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  1. Hello my name is Jo Smith and I have been a customer of Hardees since I was a kid….40yrs. I have always enjoyed their fresh food and especially the breakfast, the biscuits. Just imagine my surprise when I was told that the cinnamon raisin biscuit was not being anymore and you replaced with a sorry cinnamon roll. The biscuits were unique only to Hardee's, there was nothing like getting two cinnamon raisin biscuits with the frosting on top. They were always fresh and good. And now you have replaced with cinnamon rolls I can go to the donut shop for that, bring back the cinnamon raisin biscuits.

  2. June 7, 2017 I purchased a Hamburger combo meal from Hardee's of Athens, TN – 104 South White Street. The hamburger contained human fecal matter.
    I purchased a Combo Hamburger meal through drive-thru at, Check #40244. I pulled in across from eatery to eat and after first bite noticed a DISTINCT taste of fecal matter. I immediately spit out what was in my mouth, rinsed with water and immediately walked over to the eatery. I approached the manager and told her what had happened , her quote was "Ain't no way." She then proceeded to walk to the back and on return her demeanor had changed to "Would you like that remade or a refund?" I was flabbergasted, and asked if that was what she was offering. I in no way wanted another hamburger "remade". I walked out, then returned and demanded the corporate office #. At no time was an incident report offered to be filled out. I immediately called the corporate office and spoke to a Ms. Eckard, after relaying what had happened she said she would have to get back to me. I returned home. She then called me and and requested that I return to the store to return the item and also fill out an incident report to which I stated that that should have been completed at the time of the incident, not after I had left and called to complain. As I had two children waiting at home, I was unable to return. I did return two days after to complete the incident report, however it was a complete one-sided event only to be filled out by the employee with no where for me to fill out my statement, nor when I asked if I could have a copy would they allow that because it was "Hardee's property", so I refused to complete the necessary action. The manager on staff at the time insisted that due to her time in fast food she was an expert at determining what was in fact not excrement but rust on lettuce, yet I can guarantee that she would not have taken a bite out of that very hamburger to verify that fact. Her expertise in the matter is no greater then mine as a homemaker for 27 years, a veteran of the military, and as an employee and manager of numerous food related jobs. I have no quarrel with Hardee's, I do however have a quarrel with poor sanitation, poor customer service and poor customer relations. I have waited since June 7th to hear back from the corporate office in Cleveland, TN. After speaking with Ms. Eckard, she assured me she would be in contact to follow-up on the situation-I have yet to hear from her again.


  4. I went to Hardee's #5056 in Rutherfordton, NC this morning. I normally would go to another store. I understand being busy for rush hour, but there was only one register in use up front. The line was backed up to the door. People were congested waiting for food after ordering. The employees were hollering at each other. One employee shouted "I can't!!". It was a circus. I will not go back to that store again.

  5. Recently, I patronized Hardee’s location at 500 West Market Street, Greensboro, North Carolina. The management is horrible at this location. On December 30, 2016, I ordered food in the drive thru to have quick lunch with my husband who works downtown. The food was cold and it was not good. This was discovered once we left the location. Immediately, I called the restaurant. I requested to talk to the manager. Wadie (manager) was advised about my food experience and that I threw it away. He said, their policy is normally to bring bad food and receipt back to the restaurant. I told the manager that I was not aware of their store policy because it is not stated anywhere in the store. He said, they recently changed it. However, he would honor my receipt in the future. Today, January 6, 2017, I went back to the store with my receipt. I asked to speak with the manager. The lady said, she was the manager and she would take care of it. She proceeds to walk to the back by the grill. She was looking at the receipt. Then, she comes back up the register and she pulls out cell phone. She calls someone on the phone. During this time, there was no communication between the two of us. I was wondering what was going on. Then, she states to the individual on the phone. This lady is here for a refund. She puts the individual on speaker phone. The individual is Wadie the manager. Immediately, he goes on the defense. He states, he never promised a refund for food. The food cost was only $10.65. Can you believe, he was going back and forth with me about this refund? This entire process was 15 minutes or longer. I wasted time and money. I would advise all individuals who work downtown or travelling to the area do not eat at this location. By the way, the restaurant is dirty. It has very low sanitation grade 91.0. It looks like the restaurant had not been cleaned in months. The conditions were horrible. He said, we can cook some food for you. It will be 20 minutes. I said, “no thanks”.

  6. I have been going to Hardees in Merrill WI for years but lately the once family friendly resturant has turned more hostile in a three day time peroid I have seen one young women who almost was in tears cause she was by herself and getting yelled at for not dropping fries. Then two days later I go back to visit at night and his same rude lady is yelling at another lady cause she's asking questions. At what point do they do something about a rude manager. This is also the same lady that gave out a burnt fish to a family friend. I'm just saying I feel bad for the workers cause that women was straight up rude and I felt like she thought she was better than them. I really think this store needs help plus they take 15 minutes or so on orders. Love the food but people deserve respect my heart breaks for those two ladies.

  7. Being a 100% Disabled Veteran I usually receive a discount from my local Hardee's, #1501808 in Dandridge Tn. which I appreciate greatly. On Oct. 3rd. I was told by a employee, Tony Shaw, that to now get the discount you have to be & I quote "In uniform and presently risking your life to receive it ". Someone needs to inform him that being a Disabled Veteran means that in the past that's what I did! Please see to it that his manager teaches him how to talk to the customers. Thank you
    Jeff Gann (100% D.A.V. U.S. Army E-5)

  8. What are you trying to sell? It can't be your burgers because those obviously aren't the focus of your commercials. People have been complaining for years about them and nothing's changed.

  9. Up until today I was an employee of Hardees at one of the Morristown tn locations. I worked there just a short time. I will not be treated in the manor that I was. I worked 8 and a half hours with no break. I was told when I asked for one that state law does not require them to give me one. Which is untrue. Tn labor law states that any company that employees 5 or more people must allow the employees a 30 minute lunch/ rest period. I asked to go to the bathroom and told they didn't have time to let me go. I had held my bladder for 5 hours and ended up urinating on myself before anyone returned to allow me to go to the bathroom. I was constantly pushed to move the cars through drive thru and fussed at, but with no food to give to the customers that is not possible. Would you want to pay and be pushed through the line without your food? The manager has no time for slow employees. She sent two employees home because they were too slow and she didn't have time for that. That left us very short handed and caused even more delays in the customers getting their food. I was never given more then an hour on a register to learn where the items were, so yes I am going to be slow. I got treated as if I was uneducated by this lady. I have a college education. I came home crying because no one should be forced to urinate on themselves because they can no longer hold it and aren't allowed a bathroom break when they ask to go. No one's sugar should be allowed to drop because they are refused a break to eat. I wouldn't advise anyone to work for this company as no one, not even an animal deserves to be treated like this.

    1. My daughter had the exact same problems while working at Hardees in Illinois.She worked 6-8 1/2 hours daily,5 days a week without a break.Her first week was 7 days straight of those hours without a break and then got screwed out of 8 hours pay on her first check. The co-employees and managers were rude to her and didn't want to even train her. Needless to say, Hardees being her first job, it ended after 3 weeks. I can't blame her one bit. They run a skeleton crew at all times, open late, close early and just aren't friendly people. I'm glad her nightmare is over. Whether it's fast food or working corporately, she was treated horribly with low pay and worked her butt off. Kudos to her for quitting!

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