran this poorly. There's new faces in there constantly and you can tell they have not been properly trained. Her managers are always running around doing everything while she either not there or sitting around the store. There is no control at this location. The way I hear some of the employees talk I'm sure you could speak to them and get more then what I have to say. Not too many people come here now…if something's not done I'm sure it will be even less and it starts from the top. Speak to the employees and the guest and you'll hear them say the same.

  • Hardee's Lakeland FL has great burgers, yet box tacos are better than what is offered on their menu. I have been a customer years for both Hardee's and Carl Jr, yet immediately stopped yesterday. Hardee's Lakeland could not or would not deliver. I saw a TV commercial a day or so offering a 4 for $4.00, upon ordering the clerk told me they were out. I had ask was something else was being offered in its place, the answer of course was no. Nor a rain check . My party and I were planning to order something else until the clerk said the 4 for $4 was popular. This is when I mention this is false advertisement and corporate should be notified. This clerk came back with a rude attitude and sarcasm. My party and I left without ordering. After contacting corp, the representive stated the store manager would be notified, this did not go over to well because management is the problem. The girl taking the order has been with Hardee's for awhile and I believe the manager on duty came from the KFC up the street. Instead of running a business with a complacent attitude and not do business, marketing practices will need to change before a major lawsuit. A meun change would not hurt considering the numerous Mexican food trucks and restaurants in the same area. This incident occurred 2-08-16 approx 3:20 pm

  • Hardees Pensacola, Florida

    On 1/23/2016 I was ordering a meal at your 1499 store. As I was ordering the person that was helping me at the counter was going through the usual of trying to get me to upsize my order. He informed me that sales were everything to help the store. After we agreed I wasn't going to order anything else. He went on to fill my order, when another employee was coming in the store with a competitors (Checkers) bag full of food. I jokingly made a comment about it (WOW, I should've maybe gone to Checkers). I received my food and was sitting down to eat. Once the employee heard about my comment she began cursing ("He needs to mine his DAMN business and I'm going to sit here and eat it in the restaurant area also!"). This happened around the afternoon. The manager that was on the shift didn't try to correct her and let her know it was in poor taste 1) To bring the competitors meal in there and 2) Let her know profanity isn't tolerated toward the customer. After leaving I tried calling the district manager, but there was no answer and never received a call back up to this point. The reason I am placing this on the comment box is maybe Hardees Corporation can get a handle on the management team as well as the employees to inform them this is a place where the Hardees Brand means something (that is if it does mean something to the corporation). I'm not suggesting that people should lose their job. However, there needs to be some sort of professionalism all the way down to the ones preparing the simple task. Who knows, maybe I can get a call back. That is if it mean anything to the executives of your corporation.

  • Hardees of Conway Arkansas.
    The current GM (Troy Horne) has and is committing some serious crimes.

    1. Me, a former employee. As well as many other current employees that i have kept in contact with, have all passed our station certifications. He has been negligent to sign off on them and issue the required pay raises associated with each station certification, because he does not want to payout the extra money.

    2. Blackmail. He has played favorites with two shift leaders, who are in a relationship together at the same store. One of them is GMIT. He threatened BOTH there jobs if they have any association with me what so ever. Since then, i have lost complete contact with my two best friends that i have known since before all three of us started working for Hardees, whom i consider family to me for the last 3 years.

    This is serious, and an investigation needs to be started.

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